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B ^ V/^/, / ^^^ 




'• '-5 


CJe gorksljtte totiaeol0gical Sodets. 

Founded 1863. Incokporatbd 1893. 


Vol. XXXIV. 






Edited by J. W. CLAY, F.S.A., 

Member of the Council of the Yorkshire Archceological Society, 



Si . 16 1S04 





/^F the many volumes written by Roger Dodsworth, the great 
Yorkshire antiquary, now in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, 
Volume 1 60 is one of the most interesting. It consists of notes 
made by him of visits to Yorkshire churches in the years 16 19 to 
1630, with copies of inscriptions on monuments then existing, and 
with notices of the ancient painted glass in the windows. It has 
been freely used by many antiquaries, especially by the Rev. Joseph 
Hunter, F.S.A., in the History of South Yorkshire^ but has not 
hitherto been printed in full. 

Sir William Dugdale, who incorporated the labours of Dodsworth 
in his Monasticon^ seems to have done the same in a volume 
in the College of Arms, which the editor, by the kindness of the 
authorities there, has been allowed to examine. On the outside it 
is labelled Dugdale s Yorkshire Arms, but inside there is this title : 
"INSIGNIUM EPITAPHIORUM, venerandse antiquatis 
INSCRIPTIONUM, TUMULORUMque iconarum aliquot 
in diversis Ecclesiis parochialibus, Nobilium oedibus, aliisque 
locis infra Comitatum EBORACENSEM EXEMPLAR. Liber 
Officii Armorum de dono WILLIELMI DUGDALE NORROY. 
Maledictus sit qui abstulerit." This book seems to be a manu- 
script of Dodsworth's Oxford volume, with some additions of church 
visits of a later date. The arms are beautifully drawn, and not 
described, and there are many illustrations in pen and ink of 
churches and monuments. 

Al one ut the recent salvs of the Phillips Library a manuscript 
volume came into the possession of our president, Sir Thomas 
Brooke, Bart. It is entitled ; " Arms and Monuments in Churches, 
&c., in the West Riding of Vorkshiref copied from Dodsworth's 
original manuscript, in the possession of John Hatfield Kaye, 
esquire, F.S.A., and rivers and places noted by Mr. Dodsworth, 
with additions by Dugdale, Doctor Johnston, of Pontefract, and 
J. H. K." This appears to be a partial copy of the Dugdale 
volume at the College, and has all the arms neatly drawn with 
some of the illustrations. 

Sir Thomas Brooke kindly offered this manuscript to the Yorkshire 
Archaeological Society as a volume to be printed for the Record 
Series, and the editor undertook the task of bringing it out. It was, 
however, found that as it was not a complete copy of Dodsworth's 
volume, only comprising the West Riding, and as the arms were not 
described, it would be best to have a copy made from the original at 
Oxford. Miss A. F. Parker, of that city, has therefore made a full 
manuscript of the Bodleian volume, which is now brought before our 
subscribers. Her task has been a very difficult one, as Dodsworth's 
writing is sometimes very rough and confused, and his copies of 
inscriptions not altogether correct, as may be seen by the monuments 
at present existing — copied by him. Good Latin scholars will doubt- 
less find errors, but it would have been an impossible task to have 
begun altering the text, so that the only course appeared to be to 
make as perfect a copy as possible of the original MS., and for that 
reason the proofs have been carefully re-examined at Oxford. 

It could be wished that Dodsworth had gone through the whole 
of the Yorkshire churches, but we must be thankful that we have an 
account of so many monuments and so much glass, totally destroyed 
since his time, in the many churches he visited. 


It was intended to have had some of the illustrations in 
Sir Thos. Brooke's volume copied, but the funds of the Record Series 
are not in such a favourable condition as to warrant a large 
expenditure. The editor has, however, ventured to insert engravings 
of some of the coats of arms from blocks in his possession, which 
he thought would add a little interest to the heraldry. 

In conclusion, the editor has to thank Messrs. Paley Baildon, 
Wm. Brown, S. J. Chadwick, M. H. Peacock and Mill Stephenson 
for advice, and for looking through many of the proofs. 

J. W. CLAY. 



Page 3. 8th line from top. For ** recipit " read "recipiat." 

20. i6th line from top. For "Brands" read "Francis." 

26. 7th line from bottom. For "nupe" read "nuper." 

26. 5th line from bottom. For "Dominir" read "Domini." 

27. 6th line from top. For "nonnen"read "nomen." 

66. 2nd line from top. For * * armigeris " read ' * armigero ." 

67. Note 3. The tomb of the knight and his lady would be for 
Sir Thomas Savile, who died I49|^, with his wife, Margaret 
Pilkington. There is a statue in mail now lying on the 
floor, which is generally supposed to belong to one of the 
Thornhill family. 

69. 6th line from bottom. For "her" read "his." 

86. 14th line from bottom. For "Staide" read " Slaide." 
,, 106. 17th line from bottom. For "jacet"read "jacent." 

,, 174. 4th line from top. For " Sir John Stone" read "Sir John Fons." 
(See page 177.) The brass is still in the church. 

,, 190. loth line from top. For "Daucus" read "Daricus.*' This 
inscription is still visible. William Daricus was bishop of 
Kildare and a suffragan in England. 

„ 199. 6th line from bottom. For " windore " read " window." 

)) 199* 13th li^c from bottom. For " windore " read " window." 

,, 202. i6th line from bottom. For " Heavnn's" read " Heaven's." 

,, 216. The engraving of the Strangwayes arms should be without the 
panton, which belongs to a junior branch, 


) ) 


penteton (Xburcb, 26 fcb., 1629. 

In y* South window of the quyer, 

Ar. 3 conyes sejant sa., by the name of Turton/ sometymes of 

Smalhagh and Milnehouse in the hamlett of Thurleston Mere in 

this parish. 

Places in this parishe. 

Gunthwaite and Brodoke, Windend, Denby Over, Netherdenby, 

Bagden, Enge Birchworth, Thurleston, Thurlstonmere, Smalshage and 

Milnh [^2/j^], Langside, Peningsale, an Abbay antiently, ut aiunt, 

Peniston, Hunshelfe, Oxspring, Rough Birchworth. 

On a stone in the quyer. 

Hie jacet magister Robbertus Pulley,^ quondam Vica[r?«j] istius 

ecclesie, qui obiit decimo die mensis Februarii anno Domini 

MCCCCLXxxxviij. Cujus [anime propitietur Deus\ — Parson and first 


About a quyer on the North side of th[^ church\ 

Orate pro animabus Willelmi Wordesworth^ et Johan[«f, uxoris 

cjus^ ac etiam pro anima Willelmi Benson,* \capellani^ qui hanc 

capellam fieri fecerunt in \\\onorem'\ Erasmi ac Beati Anthonii anno 

Domini m® [1530?]. 

South window above. 

Ar. on a fesse entre 3 church bells gu. [3 crosses formyes ar,'\ — 

Orate pro anima Willelmi Oxpring filiorum eorum, qui 

istam fenestram fieri \^fecerunt\ 

In y® South quyer window. 
Gu. on a saltire [ar.] a crescent sa. — \Nevile^ 
Purpure, a cheif or. 

^ There was a William Turton buried 
at Penistone, whose will was proved at 
York, 4 March, 1443-4. 

2 Vicar, M.A. Will 11 January, proved 
York, 20 February, 1450-9. His suc- 
cessor, William Wordsworth, was insti- 
tuted February, 1458-9. So there must 
be some mistake about the above date. 

* The Wordsworth family, of which the 
poet was a descendant, was early settled 
here. There were several Williams. 
15 September, 1535, William Words- 

worth, of Snodhill, made his will. 
4 March, 1539-40, William Wordsworth, 
of Penistone, proved 30 November, men- 
tions a wife Jennet, and to be buried 
within the church door. This might be 
the above. 

*Sir William Benson, priest of the 
parish of Penistone, made his will 12 
November; proved York 14 Dec, 1543- 

^ There is a slight notice about the 
Oxsprings, of OxsprinjT in Penistone, in 
Hunter's South Yorkshire, ii, 354. 


In the North window above. 
Orate pro anima magistri Roberti Pullay, Vicarii istius ecclesie, 
qui istam fenestram fieri fecit ad laudem et gloriam Dei. 
The same in the next window. 

Don hath his head almost att Wodhed, cometh by Windleden and 
Carlcotes in Thurleston Mere, so through Thurlston Mere betwixt 
Thurlston and Penyston, so by the skirtes of Holand Swayne to 
Wortley, Hunshelf against Wortley new park. 

Sflfteston Cburcbe, ii° HoVm 1629. 

North quyer. 

Ar. a chevron entre 3 crosses pat^e fitchde gu. — Woderove. 

Quarterly, ar. and sa. a bend gu. — Everingham. 

Ar. a cross sa., in y* sinister quarter a martlet gu. — Wadisley. 

A man with a sheild of armes upon him, videlicet, quarterly, ar. 
and sa. a bend gu., behind him 6 sonnes, with a woman and 3 
daughters behind them. Underwritten, 

Orate pro animabus Henrici Everyngham^ et Marjoria [stc] Wadis- 
ley, uxoris ejus, filia et heres [sic] Johannis Wadisley, militis, 

Cutt on a pew in y® same quyer. 
Quarterly ar., and sa. a bend gu. — Everingham of Staynburgh. 
Ar. a cross sa., a martlet gu. in y** sinister quarter. — Wadisley. 

On y*' same pew. 
Party per pale quarterly ar. and sa. a bend gu. paled with ar., a 
bend wavey sa. — Everyngham,^ Burton, 

In the midle quire window. 

Az. 3 roses entre 7 cross crosslets ar. 
— Lord Darcy.' 

Paly of 6 ar. and sa. on a bend gu. 
3 moUetes or. — Drohsfeld.* 

Gu. 6 martlettes ar. — Clarrell. 

^ Henry Everyngham, seneschal to the Earl of 
Shrewsbury, 20 Hen. VII, married one of the 
three daughters and heiresses of John Wadsley, 
of Wadsley in Hallamshire. 

^ Probably Henry, grandson of the above Heniy 
Everyngham ; he married Muriel, daughter of Sir 
John Burton, of Kinsley. For an account of the 
Everynghams see Hunter's SoutA Yorkshire^ ii, 264. 

8 Silkston Manor belonged to the * The 

Darcies, and when Lord Darcy was 
executed, on account of the Pilgrimage 
of Grace, it was granted to the Earl of 


Dronsfields were a great 
family at Bretton, but this would seem 
their sole remembrance in the church. 
Their property came by marriage to the 



DODS worth's church NOTES. 3 

In the South quyer. 
Barruly of 8 ar. and gu. a lyon rampant or over all ; on the topp 
a ducal coronet. — Brandon dux Suffolk. 

Quarterly, France and England paled with Castile and Leon.^ 

On a stone. 
Hie jacet Matheus Wentworth de Bretton'* [tn parochia] de 
Silkeston, armiger, qui obiit sexto die \^Junii anno'} Domini [1572], 
cujus animam in misericordiam rec[/^/V I?eus . . . ]. 

On a stone. 
Hie jacet Matilda, uxor Mathei' Wentworth, filia Willelmi Midleton 
de Stockhill, militis, que obiit quinto die Januarii anno m^doxcviij**. 

In the South window. 
Orate pro bono statu Nicholai Nicols et Elizabethe, uxoris sue, 

nunc Receptoris Bamislay et Capelle de Cawethorne, qui istam 

fenestram fieri fecerunt anno Domini m® ij°. 

South ile of the church. 

Pray for the sawles of John Dentton and Julyane, his wife, who 

made this wyndow in y® yere of our Lord m^'ccccc^xvij**. 

Pray for the good statys of y® township of Thorgorland {_and'] 

the founders hereof. 

In the belhous wyndow. 

Ar. on a lyon rampant, tayle quyevyd sa., 4 escallops of the 

furst. — Barnby. 

Quarterly, ar. and sa. a bend gu. — Everingham. 

Ar. a fesse embattled entre 3 butterflyes gu., puto; quere. — 


North wyndow. 

1. Orate pro bono statu of the townshipp of Holand Swayne. 

2. Orate pro animabus Johannis Galber et Agnetis, uxoris sue. 

3. Orate pro animabus Richardi Thurgurland et Johanne, uxoris 
sue, et filiorum suorum, qui istam fenestram fecit [st'c]. 

The Register of Silkeston. 

Iste codicellus conditus erat kal. Nov. ad mandatum Domini et 
Domini [sic] Regis nostri Henrici viij*, supremi capitis ecclesie 
Anglicane, anno gracie 1538, per Johannem Nicols,* Vicarium de 

Thomas Gawber de Dodworth sepultus 27 Novembris, 1539. 

Johannes Guttler et Margret Denton nupti 9 Junii, 1561. 

Willelmus Rockley, generosus, et Jana Wentworth nupti 25 
Novembris, 1567. 

1 Arms of John of Gaunt. ^ Buried 5 January, 1598-9. Wife of 

^ Will 13 May, proved at York, above Matthew. 
17 September, 1572. * Instituted 26 Aug. , 1 521— to 1545. 

dodsworth's church notes. 

Matheus Wentworth, generosus, et Dorothea Charlesworth nupti 
anno Domini 1578,^ 13 Novembris. 

Henricus Everingham baptizatus 22 Septembris, 1570. 

Georgius, filius et heres Mathei Wentworth de Brett [^?«] hall, 
baptizatus 23 Aprilis, 1576. 

Matheus, 2 filius, baptizatus 23 Aprilis, 1578. 

^Matheus Wentworth, armiger, sepultus 6 Junii, 1572. 

Meryall Everingham sepultus 30 Septembris, 1572. 

£dledtefl& Cburcbt i6 Uwq., 1620. 

North windowes in the North quyer. 
Orate pro animabus Thome Clerk,^ Vicarii ecclesiae de Ecclesfeild, 
et Henrici Wrastler,* quondam Custodis de Ryvillyng, qui istam 
fenestram fieri fecerunt anno Domini 1505. 

Another window. 

1 stanchan : ar. on a chevron sa. entre 3 rookes sa. 3 moUettes 
of the first. 

Alexander Rokby,** filius Domini Thome Rokeby de Rychmond- 
shyre, militis, et quondam Vicecomitis Eboracensis. 

2 stanchan : per pale Rokby cum sa. a chevron erm. entre 3 
bores' heads coped or, tusked ar., another paled with or a lyon 
rampant sa., on the lyon escallops ar. — Barnby. 

Willelmus,* filius et heres predicti Alexandri, et Johannes,^ filius et 
heres predicti Willelmi. 

3 stanchan : Rookby's coate. 

Thomas,® filius et heres predicti Johannis. 

East window in the North quyer. 
A knight kneeling, on his brest lozengy ar. and gu. a mollet sa., 
his wife with 7 sonnes and 7 daughters kneeling. 

^1571 according 

2 See his M.I. above. 

to Kirkburton 


•^ Instituted 13 October, 1478. 
successor followed 22 March, 15 17. 

* Henry Wrasteler was Keeper of 
Riveling Chase at a salary of three half- 
pence a day. He seems to have joined 
with the vicar in giving the window. 

^ Founder of the branches of the 
Rokeby family settled at Sandal, Thun- 
dercliffe, Skiers. 

^ Son of the above Alexander Rokeby. 

"^ John Rokeby, of Sandal, son of the 
above William. He made his will 5 
August, proved York 6 October, 1506. 
(7>jA Edor.f V, 1 4 1.) His wife Mar- 
g;aret's will is also at York; 13 August, 
proved 4 October, 1506. Their second 
son was Archbishop of Dublin and vicar 
of Halifax, and his beautiful monument 
is at Sandal, near Doncaster. 

^ Eldest son of above John. He was 
of ThunderclifFe Grange, which came to 
his daughter Isabel, who carried it to the 
Wombwell family by her marriage with 
Henry Wombwell. 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 

Orate pro animabus Domini Ricardi Fitzwilliam,^ militis, et Domine 
Elizabethe, uxoris ejus, qui banc fenestram f[/V«] fecerunt, filionim 
fiHarumque suorum, anno Domini M"*° quingentessimo secundo. — 
Fitzwilliam de Aldwarke. 

This quyer belonged to Fitzwilliam of Aldwo[r^^ and] of 
Thunnercliffe Grang in the said parish. 

On a stone in that quyer. 
Gu. on a bend entre 6 unicornes' heads coped ar. a crescent sa. — 

Here lyeth the bodys of Nycholas Wombwelle'* of Synocliffe 
Grang, esquire, and Isabell, his wief, which said Nicholas was sonne of 
Henry Wombwell. — Vide Q., fo. 37.' 

North window of the church. 

Ar. a bend entre 6 martletts gu. — 

Gu. a bend entre 6 martletts or. — 

Per fesse or and gu. a lyon party 
per fesse sa. and ar. — Lovetot. 

Ar. 3 rose chapletts gu. — Lascelles. 

Gu. a fesse dancy entre to billets 
or, 4, 3, 2, I. — [Deincour/], 

Erm. 2 barrs gemewise gu. 

Underneath, a man kneeling; on his 
brest, gu. a bend entre 6 martlettes or. 
— Clarell. His wife was a Wortley. 

Orate pro anima Roberti de Mountnay^ et Isabelle, uxoris ejus, 
filiorum et filiarum eorum, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt, anno 
Domini milessimo quingentessimo vicessimo secundo. 

2[nd] window. 

A man, his 2 wiefs, 7 sonnes and 4 daughters, kneeling. 

Orate pro animabus Thome Shercliffe*^ et Agnetis et , 

uxorum ejus, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt. 


1 Sir Richard Fitzwilliam was son of 
Edmund Fitzwilliam, of Wadworth. He 
became of Aldwark in right of his wife 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Clarell, of 
that place. He was buried at Tickhill, 
where there is a fine tomb. (See Hunter's 
S(fu/k Yorkshire, i, 242.) His will, 
April, 1479, proved York 5 September, 
1580, is printed in Test, Ebor., iii, 246. 
His wife Elizabeth died 12 May, 1496, 
also buried at Tickhill. Her will 24 
Deceml)er, 1502, proved York, 13 June. 
{TesL Ebor., iv, 209.) 

2 Son of above Henry Wombwell. 
Will 16 September, 1557, proved 7 July, 
1 57 1. He married Isabel, daughter of 
Thomas Went worth, of Wentworth 
Wood house. 

^ i.e. MS. Dodsworth, \\'^yJol. 37. 

^ Of Cowley and Shiercliffe (son of 
Nicholas Mounteney). Married first 
Isabel, daughter of Nicholas Wortley, of 
Wortley. His will is at York, 3 August, 
15 19, proved 10 March, 1519-20. 

^ There is a long pedigree of Shiercliffe 
in Hunter's Hallamshire, 446. 

6 dodsworth's church notes. 

On a stone in the church. 
Here lyeth buried the body of William Carre/ sonne and heire 
of James Carre of Southey within this parish of Ecclesfeild. He 
was patron and procter of the church and townshipp of Darton. 
He married Mary, one of the daughters of Robert Marshe of Darton 
Hall, by whom he had yssue Georg, Katherin, Mary, Charles and 
Ellen, all living at the tyme of his death. He lyved xxxv yeares 
and [6 ?] monthes, and he departed this lief anno Domini 

^o yoQ et xiijo Domini nostri Jacobi, Dei gracia Anglie, 

Scotie, Francie et Hibernie C*^']* 

Great quyer. 

Ar. a bend entre 6 martletes gu. — Furnivall. 

Gu. 5 barrs ar., a lyon rampant sa. over all. 

The picture of a man^ holding a bishop's stafTe in his hand. 
Under his feet written, S i VNDRIGeSNI. 

Above in the same window, a man with 12 others, with shaven 
crownes and white gownes, kneeling. Underneath, 

Orate pro Thoma Ricard', Priore, et ejus Conventu domus Sancte 
Ann[tf], ordinis Cartusiani, juxta Coventriam, qui istam [sic] cancellum 
et fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

South quyer Est window. 

A man kneeling, in armor, on his brest, gu. a bend entre 6 
mertletts or. His wief a Wortley. 

Orate pro animabus Roberti Mountenay,'^ armigeri, et Isabelle, 

uxoris eius, filiorum et filiarum eorundem, qui istam fenestram fieri 

fecerunt, anno Domini 1505. 

On a stone. 

Orate pro anima Roberti Mountney^ de Cowley, armigeri, qui 
obiit tertio die mensis Augusti anno Domini m° ccccc** xix<>. Cujus 
animse propicietur Deus. — Vide AA., 76, 77.* 

Orate pro anima Johannis Mountenay* de Cowley, arm [igeri], qui 
obiit secundo die mensis Augusti, anno [Domini] m® ccccc** xxxvj**. 
Cujus animse propicietur [Deus], 

1 See Hunter's Ifai/amsAirey 439, for ^ See note 4, page 5. 

^f "Wandragesilius, St. Wandrille. or *'•'• ^^- Dod^wortk, n7,# 76. 77- 

Fontenelle was a Benedictine convent in ^ Son of above Robert Mounteney. 

Normandy. Richard II transferred to the His inq, p. m, was taken 1537. He left 

Carthusian convent of St. Ann, without only two daughters, Dorothy, who died 

the walls of Coventry, all the interest the s./., and Barbara, married to Thomas 

house of S. Wandrille had in this neigh- Thwaites and Thomas Cotton, 
bourhood {Hunter). 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 7 

Engraven about a stall. 
Orate pro animabus Roberti Mowntney et Anne,^ uxoris ejus, ac 
pro bono statu Johannis Mowntney et Johanne, uxoris ejus, qui hoc 
oratorium fieri fecerunt. 

South window of that quyer. 

A man kneeling, about his neck a home, at his side a sword, in 
his hand a long bow, with 5 brode-headed arrowes under his gyrdle, 
a booke before, and a bloodhound, with coUer and lyne, couchant; 
his wief likewise kneeling. Underwritten, 

Orate pro bono statu Thome Schyrclyffe,* [ef] pro anima Agnetis, 

uxoris ejus, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt, anno Domini Millesimo 

D^o yj^ [1506]. 

2[nd] wyndow. 

Orate pro animabus Johannis Weyth [sic] et Agnetis, uxoris sue, et 
Willelmi Wert et Alicie, uxoris sue, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

Orate pro animabus Thome Parker* et Elisabeth, uxoris, filiorum 
et filiarum, qui istam fenestram [fieri feceruni\. 

South window in the body of the church. 

A man kneeling, with home, fawchon, arrowes and hound, as 
above said, 2 wiefs, 7 sonnes and 4 daughters, many hartes and 
beasts of game and fowle of warrant depicted in sundry quarrells of 
the glasse. Over his head written, Schyrclyff. 

Orate pro animabus eorundem vivomm filiorum suomm ac 

filiamm suamm, qui istam fenestram fieri fecemnt. 

This Shircliife was Master of the Game in Halumshire. — Vide 
Q., fo. 37. 

Shircliife port or, a fesse inter 3 greyhounds' heads erazed sa., 

collers and rings gu.; crest, on a torce or and sa. a fawchon having 

a liberd's head theron, the head and handle of the sword or, blade 


St. Katherin's quyer. 

Orate pro animabus Thome Clerk,* Vicarius [sic\^ et ^[illeltni\ 
patris mei, et Isabelle, matris mese, filiorum ac filiarum eorundem, qui 
istam fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

^This would be the second wife of ^ pj^bably Thomas Parker, of Whelley, 
Robert Mounteney (maiden name not whose will, 20 August, 15 10, is at York, 
known). His wife daughter of Holmes. 

2 Son of William Shiercliffe of Fccles- ^^^ Hunter's Hallamshire, 445. ) 
fi.i/ qL II J^ •' w ? ? * Instituted vicar of Ecclesfield 13 

held. See the pedigree m Hunter s r^ . x , .,0 tr- • 4^^^ 

Hallamshire, ^A.(yy October, 1478. His successor appomted 


8 dodsworth's church notes. 

Orate pro animabus Henrici Hyncheklyffe et Agnetis, uxor[/i] 
ejus, filiorum ac filiarum eorundem, qui istani fenestratn fieri fecerunt. 

On a table in the South quyer is written this Epitaph. 

Here lyeth Thomas Shercliffe, 

In Halumshire Master of Game, 
Who, of Justice, Truth, Love and Bounty, 

Had alwaies the fame. 
Alexander, his son and heire, 

Lies here hard by. 
Who languished in sorrow 

By his mistris' cruelty. 
No goddes she was. 

But of like nomination, 
As Prudence to the godesses 

Have application. 
Progeny that read this. 

Eschew like Fate. Jehova say. Amen. 

Continue your posterity in earth 

And I rest in Heaven. 


In Mr. Shyrclyffepx] petegre : Cokefeild port azure, a cross compon^ 

ar. and gu. 

Books given to continue in the Church of Ecclesfeild. 

Note that Edward Hatefeld^ gave all the authors to the Church 
of Ecclesfeld to be chained in the said church, with this inscription, 

Liber in perpetuum cathenandus in ecclesia de Ecclesfeild ex 
dono Edwardi Hatefeild, olim Vicarii ejusdem, cujus anime propitietur 
Deus, &c. 

This church is called (and that deservedly) by the vulger the 
Mynster of the Moores, being the fairest church for stone, wood, 
glase, and neat keeping, that ever I came in of contry church. 

The Church dedicated to St. Mary and the Priory to St. 
Wandregile, which Priory was long since annexed to St. Anne's 
of Coventry. The said Monastery is now knowne by the name of 
^QC^lesfield'l Hall, and is the habitacion of William Shercliff, son and 
heire of Nicholas ^hyx\cliffe\ of whom I have received very good 
h[. . . .] assistance, &c. 

In the East window of the South quyer. 
I. Arnald Mountenay kneeling, with his armes on his brest. His 
wief port ar. a bend entre 6 martlets gu. — Furnivale. 

1 Vicar of Ecclesfield 1528-44. 


2. [....]: his wief port erm. 2 barrs gemewise gu. 

3. Thomas : his wief port paly of 6 ar. and az. 

4. Thomas : his wief port az. 2 barrs nebulee ar. a bend vaire 
vel compon^, or and gu. 

5. John : his wief port quarterly ar. 3 rose chaplettes gu., with ar. 

2 bars. — Lascels. 

6. Thomas : his wife masculy ar. and sa. a cheif unperfit. 

7. Robertus : his wief port ar. on a bend entre 6 martlettes gu., 

3 bezantes. — Wortley. 

8. Nicholas, unmarried. 

Alicia de Mowntenay, Priorissa de Kirkeleys, tempore R. 2, A. 36.^ 

Carte anno 15, 16 et 17 E. 3^* numero 27. 
Rex concessit Johanni de Mountenay, chivaler, liberam warrenam 
in omnibus dominicis terns suis de CoUey, Shircliffe juxta Sheffeld, 
Ecclesfeild, Roderham et Wath, et licentiam includere 200 acras terre, 
300 acras bosci et 20 acras de dominicis terris suis in Shircliff, et 
parcum facere. — C. 82^' 

Montenaye's daughter* and heire married to Thwaites of Merston, 
who had Cowley. Vide postea titulo Sandall Church. 

Escaeta 36 H. 3, n. 16. 
Juratores dicunt quod Robertus de Mounteney tenet [j/V] die quo 
obiit unum manerium quod vocatur Newton in Comitatu Suffolk, et 
valet in omnibus exitibus \IL Thes are all the words of the 

IRotberam, 9 of 5uli?t 1619. 

Rersby's and Wombel's [^WombwslPs] quyre. 

Cicilia Whitmore.' 
Deathe's stynge away is taken quyte by Christes payne and smart; 
Death is no death, but change of lief, unto a righteous harte. 


^Robert Ashmore 1618. 
Season thie mouth with vertue's taste, 

Spend not thy strength in vayne, 
Tyme will arrest by death att last 

Thie earth to earth agayne. 

'^ i.e. MS. Dodsworthy 116,/^/. 36. of Marston; secondly, Thomas Cotton, 

'^Against '' E. 3" another hand has Ksq. She was buried at Ecclesfield 30 

written ''forte, R. 2.'' November, 1585. 

o . ,,c^ ^ J .» /. , o V ° Of Eastwood, parish of Rotherham. 

'^t.e. MS. Dodsworth,fol.S2^. ^jn ^ October, 1610, proved York 15 

* Barbara, daughter of John Moun- January, 1610-1 1, 
teney, sole heiress of the elder line of the ^ Of Rotherham. Will 15 Octoljer, 

family. Married, first, Thomas Thwaites, 1618, proved York 30 September, 1619. 

10 DODS worth's church NOTES. 

High quyer. 

Hie jacet Elizabetha viris quae nupta duobus, 
Watsonio et Craven, quondam rectoribus Harworth,^ 
Hoc (animi causa) dum solum ubi nata revisit 
Morte repentina est in sedes rapta beatas, 
Sicque animam, corpusque Deus dedit unde resumpsit. 
Obiit 2° die Octobris, 1616, getatis suae 56. 

Posuit Johannes Craven dilectissimae conjugis memoriae et posteri- 
tatis sacrum. — She broke her necke [^Sy a fair\ of her horse. 

Here lyeth buried the body of Henry Butler, who departed this 

lief the .... of ... . anno Domini who in his lief tyme made 

this monument for himself, his wief and children. 

Here lyes buried the body of Cassandra Butler, wief of Henry 
Butler, who departed this lief the 22 of July, anno Domini 1608. 

Here lyeth Joane Butler, who was borne the 17 of June, 1606, 
and departed this lief the 18 of the same month. 

Here lyeth Gilbert Butler, ther sonne, who was borne the 17 of 
July, 1608, and departed this lief the 9 of September, 1608. 

Here lyeth the body of Thomas Woodhouse, who dyed 29 April, 


In Adam's fall sinne mad us thrall 

To death and dreadful payne, 

But Christ and Crosse haith paid our losse 

And got us lief againe. 

North quyer. 

Christ is our lief, and death is our advantage. 
Here under this tombe is placed and buried the bodies of 
Robert Swift, esquyer,^ and Ann, his first wief, who lyved many yeres 
in the towne of Rotheram, in vertuous fame, great wealth, and good 
worshipp. They were pitiful 1 to the pore and releived them, and to 
ther freindes no lesse faithfull then bountifull. Truly they feared 
God, who plentifully powred his blessinges upon them. The said 
Anne dyed in the monthe of June in the yere of our Lord God 
1539, in the 67 yere of her age, and the said Robert departed the 
viij of August in the yere of our Lord God 1561, in the 84 yere of 
his age, on whose soules and all Christen soules th'Omnipotent Lord 
have mercy. Amen. Respice finem. 

1 Hunter calls this place Hawksworth. 1561. His wife was Anne, daughter of 

2 The first of the Swifts of Rotherham. William Taylor, of Sheffield. (See also 
He was a mercer. Will 11 February, Hunter's 5'tf«M Yorkshire,'!^ 20^) 
1559-60, proved at York 2 December, 

dodsworth's church notes. 1] 

Arma, ar. a chevron nebulae inter three robucks. 

Here Robert HilFs or Williamson's corps [dofA] lye, 
Heaven shrines his soule, holy men must [_dye'\. 
If faith, devotion, peace record his stor[^], 
Such gracefull livers inherit lief [^and g/ory']. 
He lived 8i yeres. He dyed the 7 [<?/] May, 1618.— A noble, 
charitable gentleman. 

^Georg West buryed the 5 of March, 1619. 

Here rest in peace, whilst oVe thy urne 
The sisters needles hast I mourne. 
Thy soule I welny durst have trust 
T'informe my body, 'twas so just : 
But goodness could not cope with fate. 
For Nature's bond was anti-date. 

Al[/]ce West, uxor ejus, 4 May, 161 7. 

Thie vertues need nor epitaph nor tombe, 
Those will not lett the dy though this be dombe, 
Whi[/]st loving husband, for thy true desert, 
Living intombes the in his pensive hart. 

'IRawmarcb Cburcb, 9 Julu, 161 1. 

On a little monument nere the steeple : — God save Loudon. 
Under which words this epitaph. 

Here lyeth in grave under this stone 
William ClarrelP and Margret, his wief, al alone. 
The yere of Christ m®cccc"™**lx'^ 
We pray to God for mercy. 
On this stone is, party per pale [^.] 6 mertlettes [ar.'\ and a 
chevron entre 3 leopard or lyons' faces. — Clarrell, Wentworth. 

In the North window. 
Paly of 6 ar. and az. a bend gu. — Anneslay. 
Or on tow barrs gu. 3 water-bougets ar. 2, i. — Willoughby. 
Sa. fretty or. — Bellaaqua. 
Ar. a lyon rampant entre 7 roses in orle sa. — Pierpont. 

* George West, of Rotherham, gentle- Annesleys represented one share and the 
man. Will 8 February 16 18-9, proved Bella aquas another. 

Q T> V u I J • • 11 4. *!, ^ He may have been a younger son of 

a Rawmarsh belonged origmally to the William Clarel of Aldwark ternt 

Deincourts. It then passed to the family t>- tt /c ' j- tj ^ '' o ^i 

of Paganus. The last of that line, Adam, ^'^J];^, (See pedigree, Hunter s South 
left three daughters, co-heiresses. The * » 53v 


In the quyer window. 

1. Quarterly, i lozengy ar. and gu. a moUet perced sa. — 

2. Quarterly, i ar. 6 martlettes gu. 2**[ ] — Clarel. 

3. Az. a bend or a label of three points ar. — Scrope. 

About the Lord Hunsdon's torn be in Westminster ther is a shield 
quarterly, i Bigod, or a cross gu. a label of three points az., 2^ party 
per pale .... a lyon rampant 

In an other shield, quarterly, Waake, Gaunt, '^Bruer of Torbay and 
Estotevile of Cottengham. 

Holway, gu. a fese entre 3 crescents ar. 

Strongbow,* Erie of Lemster, sa. 6 lions rampant or. 

Bracton, sa. 3 mollettes or a cheif indented erm. 

Curcy, or 3 eglettes displaid gu. crownd or. 

Cock, a little river, falleth into Wherfe nere Tadcaster and haith 
his head above Barwicke in Elmet, runneth by Kiddall, a house of 
the Ellis family, and parke, not farre from "I^asingcroft by Parlington, 
the possessions of Gascoigne of Barnboe, a place adyoining, thence to 
Abberforth, a thoroughfaire in the roade twixt Loudon and Barwicke, 
leaving Haslewood, the cheife seat of Vavasor, half a myle on the 
lefte hand, overe which is that famous delph* called Peter's Post, 
thence to Lead Grange and Lead Hall, by Saxton, Sir William 
Hungate's habitacion, then about the skirt of that fatall feild call'd 
Towton, wher the graves are yett greene wher the troupes of souldiers 
ther slayne were buried, and about a myle from thence falleth into 
Wherfe. — Itt begineth above Shippen and runneth by Barmbow to 
Barwick. Not[^] that Vavasor att the feild of Towton [^]id leap 
over Cocke with [. . . .] behind him. 

At Hunsworthe ther be 2 or 3 little springes which, meeting 
together, make a small current and come to South Kirkby, a towne 
pleasantly seated, wher a family of the Tregottes have a long tyme 
lyved in good reputation, by Elmsall, where Wentworth hath his man- 
sion, having longe since descended out of Wentworth Woodhouse [sic] 
and by marriadge of the daughter and heire of » . . . Biset have good 
landes in this tract, from whom the Lord Wentworth descended. 

Thence itt goeth to Hampull, a house of nunnes founded by , 

nere unto which place Sir Richard the Hermitt lived. From hence 
to Robin Hood Well (which I rather take to be the Hermitte's 
Well), nere Aldwick in the Street, and thorough Bentley by Arkesey, 
and falleth into Dun att Wheatley. — Bishop Holgat borne at Bisset. 
Has H. and free s[<:]hol. 

^ Sir Richard Fitzwilliam married ^ Richard de Clare (the celebrated 

Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Strongbow) held arms ; Or, ^Aree chevrons 

Thomas, the last of the Clarells. She gti, a label of five points az, 

was buried at Tickhill 1502. 4. a j ir * 

» The Wakes quartefed the arms of * ^ ^^^^'^ ^'""^ 1""'y- 

dodsworth's church notes. 


Rotheram quasi Rother Dun, because [....] Rother meeteth the 
river Dun just [..,.] towne standeth. 

Ridall, alias Rihill-daille. 

Losko, half a myle from Normanton, was a nunry belonging to 
Nostall Abbey, as is reported. — It is rather a grange belonging to 
Nostel, as most report. 

Woodkirk juxta Wakefeild was a cell to Nostall. 

San&aU Cbutcbt ju£ta Maltefielb. 

In St. Nicolas quyer ibidem, North window. 

Erm. tow barrs gu. — [? IVaferfori]} 

^Per pale Amyas, and ar. on a chevron sa. 3 escallops or. Under 
it this inscription, 

Orate pro bono statu Johannis Amyas et Agnetis, uxoris ejus, qui 
fecerunt istud lumen fenestre, anno Domini moccccciiij°. 

In the South side of the church. 
Checqui or and az. — Comes Warren. 
Ar. on a fesse danzie sa. 3 bezantes. — Burgh. 
Ar. 2 barrs gu. 
Gu. a chevron ar. fretty sa. entre 3 flowers de luce ar. 

In the chancell window North. 

Frost, ar. a chevron gu. entre 3 trefoils 
az. paled with Amyas. Underneath, 

Orate pro anima magistri Robert! 
Frost,^ clerici ac capellani domini prin- 
cipis, qui istam fenestram vitrari fecit. 

He was buried in the chancell under 
a marble stone, but the plate is taken off. 
[. . . . j Chancellor to [^rjthur as [. . . .] 
Thornhil [....] founded. 


In the quyer on the South side, belonging to Mr. Watterton 

of Walton. 
Quarterly, Watterton, and ar. on a saltire engrailed sa. 9 annulets 
or. — Leake.* 

^ Waterton arms are : Barry of six 
erm. and gules over all three crescents sa. 

2 Amyas arms : Arg.on a bend between 
two cotises sa., three roses of the field. 
The impalement might be Mering. As 
Canon Raine stated in Test. Ebor.^v., 17, 
there is little known of the family. They 
lived at Sandal, Horbury, Thomhill, 

3 Rector of Thomhill, son of Thomas 
Frost of Beverley, and probably Elizabeth 
Amyas. Chancellor to Arthur, Prince of 

* Sir Robert Waterton married Muriel, 
daughter of John Leake, of Sutton, co. 
Derbyshire. He died abput 1541. 

14 DODS worth's church NOTES. 

Party per pale i. arma Archiepiscopatus Cantuariensis cum ar. a 
pale fuselly sa. — Savage.' 

Places in Sandall parishe. 
Sandall, Walton, Crigleston, Pledwike, Chapelthorp, Wodthorp, 
Paynthorp, Ketelthorp, Dirker, half West Bretton, Dawgrene, and 

Shercliffe port or, 3 greyhoundes' heades coped sa. 
'^Note that Furnivall, Builli, and Mountnay came in with William 
Conqueror, and had habitacions about Halumshire. Furnivall was 
lord of Sheffeild. — Buley port gu. one bezant. Furnivall married 
Lovetote's daughter and heire of Sheffeld and Worsop. 

Builli of Kimber worth (he was also lord [0/] Tikhill Fee), a myle 
from Rotheram. 

Montney att Cowley, nere Ecclesfeild, wher he had great woodes, 
&c., and aboundance of redd deare. Thwaites of Marston married 
th'eire general. Monteney had ther a stately castlelike house, moated 
about, pulled downe not long since by th' Erie of Salop, after he had 
purchased the landes.^ 

Worspur was a nunry to Munckbretton, saith Mr. Shercliffe, and 
Gervase Hanson haith the same. — Much land ther belonged to Nun 
Appleton, wher the process kept a court, but was no N[««rv]. 

Note that Builli of Kimberworth had a l[a^^<f] parke and huge 

demesne. Itt haith since [ ] Duke of Clarence possession and 

sund [ ]. 

Note that Nunmonckton and Greenhamerton came [/^] th' Erles 
of Northumberland by marriadge of the daughter and coheire of the 
Lord Latymer. 

Seaven flu. in Rhidale {a/ias Rihildail) runneth by Sinington, 
a/i'as Seaventon, as I suppose the towne taking name of the river. 
Edstone is nere unto itt, which townes belonged to the family of 
Clere in the dayes of Henry 3. 

John Eastwood of Pontefract saith that the Nunry in Pontefract' 
called Trinities was founded by Sir Robert Knolles, as is proved by 
sundry deedes in the towne. 

'^They have a tradition in Pontefract that one King Richard 
intended to have builded a cytty ther, and have brought the ryver of 

* Thomas Savage was Archbishop of ^ " Tke Nunry in Pontefract^^ is struck 

York, not of Canterbury. He died at aut, and over it is written ^^ the College," 

Cawood 3 September, 1507, buried York Init Dodsworth has afterwards added this 

Minster. (See Dictionary of National note in the margin: — ^^ Ita : I have 

Biography.) perused the coucher of that house since,^* 

^-^M^-^inal Note: " Theswere longe ^ ^„ .„ .„^^ ,^ .^ paragraph. 

Since told nie by Mr. Sherclyffe, but are i* nuare de hoc" ^ -r ^ 

not altogether true." ^ 

dodsworth's church notes. 15 

Ayre thither, which conjecture is probable, for itt is a very fitt place 
for a cytty, in my conceit, and would have beene very behovefuU for 
all the West contryes, Nottingham and Darbishires, &c. 

Mr. Burdett of Birkthwate told me that Hoderode of Hoderode 
was a great family, and had a house ther moated about. 

Wombewell was a prison of the Kinges of Northumberland, as 
saith Mr. Burdett, and that Mr. Wombwell haith deeds to prove itt. 

Waldingwells nere Blith was a nunry, and standeth in Notting- 
hamshire, as I am told, but in Speed's mapp Waldingwells is placed 
in Yorkshire. — Itt is founded in the parke of Carleton in comitatu 
Notts., and called Moniales de Parco in the recordes. 

5n Sajton CbutcbBer5. 

On the North side ther is a monument^ of the Lord Dacres, who 

(as the report goeth) was slayne by a boy att Towton Feild, which 

boy shott him^ out of a burtry tree, when he had unclasp'd his helmet 

to drink a cup of wyne, in revenge of his father, whom the said lord 

had slayne before. The tree haith been remarkable ever since^ by 

th' inhabitantes, and decayed within this tow yere. The place wher 

he was slayne is caird the North Acres, whervpon they have this 


The Lord of Dacres 

Was slayne i' th' North Acres. 

About his tombe is this inscription. 

Hie jacet Randulphus dominus Dakors, miles. 

Knub Becke riseth in Tankersley Parke and commeth by Harley, 
sometyme belonging to Thomas Horslying, to Skyres Hall, by 
Hemingfeild to Brampton and into Dearne att Marlebrigge. 

Dove riseth att Thurgoland, runeth on the North sid of Wortely, 
as Don doth on the South, then cometh to Rockley and through 
Worspur Dale nere Smethley, by Newhall, Woodhall, Wombewell, and 
falls into Dearne hard by Derfeild. Note that Dove entertaines a 
nameles beck att Worspur, which haith his begining att Dodworthe, 
runes on the North of Stainber, wher ther haith beene an ancient 
fortification calFd Staynber law, and watereth the iron milles, and 
then falleth into Dove att Worspur. 

A nameles becke,^ which haith his head in Wortley Parke, 
runneth by the South skirt of Tankerslay, by Cowley woodes, some- 

"^ See an account of this tomb by T. M. ^ In margin against this is written 

Fallow, M.A., in the Yorkshire Archceo- ^^ quare" 
logical Journal^ x, 303. ^ In margin: ^^ Anno 1617." 

^ In margin: ** called Blackebourne" 


tymes the possession of Montenay, runneth by Thorp, now Sir 
Thomas Wentworth's, holdeth his course by Wentworth Woodhouse 
to Morley, thence to Gresbrooke, and falleth into Dun on the East 
side of Rotheram. 

Rother riseth nere unto Chesterfeild in Derbyshire, cometh by 
Staveley Parke, Sir Peter Frechweirs house, and supplies his iron 
workes ther, thence to Eckinton, wher he biddes Derbyshire fairewell, 
and entreth Yorshire att Handsworth, a mannor and parke of the 
late Erie of Salop, of red deare, by Cancloo Wood, replenished like- 
wise with red deare, and falleth into Don at Eccles, hard by Rotheram. 

Holbrook springeth in Wortley lordship, comes to Holbrook, 
thence to Mortomley, to Ecclesfeild, Thunnercliffe Graing, and so into 
Dun att Madday Hall, being on the South sid of Kymberw[^r/>4] 
Parke, where the lord of Pembrook haith great iron workes in right 
of [his lady], the daughter and coheire of Gilbert, late Erie [0/ 

Dun riseth in the upper part of Peniston parishe (nere Lady 
Crosse, which may be call'd our Appenine, because y® rayne water 
their falling sheddeth from sea to sea : Calder doth the like), cometh 
to Bircheworth, so to Peniston, thence to Boulsterstone by Medop, 
and leaveth WharnclifF Chace (stored with robucks, which are decayed 
since the great frost) on the North, belonging to Sir Francis Wortley, 
wher he haith great iron workes (the said Wharncliffe affordeth 200 
dozen of coale for ever to his said workes. In the Chace he haith 
read and fallow deare and roo), and leaveth Bethums, a chace and 
tower of th'Erle of Salop's on the South side, by Worteley to 
Wadesley, wher in tyme past Everingham of Stainber had a parke, 
now disparked. Then to Sheaffield, and washeth the Castle walls, 
keepeth his course to AtterclifFe, an iron forge of th' Erie of Salop's. 
From thence to Winkobanke, Kimberworth, and Eccles, wher itt 
intertayneth Rother, commeth presently to Rotheram, then to Aldwarke 
Hall, the Fitzwilliams' ancient possession, then by Thriber Parke, the 
seat of Reresbyes, knightes, then to (f. 20) Mexborough, wher haith 
beene a castle, then to Conisborough Park and Castle of th' Erie 
Warren's (and entertaines Dearne att Conisbrogh), wher ther is a 
place called Horsar's Tombe. From thence to Sprotebrough, the 
antient seate of the famous family of Fitzwilliams, who have flourished 
since the Conquest, thence by Newton to Doncaster, by Wheatley, 
Kirk Sandall, to Barnby Dun, by Bramwith and Stainforth, to Fish- 
lake, thence to Turnbrigg, a post towne serving indifferently for all 

dodsworth's church notes* 17 

the West partes, where he payes his tribute to Ayre. Note that the 
Duke of Lancaster had a parke att Fipping, half a myle short of 
Turnbrigg, upon the river of Dun. 

Deame riseth att a place called Grange Ashe, cometh to Flockton, 
then to Midgeley Banke Smythies, being iron workes belonging to Sir 
Francis Wortley, then through Emlay Parke to Bretton Hall, wher a 
yonger son of Wentworth of Elmsall haith had his scate for a good 
space, where Dearne receiveth Cawthorne Beck, which springes in 
Cawthorne and falles into Dearne att Bargh, a myle below Bretton. 
Dearne having received Cawthorne Beck, runeth by Barnsley Smythies, 
iron workes formerly belonging to Burton Abby, since to the King's 
Assignes, then to Barne^ey, by Burton Abbey to Storr Milne, then to 
Little Houghton, wher itt receveth a little brook that riseth a myle to 
the North in a place call'd Brierley Park, the ancient possession of 
Roger de Monte Begonis, a great stirreth^ amongst the barons in King 
John's tyme ; itt hath lately belonged to Harrington, by marryag with 
Nevell, and from them to the Barons Montegle. Dearne leaving 
Great Houghton half a myle on the left hand, wher Sir (f. 21) Godfrey 
Rodes haith builded a very faire, sightly house, and cometh to Miln- 
house and Derfeild, to Marlebrigges, wher itt entertayneth Knubb Beck 
and goeth to Bolton, Adwick, Bernebrough, High Melton, and falleth 
into Dun at Cunisbrough. 

A little past Combebrigg, Holmeforth Water falleth into Kelder, 
which beginneth about 8 myle of in the mores about Clayton, cometh 
by Kirkburton, which haith one market and a faire on St. Thomas' 
Day, to Wodsom, wher Mr. Kay dwelleth, leaveth Almondbury on the 
hill-top, and keepeth on his course by Fenny Hall, wher Mr. Fenny 
dwelleth, encompassing the lordship of Whiteley, the capitall seat of 
the Beaumontes, knightes, who formerly had ther habitacion att 
Northal in this tract; itt cometh to Kirke Heaton, wher sometymes 
dwelt Sir John Heaton, k[nigkf], who greatly better'd his estate by 
marriag of one of the coheires of Sir Alexander Nevil, ba[r^«] of 
Mirfield, area 48 Henry 3, of whom descended, &c., wher itt meeteth 
another brook called Holmeforth [ Water], which commeth .... myle 

of from Holme[/?fM] to Hudersfeild, by Longley, wher [ ] 

(f. 2i^J Ramsden haith planted a house for a seat for himself and his 
posterity, and having mett with the former becke, falleth into Kelder, 

ut supra, 

^ Altered by a later hand to ^^ stirrer ^^^ 


dodsworth's church notes. 

3n tbe Cbutcb of au Saintee In pomfrct 

In the North quyer. 

Az. on a bend or a label of three 
points ar. — Scrop. 

Gu. 2 lions passant ar. a label of 
three points or. — [? Strange.] 

Orate pro animabus Willelmi Wake- 
feild* et Johanne, uxoris ejusdem, qui 
obiit in festo Sancti Barnabe Apostoli. 
anno Domini millesimo cccC'xxj^ 

In the great quyer. 
Alme Ihesu, Thome Chaloner^ miserere 


* Istius ecclesie curati, denique Christi. 
'C quater, M simplex, tribus X, semel quoque trino. 
Et celebri festo Petri, tumulo datur isto. 

Quarterly France and England. — 
[Ear/ of Cornwall^ 

England on a border az. semi of flowers 
de luce or. 

England on a label of three points 
gu. 9 flowers de luce or, 3, 3, 3. — \Earl 
of Lancaster^ 

In another window. 

Gu. a fesse entre 3 birds ar. like wilde 
duckes. — Jackson. 


5n tbe Cbutcb of XTanftetslei?, 13 /Darcb, 1637. 

Very ancient. 
In the Est window of the quire of 3 stanchans. 
I stanchan : Sa. a scutcheon entre an orle of martlettes ar. — 
\Rachdale?\ Underwritten, 

1 Perhaps it should be 1 52 1, as William ^ Thomas Chaloner, vicar of Ponte- 

Wakefeld, gentleman, made his will 31 fract, made his will 20 May, 1482, proved 
July, proved York, 2 October, 1521. York, 30 July, 1483. 

^ In margin, in later hand: ^'Ao 1433, ^o 34 H. /." 


Pur munsieur John [/ean] de Eland le aie de cest eglise qe moy 

est donne — Effigies Johannis Eland, militis, genuflectentis, super 

tunici sua hijsce insignibus ornata.^ 

2 stanchan : A man kneling, a coate 
of male and sword girt about him ; on his 
brest, ar. on a bend gu. 3 escallops or 
[Tankers/ey] ; his wife kneling by him with 
the same cote. Underwritten, 

Et monsieur Hugo [de Elande"] 

Moccc^x [^rxi?] 

3 stanchan : A man kneling, on his 
brest, gu. 2 barrs betwixt 8 martlettes ar. 
. . . \EIand,'\ Underwritten, 

Et monsieur James de Eland qe feier 


South window in the quire. 
A woman kneling, on her coate, gu. 2 barrs enter 8 martletes ar. — 
\_Eland, J Underwritten, 

Priez pur Dame Alicie de Eland. 

Another South window. 
Ar. on a bend entre 6 martlettes gules 3 bezantes. — [ Wortley,"] 

In the South window of the clhurch], 
Ar. a chevron entre 3 escallops az. — \_Frost.'] 
Orate pro anima Domini Roberti Frost,* quondam Rect[<?m] istius 
ecclesie, qui istam fenestram fieri fe[«/]. 

In the same window. 

Per pale Corbet and Sayvell. 

Richard Corbet,* 2. son of Sir Robert Corbet, of Morton Corbet 
in y« county of Salop, knight. Hee was Carvor to Prince Edward, 
Standard-bearer to his band at Bulloyne, and one of the Queene 
Elizabeth's Councell in the Marches of Wales, as alsoe at Yorke, 
established. Hee married Margaret Wortley, widowe of Thomas 
Wortley of Wortley in y* county of Yorke, and daughter to Sir John 
Savell, knight, of Thornhill, who, with his industry and safe conscience, 
did purchace the raannours of Carleton and Swynton, [and'\ not havinge 

^ This last sentence added in margin in a much later hand, 

* Robert Frost, presented to the •' He made his will 5 October, 1564, 

vicarage by Sir J. Savile, 14 October, proved in London, 20 August, 1566. He 

i486, resigned, was afterwards rector of gave to Francis Wortley all his lands in 

Thornhill, and buried at Sandal. He is Carlton and Swinton, with all members 

said to have been Chancellor to Arthur, pertaining to either of them. He and 

Prince of Wales, his wife were buried at Shrewsbury. 


issue of his body, did give them to th'eires of Wortley, and in 
June, 1566, departed out of this world, to whom God sende a joyfull 

3n tbe Cburcbe of Xa^bton tn /l^ortbino, 

2 ©ctobrfs, 1631. __^ 

In the quyer window. I 

Gu. 3 garbes and a border engrailed 

Quarterly, Talbot and Furnivale. 
Sa. a lyon rampant double quevyed 
ar. — Wa ste ney s. 

Party per chevron sa. and ar. in cheif 
2 bores' heades coped.— Sandford. 
Townes in this parish and prebend. 
Slade Hoton, my Lord of Castleton, 
and Sir Brancis Fulgeam are lords; 

Rookehouses, a hamlet ; Thirecroft . . . . ; wastcnevs arms. 

Dunyngton is a parish of itself; Carre and Newell Grange, Mr. 
Sherbroke and Mr. Stringer of Whiston, lords. 
In the prebend. 
Firbek, Lettewell, Anestan North and South, Thorp Salvayn, 
Wales, Hansworth, and Hansworth parish. 

St. John Baptist Chappell adjoyning to Laghton and infra 
parochiam, a place where people came in pilgramage on Midsomer 

[ ], at what tyme a fair was kept 

Adjoyning to the church ther hath 

I antiently stood a castle ; the hill and 

I trenches remayne. The people have a 

I tradition that Maude the Empresse lyved 

I that castle, but erroniously. 

In the chappell of St, John Baptist 

adjoyning ther is a monument of John 

Laghton, whose daughter and heyre' was 

marryed first to Mauleverer, of Lettewell, 

and after to Fitzwilliam. 

In Laghton Church ther is a monu- 
ment of Gervase Eyre,' Esquire, who hath 
B¥M AUKS. landes in the towne. He had of inherit- 

^ Isabel, daughter and coheir of John , , ,. , « , . p ,1 ti-„i 

T _v» r i^ . 11 J- J . KT —u AccordinfT to Hunter s SaulA York- 

Ednind „c„,d son of Si, Riohud "'"™'' *»«■»"/. "« »' C"™" ^T"- 
Fitzwilliam, of Aldwaik. 



ance 440 acres and 160 acres of the King's demayne, and is farmer 
to the prebend. He dwelleth att Rampton in Nott., which he 
hath by his wife, the daughter of \_George] Nevell and widdow of 

Anthony Hatfeld hath a fayre house and 160 acres in this towne. 

[Folio 30 does not belong to Yorkshire.l 

lemlaB (Tburcb, 25 Juls, 1627. 

In the Est wyndow of the quyer. 

Lozengy ar. and gu. — Fitzwilliam. 

2 men in armor with red coates, ther wyues behind them, eyther 
3 daughters. 

Orate pro animabus Willelmi Fitzwilliam,^ armigeri, et Elizabethe, 
filie Domini Thome Chauworth, uxoris ejus. 

Orate pro animabus [WzV/e/mt] Fitzwilliam^ et Elizabeth, filie 
Domini Johannis Conyers, militis, uxoris ejus. 

On the first stanchan : Lozengy ar. and gu. palyed with quarterly, 
(i) az. 2 chevrons or [C/iawor^/i]j (2) ar. a shield entre an orle of 
cinquefoils voyded sa. — Fitzwilliam, Chaworth. 

In the 3 : Fitzwilliam paled with az. on a manche or an annulet 
gu. — Conyers. 

Here resteth the body of Mistris Dorothy, wief to the R[/^/^/] 
W[orsktp/u/] John Broke, T>\octor\ of Divinity, and Precentor of the 
metropoliticall church of St. Peter's in Yorke, descended of worshipfull 
parentage, borne att Northampton, lyved neare x yeares out of hir 
country, but is now ascended in her better parte to that citty 
which hath [?] a foundation. In wisdom, modesty, knowledg, gravity, 
rare sobriety, she surpassed most of her sexe. She lyved in all vertue, 
and dyed in the fayth, and no[w] resteth full of immortality. Changed 
this lief [the"] sixt of February, being her birth day, anno [I?om.] 
1 6 14, of her age 38. 

^ William Fitzwilliam, of Sprotborough 
and Emley, died i December, 1474, and 
was buried at Sprotborough, where his 
monument still remains. His will, Monday 
before the feast of St. Andrew, 1474, was 
proved at York, 10 January, 1474-5. He 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas 
Chaworth, knight. 

2 Sir William, son of the above 
William, made his will 3 July, proved 
10 August, 1494. He married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir John Conyers. The eldest 
son dying in his lifetime, his grandson 
succeeded, who died without issue 15 16, 
when the branch expired, and the estates 
were divided between the Saviles and the 

22 dodsworth's church notes. 

Scio cui credidi. 
Belov'd of God, on earth of men esteemed, 
Admir'd of all that honor'd virtues faire, 
And now bemon^d a greater losse then deemed 
To them that saw and envy'd not the same 
Hath heare interred her body, not her name, 
Expecting when with soule in blessed light 
It may enjoy that joy which knowes no night. 

3n lecclesia &e Soutb Icirftbs. 

Christus Resurrectio. 
Isabella, uxor Willelmi Greene,' clerici, 
Fonte Christo consecrata. 
Vita Christo prgeparata, 
Morte Christo dedicata, 
Coelis Christo conjugata. 
Mors Lucrum. 
Dec. 8, 1615. 
Here lyeth the body of Bartholomew Trigot,^ esquire, who lived 
70 yeares, buried xii August, 1595. O that men were wise, then 
they would understand this : they would consider ther latter end. — 
Deutro. 32, ver. 29. 

N,B. \There are several shields in this church not noted by Dodsworth.~\ 

5n ficclesia &e Ikirftbs /l^aHom^ale in CraT>en. 

Az. a croyser's staffe in pale inter 3 buckes' heads cabaged or, 
2 and I ; the point of the croyser commeth betweene the homes of 
the lowest head, itt being the armes of the Abbey of Derham in 
Norfolk, the said churche being given to the Abbey by the founder,^ 
Huberte Walter, Archbishop of Canterbury, when he was yet Deane 
of Yorke. 

Gu. 3 cheverons inbraced a cheif ar., the coate of Malhom,* 
sometymes lord of Calton in this parishe. Mr. Josias Lambert*^ is 
now lord of Calton, whose eld[tfj/] brother died sine prole, and gave 
10//. per annum towardes the [f«^/«] tenance of a freeschoole in the 

^William Green instituted vicar 15 ^ Hubert built «Vfd5 11 80 an abbey for 

June, 1 601. Preemonstra tensian Canons at West 

2 His will is at York, 6 August, 1595, ^?Sif""\T iu • ^7 

^^^.r^A -,c T^« ,-«,. ^ / • ^«^\ *The Malham arms in Glover are: 

proved 28 January 1595-^ (xx«, 226). ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

(See pedigree m South Yorkshvre, u, 447.) ,j,i^ '^ ^ /,-,« passant az. ^ 

^ He died 7 September, 1619, and was father of the Parliamentary General. 



25 Henrici 3 coram Rege rotulo 16. Ox. Lex. Et quia Johanna 
Arshik cognovit quod recepit xl marcas cum rebis [sic], penulis et 
furrariis ut maritaretur Richardo Plessets, nee fuit maritata, ideo 
concessum est quod reddat predicta Johanni de Plessets.^ 

' SwiHiitQton Cburcb, 5*^ Septembri^, 1620* 

In the quyer North windowes. 

Gu. a lyon rampant ar. on his brest a flower de luce az. — 

Ar. a chevron az. a label of three points erm. — Swillington. 

Vert, 2 lyons passant ar. — Mirfeild. 

At. a lyon rampant sa., on his brest a mollet of 6 pointes or. — 

Ar. 3 barrs gu. — Multon. 

East window. 

Quarterly France and England, a label of three points erm. 

Lord Percy, [i and 4, Or, a Hon ramp. az. 2 and 3, gu, three 
luces arg.] 

Lord Ros. [Or, three water boujets sa^ 

Lord Clifforde. \Checky or and az. a /ess gu.] 

Lord Nevill. [Arg. a saltire gu^ 

Ix)rd Scroope. [Az. a bend or.] 

Ar. a cheif gu. a bend az. 

Ar. a chevron az. a label of five 
points gu. — Swillington. 

Per pale gu. and sa. a lyon rampant 
crowned ar., over this a man kneeling in 
coate armor. 

Ar. a saltire gu. — Nevell. 

Ar. a chevron az. a label of three 
points erm. — Swillington. 

South window. 

Gu. a lyon rampant ar. — Mowbray. 

Az. a fesse entre 3 leopards' faces or. — Delapole. 

Ar. a lyon rampant sa., on his brest a mollet of 5 pointes ar. 
[Sta/fleton], adyoined to ar. a chevron az. a label of three points erm. 
— [Szvt'/Iington], 

Az. a cross flory ar. — Goldesbrough. 

Ar. a lyon rampant sa. — Stapleton. 


1 This paragraph is not in Dodsworth's handwriting. 
3 See Glover's Visitation (Foster edition), 469 ; also Herald and Genealogist, v, 327. 

24 dodsworth's church notes. 

North windowes of the church. 

Az. a cross flory or. — Ward. 

An a chevron az. a label of three points erm. [Swillington\ 
impaling vert an egle displaid or billed and footed ar., on her brest 
a crescent ar. 

Gu. on a chevron ar. 3 roses of the first. — \? Knawles,'] 

2[nd] North window. 

Ar. 3 boyling potts gu. a border sa. bezanty. — Monbocher. 

Ar. a chevron az. a label of three points erm. paled with ar. on a 
chevron az. a moUett ar. perced sa. a label of three points gu. — 
Swillington, Swillington. 

Ar. on a chevron \az.^ a crescent ar. — Swillington. 

^[rd] North window. 

Az. a cross fimbriated or, voyded ar. — Melton quere. 

Ar. a chevron az. a label of three points erm. paled with ar. 2 
bends sa. — Swillington and Kay. 

Ar. a chevron ar. [sic, az.] a label of three points erm. paled with 
gu. an annulet entre 3 falcons volant ar. — Swillington an[^] Atherton. 

4[th] North window. 

Az. a cheif or. — Lizars. 

Ar. a chevron az. a label of three points erm. paled with ar., on a 
chevron az. an annulet of the feild perced sa. a label of three points. 
— Swillington. 

Gu. a chevron erm. entre 3 lyons rampant or Langton paled 
with gu. a crescent entre 3 falcons volant ar. — [? Aiherton,] 

East window of the North ile. 

Sa. 2 barres nebulae ar. on a cheif of the 2, 3 martlettes of the 


Ar. a manch sa. — Hastings. Per pale ar. a lyon rampant sa., on 

his brest a moUet ar. — [Stapleton,'] 

Ar. a chevron az. a label of three points erm. paled with ar. a 
chevron az. a label of five points gu. — [5w/ ] Uington and 
[Swilling] ton. 

Ar. a chevron az. a label of three points erm. paled with ar. 2 
barrs and canton gu., on the canton a cross molyn or. — Swillington 
and Kirkby. 

In the North windowes above in the middle ile 

Or a lyon rampant gu. — Lacy. 

Arma Regis Denmarke. [Or 3 lions pass guardant az.] 

Ar. a chevron az. a label of three points erm. — Swillington. 

Or, 3 torteaux. 

Gu. a manch or a label of three points ar, — Hastinges of Fenwyke. 

dodsworth's church notes. 

3'"" window above. 
Arma Regis Scocie. 
At. 3 fuzells in fesse gu. — Monte- 

Or, a saltire engrailed sa. 
Bany of lo az. and ar. 3 chapletts of 
4 roses gu. — Lord Graystoke. 

Az. semi de cross crosslets 3 roses 
ar, — Lord Darcy. 

4l'iii window above. 
Quarterly France and England a label 
of three points ar. 

Quarterly gu. a lyon rampant {FilzalaH\, 2° checqui or and az. 
3 as 2, 4 as first. — Warren. 

Az. a bend or a label of three points 
ar. — \_Scrofe.'] 

Gu. a cross flory ar. \or or\. 

East window of the South ile. 
Az. a chevron entre 3 martletts ar. 
Or, a bend entre 6 escallops or. — 

Fitzwilliams paled with ar. a chevron 
az. a label of three points erm. — 

South windowes. 

FOLjAUBE ABMj. Vairc, a fesse gu. — Marmion. 

Az. 3 water-budgets or. — Ros. 

Quarterly; i. ar. on a bend entre 3 cotises az. 2 griffins or; 2. gu. 
2 barrs ar., 3 as 2, 4 as 1, paled with ar. — [ ] 

Gu. 5 fusells in fesse or paled with 
ar. a fesse gu. entre 3 egles disptaid sa. 
— Newmarch, Leedes. 

Gu. 3 flower-de-luces erm. paled with 
ar. a chevron az. a label of three points 
erm. — Bui^h, Swillington. 


At. semi de roses a lyon rampant sa. 

Ar. a lyon rampant sa. on his brest 
a mollet ar. — \Stapieton.'] 


dodsworth's church notes. 

Ar. a chevron az. a label of three 
points erm. — Swillington. 

South windowes above. 

Ar. a bend entre 6 martlets gu. — 

Ar. 4 barrs az. an orle of martlettes 
gu. — [Payne/.] 

Az. on 5 fusells in fesse or 5 escallops 
gu. — Plumpton. 

Or, a bend sa. — Malolacu. [Mauley.'] 

Gu. a cross molyn ar. 




Sayvill. [Arg., on a bend sa. three 
owls of the field,] 

Gu. a cross flory vairey or and gu. 

Az. 3 boates without sailes or masts. 

North quyer, a plate of brasse 
on the wall. 

Here lyeth Dame Mary Maltby,^ 
widdow, one of the daughters of Arthur 
Dyneley of Swillington, gentleman, late 

wief of Christofer Maltby of the cytty of 

Yorke, Alderman, a man worthy of 

memory. She departed this world the 

third day of October, 1585. 

On the same wall. 

Ar. a fesse in cheife 3 moUetts sa. 
paled with ar. a fesse engrailed entre 3 
left hands coped sa. — Dyneley and Baites. 

Hie jacet corpus generosi viri 
Magistri Willelmi Dyneley,^ nupe de 
Swillington in comitatu Eboracensi, qui 
die 4° Junii anno Dominir 1607 in fide Christi Jhesu feliciter obiit, 
aetatis 65. 

1 Married at St. Crux, York, n July, 1581. 

2 William Dyneley, of Swillington Dorothy, daughter of William Bates, of 
(brother of the above Mary), married West Lathes, in Clitheroe. 




Relliquias ejus cui nos (qui novimus ipsum) 
Justitia paucos, vidimus esse pares : 

Hospitio nullum : vita feliciter acta, 

Pulvere contectas hie (bone lector) habes. 

Filius iste pio posuit monumenta parenti 
Ne cedat ingenii nonnen honorque viri. 

Mbftltirfte Cbutcb justa Xee&e0, 5 Sept., 1620. 

North quyer called Manston Quyer. 

Erm. a saltire gu. — Scargell. 

Sa. a bend embattled arg. paled with gu. a saltire ar. — Manston, 


North window in the church. 

A man kneeling in a white gowne and shaven crowne. Under : 

Orate pro anima Domini Nicolaij Hall quondam per[. . .]tis 

Decani Cappellae. 

Next North window. 

Orate pro animabus Roberti Hall et Elesabet, uxor[w] ejus. 

In Manston quyer a tombe. 
Quarterly Dyneley and Manston. Theron written : 
Hie jacet Rogerus Dyneley^ de Manston, armiger domini regis, 
qui obiit xxvij die mensis Aprilis anno Domini mdxiij, et Alicia, 
uxor ejus, quae obiit die mensis .... que [1536-7], quorum animabus 
propicietur Deus. Amen. 

Sis testis Christe quod non jacet hie lapis iste, 
Corpus ut ornetur, sed spiritus ut memoretur. 

Body of the church. 
Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth Oglethorp, wief of Francis 
Oglethorp of Colton, who lyved godly and dyed faythfuUy the 23 of 
June anno Domini 1613. 

Est window in the middle quyer. 
Ar. a chevron az. a label of three 
points ar. — Swillington. 

Ar. a lyon rampant sa. — \? Stapleton^l 

Erm. a saltire gu. — Nevell of Lyver- 

Ar. on a cross sa. 5 crescents ar. — 

A very faire monument of a knight in 
armor and his wief. 
The armes of Scargell and Conyers 
impaled theron. 


^ Roger Djmeley was third husband of ton). She made her will 6 February, 
Alice, daughter of Robert Manston (widow proved York, 4 March, 1526-7. He died 
of Robert Gascoigne and Arthur Pilking- 27 April, 15 13. 


Orate pro animabus Domini Roberti Scargyll,' militis, et Domine 

Johanne, uxoris sue, et ancetorum [sic] eorum fundatorum hujus 

Cantarie, quorum animarum propicietur Deus, ac etiam hie jacent 

filii eorum. 

On a stone in the quyer. 

Hie jacet Robertus Gascoigne' quondam de Manston, qui obiit 

penultimo die mensis Junii anno Domini Millesimo cccclxxiij*^, cujus 

anime propitietur Deus. 

Orate pro anima Arthuri Pilkington,' armigeri, qui obiit xiij** die 
mensis Septembris, et sepultus in Abbathia de anno Domini 


In the South quyer window. 

Scargell paled with Gascoigne. 

Scargell and az. on a fesse ar. 3 cross crosslets gu. 

Quarterly — vert, 2 lyons passant ar., 2^ Scargell with a molet ar. — 

Mirfeld, Scargell. 

On the wall. 

Quarterly — ar., a cross gu., in the first quarter a crescent gu., 

2^ quarter checqui ar. and az. a border gu., 3 as 2, 4 as i. 

Martinus Greene* obiit nono die mensis Junii anno Domini 1606. 

On a stone. 
Byria domina jacet hie sancta tumulata. 
Sanguine de bono Mirfeld Scargill generata. 

Note ther is a house in Whitkerk called the Hospitall, built by 
the Lord Darcy before his attainder, for 8 pore folk, and a chappell 
att the end, but not endowed with many possessions by reason of his 

The Lord Scargell gave 10^* per annum to the pore of that towne 
for ever, which they shall enjoy, and is paid by Mr. Clough out of 
Thorp Hall. 

6 September, 1620. 
5n mu was entre Metberbs et jpountaine^* 

North Dighton, a house and parke, Mr. Ingilbyes purchased lately 
of Arthur Sotehill. 

Sir H. Slingsbye's house very faire att Scryven. 

^ Son of William Scargill, who founded ^ Son of Sir William Gascoigne, of 

the Scargill Chapel. His wife was Jane, Gawthorp, and first husband of the above 

daughter of Christopher Conyers, of Alice Manston. Administration at York, 

Marske. Described as of Leade Hall, 21 May, 1474. 

she made her will 5 January, proved York, ^ Second husband of Alice Manston. 

24 January, 1546-7, and ordered the tomb * i6o6 (9 June). Martin Greene, 

which still remains. getlem, bur. (Whitkirk Register.) 


A water called Cremble att Ribston. 

A church towre called Fernham. 

An ancient grange house called Walkingham, now Seriant Hutton's, 
somtyme Sir John Walkingham^s, a knight. 

Capgrave on the right hand, wher St. Mungnaye's well is. 

A water called Holbecke runeth nere vnto itt, which haith his 
head nere Salley and cometh by Morker,^ wher ther is a hill called 
Michaeirs How, wher hath beene a chappell, Thornton, Salley, 
Merkinton, Merkingfeild, d.^ myle Ingerthorp, Mr. Burton's, Staynley, 
and by Burton Leonard to Copgrave, and so inter Roclife, and Bishop 
Munckton Meadows, so into Ure at Westwic. 

On Fountaines steeple. 

Soli Deo Ihesu Christo honor et gloria in secula seculorum. 

Note that Rippon standeth inter Skell and Ure as Medley inter 
Kelder et Aire. 

Skel-head is • in Skelgill, cometh by Winckesly to the North side 

of [ ] to Fountaines, so to Stodley, to Rippon [ ]. — 

Salley is bounded with Holbeck and Skell. 

Lauer cometh to Lauerton, alias Larton, to Cioyheram], to 
Bishopton, and vnto Ure at Rippon. 

MrasbB, 9 Scptembert 1620. 

In the midle quire. 
A man in a white gowne with a shaven crowne. Over his head : 
In a scutcheon az. in cheif A.C. in a base a garbe or. This posy 
in his mouthe : 

Acriter erratum lugens et pectora plangens 
Te precor afflictum serues mitissime Jesu. 

About the quyer in wood. 

Orate pro anima Alveredi^ Prioris qui hunc chorum fieri fecit 

anno prioratus nono, ac anno Domini millessimo quingentessimo 

tricessimo tercio. 

In the North quyer. 

7 women kneeling, 6 with beades att ther girdles, one with a 
booke in her hand, with this posey : 

^ In margin : Marker is nerer Skell. 

^Alvered Comyn, the last prior but {Set VL\mier's South Yorkshirey'n, 217, iox 
one of Nostell, confirmed 13 May, 1524. account of this window, part remaining.) 


Pray for the wellfaire of Margret Aveison with all the maydens of 
the Laythgarth, which becosted this window, 1537. 

2[ndl window. 
In a border about the 5 wounds: 

Vulnera quinque Dei sunt medicina mei. 


Ar. a lyon rampant gu. a border sa. bezanty. — Comes Comubie. 

Anno regni Regis Henrici Tertii xlij** Richardus Comes Cornubie* 
frater ejus coronatus fuit in Regem Almanie anno Domini 1254. 

^[th] window being the Est window. 
A man with a shaven crowne and blew gowne kneling; vnder, 
the picture of St. John ; over his head : 

Pro Guyge funde preces ad Christum Sancte Johannes. 

Underneath: Orate pro anima Johannis Guyge et suorum 
parentum ac omnium fidelium defunctorum. 

Another window. 
Quarterly, gu. a saltire ar. entre xij cross crosslets or. — Lord 

2. Ar. on a bend entre 2 cotises sa. 3 moUets ar. — [? Andrews,'] 
3 a cross patonce sa. 

4. Ar. on a cross sa. 5 bezantes. — [^Stratton,"] 

5. Gu. an egle displaid or. 

Arma Andree Wyndesore, militis ac baronij. 

South wyndowe. 
Az. 3 water-budgets or, a label of three points compony ar. and 

gu. — Comyn. 

2[ndl window. 

A man with 3 sonnes, a woman with 9 daughters, kneeling. 

Orate pro anima Jacobi Comyn et Katerine, uxoris ejus, et 

filiorum ac filiarum suarum. 

^[rd] wyndow. 

A man and his wief kneeling with 11 [sons] and 6 daughters. 

Orate pro bono statu Johannis Brayton de Normanton in 

coronatoris domini Regis C et Agnetis, uxoris ejus, filiorum et 

filiarum eorundem qui hanc fenestram fieri fecerunt anno Domini. 

^[th] window. 

Pray for the prosperity and welfare of Mr. Bryan ^[edley] and 
Thomas Rydiall, which causyd this wyndow to be [made], 

1 Brother of Henry III. See his life in the Dictionary of National Biography^ 




South quyer on a tombe. 

Here lyeth Sir Thomas Gargrave,^ knight, who dyed the 28 of 
March, 1579, who served sundry times in the wars and as counsellor 
att Yorke xxxv yeare. He maryed Anne Cotton of Kent and Jane 
Appleton, widdow of Sir John Wentworth of Elmesall. He had yssue 
only by Anne Cotton, tow sonnes, Cotton and John, which John dyed 
att his byrth. 

On the plate, lozengy ar. and sa. on a bend sa. 3 crescents of 
the first. — Gargrave. 

On the same tombe, lozengy ar. and sa. on a bend of the second, 
3 crescents of the first. 

Here lyeth buried Sir Cotton Gargrave,^ knight^ that dyed the 
sixteenth day of June, 1588. He married first Bridgitt" Fairfax of 
Steton and had yssue by her only three sonnes, Thomas,* Robert, 
and John. And after married Anne Watterton' of Walton, by whom 
he had yssue Richard,' Robert, John, Francis, and daughters Anne, 
Margret, Mary, Elizabeth, Prescilla, and Frances. Robert the second 
son of Sir Cotton was slayne att London att 17 yeares of age. John 
his third dyed att his birth. 

Sotttb Diflbton Cburcb, 6 September, 1620* 

On a stone in the North quyer. 
Orate pro anima Roberti Roos,' nobilis armigeri, qui fuit dominus 
dominii de Yngmanthorp et patronus ecclesie parochialis de Sawth 
Dighton, qui obiit xxij° die mensis Aprilis anno Domini millesimo 


* Son of Thomas Gargrave, of Wake- 
field; bom there circa 1495. Knighted 
by the Earl of Warwick ; bought Kinsley 
and Nostell Priory ; M. P. for Yorkshire 
1555-7, 1558-86 ; Speaker of the House 
of Commons 1558-9; High Sheriff 1565 
and 1569. 

^ Only surviving son of the above Sir 
Thomas. High Sheriff 1584. Will n 
December, 1587, proved York, 20 June, 

8 Daughter of Sir William Fairfax. 

* Thomas Gargrave, of Nostell, exe- 
cuted for the murder of his servant, 16 
June, 1595, married Kalherine, daughter 
of Thos. Wentworth, of Wentworth 
Woodhouse, and left an only daughter. 
Prudence, married to Dr. Richard Berrie, 
of Hodroyd. 

^ Daughter of Thos. Waterton, of 
Walton; buried at Wragby. 15 March, 


6 Sir Richard of Nostell, &c., High 
Sheriff 1604, dissipated and sold his 

^ There is little information about this 
family, excepting a short pedigree in the 
Visitation of St. George and in the wills 
at York printed in Testamenta Ebor, , with 
notes by Canon Raine. There is the will 
of Robert Roos, Esq., of Ingmanthorp, 
dated 26 January, 1474-5, proved 2 June 
following, probably this Robert. He was 
to be buried in the church of South 
Dighton, before the altar of the Blessed 
Virgin, in the choirs on the North side. 
He mentions his wife Mai^aret. 

32 dodsworth's church notes. 

On the same stone. 

Hie jacet Maria Roos quondam uxor Roberti Roos^ de Yngman- 

thorp, armigeri, ac filia venerabilis viri Jacobi Strangewaies de Herlesey, 

militis, que obiit xxvij** die Augusti anno gracie moccccc®xxv° cujus 

animae propicietur Deus." 

Est quyer. 

Az. 3 buckes passant paled with 

Gu. 3 bezantes a canton erm. 

Az. an annulet entre 3 water budgets or. — Roos. 

Gu. on a chevron ar. 3 lyons rampant sa. — [Codkam.] 

Az. 3 water-budgets or a label of three points componed gu. and 
ar. [I^os] paled with gu. on a manch entre an orle of roses ar. an 
annulet sa. — [? Ack/am], 

Az. 3 water-budgets or [I^os] paled with gu. on a chevron ar. 3 
lyons rampant sa. — [? Cobhani] 

On a plate in the wall : 

Roos jacet hie Jacobus hie dura caute sepultus 
Est Katherina tuus mater hie ante locus 

Conditus hie matrem per fata saluto biformem, 
Et cinis in cinerem versus, adoro diem. 

South quyer. 
Az. 3 water-budgets or a label of three points componed gu. and 
ar. [^^<?j] paled with ar. a lyon rampant az. — [Fauconberg or Brus^ 

Robert Roos, the last of Yngmanthorp,' married the daughter of 
Sir Nicholas Fairfax of Gilling, and having had suites all his lief for 
landes that were Strange weys at Vpsal Castle, Kilvinton, &c., and 
being tyred with them, did resign all his lands into the hands of 
th'Erle of Rutland in that tyme when he was lord president of the 
North, to the end his debts should be paid and he have some 
exhibition during his lief, which seameth was not much, for he had 
a chamber wherin he lay in South Dighton, and had his dyet sent 
every meale tyme from Mr. Manners's table, who then lyved att the 
parsonage house ther. 

Edward, Erie of Rutland gave all the lands of this Roos, together 
with the lands of the ancient Lords Roos, in marriage with Elizabethe, 
his sole daughter and heire, to William Cecill, sone to the Lord 
Burley, who had yssue by her William, Lord Roos, who married the 

* His will is also at York, October 25, ^ Marginal note: " Filia et hereSy vide 

1529, i)roved 23 October, 1532. "To be librum DD" DD,—vol. \22 of Dods- 

bericd in the hie where under a crossed worth, 

stone, before the ymadge of Sancte ^ Yngmanthorp valet yxili, per annum, 

Gregorie, betwixt my grandfather and and is within the constablery of South 

fader." Dighton, 


daughter and heire of Sir Thomas Lake, Secretary of State, who dyed 
without yssue, 1619. His wief hath thes lands in yointure. 

Cremple, a riverlet, beginneth att Pannell in the Forrest of 
Knaresburgh and runneth by Folifate, Stockeld, Spofforth, North 
Dighton, Ribston, and falleth into Nidd nere Colthorp. 

JSoIton jttjta 3BoUan^ Cburcb bebtcat to St peter. 

Quier window. 

Quarterly Pudsey [verf, a chevron 
between three mullets or\ and Laton^ \p^' 
afess betiveen six crosses crosslet fitchke sa\ 

Per pale Pudsey and ar. a chevron 
entre 3 mollettes perced sa. by the name 
of Pashelew, sometymes of Riddlesden 
juxta Byngley. Underneath, this inscrip 
tion : 

Orate pro anima Henrici Hanserd,^ 
magister \sic\ artium, qui quondam fuit 
rector istius ecclesie. 


In the South quier called Pudsey. 
Pudsey^ and Pilkinton per pale. 

Qui venisti redimere perditos, 
Noli dampnare redemptos. 

Hie jacet Henricus Pudsey,* armiger, dominus de Bolton, qui 
construxerat banc cantariam m®v<^ix®, et Margareta,' uxor ejus, que 
obiit anno Domini m®v<^, quorum animabus propicietur Deus. 

In the East window of the same quire. 
Pray for the sawle of Henri Pudsey* of Bolton, Esquier, and . . . . , 
his wief, who this window haith don to be mayde anno Domini 
mocccc**xij, or xxij, as the sholemaster saith. 

'^Marginal note: *^ DD, 149*1" i.e. Ebor.^ v, 85), to be buried at Bolton; 
MS. Dodsworth 122, f. 1493. married Mai^aret, daughter of Sir John 

* Rector of Bolton 31 May, 1515, to Conyers, of Hornby. 

^^ i^^SP^^' ^^l^\ A' A ^Q T ' ^Margifial mte : '' Filia Rogeri 

3 Thomas Pudsay died 28 January, Tempest'' 
1536-7, as per inq.p. in. taken 6 June ^ 

28 Hen. Vni, 1537. He married Mary, ® Whitaker has this dale, 15 12, which 

daughter of Roger Pilkington. seems more probable, and then it would 

* Henry Pudsey, Esq. ; will 6 Septem- be the above Henry and Margaret, 
ber, 1 5 17, proved i March, 1517-8 {Test, 


jdodsworth's church notes. 

Note that Pudsey* married the coheire of Bolton, whose second 
daughter gave her part to Saull Abbey. Note that Bohon Hall 
standeth very pleasantly amongst sweet woods and fruit tr[^^5]. 

In the South window of the church. 

Orate pro animabus E'di Rymyngton, Marie, uxoris sue, et pro 
statu Ricardi, filii eorum, qui. fieri fecit banc fenestrani, et Elene, 
uxoris sue. 

About the fount of marble very faire, brought from Forset 
Church nere Barforth in Richmondshire, which Barforth is the 
auncient seat of Pudsey's and in Forset parishe; about it are the 
armes of Percy, Clifford, Tempest, Hamerton (Pudsey and Laiton 
quarterly), Pudsey per se, Bankes, per pale Pudsey and Tunstall. 
About itt : 

Orate pro animabus Domini Radulphi Pudsey,^ militis, et Emma, 
[Ed'wnef] uxoris ejus, ac Domini W'ili Pudsay, filii eorum et quon- 
dam rector[w] istius ecclesie. 

nbsmswortb Cburcb, 7 Septembet, i6i8. 

South windowes. 

Quarterly Wortley and Tunstall. 

Ar. a fesse inter 2 barres gemewise in \? chiefs 3 mollets-perced 
sa. — Metheley. 

In the quyer the portraiture of a man* crosslegd, on his sheild 3 
crescents, his wife lying by him. — Wandervile. 

In the South quyer. 

Ar. a bend nebulae sa.— Burton. 

Orate pro anima Alicie Pudsey, quondam uxoris Henrici Burton,' 
armigeri, que obiit duodecimo die Julii anno Domini milessimo 
quingentessimo decimo tertio, cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen. 

. * The pedigree states that Simon 
Pudsay, of Barforth - on - Tees, temp. 
Edw. II, married Catherine, daughter of 
John de Bolton. (See Whitaker's Craven^ 
p. 126.) 

2 Sir Ralph Pudsay, of Bolton and 
Barford, afforded an asylum to Hen. VI. 
See engraving of his tomb in Whitaker's 
Craven^ p. 135. He had three wives, 

Margaret Tunstall the first, the 

second, and Edwina the third. Their son 
William was rector 1448, ? died 1507. 
According to Whitaker, the above inscrip- 

tion is on a filleting of brass let in to the 

3 There were other shields. " See 
Glover's Visitation, Foster's Ed. , 422. 

* Sir Nicholas Wortley, who died 1360, 
was buried at Hemsworth. He married 
Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of 
Adam de Wannervile, lord of Hemsworth. 
Her will 20 October, 1382, to be buried 
at Hemsworth. 

s Henry Burton, of Kinsley, made his 
will 10 October, 1474, proved at York 
14 January, 1474-5, ^^^ married Alice, 
daughter of Sir John Pudsey, knight. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


About another stone in the same quier. 
Orate pro anima Johannis Burton,^ militis, sepulti xxij die Novem- 
bris anno Domini millesimo ccccc°iij°, et Merill, uxoris sue, quorum 
animabus propitietur Deus. 

About* another stone in Saxon carracter in y* quier. 

Hie iacet Simon de Wudstor et Cecilia, uxor eius, qui obierunt 
lo die Septembris anno Domini 1561 [?].^ 

On another stone in that quier. 

Hie iacet Walterus Burton qui obijt die Novembris anno 

Domini moccC^lxxxx^*. 

On a blew grave stone at the West end of the midle isle 

a plate of brasse. 

Hie iacet Thomas Wruteley/ miles, 
qui obiit nono die mensis Augusti anno 
Domini m^'ccccc^^xiiij, cuius anime pro- 
pitietur Deus. Amen. 

In the midst of the quyer. 
Orate pro anima Domini Nicholai de 
Worthelay,'' militis, qui obiit xii kalen- 

darum Novembris anno m<^ccclx 

cujus animae propicietur Deus. Amen. 

In the quyer window. 
Az. 3 crescents ar. — Wandervile. 


3n Capella &e Ma&Mngton parocbia De /liftton. 

In the East window. 
A kneling knight,® on his brest Tempest's coate, by him his wief, 
who was the daughter and heire of Bowling of Bowling juxta 
Bradford, on her brest sa. an escutcheon erm. entre an orle of 
martletts ar. [Bo/Zin^] paled with Tempest. Underneath : 

^ Sir John Burton, son of the above 
Henry, married first Muriel, daughter of 
Thos. Bosvile, of Newhall ; secondly, 
Margaret, daughter of Matthew Went- 
worth, of Bret ton. His tfi^. p. m. was 
taken 30 September 30 Hen. VHI, when 
Dulsabella, daughter of his son John, was 
found to be his heir, aged 16. 

2 'Aboue; MS. 

^ Originally written ' 1 36 1 ,' bnt altered. 
? 1561, 

* In margin : ** Worteley.^' Sir Thomas 
Wortley, knight, High Sheriff of York- 
shire 1491 and 1502, died 8 August, 
1 514, buried at Hemsworth. Will 6 
June, 1 514, proved York 12 March, 
1 5 14-5. (Test. Ebor., v, 53.) 

^ See note 4, page 34. 

^ Sir Richard Tempest, of Bracewell, 
knight, died at Bowling January, 1537-8. 
He married Rosamond, daughter and 
heiress of Tristram Bowling, of Bowling, 
Esq., who died i February, 1553-4. 

36 dodsworth's church notes. 

Orate pro anima[iw] Ricardi Tempest, armigeri, et Rosm'de, uxoris 
sue, necnon omnium aliorum filiorum et filiamm predict! Kicardi et 
Rosm'de, qui istam fenestram fecerunt anno Domini millesimo 

The chancell was huilded, as appeared hy thes figures on the 
heames therof, 1511. 

Epitaphium Rogeri Banester, 1573. 

Obitton Cburcb. 

Sir Richard Sherborne, of Stonyhurst, knight, builded a chappell 
from the ground, adyoining on the North of the quiere, with the 
consent of the parishoners, for a place of buriall for himself and his 
successors, wher he himself lyeth in a fatrc tombe, with this 
inscription l' 

Here lyeth the bodies of Sir Richard 
Sherburne, knight, Master Forrester of 
the Forrest of Bowland, Steward of the 
mannor of Slatebome, Leiftennant of 
the He of Man, and one of Her 
Majestie's Deputy Lei ftenn ants within 
the county of Lancaster, and Dame 
Maud, his wief, daughter of Sir Richard 
Bould, knight, by whom he had yssue ; 
who dyed the x of November, 1588, 
and Sir Richard dyed the 26 of July, 
1594. Dame Isabell Sherb urn, second ^^^^ 

wief to Sir Richard, erected this tombe, smesbukn arms. 

according to her husbande's mind, att her owne chardges. 

Ther was a chantry in the quier of St. Nicholas, on the North sid 
of the said church of Mitton, founded in the 8 yere of Henry 8 by 
Hugh Sherborne,' of Stonnyhurst, grandfather of the abovenaraed Sir 
R. S.' Thes words are graven about the same quyer in the wood; 

Orate pro anima Ricardi de Shirburn" et pro anima [A/iae] 
Hammerton, uxoris sue, anno mocccCxli" obiit prefatus Ricardus et 
erat hie tumulatus in diem [j/V] Assencionis Domini nostri Jhesu 
Christi, cujus anime propicietur, etc. Requiem aeterjiam dona eis. 
Do mine. 

'There is a good account of this tomb, ^Marginal note: " 8o acre terre in 

with later ones, in Whilaker's Crta/en, Higklon, Bayley, niid Chaidegley, esfaled 

p, 15. to Ihi ntaynelenand thersf." 

= Hugh Sherhiirne, of Stonihurat, died * Married Alice, daughter of Laurence 

19 Hen. VIII. Married Ann, daughter Hamerton, Esq., by Isabel, daughter of 

of Sir Edmund Taibot, of Bashall. Sir John Tempest, of Bracewell. 


Mitton haith formerly belonged to Sir Rafc Mitton, knight. It is 
thought that one Bayly of Aghton married one of his heires, whose 
daughter and heire was since married to Sherborne,' who in her right 
are still seized of lordship or mannor of Bayley and Chadgeley. It 
is to be notyd that att the tyme of his marriadge, Sherborne being 
seruant to H. Lacy, Comes Lincoln., was only possest of landes in 
Wiswall and Catforth within the county of Lancaster, and in respect 
he was thought vnworthey to match with the said heire of Ba[^/<?y], 
his lord and master, H. Lacy, gave him the moyety of h[is] lordship 
of Chorley,* and the 4th part of the ma[««^r] of Bolton in the 

Moores, to make him equall [ ], which landes he holdeth at 

this day. 

Chadgley aforesaid is, as itt were, Chadd lay, taking the name of 
St. Chadd, who, as the report goeth, ledd an hermitt's lief in a place 
in thos dayes overgrowne with woodes, wher att this day [are] the 
ruines of a chappell dedicated to the memory of him, which, though 
itt be in the county of Lancaster, yett itt is, notwithstanding, within 
the diocesse of Yorke, which I am the willinger to remember in 
respect my very kind and respective freind, Mr. Richard Holden, 
haith ther his habitacion, whose auncestors have lived ther in good 
reputation ever since the time of Henry 3, about which tyme Henry 
Holden married Cecily, daughter of Jordan, son of Sir Rafe de 
Mitton, and had his landes in Chadgeley given in frank marriadge, 
wher he hath contynued ever since. 

Memorandum. King Henry 6 taken in a bushy place nere 
Waddington, then called Waddington HoUyns, now knowen by the 

name of Harrj Greaves, by Talbot of Bashall adyoining, 

which King, thought to have the spirit of prophecy, did devine of 
the said Talbotte's successors.^ Ther are theraboutes sundry thinges 
that did belong to him, as the spoone he used to eate withall, and 
a gowne of black velvet, att Mr. Pudseye's att Bolton, a carpett att 
Waddington, and a Jewell, wher itt is noted ther haith never beene 
poverty since wher the Jewell is kept. 

<9ut Of an oli) peteore in Sftipton Cadtle* 

Richard Tyson, brother of William Tyson, slayne att Battlefeild, 
founded the Nunnry of Gysons about the yere 1000, whose father 
was called Gisbright Tyson, lord of Alnewick and Malton. Eustace, 

1 /n tfiargin : ^^ Hcnvkesworih de Hawkesworth married the heire. ^^ 

^ In marpin : ^^ Chorley was the land » ^ ,, ,, ^ . . , 

J ^ r T- rr r t 1^ 1 j ^ In muri^ui : ^^ Henry ts canonized 

and Jce of Ferrars, Erie of Derby, and • / »> * "^ 

ftot 0/ Lacy. 

38 dodsworth's church notes. 

son of John, gave to Baldwyne to the Abbey of Alnewick to be 
founded, the church of Lastebury, with y« chappell of Houghton, 
Alnemouth, and of Alnewick, with th'appurtenances. And so he was 
the first founder and Baldwyne the first abbott, anno Domini 1147. 

Barony of Sprouston in Scotland given by Malcolm, King of 
Scotts, with his base daughter, Margret, to William, son of John, Lord 

Marion, daughter and heir of William Vescy, was married to 
Gilbert Atton, by whom he had yssue, William, father of Gilbert, qui 
obiit sine prole, and William Atton, knight, who had Gilbert, which 
wanting [sic] an heire of Vescy by the right lyne. 

William de Vescy,^ baron of Alnewicke, had yssue by his first wief 
Agnes, daughter of William, Erie Ferrers, John and William, and is 
buried at Alnewick, his 2 wief Agnes is buried att Hulne,^ in the 

Friers' Church of th'order of Our Lady [ ], which she founded 

in the honor of Our Blessed Virgin Mary, tempore Henry 3, towardes 
the latter end of his raigne. 

Xong preaton Cburcb. HpriUt 1619. 

On an old stone tombe in an arche in the South quier. 

Orate pro animabus Laurencii Hamerton,* armigeri, Isabelle,* 
uxoris ejus, Ricardi,*^ fihi ejus, militis, Elisabethe, uxoris ejus, parentum, 
liberorum et omnium benefactorum istius capelle sive cantarie, que 
fundata erat per predictum Laurencium Hamerton anno Domini 


James KnowUes, a pore man's son of Long Preston, after a trader 

att Blackewell Hall, founded an hospitall for lo pore people of the 

same towne, gave to each 40s. per annum and a garden, and v//. per 

annum to a reader to say prayers twice a day, 161 5. He gave to 

the mayntenance of the church 5//. per annum, and hath 2 stalls in 

lieu therof allow'd for the said pore; on which stall on a brasse 

plate : 

Though I be dead in name, 

I hope to live by fame. 


1 In margin: '^Vide cat. 872." 5 c- i>- u j tt , • j -r-i- 

2/« margin: ^' This Hulnc is in , ; Sir Kichard Hamerton married Eliza- 

Northumberland^ beth, daughter of Sir John Assheton, 

3 Laurence Hamerton married Isabella, W^t, widow of Sir Ralph Harrington, 

daughter of Sir John Tempest, of Brace- ^^^ ^'", Z'^y o''/^'^ ^ October, 1480, 

well His effects were administered by "^If^^ .^.^ ^^^H^ January, 1480-1. {Test. 

his son Richard 27 June, 1449. u I' '"' ^l^'^ ^^ mentions the above 

^In margin: '^ Isabella fuit /ilia fhan try. There is an engraving of the 

KicarM Tempest, militis, SS. fo, 55." ^^"^^^ ^" Whitaker s Craven, p. 146. 
SS,--vol. \a^%of DodswortJCs MSS. 


On Hamerton's tombe this armes : — 

Hamerton and Langfeild. 
Hamerton and Tempest. 
Hamerton and Asheton. 
Hamerton and Plumpton. 
Hamerton and Ratclif. 

Hother the river is the boundary betweene Lancashire and 
Yorkshire. Hath his course on the North West parte through the 
Forrest of Bolland, haith his begining att the crosse of Greete. 
Commeth thence to Slateborne [S/atdduru\ a mannor olim of the 
Duke of Lancaster, and so through the Forrest of Bolland ^to Burhom) 
[Burho/me] and Whitewell, which was a house of the Duke, and haith 
[fli] chapell belonging to the parish of the Castle of Clitherow. Thence 
to Radham [Radholme] Parke (Ebor.), within the said Forrest, belong- 
ing to the Duke, and so to Bashall in Yorkeshire and Chadgeles,^ on 
the other side of the banck, in Lancashire, to Winckley, which giveth 
name to a family of auncient contynuance ther, and so falleth into 
Ribble),^ without any memorable places till itt come to Bashall, the seat 
for a long tyme of the family of the Talbottes, who bere ar. 3 lions 
rampant purpre, and is of som^ [?] alliance to the hous of Salop. 

Quaere differentiam inter chaceam et forestam. 

'^Forestes of: — Chaces of: — 

Bowland. Ingleborough and Mewith. 

Blackwood nere Halifax. Nidderdale. 

New Forest Gillingw[(?5/]. Barden. 

Knaresborough. Hatefeild. 

Gisborne. Kirkeby Malesard Chace et 

Blansby and Pickering. Nidderdale Forrest. 

Langstredale Chase.* Coverdale Chace. 

Danby. Bishopdale Chace. 

Lune Forrest Gillinw[<fj/]. Wharncliffe Chace nere 

Galtres. VVortley. 

Swadale Forrest Hangw[^j/]. Swaldall Chace. 



Forest de Burgh in wa. de Halikeld. 

i~^ Added partly in margin and partly ^ In margin : ^^ Inter Ouse et Derwent, 

at foot of page, Wkerndale. Skalbye, Eggetoti. Skelton, 

^ In margin: ^* IVith Gill^ Mr, Farndale, Spaunton. Ridal, Craven.'"* 

TildesUy s,^"* What is the connexion behoeen these 

^ In margin : ** Lanc,''^ names in the margin and the Forests and 

^ This word is struck out and altered Chaces in the texti 
to ^^ smalP^ by a modern hand, ^ ^^ Chase'''' has been added later. 


Forestes of: — 

Foresta de Barnolwick, A.^ 126. 
Foresta de Gnap, A. 121b. 
F^oresta de Litton, A. 143. 
Birnbem Foresta, A. 144b et 145b.- 

Rible haith his begining on the West side of Hills, and 

running downe towardes Horton, giveth name unto the Riblesdale 
Valley, taketh his course by Setle, which hath marcate on the 
Wedensday, very much frequented, and haith likewise a faire for 3 
dayes at St. Lawrence Day. From thence by Gigleswick, wher ther 
is a free schoole founded by Henry 8, then to Wiglesworth, now the 
possession of R. Sherborne, of Stonyhurst in Lancashire, and so to 
Long Preston, wher an almeshouse is lately founded by one James 
Knolles for the releife of 12 pore people. Thence by Rawthmell 
and Arneforth to Hellefeild Peele, the mansion of the ancient family 
of Hammerton, whose ancestors have beene of speciall ranck in these 
partes since the Conquest (and were his smithes, as is said), vntill 
of that name. Then to Swinden, Nawpey [Nappa]^ and Newshom, 
Sir Stephen Hamerton did forget his duety, &c., and forfeited his estate. 
Thence Rible goeth to Halton, which haith aunciently had owners 
and so by 2 Paythornes and Gisborne, to Bolton in Bolland, which 

from a family of that name descended to Pudsey, about the 

tyme of Richard 2, who still continue ther. Thence to Sauley, an 
Abbey founded by W., Lord Percy, tempore Henry I, so to Grindle- 
ton, Bradforth, and betwixt Waddington and Clitherow to Edesforth, 
the seat for a long tyme of Colthurst, thence to Mytton and so to 
Winckley, where, when she hath entertayned Hoder, they both bidd 
Yorkeshire farewell. 

XEbe course of tbe 1Rix>et atte* 

Note that nere the head Aire runneth underground. 

Aire haith his begining in the bottome of Pennigent Hill, which 
is accounted the highest hill in the West parte, together with Pendle 
and Ingleborrow, wherofe the inhabitants usually repeat this ryme: 

Pennigent, Pendle, and Ingleborrow, 

Are the highest hills all England thorrow. 

Camden, fol. 749, saith : 

Ingleborough, Pendle, and Pennigent, 

Are the highest hills betweene Scotland and Trent. 

1 A=voL \i6 of DodsxvortKs MSS. 

^ These lists are so confused that it is sometimes difficult to know which are 

forests and which chases. 

dodsworth's church notes. 4] 

The first place that [it] saluteth is Kirkby Malhomdale, and so to 
Cawton [CaUon], on the North side, the seat now of Mr. I^mberd. 
Hard by on the South sid Ayre giveth name to Ayreton and passeth 
on to * 

Then leaving Harden Chace and Harden Tower on [fAe] left hand, 

which was builded by Lord Percy ,* he 

saluteth Gargrave, a pretty village, cometh not far from Banke 
Newton, wher the famyly of Bankes have a long tyme lived com- 
petently, since they bettred ther estaites by marriadg of the daughter 
and heire of Catherton. Here the river so desporteth himself, as Mr. 

Camden haith noted, that in little more then myles, a man 

must crosse it tymes. 

Hence Aire receveth, att a place called Ingo, at [sic] little riveret 
called Broughton Beck, which haith his head att Barlewick [Barnoids- 
2vick]y where Henry Lacy founded an Abbey att a place called Saint 
Marie's Mount, which place by the monkes was in short tyme forsaken, 
as I shall note hereafter. Cometh to Thornton,' now the seat of Sir 
William Lister, knight, to Elslack, wher long since the family named 
de Altaripa have flourished, wher ther haith beene a parke and castle 

of great antiquity, and by the inhabitantes called Castle. King 

Edward . . . granted licence to Godfrey de Altaripa,* lord therof, 
firmari et kernellari cameram suam nuper de petra et cake. Thence 
itt cometh to Broughton, Sir Stephen Tempeste's habitacion, and so 
into Ayre, as aforesaid. 

Aire, after many wanton turning[5], commethe to Carlton, a fruit- 
full lordship and parke therunto belonging, and leaveth Skipton 
Castle on the left hand. Keepeth his course by Silsseden, Glusburn, 
and Maulsis and Sutton,* formerly belonging to the family of Denton, 
whose daughter and heire brought [//] as a dower to Copley of Bateley. 
Thence by Ferneley [JFarnAil/], where Altoftes [EUo/ts] dwelleth, to 
Kildwick, where ther is a faire stone bridg. And so to Steeton, by 
Howden Parke to Kighley, a pretty marcat towne, which by a c[tf]heir 
of a family of that name, of great antiquity, is descended to th'Erle 
of Devonshire. Heere she receveth Kighley Beck, which begins nere 
Denholme Parke and Halsted Parke. Thence to Bingley, a lordship 

in tymes past of the , to Bayldon, wher Mr. Baildon leaveth, 

as his auncestors of long tyme have done, in good repute. 

* Dodsworth has left a large space here, ^ In margin : ** Walter de Mouncy held 
which he evidently inUnded to fill up later, ii [?] carncatas terre ibidem^ 

a Atiother large space left, to be filled in ^^^f^^^ ^' " • . « . j^v ^ • j, * . 

^ . 6 /~ y » J ^ jfi margin: ^^Vtde coptam chartae 

quam habeo. 
^ In margin: ^^ It is the bouiuiary etUre York ami Lanc»^^ 


At Bayldon Aire receiveth Broughton Becke, which beginneth 


Aire from thence keepeth on his course, the valley being 
straightned very much by the hills on both sides, leavethe Tonge 
Parke, within the lordship of Bayldoun, but disparked sans memory, 
and a lordship called Idle, on the right hand, the possession [o/] 
Plumptons since the Conquest, till of late itt came by long suyte to 
Suthell and Rocliffe's heyres. Thence to West Esholt, where the 
family of the Wardes a longe tyme had ther habitacion, whose great 
inheritance came in our fathers' dayes, by coheires, to Sir John 
Constable of Holderness, who had Esheholt and Esholt Parke (which 
had deere in man's memory), with the mannor of Guysley adyoining, 
which is now Mr. Sherburne's, by purchase of his father, Sir Richard 
Sherburn, of Stonyhurst in com. Lane. The 2*^ daughter and coheire- 
was married to Sir Edward Musgrave, who had the mannor of 
Givingdale, alias Geendale, nere Rippon. Itt was a goodly mannor, 
saith Mr. Bayldon, and the lordship of Bayldon was held of Sir 
Edward Musgrave and Joan, his wief, with divers other lordships. 
Esholt was the cheif mannor house. Thes Wards are of Otteley 
parish, and builded the South ile of that church, ut traditur. Nere 
adyoining is East Esholt, sometymes a nunry, most neatly seated. 
Mr. Bayldon, 1619 [^ri6o9?], saith that Dame Margret Martiall, some- 
tyme a nun at Esheholt, liv'd att Faweather adyoining, and had a 
pension of 4//. or 5//. a yere during her lief, and dyed some 12 [yeres] 
since, and was a good church woman. 

A myle on the North hand standeth Hawkesworth, wher a famyly 
of that name dwelleth. 

Aire having left Esheholt keepeth on her course by Rawden, on 
the left hand, wher Oglesthorp lately sold a convent house to one 
Layton of Loudon. Itt haith formerly belonged to Bolton Abbey 
and sold by th'Erle of Cumberland to Oglesthorp. On the other 
hand standeth Calverley, the seat of the knightly famyly of the 

Calverleys, who lived in the best rancke till Calverley stayned 

his progeny by: his barbarous cruelty in murdring his owne children, 
&C.,''' out of a desperat humor, after he had greatly entangled and 
consumed his estaite by his riotous courses. He kild 2 children and 
stabb'd his wief, who by reason of ther bodies was saved, and riding 
to the nurses, with intent to murder his sonne, his horse stumbled 
and threw him downe, so that being apprehended before he 

- "^ Large space left ^ to be filled in laUr, ^ In margin: ^^ For which his dyed 
ry r ' (t oj ' L7 J J [deed] [ ?\ he was prest att York in 

!;* '/""'^',','-' ■^"■^^''""' «""^y"^ lheSommerAssises,SirliUhardGars,-«ve 
another luyre. ^^^.„^ ,^^„ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ „ 



recovered his horse, his sonne was spared by God's gratious 
providence, who doth limitt man's courses, &c.^ I saw him executed 
in primo Jacobi. He was prest 

From hence Aire runneth to Horsforth, a straggled towne, spme- 
tymes the Greenes', but now belongeth to the Listers and PoUards 
and sundry other purchasers. Thence to Kirkestall Abbey, founded 
in anno , by Henry de Lacy, at Bernolfwyke abovesaid, com- 
monly cald Barlewick, which the Abbot disliked propter 

incommoditatem cceli et grassatorum, procured this place (being then 
a hermitage) of William Pictavensis, by the mediation of Henry de 

Licy abovesaid, yere after ther [?] foundacion att P>arlewick. 

It was of the Cistertian order. Ther [Ae] had of the said William 
Pictavensis, beside the seat of ther house, foure carucates of land 
adjoyning called Moregrang, Newgrang, Cugric, and West Hedinglay, 
ubi quondam fuit manerium predict! Willelmi, wher now one Cotes, 
out of a devout mynd, gave 60//. to the building of a convenient 
chappell for the ease of the inhabitantes, which charitable worke Sir 
John Savile, lord of the mannor, haith much furthered, by giving 
ground and appointing the worke. 

From Kirkestall Aire cometh to Leedes, by Bede called Leodis. 

[QU USattMs in tbe yiel&5], 31 ©ctober, 1621. 

In the North side of the Wall of the Church of St. Martin's in 
the Feilds, nere Charingcrosse, a little monument is fixt be[/«^] the 
half body of a man* laying his hand on tow bookes. Under, this 
epitaph : 

Imago est Henrici Savilli, generosi, 
ex antiquo [st'c] Savillorum de Banco 
prope Halifax in comitatu Eboracensi 
familia. Qui postquam in Oxoniensi 
Academia, per plures annos, Artium 
Magister extilisset, maximb mathemati- 
carum, medicinse, chymiae, necnon pic- 
torige et armorum, insigniumque peritia 
insignis, Italiam deinceps, Galliam, Ger- 
maniam, ardore quodam amoris quo lit- 
teras est prosecutus, peragrasset. Tandem 
Londini (post reditum) bene diu beateque 


^■/n marg 'n : ' * Amplify. ' ' 
2 In margin : *' Long Henry Savill^ the 
Antiquary,'''^ "Watson in his History of 

Halifax slates that he was one of the 
Saviles of the Bank (of which brancli 
there is a pedigree in Glover'' s Visitation , 


vivens, ob ingenii candorem, morum suavitatem, integritatemque vitje, 
amicis, lileratisque omnibus bonisque summum sui desiderium relin- 
quens, in hac ipse parochia, animam Christo, corpus humo, restituens, 
quod juxta hie ante imaginem subest, indubitata resurgenti spe, in 
Domino placid^ obdormivit die Aprilis 29°, anno Domini 161 7, 
aetatis 49". 

Thomas Colwellus, Cantuariensis armiger, honoris ergo monu- 
mentum hoc ex testamento posuit. Gulielmus VVortleius, Eboracensis 
generosus, debitum affinitatis ac amoris mutuum testimonium, tristis 
et maerens apponi curavit. 

His armes, ar. on a bend sa. 3 owles of the first. 

f)allfaj; Cbutcb, 5 aprtlis, 1619. 

Att the West end of the churchyard standeth an almeshouse of 
stone, very faire, over the dore this inscription : 

In favor of church and commonwealth, to the glory of the Blessed 
Trinity thes Almeshouses were builded by the christian charity of 
Hellen Hopkinson' and Jane Crowther, of the family of Hemingway 
of the Overbrear,- sisters, widdowes, for i8 pore widdowes of the 
towne of Halifax, and one mistris to teache poore children y^ 
catechisme, whose memory be blessed for ever. Blessed is he that 
judgeth wisely of the pore; the Lord shall deliver him in the tyme 
of trouble. Psalm ... 1610. 

Not that thes 2 sisters gave 10//. per annum for teaching 

pettye [su]. 

In a table hanging att the quier dore. 

Here under resteth the body of Brian Crowther,^ clothier, of 
Halifax, who deceased in the faith of Christ Jesus, full of yeares and 
good workes, the xi of January, anno Domini 1607, of the age of Ixx, 
cheife benefactor to the free schoole and pore. 

Brian Crowther gave by his deed, in his liefe tyme enrolled, and 
by his last will and testament confirmed, to the free grammar 

P' 329), and that he entered Merton buried 24 January, 161 3. There is an 

College, Oxford, in 1587. He retired account of her will and charity, p. 586. 
10 St. AllKUi Hall where he took the , ^^ . .. ^ . ^ 

degree of M. A. in 1595. He became an ^-„,- a . " 

eminent scholar. ^ 

1 It is stated in Watson's History of ^ jjg ^,^5 buried at Halifax Church 12 

Halifax i\\?X Ellen Hopkinson was buried January, 1607. See his will and account 

15 January, 1610. Jane Crowther was of his charity in Watson^ p. 580. 



[sc/u?o/e] of Queene Elizabeth, within the vicaridge of Halifax, out of 
the lordship of Armin in the county of York, xx//. by yere for ever, 
and x//. by yeare to the pore of the towne of Halifax, and x/i. in 
present money to godly uses. 

Some labour hard to leave ther children store, 
Some stirr and strive to advance ther stocke in bloud. 

Some worke for commonwealth, which are blessed more, 
And happy they that care for churche's good, 
And leave, for pore, for widdowes, orphans, food. 

Thus he that had no children of his owne 
Hath left for many children to be taught, 

Who father is to caitifes of this towne. 

And hence to Heaven is gone, with workes full straught, 
Whose gracious deeds shall never come to naught. 

His bodie now here lieth att quiett rest, 

His soule with God shall evermore be blest. 

In hope poore saintes do crave, 

In faith so doe, so have. B.C. 


In a window in the South side of y* church. 

Orate pro anima Johannis Davy, Prior[i>] Monasterii de Pangeraci 

Halyfax with th'appurtenances once [?] belonging to the Abbey 
of Lewes in Sussex dedicated to St. Pancrace. 

In a quier on the North side, builded by William Rookeby, 

ut patet per banc inscriptionem. 

Orate pro anima Willelmi Rookeby^ [Z^^- Can, Profess,^ ac eciam 
Episcopi Midiensis et deinde Episcopi [Archiepisc,^ Dubliensis, 
capellae fundatoris istius [29] Novembris . . . . , qui obiit anno Domini 

This bishop dyed in Ireland, but his heart was buried att 
Hallifax, as he appointed in his will, and haith a stone over itt in 
the quier, without any inscription save the forme on [stc\ an hart 
engraved theron. 

^ In margin : ^^ He was brother to Sir 
Richard Rookby, Treasurer of Ireland, 
He was parson of Sandall juxta Don- 
caster and Vicar of Halifax, Vide A A. 
152." A A,— vol, 117 of Dodsworth's 
MSS. Son of John Rokeby, of Kirk 
Sandall, near Doncaster. He was Rector 
there 1487, Vicar of Halifax 1502, Bishop 
of Meath 1507, Archbishop of Dublin 

1511-12. He died 29 November, 1521. 
By his will 2 November, 1521, proved 
at York 4 February, 1 52 1-2 (Test, 
Ebor.f V, 140), he left his heart to be 
buried at Halifax and his body at Sandall, 
and ordained that a chapel should be 
built in the former church. The chapel 
still remains. 



In the quier abovesaid ther is a faire monument, with this 
inscription : 

Here lyeth the body of John Waterhouse of Shibd[^;2],* esquire, 
who departed the fith day of January, anno Domini 1583. Humanius 
est vitam deridere quam deplorare. 

In the wall att the West end of the church. 

Here lyeth the body of Richard Somerscales,^ of Halifax, who dyed 
April the 8 day, 16 13, who by his last will gave all his lands in 
Halifax and Ovendon, after decease of his sister, to the pore of the 
said tow townes for ever.' 

Nota. — His lands are valued att 12//. per annum, which he gott by 
his hard labor, being in the beginning a pore shepherd, and in the 
latter end of his dayes a waller. 

The armes of Dr. Haldesworth,* who builded a very faire quier on 
the South of the church of Halifax: ar. a trunke of a dead tree 
raguled proper in bend, on the sinister sid therof a crow proper. 

The epitaph of Joannes de Sacro Bosco,* autor of the Speare 
(who (as Camden reporteth) was borne att Halifax), recorded by 
Fran[«]scus Sweertius inter Epitaphia Parisiensia. In ecclesia Sancti 
Maturini ibndem; pag. 604 : : 


De SACRO Bosco qui computista joannes 
Tempora discrevit, jacet hie a tempore raptus. 
Tempore qui sequeris, memor esto quod morieris. 
Si miser es, piora, miserans pro me precor ora. 


Robert Ferrar, bishop of St. David's, was borne in Halyfax, and 
left lands to his freinds ther, within 4 myle of Halifax, and was 
buried in Queen Marie's tyme. . 

1 Son of Robert Waterhouse, of the 
Moot Hall, by- Sibil, daughter and co« 
heiress of Robert Savile, of Shibden 
Hall. He married Jane, daughter and 
heiress of Thomas Bosvile, of Cones- 
borough, His Inq, p, m. was taken 18 
March, 1583-4. 

2 Richard Somerscales, yeoman, made 
his will 17 March, 1612-3, proved 17 
December, 16 13. (See Watson s Halifax ^ 


'^ In margin : ^^ Verte folio,'''' 

* Vicar of Halifax. He w^as murdered 
by thieves in bis house He was buried 
in the church 10 May, 1556.' 

s John Holywood or Halifsix, in X^ tin 
Johannes de Sacro Bosco, probably born 
at Halifax, a mathematician. He is said 
to have studied at Oxford, and to have 
settled at Paris about 1236,, and to have 
l)een buried in the cloister of the 
Mathurins. His great work was Trac- 
tatus de Sphara, an astronomical work. 
See Dictionaiy of National Biography, 



'TOaftefiel& Cburcb, Januacs 21, ifiiff [?]. 

Epitaph in the quyer. 

Hie jacet Domina Isabella Assheton,' vidua, nuper uxor Johannis 
Assheton, militis, et mater Gulielmi Mirfdd, militis, quae obiit 6*° die 
Maii, anno Domini 1488. 

On the stone, ar. a moUett of 5 pointes sa, [Ass/tefon] and vert 2 
lions passant gardant [«r^.]. — [Mtrfie/d,\ 

Here lyeth buried Elizabeth Mawd,* wief of John Mawd, the 
yonger, who dyed the 8 day of July, 161 8. 

Of your charity pray for the soule. 
of Richard Lister, which deceased in 
thejere of Our Lord God u^v^xxv, on 
whose soule Jesu have mercy. 

Orate pro anima Isabelle 'Rokley, 
quondam uxoris Rogeri Rokley, armi- 
geri^ que obiit secundo die Junii, anno 
Domini m°doxxiii«*. 

On the stone [arg.], a fesse entre 
7 mascles, 3, 3, i [sa,] [J^ock/ey], and 
ar. a bend entre 6 martlettes sa. 

Hie jacet Thomas KnoUis,* sacre theologii [sic] professor, Collegii 
Magdalenae Oxoniensis prases, ecclesise de Wakefeild vicarius, qui 
quidem Thomas obiit ix*' die Maii m°ccc:cc°[^jc]xvii°, cujus animse 
propicietur Deus. Amen. Ac etiam orate pro ejus anima et pro 

animabus parentum suorum ut p^r gratiam Dei ''m Miserere 

mei Deus secundum magnam misericordiam tuam. 


^ Wakefield was one of the churches 
visited in 1584. (See Glavo^s Visitation^ 


^ "* 1618 ' seems to be rubbed out with the 
finger — a method oferctsure often used by 

^ Probably daughter of Sir John Savile, 
of Thornhill. She married first Oliver 
Mirfield, Esq., of Howley Hall ; secondly 
Sir John Ashton. Her administration 22 
November, 1488. Her son, Sir William 
Mirfield, was buried with his father at 

* First wife of John Maude, of Alver- 
thorpe. There is a marriage license, 
16.10, of. John Maude and Elizabeth 
Briggs, of lialifax, at Halifax. 

^ First wife of Roger, son and heir of 
Sir Thomas Rockley, of Worsborough, 
and daughter of . ... Mounteney. 

^ In margin: ^^ Ther was ofte Knolhs 
borne att Croston in com. Lane, , tutor to 
Sir Robei'te Cecyll^ Comes Sarum, Quere 
utrum^ Presented to the vicarage. 31 
July, 1502; born at Westgate, educated 
at Magdalen College, Oxford, of which 
he became President 1527. At one time 
tutor to Sir Robert Cecil, Earl of Salis^ 
bury. He Avas also sub-dean of York 
and vicar of South Kirkby^ In his will 
he wishes to be buried near the grave of 
his father and mother, in the- south 
aisle of All Saints' Church, Wakefield. 
(Walker's Cathedral Church of Wakefield.) 

■^ In margin : ^\Fortasse * maneant tit 
eternam^ " ' : 


dodsworth's church notes. 

Here under this stone lyeth buried the bodies of Christopher 
Fylde, mercer, and Elizabeth, his wief, which Christopher deceased the 
30 day of November in the yere of the Incarnation of Our I^rd 
God MOy^LViiio [?y on whose soule Jesus have mercy. 

Here lyeth buried John Bissert, marchant, burgesse of Glasgo in 
Scotland, who dyed the 27 of June, 161 7. 

Of your charity pray for the soule of Richard Pymond,^ cytizen 
and marchant taylor of London and marchant venturer, which 
deceased the xxvi of June, anno Domini m^^ccccc^xlvio, on whose 
soule Jesu have mercy. Amen. 

This writen on a ledge of brasse on the same slone : 

Miserere mei, Deus, secundum magnam misericordiam tuam; et 
secundam [sic] multitudinem miserationum tuarum, dele iniquitatem 
meam. Amplius lava me ab iniquitate mea [tf/ a peccaio meo], munda 
me. Quoniam iniquitatem ego cognosco, et peccatum meum coram me 
est semper. Tibi soli peccavi, et malum coram te fed; ut justificeris 
in sermonibus tuis, et vincas cum judicaris. Vive memor mortis.* 

Here lyeth Martin Birkhead,* esquier, late Queen's Attorney and 
Justice of Peace and Quorum, who dyed the 6 of July, 1590. 

On the same stone : * henricvs de aberford, prior. 

Sir Christopher Stead* 

We wish with Christ, 
Whose bones herein are layde. 
Above doth shew 

When he was preist. 
Below what tyme he dy'de. 
27 FEB. 1579. 

•Here lyeth buried Richard Pek^ of Wakefeild, esquire, and Alee, 
his wief, daughter of Peter Midleton of Stokeld, knight, and had 
yssue 2 sons and 4 daughters. He dyed anno Domini 15 16, 24 Junii. 

1 The last figure seems to be rubbed mt; 
? Iviio, 

2 In margin: " He gave sooti. to pore 
of Wakefeild and high wayes about the 
towtteJ'^ Son of Robert Pyemont, of 
Wakefield, by Rosamond, aaughter of 
Robert Pilkington, of Stanley. He had 
large church property and the Rectory 
of South Kirkby granted him by 
Henry VIH. He married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Thomas Lister. Will 21 
May, 38 Hen. VHI, proved York 8 
July, 1546. 

3 Psalm li, 1-4. 

* Married Alice, daughter of John Lacy, 
of Cromwellbothom. 

s In margin: **A curate of WakefeildJ*' 

® In margin : ** Thes 2 I found in Mr, 
Challoner^s notes taken in the Visitadon of 
Yorkshire, 1585, and were not in the 
church when I tooke the rest of thes notes,** 

' His long will, 4 June, proved 28 
Oct., 1 5 16, is printed in Test, Ebor,y v, 
73. He must have married twice, as his 
wife Elizabeth and father-in-law, John 
Anne, are mentioned* 



*Here lyeth buried John Pek^ of Wakefeild and Jane, his wief, 
daughter of John Anne of Fricklay, who had yssue ix sons and ix 
daughters, and dyed att Wakefeild the 4 of January, anno Domini 


In the East window in the great quyer in Wakefeild Church. 

On the right side of the window, party per pale Gascoigne and 
Savile, a knight kneeling, on his coate a Savile's arines on his brest, 
behind him 9 sonnes, each having his coate on his brest. 

On the left side, a woman kneeling having Gascoigne and Savile's 
coate impaled, behind her 8 daughters. Underneath, this inscription : 

Orate pro bono statu Johannis Savile,' militis, Seneschalli dominii, 
de Wakefeild, et Alicie, uxoris sue, et omnium liberorum suorum, 
anno Domini milessimo ccccolxx — . 

The window of the North side of the great Est window in 

Wakefeild Church. 

Orate pro bono statu Magistri Thomse Challoner,* vicarii ecclesiae 
parochialis de Pontefracte, ac eciam pro animabus Thomae Challoner 
et Katherinse, uxoris suae. Vitiata" est hec fenestra anno Domini 
M°cccc<* octogesimo primo. 

In the same window a sheild resembling the 5 woundes, supported 
by 2 angells ; thes wordes written round about like a ring : 

Lord, with this sheild thou hus defend, 
When the world is att an end. 

Windowes on the North side of the quyer. 

1. Orate pro bono statu Ricardi Staynton the rest gone. 

2. Orate pro bono statu Ricardi Pek,* armigeri, et Johanne, 
uxor[«] ejus, et filiorum eorundem, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

In itt, ar., on a chevron engrailed gu. 3 crosses pat^es ar. — Peke. 
The same impaled with ar. 6 ogresses. — [Lacy.] 
Per pale ar. fretty sa. [?], a label of three points gu. [f Harrington] 
2® ar. on a bend sa. 3 peuter potts of the first. — [Sewer,] 

1 See Note 6, p. 48. 

^ Son of the above Richard Peck. His 
will 2 November, 1558, was proved 17 
February, 1558-9. 

3 Sir John Savile, knight, of Thornhill, 
who married Alice, daughter of Sir 
William Gascoigne, of Gawthorp. His 
will 23 November, 1 481, proved 21 
June, 1482, is printed in Test. Ebar.y iii, 

* Instituted vicar of Pontefract 20 July, 
1465. His will 20 May, 1482, proved 
30 July, 1483. 

^ In viargin : *•*■ Paynted. (Rather 
vitrata^ glasncd. ) " * * Paynted " in Dods- 
worths hand; ''''rather vitrata, giasned^^ 
by a later hand. 

® Father of Richard Peck, who married 
Alice Midleton (see note 3 above). He 
himself married Joan, daughter of John 
Harrington. His mother was Isabel, 
daughter of John Lacy. For the Peck 
pedigree see Glover's Visitation. 


50 dodsworth's church notes. 

3. Orate pro animabus Roberti Barnby et Katherine, uxoris sue, 

et omnium defunctorum, et pro prosperitate Agnetis 

Roberti et Anne, uxor[/V] ejus, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

4. Nihil. 

5. Oliverus Hulgar, quondam vicarius de Wakefeild, fecit istam 
fenestram, cujus animae propicietur Deus. Amen. 

The window on the South side of the great window in 

the quyere. 

Pilkington et Johanne, uxoris sue, et E 

eorundem, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt anno gracie mocccclxx^vK 
Armes in this window: — 

Ar. a cross patonce voided gu. — \^Piiktngton.^ 

Party per pale gu. and az. 3 lions rampant ar. — \? Herbert,'] 

Ar. a manch sa. — \? Hastings,'] 

Ar. a lyon rampant purpure. — [Balderston,] 

Windowes on the South side of the quiere. 

[i.] Pilkinton, armigeri, filii et heredis Domini Johannis 

Pilkinton, militis. 

Ar. a cross patonce voided gu. an annulet or. — Pilkinton. 

Ar. a lyon rampant purper. — Lacy \J Balderston]. 

Per pale first Pilkinton, second ar. a lion rampant purper 
[Balderston]', the same quartered in another plane. 

2. Kneling in the glass a man and his wief and 9 children, 4 
sons and 5 daughters. 

Roberti Cokson et Agnetis, uxoris ejus, Thome 

Cokson et Ysabelle, uxoris ejus, et pro animabus liberorum eorundem. 

3. Orate pro animabus Christopheri Hobson et Juliane, uxoris 
sue, Johannis Kent omnium fidelium 

4. Orate pro columitate Johannis Horburi et uxoris sue et pro 

The 2. window in the South ile. 

Party per pale Wooderove^ [/^^S- ^ chevron between three crosses 
form'ee fitchke gu?[ and Worteley. 

Wooderove single. 

Wooderove^ paled with ar. 3 hammers sa. fuit Elisabeth, soror 
Ricardi Hamerton, militis, et filia Laurentii Hamerton, armigeri, vixit 
8 Edwardi 4, YY [?], fo. [. . .]. 

* Sir Richard Woodruffe married first but doubtful. According to all the pedi- 

Jane, daughter of Sir Nicholas Wortley. grees, it was John Woodruffe, Receiver of 

2 A word which looks like "W"" King Edward IV, who married Eluabeth 

(William) is added before "Wooderove," ^^V^' "f La«'ence Hamerton, of 

' ' * Wigglesworth m Craven. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


Woderove^ paled with argent a saltire, gu. — Nevell. Underneath, 
this inscription : 

Orate pro bono statu Johannis Woderove et Rlizabethe,* uxoris 
sue, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

The window behind the South dore. 

Quarterly, first Fleming, 2^ barry of 6 erm. and gu. 3 crescents sa. 
— Fleming, Waterton. 

Mr. Isack, schoolemaster at Wakefeild, 4 January, 1618, 

The free schoole, founded by Queen Elizabeth about the 30. 
regni,' and endowed with landes and houses in [and] about towne ad 
valentiam circiter 50//. per annum, by the benevolence of parishoners. 
Note that the said Queen granted a mortmayne lycence to the 
parishoners to purchase landes to the value of a C marks per annum, 
which is brought already to the value of 50//'. almost, by the care of 
14 governors chosen for that purchase. Georg Sayvill, a Blackwell 
Hall man,* and his sonnes, George, of the Inn of Court, and Thomas, 
2^ Sonne, gave the site therof. The parishoners endowed to the value 
aforesaid. They had a laye amongst them. Georg Savyll, the father, 
gave, besides the syte, 6//. per annum and a legacy of 100//. toward 
the building of the house. 

One John Lowden' of London, obiit in November, 16 18, borne 
about Kendall, gave 100//. to be lent to pore deceased carriers. The 
occasion, as is thought, was : heer being a great trade of Blackwell 

men, iioo*^ a weeke, from Wakefeild, would usually [ ]* the 

carriers of ther usually [sic] price, which they were content with 
because they had so much imployment from him that they durst 
contrad[. . .] so that he paid them at his pleasure, which at [....] 
ende he recompenced in this manner."^ 

Ther were belonging to the church of Wakefeild 24 chantry 
preistes. Each had his lodging in certeyne houses in the North of 
the churchyerd.® 

Att a place in Wakefeild called Northgate Head stood St. John 
Chappell, now translated into a laythe,®on South side wherof ther is 
a hollow place yett extant in the wall wher [an] anchoret lived. 

* Francis Woodraffe of Wolley, Esq., 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Robert 
Nevile, of Liversedge, and died 12 April, 

2 The above John Woodruffe and 

Elizabeth Hamerton. 

^ By Royal charter, 19 November, 1591. 

* By which is meant a merchant selling 
woollen cloth in the hall of that name 
in Basinghall Street, near the Guildhall, 
in London. He di^d 24 October, 1593. 

(See Peacock's Wakefield Grammar 

^ In margin : ** Quere,^^ 

^ ' * iiupe, " MS. ?=dupe. Several words 
are worn off at the bottom of this page and 
many of the following pages. 

■^ The second half of this paragraph is 
very badly written. 

* In margin : " Quere the fonniers, " 

® A lathe = a barn 



Free schoole of Hallifax. 

Bryan Crowder, borne in Halifax, a Black well Hall man, gave 20//. 
per annum to the mayntenance of the free schoole ther and 10//. per 
annum to the poore of the said towne for ever, about the latter end 
of the Quene Elizabeth's reigne, the which schoole was founded and 
endowed by the inhabitantes of the parishe circa tempus predictum. 
Jane Hemingway, wief of the said Brian, built an almehouse for the 
lodging of 12 pore people for ever, as appearethe by an inscription 
over the dore of the said almehouse. 

Robert Lockseley, born in Bradfeild parish in Halumshire, 
wounded his stepfather to death att plough, fledd into the woodes, 
and was releived by his mother till he was discovered. Then he 
came to Clifton super Calder, and came acquainted with little John,® 
that kept the kyne, which said John is buried at Hathershead in 
Derbyshire, wher he haith a faire tombestone with an inscription. 

3n Bewsbuts Cburcb, 21 Januan?, 1618. 

Quier window.^ 

Erm., a saltire gu. — Scargell. 

An, a bend gu. a border com- 
poned or and az. — Warren. 

Or, on a cheif indented az. 3 plates. 
— [ZafAom,'] 

Checqui or and az, — Comes Warren. 

Gu., 2 barres gemewise and cheif 
ar. — [ Thornhill^ 

Quarterly, i. ar., 2. gu., fretty or, 
over all a bend sa. — \pespencer'\ 

South window. 
Gu., an egle displaid ar. — Sothell.* 


Ar., a saltire gu. a label of five points vert. — Nevell de Liversege. 

®/« margin: ^^ Mr , Long saith ^ Fabian 
saith little John was an erlis Huntley's 
son. After he joyned with [. . .]fA, the 
miller son, [. . .] lade and[. . . .]." 

^ See account of the arms in this 
window in Mr. Chadwick's paper on the 
**Dewsbury Painted Glass" in the York- 
shire Archaological Journal, xv, 211. 

a John Sothill, of Sothill Hall, Dews- 
bury, made his will 28 September, 13 
Hen. Vn, proved at York 3 October, 
1500 (printed in Test, Ebor,^ iv, 168). 
He married Alison or Alice, daughter of 
Sir Robert Nevile, of Liversedge. Her 
will was dated 23 July, proved 21 August, 
1509 (Test. Ebor.\ v, 6). 

dodsworth's church notes. 


Quier window. 
Orate pro bono statu Thome Yongsmith, Vicarii istius ecclesie, at 
pro animabus Johannis Gurll,' quondam Vicarius [sic] istius ecclesie 

*...... Johannis Yongsmith et qui istam fenestram fieri 


In the North quier window belonging to the High Lodge in 

Wakefeild Park. 
Ar., on a bend sa. 3 owles of the first. — Savill. 
Az., a chevron entre 3 birdes close ar. — Finchden^ puto. 

North ile of the church. 
Gu., a bend [/ humetiee] erm. 


Ar., 2 barrs sa. — Heton. 

In Sotheirs quier belonging to SotheP of Sothell Hall 

in y^ par[/V^]. 
Quarterly, i^, gu. on an egle displaid ar. an annulet sa., 2**, gu. a 
cinquefoil ar. — Sothell and Poucher. 

Orate pro animabus Johannis Suthell, senioris, armigeri, et Johanne, 
uxoris ejus eorundem [ ] cancellam fieri fecerunt. 

About the pulpitt, graven in wood. 
Of your charity pray for the saules of Thomas Sotehyll* et Margery 

South ile of the church. 

Ar. on a fesse entre 2 barrs gemewise gu. 3 lozenges ar. I think 

itt should be Nornavile's, with flowers de luce for the lozenges. — 


On a wood stall. 

Petrus Barkeston,' Margareta 

Note that Dewsbury hath beene a markett towne, and they have 
ther charter to shew. The church was founded by Paulinus, first 

* John Gourle was vicar of Dewsbury 
1472 to 1488. He was succeeded by (Sir) 
Thomas Yongsmyth, who made his will 
6 January, proved at York 31 January, 


^ The Finchenden family had property 
in Batley. They were connected by 
marriage with the Kays of Woodsome, 
who quartered their arms. 

^ There was a branch of the Sothill 
family at Everingham. John Sothill 
married Joan » daughter and heiress of Sir 
John Poucher. Their son John had one 

daughter, Barbara, married to Sir Mar- 
maduke Constable, and the other, Maria, 
to John Normanvile. 

* Thomas Sotehill, son of the above 
John and Alison, died 29 December, 1535, 
having married Margery, daughter of Sir 
William Fitzwilliam, by whom a daughter, 
Elizabeth, who carried the estates to her 
husband, Sir Henry Savile. 

s Alison Sothill mentions in her will, 
1509, "that Peter Barston have my 
termys in the tyth of Dewsbury." He 
appears to have married her daughter, 


dodsworth's church notes. 

Archbishop of York, and is mother church to Wakefeild,^ Almondbury, 
Mirfeild, and others, who still pay her duetyes. They say ther stood 
a crosse in the churchyard not long since, with this inscription : — 

Paulinus hie praedicavit et celebravit, ue, Paulinus here preached 
and celebrated divine service. 

/IMrfefl& Cburcb. 

East window. 
A knight^ kneeling, with ar. 2 barrs sa. \_Heton'\ on his brest. 

Orate pro bono statu et Johanne qui istam fenes- 

tram fieri fecerunt. 

Satles Cburcb, 3 Hprtlis, 1630. 

In the North quyer belonging to Howley. 

Est window. 
2 paynes broken out. On the 3. payne a woman kneel- 
ing, on her brest, party per pale vert, 2 lyons passant gardant an, with 
lozengy ar. and gu. — Mirfeild^ and Fitzwilliam. Under the woman a 
daughter kneeling. Underwritten : 

qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt anno Domini 

Millesimo cccc™° xl™<> vii"*^ 

In the North window of the same quyer. 

Per pale ar. 2 barrs and an orle of martlettes gu. — Eland/ 

2 broken out. 

Copley*^ paled with Bemond. — [Beaumont.^ Underwritten : 

Johanne, uxoris sue, qui istam fenestram fieri 


In the same quyer. 

A faire allablaster tombe, upon itt, a man in armor and his wief, 

in ful proportion, belonging to Mirfeild, sometyme lord of Howley in 

this parish. About the said tombe are the eschocheons following on 

y® left hand,* held by certayne \iQxs\ons\\ — 

^ Neither Wakefield nor Mirfield pays ^ Sir William Mirfield, of Howley, 

dues to Dewsbury, and there is no made his will 25 May, proved York 17 

evidence that Wakefield was ever in August, 1508, to be buried at Batley. He 

Dewsbury parish. married Ann, daughter of Sir Robert 

2 Sir John Heton is said to have Fitzwilliam. 

married Joan, one of the five daughters * Robert Eland, of Carlinghow, mar- 

of Alexander de Nevile, of Mirfield, and ried Elizabeth, sister and heir of William 

to have acquired a share of the manor. Mirfield, of Howley, and died in 1 521. 

There is a short pedigree in Foster's ^ Alvary Copley, who died 1597, mar- 

Ghvet^s Visiiation^ 238, in which Eliza- ried Jane, daughter of Richard Beaumont, 

beth, daughter and heiress of William of Whitley Beaumont. 

Heton, marries John Gascoigne, of ® i.e. on the left hand of the page of 

Lazingcroft. the MS. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


1. Mirfeild* paled with Savill. 

2. Mirfeild^ paled with Fitzwilliam lozengy ar. and gu. 

3. One holdeth 2 escocheons,* i. sa. a lyon rampant or vel ar., 
2^ is broken out. 

4. A woman holdeth per pale Eland* and Mirfeild. 

Att y« head of the tombe, gu. on a bend ar. 3 escallops az. 

In midde quyer window. 
Vert 2 lyons passant gardant ar. — 

Underwritten: Master Mirfeild, 1490. 

In y« South quyer belonging to 


Ar. a cross flory sa. paled with ar. a 

saltire gu. — Copley" and Nevell. 

Ar. a cross flory sa. [Cop/ey] paled with 

sa. 3 pikeaxes ar. [Pigo^], 

Copley' paled with ar. on a fesse 

entre 3 flowers de luce gu. 3 bezantes. — 

Ihwaites.' copley arms. 

In a South window. 

Copley® paled with ar. a lyon rampant double quevyed gu. collar or. 

Copley paled with gu. a saltire and a label of three points ar. 
— l^JVevi/e.'} Underwritten : 

Orate pro bono statu Johannis Copela qui istam fene — 

[ ] fecerunt anno Domini 15 16. 

JSutdtall Cburcb, 6 ot Hptillt 1619. 

North window. 
Per pale ar. on a bend sa. 3 eglettes displaid of the first ^[Pfipelay], 
paled with sa. a chevron entre 3 leopards' faces or langued gu. 
[ Weniworth\ Underwritten : 

^ Oliver Mirfield probably married 
Isabel, daughter of Sir John Savile. 
( Tonge's Visitation. ) 

* Sir William, son of Oliver, as by 
above note. 

^ This is difficult to make out. 

* This might be the above Robert 
Eland. The Tankersley arms, quartered 
by Eland, were — Arg. ott a bend gu. three 
escallops or. 

* In Sheard's Bailey it is stated that 
John Copley, who died 7 April, 1543, 
married, secondly, a Nevile of Liversedge, 
but the match is not mentioned in the 
pedigree of either family. 

® John Copley, of Batley, whose will, 
27 December, 1509, was proved 9 

January, 1509-10, married Agnes, 
daughter of Sir Geoffrey Pigot, of 

■^ Lyonel Copley, of Batley Hall, will 
proved 26 May, 1508, married Jane, 
daughter of Thomas Thwaites, of Loft- 

^ It would seem that the window was 
made by the above John Copley, who 
married first Margaret, daughter of Sir 
Bryan Stapleton, of Wighill, and (?) 
secondly Nevile. 

* Robert Popelay, of Morehouse, mar- 
ried Anne, daughter of Thomas Went- 
worth, of West Bretton. See Glover^ s 
Visitation^ 335, where the bend is made 



Orate pro bono statu Edwardi' Popley et Anne, uxoris ejus, qui 
istam fenestram fieri fecerunt anno Domini 1525. 

Pray for the saue [sic] of Bruke, Vicar of which 

causyd this window in the yere of our 

South quyer. 
Orate pro anima Petri Merfeld'^ fecit, 1521. 

South ile in the church. 

Ar. a saltire gu. a label of three points vert, impaled with ar. a 
fesse in cheif 3 moUetes sa. — NeveP of Liversedge, Townley. 
Underwritten : 

Orate pro Townley, uxoris sue, qui istam fenestram 

fecerunt anno Domini Millesimo D'"^ xxiii°. 

Nomina villarum infra parochiam de Birstall. 

1. Birstall. 

2. Lyversedge. Hamlettes. 

3. Clack Heton. i. Preistley. 

4. Hunsworth. 2. Popeley. 

5. Gomersall, Great and Litle. 3. Okewell. 

6. Drightlingtom. 

7. Wike. 

8. Heckmondwyke. 

*Xee&e6 Cburcb, Hprtll, 1619. 

North quier window. 
Quarterly Snasdell and Davill. 

Orate pro anima Seth SnaselPet pro Elizabetha, uxore ejus, filia 
et herede Wilihelmi [sic] Davill, Domini de Bilton. 

On a stone in the quier. 

Dorothy Savill, wief of Sheaffield Savill,® daughter of Robert 
Beiston, Esquire, lyeth buried here February xi, anno Domini 1588. 
My soule dy her death. 

Hie jacet Lawrence Townley,^ generosus, qui obiit iiii® die Aprilis 
anno Domini m°ccccc° vicesimo octavo, cujus anime, etc. 

^ Probably a mistake for Robert. 

2 Of Tong, which was carried to the 
Tempest family by his granddaughter, 

3 Sir Robert Nevile, of Liversedge. 
Will 31 July, proved 26 October, 1542, 
to be buried at Birstal or Leeds ; married 
Helen, daughter of Sir John Towneley. 

* See Glover's Visitation, Foster Ed., 

•^ He made his will 14 May, proved 
York 12 June, 1587 (Test, Ebor,, vi, 62), 
to be buried at Bilton. 

^ Brother of Sir John, first Lord Savile. 
He was buried 3 June, 1 598. Her entry 
in the Register is : " 1588. 13 February. 
Mistress Dorothy, wife of M"" Sheaffeld 
Savell, of Topclyfe, par. Woodkirk." 

■^ Will I April, proved York 21 April, 
1528 (Thoresby Society, ix, 258). 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 


Hie jacent Robertas Beston^ et Radulphus, frater ejusdem, filii 
Radulphi Beston, armigeri, quorum animabus, etc. 

Here lyeth the body of Robert Beiston of Beiston, Esquire, who 
departed this lief y« last day of March, 1566, and Margret,* his wief, 
Raph, Robert, Dorothy, Frauncis, Anne, his children. 

Hie jacet Dorothy Casson,^ sola filia Samuelis Casson, generosi, 
quae obiit xxiii° die Februarii anno 161 2. S. Casson, mestus pater, 

Hie jacet Asael Tench,*filius Ranulphi 
Tench, qui certa spe in Christo resurgendi 
pie placid [^^«^] animam Deo re[^]didit 
28 die Novembr[/V], 1597. 

Hie jacet Thomas Nevell,** armiger, ac 

filius et heres Johannis Nevell, militis, 

qui obiit xx® d[/>] Maii anno Domini 


On a faire tombe. 

Hie jacent Johannes Langton,® miles, 

et Eufemia, uxor sua, qui obiit [sic] 

vieessimo quinto die mensis Februarii 

anno Domini Millesimo cccc° quinquagesimo nono, quorum 

animabus, etc. 

A very faire stone by. 

Hie jacent Johannes Langton,' armiger, filius et heres Johannis 

[Zang/ofi], militis, et Agnes, uxor ejus, qui obierunt in festo Sancti 

Lamberti, Episcopi et Martyris, anno Domini m®cccc°lxvii°, quorum, 


In the East window of the South quier. 

Per pale Danby and Nevell. 

Orate pro bono statu Christoferi Danby,® armigeri, et Elizabethae, 
uxoris ejus, ac omnium liberorum eorundem, qui istam fenestram fieri 
feeerunt anno Domini m<'ccccc°xiii*'.* 


1 There is a pedigree of Beeston in 
Glover's Visitation, Foster edition, p. 322. 

* Daughter of Sir William Calverley. 

3 Buried according to the Register 25th 

* 28 November, 1597, Randall Tench 
had a child buryed named Asaell 

^ He died in the lifetime of his father, 
having married Isabel, daughter of Sir 
Robert Sheffield. 

^ In margin: ^^ Langton, of Farnley^ 
Of Famley, near Leeds. The maiden 
name of his wife Euphemia is unknown. 

She made her will 26 August, 1463} 
proved at York 24 November {Test* 
Ebor.y ii, 250). See engraving Yorkshire 
Arckaological Journal y xv, 32. 

^ Son of the above Sir John and 
Euphemia. His will is also at York, 22 
December, 6 Edw. IV. " To be buried in 
the same place where Agnes, late wife, is 
beried." (See Yorkshire Archaological 
Journal y xv, 32.) The supposition that 
both died the same day must be incorrect. 

® Son of Sir Christopher Danby and 
Margaret Scrope. He married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Lord Latimer. 

^ £ya later handy in margin : " Qttere," 


DODS worth's church NOTES, 

On a stone. 

Ecce sub hoc lapide humatur Dominus Thomas ClarelV quondam 
hujus ecclesie venerabilis Vicarius, qui eandem pluribus decoravit 
omamentis, cancellumque ejusdem nova historia fabricavit, \i° die 
mensis Marcii anno m«>cccclxixo diem clausit extremum, cujus anime 
propicietur Deus. Amen. 

Hie jacet Thomas Hardwick' de Potter Newton, armiger, qui obiit 
secundo die mensis Februarii anno Domini 1577, cujus anima cum 
celestibus regnat. Amen. 

Thomas Hardwicke, Esquire, and Anne, his wief and [. . .]re, lye 

ther inclosed, &c. 

Midle quier window. 

A knight kneling with his wiefe. Nevell and Scrop, az. a bend or, 
a label of three points ar. 

Orate pro animabus Christoferi Danby,' militis, et Domina 
Margeria, uxore sua [sic], ac filiorum et filie, qui istam fenestram fieri 
fecerunt anno Domini m°ccccc°xxi**. 

On stone. 
Orate pro animabus Roberti Malli- 
verer,* quondam Domini de Wodersom, 
et Elizabethe, uxoris ejus, ac pro anima- 
bus parentum suorum, qui obierunt 
tercio die mensis Julii anno Domini 
M°cccc° XLiii®, quorum animabus, etc. 

South window in the church. 

Orate pro anima Tho 

istam ^v» • • • pluribus .... 


North church [?] window. 

Gu. on a fesse or entre 3 bores' 
heads ar. 3 lions rampant sa. 

Red [ ?] animae Symon Hud[. . .]. 

Pray for soule of Sir William Hudson,' Vicar of Tickhill, the sonne 
of William ^Hudson, and for the soules of his fader and moder, 
William anno Domini m<^d**xx[. . .]°. 

^ Instituted 1430, died 1469. 

* Son of Brian Hard wick. In the 
Leeds Register is the entry: "1577-8. 
2 February. M' Thomas Hardwycke, of 
Newton, B^uyre, !)uried." His wife was 
daughter of Lionel Reresby, Esq., of 

^ Son of Sir James Danby, who married 
Agnes Langton, the heiress of Farnley, 
who brought to her husband that 
property. He married Margery, daughter 
of Lord Scrope, of Upsal. His will, 

dated 16 March, 1517-8, proved York 
16 November, 15 18, is printed in Tesf, 
Ebor.j V, 86. 

* Son of Rol^rt Mauleverer, of Potter- 
newton. He became of Wothersome, 
and his son, Sir William, married the 
heiress of AmclifTe. His arms were : — 
Sa.j three greyhounds in pale courant arg, 
collared or, 

^ Presented to the vicarage of Tickhill 
21 August, 1504. His successor appoiirted 
I May, 1533 {Leeds Churches), 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 


Ubotnev Cburcbt 6 aptilid, 1619. 

In a chapell on the North si6[e] belonging to Ryther 

of Scarcroft. 

Per pale Clarell and Scargell. 

Quarterly, Gascoigne* and Mowbray a label of three points an, a 
border gobony. 

A knight knelling with Gascoine and Mowbray with a border 
gobony quarterly on his brest, his wief by him with Clarell and 
Gascoigne impaled, 7 sons and 3 daughters. Under all: 

Orate [pro] Willelmo Gascoigne et Margareta, uxore ejus, et 
anima [?] 

In the East window of the quyer. 

Az. 3 garbes or. 



On a stone in the quyer. 

Orate pro anima domini Johannis Ryther, secundus vicarius [«V] 

istius ecclesie, anno Domini m^d^ij®, cujus anime propicietur Deus. 

Thorner hath been Sir T. Medham's [AfefAam] inheritance. 

Townes in Leedes parishe. 

Beeston, Farneley, Armelay, Hunslete, Heddingley, Kirkestall, 

IRotbeweU Cbtitdb, 19 Ungmti, 1620. 

Quyer on a stone, 
[^r^.] a fesse in cheif 3 moUetts [sa.]. 

Orate pro anima Henrici Dynley,* quondam vicarius [stc] istius 
ecclesie, cujus animae propitietur Deus. 

A South window. 

Ar. on a pale sa. a lucye's head coped, a flower de luce or. — 


North quyer. 

Ar. a fesse in cheif 3 molletts sa. paled with ar. 3 lyons passant^ 

purpure. — Dyneley, Talbot. 

^ Sir William Gascoigne, Lord Chief 
Justice, married first Elizabeth, daughter 
of Alexander Mowbray, of Kirklington. 
He was buried at Hare wood, 141 9. He 
had a son, William, who had Sir William 
Gascoigne, who married Margaret, 
daughter of Thomas Clarel, of Aldwark, 
widow of John Fitzwilliam, of Sprot- 
borough, and Sir Robert Waterton. The 

Clarel arms were : Gu., six mariiets 
three and three in pale arg, 

^ Vicar 14S4 to 151 1. 

^John Gascoigne, third son of Sir 
William Gascoigne, of Gawthorp, mar- 
ried Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of 
Sir William Swillington, of Thorp-on-the- 

* Altered by a modern hatid to 


60 dodsworth's church notes. 

Painted on another, North quyer. 

Erm. a saltire gu. — ScargelL 

Idem paled [wM] ar. a lion rampant sa, — [Sfap/efon,] 

Idem paled with Gascoigne. 

North window. 

England cum a label of five points az., on every point 2 flowers 
de luce or. — [Duke of Lancaster.'] 

2[nd] window. 

Quarterly, i. ar. a chevron az. a label of three points erm. 
[Swillingion\ 2^ gu. a gryffyn sergreant an, 3** ar. on a bend gu. 3 
mascles or, 4*^ erm. on 2 bars sa. 3 moUetts perced or. 3 and 3. — 
I. Swillington, 2 ,3 ,4. Hopton. 

Idem paled with quarterly ar. and fretty or on a bend sa. 

3 molletts of the first, 2. ar., on a saltire gu. a crescent sa., 3* or 3 
barrs az. a canton erm., 4. gu. on a bend 3 mascles (puto) az.. 

One other window. 
Orate pro anno Domini millesimo cccc*^lxxxiij°. 

South window. 
Gu. a chevron erm. entre 3 lyons rampant ar. — An Langton ? 
Ar. a saltire gu. a label of three points vert paled with Gascoigne* 
cum a cross crosslet fitchy sa.' 

Ther is a becke runneth through this towne, which hath his 
[head] in Midleton Closes, runneth by Thorp on the Hill, Carlton, 
so to this Rothewell, thence to Oldton, and so into Ayre. 

Ther is a place in the towne called the Mannor Garth, which 
they say was the Duke's house. Ther ar great stone pillers to be 
scene, and a place they call the dungeon, and houses called slaughter 
houses and a kitchin, a place called the Hagh* and closes called the 
Laundes, and a house adyoining called the High Lodge. The Hagh 
hath beene impaled and some pales yet remaine, and full of wood in 
tymes past, but none now remayne. 

In the churche yeard. 
As God will all things must be. Here lyeth Richard Par, which 
desires you to pray unto our Lord Jesus Christ for his soule. Amen. 
And all Christian soules that he would have mercy upon them. 

^ Sir Thomas Nevell, of Liversedge, knight, married Alice, daughter of 
Richard Gascoigne, of Hunslet. She died about 1478. 

^ In margin: ^^^ Nevell of Lyverseg" 

^ In margin: ^^ Rothewell Parke,'^ 

dodsworth's church notes. 


Att Leedes. 

Ther are groundes calld the Parke Closes. 

On[e] Sir William , a preist borne in Leeds, gave 5//. 

lande towards the foundacion of a free scholle, upon condicion that 
the inhabitantes should make 10//*, which they have performed, and 
made itt now worth 20//. to the master and x//. to the usher, with 
something to spare. 


North quyer window. 
Sa. 3 escallops ar. — Strykland.^ 
Ar. a bend entre 6 mertletts sa.— 

Az. 3 goates' heads erazed or.'* 
Orate pro anima Ricardi Tempest, 

Ther is in this quyer a monument 
of a man in armor with 2 wiefs, 
which they say was of on[^] Tempest' 
of Staynforth in this parishe, otherwise 
calld Knightes Staynforth, and ther is 
another towne in that parish called 
Fryers Staineforth. 

In a stone* over the scholehous dore. 
Alma Dei mater defende malis Jacobum Car. 
Presbeteris quoque clericulis domus hec fit in anno 
Mil quin. cen. duoden. Jhesu nostri miserere. 
Senes cum junioribus laudent nomen Domini. 

Mr. Rookby of Hothum haith Ormesby coucher. 

The ffree schoole of Giggleswick was founded by Edward the Sixt, 
by his charter dated att Westminster 26 die Maij anno regni ejus 
septimo, mediante Johanne Nowell, clerico, capellano suo, vicario 
ecclesie parochialis de Giggleswick in Craven, et Henrico Tennaunte, 


^ Mabel, daughter of Walter Strick- 
land, of Sizergh, was second wife of Sir 
Richard Tempest, of Stainforth. 

2 The arms of Sir Richard Tempest 
of Stainforth's second wife, name un- 

^ Sir Richard Tempest, of Stainforth, 
was son of Sir Robert Tempest (son of 
Sir Richard Tempest, of Bracewell, and 
Margaret, sister and co-heiress of Robert 
Stainforth), by Alice, daughter of John 
Lacy. He was born about 14 10, knighted 
by 1432, and was dead before May, 1488. 
He founded a chantry at Giggleswick 

Church. In 1889 the stone figure of a 
knight wearing the **SS" collar, his head 
resting on a goat's head erased, was dug 
up in the Tempest Chantry there, also the 
bones of a tall man. He married first a 
lady unknown, whose arms vfcre, Az, 
three goats* heads erased or^ by whom 
no issue; secondly, Mabel, daughter of 
Walter Strickland, of Sizergh. They had 
an only daughter, first wife of Thomas, 
Lord Darcy. 

* This stone is still in existence. (See 
Leach's Yorkshire Grammar Schools, 
vol, ii, 236.) 


dodsworth's church notes. 

which by the kings expresse words is called Libera Schola Gramati- 
cilis [sic] regis Edwardi Sexti de Giggleswicke, 7 discretiores homines 

gubematores ecclesia collegiata Sancti Andreae Apostoli de 

Medderaca [Nedder Acastre] in comitatu Eboracensi. 


XI;a^ca0ter, 6 Hprill, 1619. 

Vavasor's quier on the North. 

Orate pro bono statu Henrici Vavasor,' 
armigeri, et Elizabethe, uxoris sue, qui 
istam fenestram fieri fecerunt anno Do- 
mini MO quingentesimo primo. 

South quier. 

Orate pro domino Johanne de Gis- 
burn, Abbate de Psalley. 

Priez pur Robert Ledis et sa feme. 

Orate pro Thoma Harden et pro 
Alicia, uxore ejus. 

Orate pro anima magistri Willelmi 
Cleveland,* quondam vicarius [sic] istius ecclesie, qui obiit xiij® die 
mensis Decembris anno Domini mocccccOiiijo. 

Owen Oglesthrop,^ late bishopp of Carlile, borne in Newton Kyme 
adjoyning, founded a ffree schoole and hospitall dedicated to our 
Saviour Jesus Christ, called the Schoole and Hospitall of our Lord 
and Saviour Jesus Christ of Tadcaster. The s[f]hoole is indowed 
with 40//. per annum, the hospitall for 12 pore each to have 12^. a 
week, howbeit ther is but 6 in pay. 

In the South window of the church, the West window, and sundry 

other windowes in the church. 
Orate pro bono statu magistri Willelmi Cleveland, vicarii istius 
ecclesiae, qui fieri fecit istam fenestram. 

Note. He glasyd all the windowes and builded the vicaridge, as 
appeares by sundry inscriptions in the windowes of the said house. 

^ Probably Henry Vavasour, Esq., of 
Hazlewood, who died i November, 1515, 
and made his will 14 November, 1509, 
proved at York 28 February, 15 15-6 
(Test, Ebor,y v, 8). He married Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Sir John Everingham. 

* Vicar of Tadcaster. He made his 
will II December, proved at York 16 
Pecember, 1504. 

^ According to Wood, he was natural 
son of Owen Oglethorpe, of Newton 
Kyme, He graduated at Magdalen Col- 
lege, Oxford, 1525, became Rector of 
Bolton Percy, and afterwards, in 1557, 
Bishop of Carlisle. He died 31 Decem- 
ber, 1559, and was buried at St. Dunstan's- 
in-the-West, London. (See Dictionary 
of National Biography. ) 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 68 

5n tbe Cbutcb of Sftipton, 9 Hprills, 1619. 

About a faire tombe in the quier. 

^Margret hie dormit Perceus edita, conjux 

Henrici comitis, Cumbria clara, tui. 

Quo domino Vescy, quo Westmariandia gaudet, 

Cui Skipton decus et Garthricus ordo ferunt, 

Preripit hunc sponso tumulum, sed corpus ut unum 

Idem sic lectus, sic locus unus habet. 

Die mehsis Novembris xx\^, anno Christi 

millesimo quihgentessimo quadragessimo. 

A little monument adjoyning hath this inscription. 
Here lyeth the body of Frauncis, late lord Clifford," eldest sonne 
of the most puissant lord Georg, Erie of Cumberland, lord of the 
honor of Skipton in Craven, lord Clifford, lord of Westmarland, 
Vipount and Vescy, which child departed from this lief the viij'** of 
December, 1588, being of the age of vj yeres, 8 monthes, an infant 
of most rare towardnes in all th'apparances that might promise 
wisdome and magnanimity. On the same stone 8 verses. 

Qui veniet fructus, flos foliumque notant. 
Stemmate nobilior 

Henricus mentis nituit, dum candor in isto 
Vivida, qua potuit scandere virtus erat. 

Hunc raptim ^ terris fata invidiosa tulere, 
(Anglia), spondentem magnaque fausta tibi. 

Discite mortales quae sit spes carnis, et inde 
Reddere (quod dignum est) optima quaeque Deo. 

5n flormanton' Cburcbt 22 5ul», 1619. 

In the quier. 


1 Margaret, daughter of Henry Percy, Bedford, bom at Skipton Castle, lo April, 
Bfth Earl of Northumberland, second wife 1584. 

of Henry, eleventh Lord Clifford, first ^ See Tomlinson's monuments in Nor- 

Earl of Cumberland. man ton Church, Yorkshire ArchaologiccU 

2 Francis, Lord Clifford, eldest son of /ournn/^ v, 267, and Bunny pedigree in 
George, third Earl of Cumberland, by Dugiiile^s Visitation^ continued by the 
Margaret, daughter of second Earl of Editor. 



In the window. 
Gu. a cross ar. 

Quarterly — 

1. Sa. a chevron entre 3 fermalx of roses ar. — Malet.^ 

2. Erm. 3 chevrons gu. — Paitaivint. 

3. Gu. on a bend ar. 3 birdes volant sa. — [Russe//,] 

4. Or a chevron entre 3 escallops or. — Peverell, 


Crest, a raven ![</?] wing open, sa. 

John Fryston* of Altoftes adyoining founded a ffree s[r]hoole att 
Normanton, and gave 10//. lands for ever for teaching 30 pore children 
of the parishes of Normanton and Snythall and the parishes adyoin- 
ing about 28 yere§ since. 

Fryston of Altoftes port az. on a ffesse or entre 14 plates 3 

leopardes' faces gu. 

South quyer East window. 

Sa. a bend entre 6 crosses pat^es fitchy ar. — Woodrove. Under- 
neath : 

Orate pro animabus Johannis Lake* et Johannae, uxoris suae, 

ffabricae hujus novae capellae benefactorum. 

In the same window. 

Orate pro anima Ricardi Woderove, militis, filii et heredis Johannis 
Woderove* de Woueley, armigeri, cujus anime propicietur Deus. 

Above this inscription a knight and 7 sonnes are kneling, having 
on his brest ar. a chevron entre 3 crosses patdes fitchy gu. — [JVoodrove.'\ 

In the next payne a lady with 4 daughters kneling, having on her 
brest : 

1. Party per pale ar. a chevron entre 3 cross crosslets sa. — 

[? Fitzwilliam^ 

2. Ar. a chevron entre 3 crosses patees fitchy gu. — Woderove. 
Underneth : 

Orate pro anima Beatricis, uxoris ejus, filie Thome Fitzwilliam de 
Halmanthorp^ armigeri, cujus animae propitietur Deus. 

* Roger Mallet married Alice, daughter 
of William Russell, of Normanton, by 
Emma, daughter of Hugh Peytevin 
(Pictaviensis). (See Glover's Visitation, 
325 and 326.) 

^ Son of Robert Freeston, of Altofts. 
In addition to the Grammar School he 
founded a small hospital at Kirkthorp. 
He was buried 20 January, 1 594-5. There 
is a large altar tomb at the north-east end 
of the nave, with no inscription now. 

^ There is a pedigree of Lake of Nor- 
manton in Glover's Visitation, 318, The 

arms are there stated — A bend between six 
trefoils slipped. 

*John Woodruffe, of Wolley, was 
receiver of King Edward IV for Wake- 
field, Coningsborough, and Hatfield. His 
eldest son, Sir Richard, Inq, f, m. 6 
October, 1522, married first Jane, daughter 
of Sir Nicholas Wortley; secondly Bea- 
trix, daughter of Thomas Fitzwilliam, of 
Mabblethorpe, co. Lincolnshire. (See 
pedigree Hunter's South Yorkshire, ii, 


^ In margin: ^Wn comitatu Lincoln- 

' • >} 

bodsworth's church notes. 



In the South window. 

1. Party per pale gu. on a bend 
an 3 birdes volant sa. — [Russell quar- 
tered by Mallet}] 

2. Ar. a flfesse 3 moUettes in cheif 
sa. — \^Dyneley, ] 

Party per pale ar. a chevron entre 
3 goates' heades erazed sa. [Bunny], 
et party per saltire erm. and gu. 

A tombe in that quyer. 

Edwardo Restwoulde' de la Vache' 
in comitatu Buckinghamiensi, armigero, 
ab heroibus illustrissitni ordinis Garterii Richardo et Phillipo de la- Vache 
predicto oriundo, suorum visendi gratia in has oras profecto, ultimo 
Calend. Junii, 1547, ad superos emigravit; et *Richardo Bunney de 
Newton alias Bunney Hall in parochia de Wakefeild in comitatu 
Eboracensi, postea de Newland in parochia de Normanton in eodem 
comitatu, armigero, majoribus (ut fertur) Gallis, de oppido Bunney in 
septentrionali ripa fluminis Loier supra Orleans sito, tempore Gulielmi 
Conquestoris ad Bunny Rise, comitatu Nottingamise delatis, quibus- 
dam (usque satis honorificis) illustrissimis principibus Henrico, 
Edwardo, Maria, et Elizabetha jubentibus, defuncto anno aetatis plus 
minus septuagessimo (tribus filiis, Edmundo, Richardo et Francisco 
superstitibus relictis), pridie Calendas Maias anno Domini 1584, 
supremum diem in Domino obeunti. Brigitta conjux tam vivis 
qualecunque mortalitatis testimonium quam extinctis, patri prius, post 
marito debitum certe, licet non satis honorificum, sed pro modestii 
et illorum et sua, 4° Calendas Julii anno Domini 1586, monumentum 

Qui quidem Edwardus ex Agnete Cheney de Draiton in comitatu 
Buckinghamiensi praedicto, novem susceptis liberis (tribus filiis, Thoma, 
Johanne et Antonio, hereditatem consecuto et supra sortem profuso) 
sine prole extinctis, sex filias heredes adhuc superst[//]es in matri- 
monium collocavit, Elizabetham Johanni Tetlow de Lynn in comitatu 
Norfolcie, Bridgittam Richardo Bunny predicto, Margaretam Thome 
Grenhalghe de Teversholt in comitatu Notinghamiensi, Beatricem 

* William Mallett married . . . D)niely. 

^ He probably died at Newland on a 
visit to his daughter. Dugdale does not 
mention the brass on the tomb with the 
Rest wold quarterings. 


^ In margin: "In y parish of 

* Richard Bunny, of Newland, was 
buried in Normanton Church r May, 
1584. He married Bridget, daughter of 
Edward Rest wold, of the Vache. 


dodsworth's church notes. 

Thome Waterton de Walton in comitatu Eboracensi predicto, armi- 
geris, Janam Francisco Hastings de Fenwick in comitatu Eborum 
predicto, militi, Katherinam Joha[«]ni Fitzherberte de Padley in 
comitatu Derbyae, armigero. Predicta autem Margareta secundo 
Alexandro Banister de Epworth in comitatu Lincolniensi, armigero, 
tertio Nicolao Bunny de Newton predicta, generoso, et Jana secundo 
Roberto Lee de Querenden in comitatu Bukingamiensi, generoso, 

Edwardus RestwouId= Agnes de Cheiney 

de la- Vache in conii- 
talu Buckes. Obiit 
1547, I Edw. VI. 
Vide X X, 46**. 1 

de comitatu Buckes. 

sine prole. 


sine prole. 

sine prole. 

. I'" 

Elizabetha,= Johannes Tetlow 
soror et de Lynn in 

coheres. comitatu 



Ricardus Bun[;i]ey=Bridgitta, 
de Newland soror et 

in comitatu coheres. 


I 3* 
Richardus Grenhalgh= Margareta, soror = Alexander Bannister 

de TivershuU in et coheres, 3® nupta de Epworth 

comitatu Nicholao Bunney de in comitatu 

Nottinghamiensi. Newton predicta. Lincolniensi. 

Thomas Watterton= Beatrix, 

de Walton 

in comitatu 



Francis Hastings=Jana=Robertus Lee 
de Fenwik, miles, de Querndon 

in comitatu in comitatu 

Eboracensi. Buckes, gener- 



Johannes Fitzherbert=Katherina. 
de Padley in comi- 
tatu Derbiensi. 

Crofton Cburcb, Hudust 1626. 

In the East window of the quyer. 

In the middle stanchan a bishop standeth in his pontifical robes, 
with a booke lying open before him on a lecterne; in a scroll about 
his head thes words are conteyned : 

Benedic, Domine, domum istam quam edificavi nomine tuo. 

In the 3 stanchan in a square peice of glasse thes words : 

* X x=vol. 154 of Dodsworth, 




A ........ . rocke [or Rothe\ translatus, in Crofton natus, quam 

consecravit Fleming Richardus.' 

Memorandum that the churche of Crofton did formerly stand in 
a close in a lowe place called the Kirkeclose, distant West from the 
said church half a myle, and was from thence removed to the place 
where itt now standeth, and ther builded by and att the only charges 
of Richard Fleminge, bishop of Lincolne, who was in the same towne 
att that house where Mr. Lister now dwelleth. 

I had most \of'\ this from Mr. Walker's mouth, of Shafton, borne 
and brought up in Crofton, which inscription he perfectly remembreth. 

Over the South porch in stone are cutt 2 barrs , and 3 

lozenges in cheif, on the first barr a mollet. — {^Flemingr^ 

XCborneir {Thomhui) Cburcb, Januars 19, 1619. 

North quyer. 
A knight* and his lady of allablaster 
stone in full proportion ; under his head 
a helmet, theron a wreath vert and gu., 
a mayden crowned. — The crest of the 

A monument in wood of a man* 
and his 2 wiefs in full proportyon ; 
about, the armes of Saivyll. 

Gu. a cross patee or. — Goulcars. 

Thornell, Eland, and per pale 

Say veil and Suttell. About itt this 

epitaph : 

Bonys emonge stonys lys full steyl 

Qwylst the sawles wanderis were that God wyll.'* 

Anno Domini millesimo quingentessimo vigesimo nono. 

In the East wyndow of the same quyer. 
Pray for the gude prosperity, mercy and grace of Wiliam Sayvile, 
one of the Company of Grayse Yn, and for the sowles of Sir John 


^ Born of a good family at Crofton. 
Bishop of Lincoln 1419, founded Lincoln 
College, Oxford, 1427, died at Sleaford 
25 January, 143 1. There is some con- 
fusion in this inscription. (See Yorkshire 
ArcJuBological Journal^ vii, 119.) 

* See Glovers Visitation^ 474. 

^ Probably one of the Thomhill family. 

^ This is generally considered to be the 
tomb of Sir John Savile, who married two 
wives, Alice, daughter of William Vernon, 

Esq., and Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
William Paston. The inscription, how- 
ever, dates 1529, whilst Sir John died 
1504. It might have been made in his 
son Sir Henry Savile's time. He married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Sothill. 
Dodsworth puts against it Hen. Sayvell. 
6 In margin : * ' I/en. Sayvetl." 
® Son of Sir John Savile, of Thornhill, 
whose will was dated 1481. He was his 
father's executor. 



Sayvile and Dame Alice, his wief, fadyr and modyr to the said 
William, and also for the gude prosper[/]ty, mercy and grace to Sir 
John Sayvile and Dame Alice, his wief. The which William Sayvile 
enlardged this quyer att his cost, att the oversight of the said Sir 
John, his nephew, wherwith pray we all that God be pleased. The 
which werke was finished the yere our Lord 1493. 

^Orate pro anima Thome Sayvill,^ 
militis, qui hanc capellam fieri fecit .... 
anno Domini 1447.^ 

In the midle quyer wyndow. 
Ar. a chevron gu. entre 3 trefoils az. 

Quarterly, Sayvile^ and Thornell. 

Per pale Sayvile and ar., 6 flowers de 
luce, a cheif endented or. — Sayvel and 
Paston.* Under : 

Pray for the gude prosperity, mercy 
and grace of Robert Frost," Chauncellor ravile arms. 

to the redoubted Prince Arther, furst sonne of King Henry the vijth, 
who was late parson of this church, who haith made new this 
wyndow, and also clerstoried and archyde this qwer; finished the 
yere of grace 1499. 

In the South quyer Est window. 

Ar. a chevron gu. entre 3 trefoils az. 

Per pale Savyle and Vernon* qui port 
ar. a fret sa. 

Orate pro anima domini Roberti 
Frost, quondam rectoris istius ecclesie, ac 
etiam pro animabus parentum et bene- 
factorum ejus, qui quidem Robertus fieri 
fecit istam capellam in honorem Sancte 
Trinitatis, beatissime Marie Virginis, nec- 
non sanctorum martyrum Georgii et 

Katherine et omnium sanctorum, anno Domini m°cccc<^ nonogessimo 


*~i In margin : " This only in Mr. 
Challoner's church notes^^ 

2 Sir Thomas Savile, whose will is 
dated 1449. He married Margaret, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Pilkington. 

^ Henry Savile, of Tankersley and 
Elland, married Elizabeth, daughter and 
heiress of Simon, son and heir of Sir 
Brian de Thornhill, and thereby obtained 
the estate. 


* Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William 
Paston, knight, by Jane, daughter and 
co-heiress of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of 
Somerset, second wife of Sir John Savile. 

s The Frosts had considerable property 
at Beverley and about Featherstone. 
Robert Frost would probably be son of 
Thomas Frost, of Beverley, who died 1496. 

^ Alice, daughter of William Vernon, 
Esq. , first wife of Sir John Savile. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


In the church iles. 
An on a bend gu. 3 mollettes of 6 pointes or. 
Ar. a fesse gu. entre 3 egletes displaid sa. — Leedes. 
Sa. a scutcheon entre 10 birdes ar. in orle. — [^Ca/ver/ey.] 

— Normand. 

Ar. 5 fusils in fess gu. in cheif 3 birds sa. — Bosewell. 

In the quyer. 
Here lyeth the body of Nicholas Radcliffe/ whose constant 
religious lief, together with his godly ende, God grant they may move 
others to imbrace true piety. Amen. 1599. Mihi vita Christus. 

A monument in the piller of the quyer in brasse." 
Here liyth the body of Phillip Waterhouse, third sonne of John 
Waterhous of Halifax, esquyer, Master of Artes and sometymes fellow 
of University CoUedge, Oxon : he dyed the 16 of January, 16 14, the 
57 yere of his adge. Ellen, daughter of Richard Lacy of Cromwel- 
bothom, esquire, his beloved wief, dedicated this monument to his 

Moreput [ ivorsi^orougk] Cbutcb, IS ©ctobrfs, 1619. 

In the North quyer. North wyndow. 

Per pale first ar. on 2 bars sa. 6 mollettes of 5 points perced or 
[Hopfon'jf ar. a fesse sa. entre 7 mascles gu. [J^ock/eji], 

On a pretty monument underneth the same window, the same 
armes above : 

Orate pro anima Thome Rokley,' militis, qui obiit anno Domini 

In the East window of the same quyer. 

Orate pro bono statu dominus Johannes [su] Wylkynson,* qui istam 
fenestram fieri fecit anno Domini m°cccc nonogesimo secundo. 

In the high quyer. 

Orate pro animabus Johannys Rockley* et Isabelle, uxoris ejus, 
qui jacent hie tumulati, anno Domini 1496, quorum animabus pro- 
picietur Deus. 

1 Son of Charles Radcliffe, of Todmor- 
den. He was of Overthorpe, in Thorn - 
hill. He was buried 29 November, 1599. 
By her second wife he had Sir George 
Radcliffe, intimately connected with the 
great Earl of Straflford. (See Lt/e of Sir 
G, Radcliffe, by the Rev. T. D. Whitakcr.) 

* The brass is still there. (See York- 
shire Archceological Journal y xv, 55.) 

^ Sir Thomas Rockley married Alice, 
daughter and co-heiress of Sir Roger 
Hopton, who later married Thomas 
Strey, of Doncaster. 

* Incumbent of the Chantry of St. 
Katherine from 1475 to 1497 {Hunter), 

^ Father of the above Sir Thomas 
Rockley. He died 24 February, 1496-7. 
She was daughter of Thomas Meverel, of 


In the South quyer. 

A very hansome, comely, faire monument* Theron : 

1. Per pale first Rockley." 

2. Gu. a bend entre 6 martlettes or. — Mountney. 

Hie jacet Rogerus Rockley, miles, filius Thome Rockley, militis. 
procreantem (sic) me quotidie et non penitentem. 

In the East window of the quyer. 

Orate pro anima magistri Johannis Hally, capellani, et Rogeri 
Rokley, ejus discipuli, qui hanc fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

On a stone in that quyer. 

Here lyeth the body of Richard Townend,Mate of Blacker, which 
dyed the 7 day of January in the yere anno Domini 1605. The 
which Richard by his deed gave unto certeyne ifeeffees to the use 
of the pore inhabitantes of the townshipp of Worsbrough for ever one 
anuytie of yearly rent of forty shillings, goyng forth of a tenement in 
Over Houland, then in the tenure of one Lawrence Tottington, to be 
payd yerly att Penticost and Martimas for ever. 

His estate was worth 1,000//. when he dyed, and gave a grote 

doUe to all pore that came at his buryal, saith the dark. His 

beginning was setting sprentes for birdeS and getting rushes, then a 


In the South ile of the church. 

B. [ ?] ar. 

Kerisforth, 2^ ar. a [. . . ?] fesse battled entre 3 butterflies gu. 

Ar. a manch and annulet sa. — [Hastings.] 

Ar. on a fesse inter 2 barrs gemewise sa. 3 roses of 4 leaves of 
the first, a molet or. 

In that window a palmer with his stafe and weeds, at his feet a 
dog and thes letters, [. . .j. ?] Rock .... 

Boncastet Cburcb, 26 Juls, 1619. 

A.D. 1579. 

Howe, howe, whose heare? 

I Robin of Doncaster and Margret my ffiere. 

1 This monument was made of oak, VIH, 1533-4. She was daughter of 

and is still in existence. See Wilkinson's Mounteney, and died j./. There 

JVorsborough, is an interesting account of the Rockleys 

in Hunter's South Yorkshire. 

2 Son and heir of the above Sir Thomas s His will is at York i January, proved 
Rockley. He died 7 January, 25 Hen. 26 February, 1605-6. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


That I spent, that I had, 
That I gave, that I have. 
That I left, that I lost, 
Quoth Robertas Bj^kes, who in this world did reygne three skore 
yeares and seaven, and yett lyved nott one. 

On a pretty monument in the North quyer. 

Hie jacent nobilis prosapie vir Jo- 
hannes Hanngton,* scutifer insignis, et 
Isabella, preclara sua consors, hujus pri- 
marii Cantarie' precipuique ffundatores, 
que quidem Isabbella obiit in die Sancti 
Georgii anno Domini m°cccc°lxij^ Et 
prefatus Johannes ab hac luce migravit 
in die Nativitatis virginis intactae anno 
M°cccc**LXV<> quorum animabus propicie- 
tur Deus. Amen. 

On this tombe quarterly fretty cum 
label of three points — ^'Harrington, 2^ 
[ar.] a cross flory [sa,], — [Cop/ey,] 

Per pale on a bend 3 spoot pottes like ewers — Sewer. 2^ fretty 
cum label of three points. — \^Harrington,'\ 

In this quyer window. 

In the first payne a knight and his wief kneling; on his bresl, 
sa. fretty a label of three points ar. On the woman, gu. 3 escallops 
ar. — Harrington et Dacres. Underneath : 

Dominus *Thomas Harington et [Elizabetha^'\ uxor ejus, frater et 
[....] Johannis predict! 

In the 2^ stanchion on[^] and his wief kneling, on his brest ar. 
on a bend sa. 3 spoot pottes ar Ricardi Sewer* et Katerine 


^John Harrington, of Doncaster (son 
of Sir William Harrington, of Hornby 
Castle, K.G., by Margaret, daughter of 
Sir Robert Nevile, of Hornby), died on 
the Nativity of the Virgin, 1465, buried 
in a chantry which he had founded. He 
married Isaliell, daughter and heiress of 
Richard Sewer, of Doncaster. She died 
on St. George's Day, 1462, also buried in 
the chantry. 

* In margin : " Verle.^^ 

^ Elizabeth, daughter of the above 
John and Isabell Harrington, married Sir 

Richard Copley, a quo the Copleys of 

* Sir Thomas Harrington, of Hornby 
Castle, elder brother of the above John, 
was slain at Wakefield, 1460. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of 
Thomas, son of Edmund de Dacre. 

^ In margin : ** // seemes she was heyre 
to Dacres of Tatham^ by which meaties it 
wcu joyned to Hortiby.^^ 

® Richard Sewer was a merchant at 


DODS worth's church NOTES. 

3 stanchion, a knight kneeling having Harington's coate^ quartered 
with ar. a saltire gu., his wief having ar. a saltire gu. — \_Nevile,'] 

Orate pro animabus domini Willelmi Harington et Margarete, 
uxoris ejus, mater \_sic] Johannis Harington. 

4 stanchon, a knight kneling of the Haringtons, his wief having 
on her brest ar. on a bend sa. 3 spoote pottes like ewers ar. — 
Harrington and Sewer. 

Orate pro animabus Johannis Harrington* et Isabbelle, uxoris 
ejus, ffundatores \sic\ istius cantarie. 

5 stanchan, a man having on his brest ar. 3 spoot pottes. — Sewer. 
Orate pro anima Ricardi Sewer et Johanne, uxoris sue, pater et 

mater [sic] Isabelle predicte. 

6 stanchan, Harington kneling, his wief having on her brest gu. 
3 mill picks in fess or. 

Dominus Jacobus Harington, Johanna, uxor ejus, filius ejus 


7 stanchan, a man and his wief, on his brest ar. on a bend sa. 
3 spootes pottes ar. 

Orate pro animabus Ricardi Sewer [et] Katerine, uxoris ejus, 
avunculi et amite predicti Ricardi. 

Another quyer window. 

Orate pro animabus Johannis West* de Wath et et Roberti, 

filii eorum, et Margarete, 

In th' East window. 

Per pale ar. a cross sa., 2^ quarterly 
ar. and gu. a bend sa. 

On a monument in that quyer. 
Hie jacet Thomas Ellis,* nuper de 
Doncaster, generosus ac aldermannus, qui 
in honore Dei unam fundavit hospitalem 
in eadem villa pro pauperibus, vocatam 
St. Thomas' House th' Apostle, qui qui- 
dem Thomas obiit xv° die mensis Julii 
anno Domini m°d°lxij, cujus anime pro- 
picietur Deus. Amen. 

^ In margin : * * TA/s coaUy videlicet^ ar. 
a saltire gu.^ was borne by Nevell of 
Hornby in Lancashire, whose daughter 
and heire married to Harrington^ 

2 In margin: ^''Nether Hall, in Don- 
caster, was his house, now Copley s by 

3 Will 18 Oct., proved at York 13 
November, 147 1. 


* A merchant and Alderman of Don- 
caster, Mayor in 1522. By his will 14 
April, 1562, he desired to be buried in the 
Lady Quire, near St. Thomas's altar. He 
died 15 and was interred 17 July, 1562. 
His arms were — Or, on a plain cross sa,, 
five crescents arg, (See Jackson's Don- 
caster Charities.) 




South quyer, about a faire marble, plated. 

Hie jacet Willelmus Barbour,^ 
quondam marcator honorabilis de 
Doncaster, cum Isabella et Rosa, 
uxoribus ejus, qui Willelmus obiit 

die mensis [Marfyj] anno 

Domini millesimo cccc**xx 

quorum animae pro misericordiam [sic] 
Jhesu Christi in pace requiesca[/^]t. 

On a scothechon there. 

Gu. a bend entre 6 martlets or. — 


In the window. 

Gu. on a fesse or entre 3 boares' 

heades coped ar. 3 lions rampant sa. 

North window in the midle ile of the church. 
Ar. a fesse envecked or waved sa. entre 3 pyannetes proper. — 
Pykeburne. Underneath : 

Orate pro animabus Thome Pikborne et Isabelle, uxoris sue. 

In the window adyoining, being 3 stanchons. 

1 stanchon, divers kneling, under written,^ Gilda Sancti Eratu [sic], 

2 stanchon, divers kneeling ut supra, under written, Gilda Sancte 

3 ut supra, Gilda Sancte Anne. 

Mr. Coppley of Battley married the daughter and heire of 
Harington of the Nether Hall in Doncaster, who gave itt to a younge 
Sonne, who still enjoythe the said Nether Hall in right of Harington. 

Sewer, that beares ar. on a bend sa. 3 spoote pottes of the first, 
was a Lincolnshire family, saith Mr. Copley, but knoweth not wher 

JSarnbB Donn Cburcb, 9 ©ctobris, 1620. 

A hansom tombe in the North wall of the quyer. 
Beati mortui qui in Domino moriuntur.' Hie jacet Franciscus 
Nevill,* armiger, filius tertius Johannis Nevill de Cheete, militis. 

* William Barbour, Doncaster, mer- 
chant, made his will 27 April, proved 
York 15 May, 1433. Isabell, relict of 
Wm. Barbour, Doncaster, merchant, 
made hers 23 February, 1438, proved 28 
May, 1439. Whether the date of the 
inscription is wrong or whether the will 
is that of a son it is difficult to say. 

^ In margin: **/ suppose ther were 
sundry glides in the Urvone,^^ 

^ In margin : " Vide inferius at this 
marke,'^ The mark refers to Francis 
Neville of Barnby, below. 

* Son of Sir John Nevile, knighl, of 
Chevet, and Elizabeth Bosvile. He 
married first Elizabeth, daughter of 
Thomas Pigot, secondly Isabel, daughter 
of Richard Longstaff, of Bilsdale. His 
will 25 March, r582, proved York 30 
July, 1583. 



filius [j/V] tertius Johannis Nevill de Liversedge, militis, qui obiit 25** 
die Decembris anno Domini 1582 et anno aetatis suae 63. 

In the midle ile of the church. 

Subter hoc lapide sepulta fuit Jana, nuper uxor Willelmi Grant, 
generosi, quae vitam dum vixit agens beatam, nono die Septerabris 
anno Domini m°cccccc° octavo, beata in Domino moriebatur. 

A [Dorothy], the daughter and sole heire of John Blyth^ of Barnby, 
esquire, lyeth here buried, decimo quinto Septembris anno Domini 
1565, cujus animae propicietur Deus. 

South quyer window. 

Gu. 5 fusells in fesse or, and the window bordered with 

it and sa. a lyon rampant ar. — Newmarch. 

Augustine Vincent, in his Corrections of Raph Brooke, Yorke 
Herald, saith that Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolke, had yssue a 
naturall sone named after his father, Charles Brandon, and knighted 
at BoUeyn, that marryed Elizabeth, daughter and one [of thef heires 
of Thomas Pigot of Ripon in Yorks[^/><?]'^ after vc^rryei^ to Sir 
James Strangwayes, and thir[///F]^ [to thisf Fran [cisf Nevill of Barnby, 
and a naturall [daughter named Frances married to Andrew Beleby 
of Belebyy 

Ipfsblafte Cburcb, 9 SeptembrtSt 1620. 

North quyer Est window of 5 stanchans. 
stanchan, Hac non vade via, nisi dixeris Ave Maria. 

Semper sit sine ve [sic\, qui mihi dicat Ave. 
Adde Jhesu fine quotiens tu dixeris Ave. 
Bis triginta dies veniae fiet tibi merces. 
Pretereundo cave, ne silieatur [sic\ Ave. 

Great quyer East window. , 

Ar. on a chevron entre 3 garbes gu. 
banded or a moUet ar. 

Ar. 3 greyhounds cursant sa. collers 
and bells of the first. — Mauleverer. 

Ar. on a bend entre 6 martletts sa. 
a moUett ar. — Tempest. 

Ar. a fesse inter 2 greyhounds cursant 
sa. collers and bells or. — [HalL] 

Ar. on a chevron entre 3 garbes gu. 
banded or an annulet ar. 

Gu. a saltire ar. — Nevell. 

Ar. a chevron az. — Swillington. 










* Hunter calls her daughter of John 
Blythe, of Barnby, by Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of John Savile, of New Hall. (See 

Blythe pedigree, Glover's VisitcUion^ 321.) 
'^ The MS. is worn anvay where these 
brackets occur. 

dodsworth's church notes. 75 

A man in a blew gowne kneeling, in the midle stanchan, by him, 
3'^. 3 greyhounds cursant sa. — Mauleverer. 

North window. 

Ar. a cheif checqui az. and or. — [? Warren.'] 

Ther is an old monument adyoining to this North window, wher 
on the end ther is engraven, on a cross .... a standing cup uncovered 
entre 4 escallops, \tn the] first quarter 3 death heads, in the second 
quarter 3 church bells with clappers, in the third quarter 3 pikeaxes, 
in the 4 quarter 3 spades. 

On \a] plate on the said monument: 

Here lyeth Richard Marshall,^ whom in his liking age, 
Almighty God lyst call to his mercy and grace. 
The vj vicar of this church of good ffame, without rage. 
In whose tyme this chancell and vestry bildite was. 
The yere of our lord m°ccccc**v death did him embrace, 
Whose body the second day of February was beried in this 
Almighty God of thyne infinit pete 
Of Sir Rychard Marshall's soule have mercy. 
Et sine fine tui da Deitate frui. Amen. 

On a little plate on the same stone : 

Vermibus hie ponor, et sic ostendere conor. 
Quod sicut hie ponor ponitur omnis honor. 

Ther were other little plates which are gone. On the side of 
the said monument ther is, in very great letters : 

Jhesus, mercy. Lady, helpe. 

Soli Deo honor et gloria. Amen. 

hic jacet ricardus mayleverer quondam rector 


In the South quyer. 


On a tombe in that quyer. 

Vert a chevron entre 3 ostrich fethers and a border ar. paled with 
gu. a bend vaire entre 2 garbes or. — Perkins, Riccard. 

Idem paled with party per fesse az. and sa. 3 rondells counter- 
chandg'd. — Bessakle. 

1 Instituted vicar 1496. ^ Altered from * Fardern' to * D'Ardern.* 

a Presented 28 March iici Thomas Faibam instituted 27 Mar., 1464. 

Presented 28 March, 1351. ^y.jj ^^ j^^^^ ^^^^^ york 6 Oct., 1496. 


On the sides: 

Vert a chevron entre 3 ostrich fethers and border ar. [Perkt'ns], 
paled with ar. 3 beares' pawes gu. — Harison. 

— fieauot. 

— Higden. 

On the same tombe this inscription : 

Hie jacet Thomas Perkins,' armiger, qui bellicis et civilibus 
negotiis, in Anglia, Francia et Scotia (regnantibus Henrico viij**, 
Edwardo vj**, Philippo et Maria, et diva Elizabetha, principibus), et 
patriae deservivit, tandem Seneschalli Haitfeld dominii officio fidelite[r] 
ad annum fere centessimum setatis suae perfungens, laboribus super- 
sedit, spiritumque Creatori reddidit x*' Maii anno Domini 1595. Qui 
ij habuit uxores, Elizabetham, filiam et heredem Thomae Ricard, 
sepultam xxviij** Martii, 1553, ex qua 8 suscepit liberos, qui ccelibes 
obierunt omnes ; et Thomazinam, filiam et heredem Edwardi Besakle, 
defunctam xiij** Septembris anno Domini 1594. Quae Thomazina 
altram ogdoadem ei peperit, quorum 3 fato concesserunt in ccelibatu. 
Et superstitibus autem quinque, Henricus natu maximus nunc 
Capitalis curiae Haitfeld Seneschallus, uxorem duxit Isabellam, filiam 

Roberti Wodd de Lamley, armigcri, Guilielmus 

Alicia, uxor Edwardi Beauott de South Kirkby, 

generosi, Agnes (quae jam obiit) nuper uxor Johannis Higden de 
Laxton, generosi, et Elizabetha, uxor Thome Bolles de Osberton, 
generosi, quorum conjugiorumque insignia ad caput latusque hujus 
monument! disponuntur, 1596. 

Note that Gulielmus, secundus filius, maried Dorothy, the daughter 
and coheire of John Harison of Yokefleet, gentleman, to whom his 
brother Henry freely resigned the stewardship of Haitfeld. Elizabeth, 
the 2 daughter and coheire of John Harison, was wief of one 
Thomas Hey wood of London, who in her right had all the goods 
of her father, and William Perkins had the lands. 

^ Steward of the lordship of Hatfield, second son, married Dorothy, daughter of 

died nearly 100 years old. Married first John Harrison, of Yokefleet. A daugh- 

Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas RicCard, ter (Alice) married Edmund Beavot, 

secondly Thomasine, daughter of Edward Agnes (another) married John Higden, 

Besacle. His eldest son Henry was also whilst a third ( Elizabeth) married 1 homas 

steward, and married first Isabel, daugh- Bolles. (See Hunter's Sou^k Yorkshire , 

ter of Robert Wood, secondly Jane, i, 178.) 
daughter of William Harebred. William, 

dodsworth's church notes. 


Bro&eswortb (Tburcb, 23 ©ctobtfs, 1620, 

In the quyer on a stone. 

Hie jace[«]t Ricardus de Picburne' et Johanna, uxor ejus, qui 
obiit [sic] septimo die Idus Octobris anno Domini mocccc** vicesimo 
primo, cujus animae [«V] propicietur Deus. Amen. 

Another stone. 

A fesse entre 3 piannetes. — [Pickburn or Aivsfon,] 

[Ar.] 3 towers [gu.']. — \_Rawson,'] 

Hie jace[«]t Johannes de Awston, armiger, et Johanna, uxor ejus, 
qui obierunt tertio Idus Marcii anno Domini millesimo ccccc*^ nono, 
quorum animabus propitietur Deus. 

In the North window of the church. 

Ar. 3 towres gu. tripletowred. — \Rawson,'\ 

Ar. a fesse sa. entre 3 pyannettes proper — Pykeborne, paled with 
ar. 3 towres gu. ut supra. — [/Dawson.] 

Ar. a fesse sa. entre 3 pyannettes proper [Pickdurn]. Under : 
Friz pur Jankin Auston et Johanne sa femme. 

Another North window. 

Ar. a pale fuzely sa. — Savag[^].^ 

Or 3 lyons rampant purpure \^Cr€sacre], paled with quarterly gu. 
a manch or, 2 quarter gu. a bend ar., 3 as 2, 4 as i. — i Hastings, 
2 Foliot. 

Ar. a lyon rampant sa. crown and coller or. — [Dare/,] 

Ar. a fesse az. a label of three points gu. — Birkin and Everingham. 

Jn Selbs Cbutcb, 22 Hovembrfe, 1620. 

On a stone. 
Hie tumulata jacet Anna Lewins,'* uxor Thomae Lewins de Selby, 
defuncta, quae obiit 5 die Septembris anno Domini 1609. 

On a table on the wall. 
Thomas Lewins, ultimum hoc amoris monumentum in charissimae 
suae conjugis nuper defunctae memoriam nunquam perituram dicavit, 

1 There is a will of Richard Pigborne, 
Scawceby (buried at Brods worth), 16 
June, proved at York 10 August, 1446, 
perhaps his son. The Pickburns were 
probably connected with the Kawsons of 
Pickburn, who were there at the time of 
Dugdiile's Visitation^ and entered their 

2 Archbishop of York. 

8 John Cresacre, of Barnborough, 18 
Edw. IV, married Margaret, daughter of 
Sir Hugh Hastings, of Fenwick, who 
brought in the Foliot shield. 

* Daughter of Vincent Beverley, of 
Selby, and first wife of Thomas Levyns, 
or Levens, of Eske, 


Mortalls that live must dye, and att death's call, 

Into our earthen house resorte we all : 

From his rough summons therms none can be free, 

What age, degree, or sex soe ere they bee. 

Wittnes Anne Lewyns, whose untymely fate 

Card her awaye, before her nature's date, 

When she was freshe and grene in strength of tyme, 

When age and Nature tearm'de her in her prime. 

But ah ! this fairest rose so lyvely younge. 
Pale gardner Deathe crops ere itt be well sprung : 
And yet this flower earth's garden did adorne, 
More faire then rising sonne doth cloudles morne. 
Whose colours were faire vertues trymlye dight, 
Eye-pleasing vertues to the envious sight : 
As blushing modesty, the mayden's crowne. 
Obsequious love, in married rarer found. 

Duety to parents, to all charity. 

Affable wisdome joyn'd to gravity. 

The sents this flowre expir'd were wondrous swete, 

And sente from Heaven, for Heaven alone were mete. 

Piety to all and pittye to the poore, 

Zeale unto God, to her last fading houre. 

Her wedlock knott love ty'de, nor was itt broke. 

But cutt asunder by death's heavy stroke. 

In all to all so pleasing was her havioure, 
The world admir'd a floure of such a savoure, 
But now this world is rob'd of this faire flower, 
Which Death haith snatcht to decke his sable bower. 
With itt he pluck't a budd, which hardly grewe. 
But 't seem'd, 'twas borne to bidd the world adew; 
This flowre so wondrous sweete we all may misse, 
For in our garden grewe no more like this. 

Which Heaven nowe holds though the roote rest in clay, 
Till th'appy unyon att the Judgment Day. 

Moriar ne moriar : 
Mors Christi, vita mihi. 

She was Mr. Beverley of Selbye's daughter, and dyed with her 
first child. 


On a stone. 
Hie est prostratus, Browne Robertus vocitatus, 
In Rednesse natus, nunc vermibus esca paratus. 
Cujus animae propitietur Deus. Amen. 

On Thomas Barnby, son of Thomas Barnby, 

the attorney. 
Barnby, thy worth and civill conversation, 
Witt without pride, and bounty with discretion : 
Thy quiet bearing, thraldome and oppression, 
And meeker leaving earth's base habitation : 
Though thou art dead, shall never dye. 
Whilst thy freinds live in happy memory : 
Thy debts to Nature freely are dischardged ; 
And from all cares of woe thy soule's inlardged. 

Thomas Barnby dyed the 17 of 
February, 1619.^ 

Here lyes Jane Smythe, the wief of Anthony, 
Heaven haith her soule, Selby her memory : 
Her love the losse, her babes the injury. 

Obiit 1607. 
Made by Mr. Smyth, the vicar of Selby. 

Thomae Barnbei tenet hec [? tumba\ ossa magistri 
Non animam tenet haec, banc tenet ipse Deus. 
Qui obiit 7 die Julii anno Domini 16 10. 

In Selby natus, Johannes de Scirburn^ vocitatus, 
Funere prostratus. Abbas jacet hie tumulatus. 
Annis ter denis notus vixit bene plenis. 
Qui, demptus penis, turmis jungatur amoenis. 


Hie jacet Willelmus Pigott,' quondam Abbas istius monasterii, qui 
obiit xxvj \dte\ mensis Junii anno Domini millesimo cccc**xxix^, 
cujus animae propitietur Deus. Amen. 

Hie jacet Johannes Cave,* quondam Abbas istius monasterii, qui 
obiit nono die mensis Junii anno Domini millesimo cccc^xxxvj*^, 
cujus animae propitietur Deus. Amen. 

^Marginal note: ^^ Made by Richard ^ 25th Abbot, 1407-1429. (SeeMorrelPs 

Smy th^ vicar of Selby, ^^ 5^/^, p. 94.) 

slab, much mutilated after many removals, J» P* 9 •/ 

rests in the chancel, 

80 dodsworth's chitrch notes. 

Hie jacet Johannes Owstrop/ quondam Abbas istius monasterii, 
qui obiit v'f die mensis Aprilis anno Domini millesimo cccc^^lxvjo, 
cujus animse propitietur Deus. Amen. 

Hie jaeet Laurentius Selby,' quondam Abbas istius monasterii, 
qui obiit tertio Kalend. Aprilis anno Domini millesimo ccccc^iiij^, 
eujus animae propitietur Deus. Amen. 

Hie jaeet in tumbi quae nomine dieitur Anna, 
Coelebs Walker erat eognomine, nuptaque Burton. 
Post annos Domini sexenos milleque nono 
(Divino jussu) deeimo sua lumina clausit. 
Mortua sed mortem superans de morte triumphat, 
£t vivit vitam Ccelo sine fine beatam. 

O metuende Deus, Willelmi Snaylh miserere 
Et lieet ipse reus fuerit, defende, tuere : 
Propter confratrem Thomam Whytley pete patrem, 
Qui legis, aude precem, supplico, eonfer opem. 

Epitaphium Johannis Chast. 

Hie jacet in tumulo corpus Chast ecce Johannis, 

Sit tibi pro speculo, verus fuit ejus in annis ; 

Ut sit salvatus, qui transis, funde precatus. 


Thomas Hadlesay jacet hie sub marmore teetus, 

Sed suus in coeli spiritus arce sedet. 
Cultor namque Dei verus fuit et pie vitam 

Finivit Domino, vixit ut ille suam. 

Qui obiit vj® die Septembris anno Domini 1597. 

Hie jacet Haddlesay Riehardus' nomine, mundo 

Vivere diseebat, qui moriendo Deo. 
Per speculum Coeli dum vixit numina vidit, 

Ad faeiem facie nunc moriendo vidit. 
Tres saeras vivus dilexit corde sorores, 

Mortuus at restat jam sibi polus amor. 

Obiit 8 die Augusti anno aetatis 49 
et salutis nostrse 16 18. 

^John Ousthorpp, 27th Abbot, 1436- where the stone yet remains, on which 

. 1466. is represented a full-length figure, also 

•-* 29th Abbot, 1486-1504. In Morrell's the arms of the monastery. 
Sellfy it states he died 1504, and that he ^ Marginal note: "//^ was a draper 

was buried in front of the high altar, at Selby** 

dodsworth's church notes. 


Solvitur in cineres Burton hie ille Johannes, 

Cum consorte sua nomine Cecilia. 
Multis degebat annis, et plura regebat, 

Servus erat regis, ac in honore gregis ; 
Pro quibus orare, qui metrificus meditare, 

Januam dignare, dulcia vota dare, 
Post hoc certamen nullum sentire gravamen, 
et consolamen sibi anima det Deus. Amen. 

Hie Katherina jaeet, quondam castissima eonjux Rogeri Marshall, 
quae obiit deeimo octavo die Septembris anno Domini 1614. 

Robertus Hesletyne^ obiit 20 die Januarii anno Domini 16 13. 

Lassatum corpus manibus tumulatur amicis. 

Quod vili et horror humo : 

Occupat en coelos sua mens sedesque quietas; 

Qui corpus resumet cum cava tuba sonat. 

In the side of a wall. 
Robertus Anby,^ pannieularius, vir honestus atque de republica 
hujus oppidi optimb meritus, in honorem Dei et ornamentum hujus 
ecclesie Sancti Germani de Selby hoc classicum tintinnabulorum Deo 
patriae et patriae Deo, ex meris suis sumptibus dicavit, et imperpetuum 
eonseeravit anno Domini 16 14. 

Super tumulum prostratum. 

Orate pro anima Thome Beverley,' generosi, nuper de Selby, qui 
obiit xij** die Novembris anno Domini millesimo d™° xxviij"*°, cujus 
animae propitietur Deus. Amen. 

Hie eciam tumulatus est Thomas Beverley,* armiger, filius 
Johannis Beverley, armigeri, qui obiit xxix die Martii anno Domini 

Hie jacent tumulati Johannes Beverley,* armiger, et Anna, uxor 
ejus, qui obierunt, videlicet, Johannes, xxix die Deeembris, 1589, 
Anna vero, 25 die Deeembris, 1584, quorum animabus propitietur 
Deus. Amen. 

1 In margin : * *Ife was an usurer, " 
" Son of John Awnby, of Sherwood 
Hall. From his brother John, of the 
same place, descended John Awnby, of 
Sherwood, who entered his pedigree at 
Dugdale's Visitation, In margin: *^A 
draper adhuc super stes.'^^ 

* His inq, p, m, was taken 14 April, 
20 Hen. Vin (1529). John, his son and 
heir, 14 years old. 

* Thomas, son of John Beverley, of 
Selby. Married Eleanor, daughter and co- 
heiress of Marmaduke Vincent, of Great 
Smeaton. His will, 16 March, 1613-4, 
was proved at York, 18 June, 16 14. 

^ Son of the first Thomas, and father of 
the second Thomas Beverley. Married 
a daughter of Thomas Draycott. 


82 dodsworth's church notes. 

Robert Beverley,^ esquire, buried the xviijth day of February anno 

Domini 1618. 

On a stone. 

Party per pale a saltire and a lyon rampant with a label of three 
points about his neck, and this epitaph : 

Thy corps, Ladie Elenor," lyes here intumulate, 
Whose vertuous life immortall fame deserves ; 

Thy soule with saintes is now approximate 
For aye to raigne amonge the cheefest Starrs. 

By birth a ladie, the wife, by worldly fate, 

Of Bryan Stapleton, that maie well waile his state. 

Obiit cum filio ejus Johanne tertio die 
Maii anno Domini 1556. 

An epitaph upon the death of Michaell Marshall,' who dyed the 
first of January, 16 19: 

Behold, be bold to say under this stone 

A body lies whose soule to God is gone. 
For aske the poore what charity he spredd, 

Read in his will his bounties regestred ; 
And as on earth his love doth ever shine. 

So doth his soule in Heaven, but more divine. 
And since th'old yeare endes his livens miserie, 

A new yeare mendes his joye*s falicitie. 
Sleepe, Michaell, sleepe, intered in thy tombe, 

And live with Michaell at the dale of dombe. 

In the East end of the quyer, wher a chantry and aulter 

had beene. 
Est haec ara bene Petri titulo dedicata, 
Et Pauli nomine veneratur in sede sacrata. 

In a North quyer. 
Per pale the armes of the see of Canterbury with gu. 3 garbes and 
border engrailed or, a cardinall's hatt over all. — Kempe, Archbishop 

■*^ Perhaps a son of Thomas Beverley, 1606. In margin: ^^Qtiere daughter 

who died 1 61 2. In margin: ^^He was a of Nevell,^^ 


a Daughter to Ralph, fourth Earl of ^ ^« margin: '' He was a biticher and 

Westmoreland. First wife of Brian ^''^ ^^^^^ y^sue and gave a bell [wo^ rih 

Stapleton, of Carlton, Esq., who died ^oli. to the church:' 

dodsworth's church notes. 83 

He was the builder of that quyer and founded a chantry and was 
buried ther, as they say. 

Quarterly, i. Nevell cum a trefoil vert and a label of three 
points az., 2 quarter gu. 5 fuzells in fesse or, 3 as 2, 4 as i.— Nevell, 
Marquis Montacute, Newmarch. 

Gu. a chevron entre 9 cross crosslets or. — [/Cynie.] 

Az. semi of billets, a fesse dancy or. — Deyncourt. 

Quarterly, gu. and ar. a bend or. — [ Wa/eySj] 

England cum a bend az. 

Ar. a cross engrailed sa. — Fitzhenry de Kelkfeld. 

Or on a bend sa. 2 egletts displaid ar. — Malolacu. 

Barry of 6 or and az. a canton erm. — [Despencer] 

Gu. on a cross flory or 5 torteuxes. — [Latimer.'] 

Ar. on a cross gu. 3 escallops or. — Villers. 

Ar. a bend gu. a border componed or and gu. 

Ar. 2 barrs in cheife 3 moUetts perced gu. — [Washington,] 

Az. 2 barrs in cheife 3 bezants. — [? Pigot.] 

Gu. 3 waterbudgets or. — [Ellerker.] 

Gu. a fesse vaire ar. and sa. entre 3 flowers-de-luce or. — [Cantehw.'] 

Erm. a saltire gu. — Scargill. 

Az. 3 roses of 6 leaves entre 6 cross crosslets ar. — Darcy. 

Ar. 3 roses of 6 leaves gu. — [Darcy.] 

Ar. a cheif checquy or and az. — [ Warren.] 

Gu. 5 fuzells in fesse or. — Newmarch. 

[Quarterly az. andarg. in the first quarter a fleur-de-lis or]. — Metham. 

Ar. a saltire gu. — Nevell. 

Az. 2 bends or. — [Z>oyley.] 

Gu. a bend ar. — Foliot. 

Quarterly, or and gu. a bend vaire. — Constable. 

Or a manch gu. a label of three points ar. — Hastinges. 

Ar. a lyon rampant az. a bend componee or and gu. — [Fauconderg.] 

Or on a fesse gu. 2 flowers-de-luce or entre 4 flowers-de-luce gu. 
2 and 2. — Dayvill. 

England cum a label of three points az. 

England cum a label of three points ar. 

Barry of 6 az. and ar. 

In the body of the church. 
Gu. a bend entre 6 pickaxes ar. 

84 dodsworth's church notes. 

A monument and portratures of a knight armed crossleged, on 
his sheild [gu,] a bend entre 6 pickaxes [arg,] and of [a] woman att 
his feet, on a sheild which she holdeth in her hand a fesse chardged 
with 3 flowers-de-luce, at her head a bend entre 6 martletts. 

On a stone. 

Gu. 3 waterbudgets or. — [J^oos.'] 

Or on a cross sa. 5 escallops ar. — [Btgod.] 

Quarterly, i az. 3 crescents or, 2 quarter gu. a lyon rampant ar., 
on his brest a flower-de-luce az., 3 as 2, 4 as i. — Rither and Ald- 

Quarterly, or a lyon rampant 2 tayles sa. [IVe/Zes], 2 quarterly, i 
sa. a cross engrailed or [ Wilioughby\ 2 gu. a cross flory ar. [Beke], 3 
as 2, 4 as I, 3 quarter as 2, 4 as i. 

— Watterton. 

— Plumpton. 

Gu. 3 goats' heads coped or, this amongst the Lord Darcye's 

Quarterly, ar. on a bend sa. 3 owles of the feild, 2. quarter 
Thor[«^//].— Savin and Thornell. 

Sa. a scutcheon and orle of martletts ar. — {_Bochda/e.] 

Barry of 6 ar. and az. a bend gu. — [Grey], 

Masculy ar. and gu. — Fitzwilliam. 

Quarterly, gu. and ar. a bend or. — [ Wa/gys or Waud.] 

Gu. a chevron entre 3 leopards' faces ar. — [S/ingsfy,] 

Ar. a bend sa. — Paynell. 

Ar. 3 bends gu. 

Ar. on a fesse az. 3 flowers-de-luce or. — [C/sfiefe.'] 

Ar. a cross gu. and border engrailed sa. 

Per pale or and vert a cross molyn gu. — [/ng^m.] 

Gu. 2 barrs gemewise a bend ar. 

Gu. a bend entre 6 martletts or. — Mounteney. 

Sa. 3 escallops or. 

Gu. 2 barrs or. — Harcourt 

Gu. 6 bezants. — [Zouch,'] 

Or on a cheif endented gu. 3 plates. — [Lathofn.'] 

dodsworth's church notes. 


Hie jacet Willelmus Eleson, qui obiit viij Idus Aprilis anno 
Domini millesimo v^^xxx, cujus animae propicietur Deus. Amen. 
Gu. a cinqfoyle perced ar. — Poucher. 
Or a lyon rampant az. — Percy. 

— Constable. 

Gu. 7 molletts of 6 points or a canton erm. 

Staunton Cburcb, 24 5uHi, 1627. 

Orate pro animabus Johannis Frankish/ generosi, qui obiit in die 
Sancti Michaelis anno Domini m°ccccc**vj<>, et Agnetis, uxoris ejus, quae 
obiit anno Domini m<*d<*xxiij, xiiij die Aprilis. Requiescant in pace. 

Orate pro anima [^Ntcholai'\ Hall,* qui obiit anno Domini 
M^v^^xxiijo, et Margarete, uxoris ejus, que obiit, anno Domini 
M°D<> . . . , quorum animabus propicietur Deus. 

Hie jacet corpus Hugonis Bosvile de Steinton,' generosi, filii 7. 
Thomae Bosvile progeniti ex 3. fratre de Domo Newhall, qui obiit 5. 
die Januarii anno Domini 1581. Uxor ejus, Margareta Anderton, ex 
qua unicam genuit filiam, Johannam, nuptam Georgio French 
generoso, quibus plurimae erant proles. 

In the South quyer window belonging 
to a place in the towne called 
Or on a chevron sa. 3 crescents ar.* — \? Sothill^ 

In y® Est quyer window. 

West window. 

Quarterly, Scrop and Tiptoft.® 

Ther is [/'«] the parish and township Lambethwaite Graung 
belonging to Ro[^^^] Abbey, and Carrehous Grang in the townshipp 
of Heleby, a towne distant 2 myle and separated by Malteby a myle 
and more. 

*Will 6 August, proved at York 22 
September, 1506. 

^ Will 24 May, proved at York 3 
October, 1522. 

* He was buried at Stainton 5 January, 
1 581-2. Will 7 June, 1581, proved at 
York 17 August, 1582. His first wife, 
Elizabeth, was buried 25 March, 1570. 
He married Margaret Anderton 6 Feb- 
ruary, 1 570- 1. His daughter Johan was 

born 1 57 1, and married George French 
20 January, 1575-6. If these dates are 
correct Johan would be only 5 years old 
when married. 

* The east end of the south aisle is 
called the Holme Quire. 

B This shield is also at Maltby. 

® At one time the manor belonged to 
the Scrope family. 

86 dodsworth's church notes. 

Aaltbs Cbutcb, 24 JulB, 1627. 

^Here lyes Richard Wardrop, forrester of Maltby and Staley, anno 

^Here buryed lyeth Katherine, wief of James Fretwell, one of the 
daughters and heires of Adam Bonville, of the house of Yvybridge 
in Devonshire. Quae obiit die Julii, 1613. 

In the windowes. 

Checquy or and az. a fesse gu. — Clifford. 

Az. a barr gu. inter 3 haires sejant ar. 

Or on a chevron sa. 3 crescents as in Steinton. 

Mr. Perkins,^ vicar of Maltby, sayth that Clifford was lord of 
Maltby and the 3^ part of Staley, and George, Erie of Cumberland,' 
sold the part Staley to Fretchvile, and Maltby to Sir Edward Stannopp, 
one of y« Counsell in the North, whose sonne. Sir Edward, hath 
lately sold itt to Sir Nicolas Sanderson. 

Ther is a parke some 3 myle compasse called Stone Park, and 
hath formerly beene walled with stone. 

Ther is another parke called The Old Parke not past 12 score 


Townes and hamlettes in the parish. 

Hooton Levett, Sandbeck, Ewes, a hamlett of Sandbeck. The 
grounds belonging to the Faldes are in this parish, the house only in 
Tykhall. Parte of Newell Grang and a farme in Heleby. Roche 
Abbey in the parish likewise. Mr. John Wandisforth, brother to 
Mr. Christofer Wandisforth of Kirtlington, is owner of Roche Abbay. 

In Laghton in Le Morthing parish 
are thes places : 

Staide Hooton V^illa, Brokhouses Hamllet, St. Johns Hamlettes, 
Carre Villa, Newell Grange. 

Places belonging to the prebend there which do answere to the 
prebend's copyhold court there : parte of Laghton, parte of Dynnyngton, 
parte of Chappell Anestan, Wales. 

There is a brooke runeth through the towne and hath h[is] head 
from a spring rising in Braithwell More, another spring rising att 
Newell called Cornwell, which joyning in the lordship of Maltby on 
the North and Hooton Levett on the South, so to Roch Abbey, so 
to Alcotes in Nottinghamshire, so to Blith, then to Serleby, in 
comitatu Nottes, and so to Scrooby and Bantry. 

^ These inscriptions are no longer in ^ John Parkins instituted 23 December, 

the church. 1602. 

•"* George, third Earl of Cumberland, sold Maltby before 1587. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


A prophecy that Deane and Skell shal Fountains fell. A great 
pond or poole^ in the parke at Fountaines, conteyning 30 acres or 
theraboutes, and the brok Skell which they feared would overflow, 

[...?] Deane and Skell suppressed. 

Mr. Gascoigne, saith Mr. Vavasor, can show how his auncestor 
gave stone and the Archbishop builded Ferry Brig. Quere. 

I Hugudti, 1619. 

Bardsey, nere Collingham was a barony, and divers townes 
adyoining belonged unto itt. It is the Lord Hunsdon's now, but 
haith beene parte of Kirkstall Abbey. Vide Hist, de Kirkst[a//]. 

5n 3Brat)fot£) Cburcb, 13 aududti, 1619. 

No monument ether in stone or glasse. 

In the quyer window. 

Ar. on a lyon*s head erazed entre 3 bugles sa. an annulet ar. — 


South quyer. 

Erm. a saltire gu. — Scargell. 

Ar. a fess double cotised or inter 2 barres gemewise gM,-{Badlesmer€!f 

Gu. 2 barres and 8 martlettes in orle ar. — [Eland,'] 

Sa. a scutcheon erm. entre 10 martlettes in orle ar. — Boiling.* 

England on a label of three points az. 9 flowers-de-luce or, 3, 3, 3. 

— [John of Gaunt'] 

Townes in this parishe. 

Bradford, Great Horton, Little Horton, Levingth[^r^], vulgo 
Lenthorp, Boiling, Thornton, Maningham, Heton, Chellaw, Denby,*^ 

* In margin : * * Now good medow, " 

* The Bradfords were an important 
family who owned Heath Hall in Warm- 
field, near Wakefield. There was a 
younger branch at Stanley near the same 
place. There is a pedigree in Glover's 
Visitation^ Foster's Ed., p. 326. There 
are several wills at York, some of which 
are copied in Test. Ebor,^ iv, 108. In 
1474 William Bradford leaves out of his 
lands a chaplain to be found for seven 
years, three of which .nre to be at Warm- 
field, and four in the chapel of the Holy 
Trinity and St. Sitha near Ivybridge in 
Bradford. He also mentions lands in 
Bradford. There is no notice of any of 
the family living here but Beatrix, 

daughter of John Bradford, of Heath, who 
married Nicholas, a younger son of Sir 
Richard Tempest, of Boiling, and so her 
arms were associated with those of 
Tempest. Dodsworth calls the head a 
lion's, but it is mostly described as a 

3 James, in his History of Bradfordy 
calls these the Badlesmere arms ; if so 
they are generally described arg. a fess 
double cotised gu. What connection 
this family had with Bradford does not 
yet appear. 

* See Mr. Empsall's paper on the 
Boiling family in the Bradford Antiquary ^ 
ii, 117. 

s In margin : *^Mr, Lochny of Dcnbv.'"' 

88 dodsworth's church notes. 

Haworth Chappell, Stanbery, Oxenhop, Denholm Parke, Wilsden, 
Rivhagh, Eccleshill, Allerton, Clayton, Shipley, Frisenhall, Cottingley, 
Fairewether Greene inter Denby and Lenthorp, Over Byreworth, 
Lower Byr[^]worthe, Wisket Hill, a myle short of Atherton, 
Cullingworth, Wibsay, North Owrom. 

at MortlCB in XTanftetsIaB patfsbe.' 

A lettre from Henry 7 to Sir Thomas Worteley^ to require him to 
provide 100 of his servants to be in readines for warre on a daye's 
warning when the Captaine of Barwick should send for them. 

In Wharncliffe (a chase of Sir Frauncis Wortleley's) on a great 
stone nere the Lodge, wherin are cut 3 seates or chaires, in which 
rocke are ingraven thes wordes : 


Edward 3 granted to Sir Nicolas Wortelay a mercate att Wortley 
on Thursday et unam feriam per tres dies duraturam, scilicet, Tewsday, 
Wedensday et Thursday in Whitsonweke. 

Henry 3 granted free warren to Nicolas, son of Nicolas de Wortelay, 
de dominiis suis de Wortley et manerio 36 Henry 3. 

Armes in Worteley Hall. 

Oxspring port ar. on a fesse entre 3 church belles gu. clappers 
az. 3 crosses fitchy of the first, in the chambers the crosses not 

The graves nere Saxton ar certaine depe trenches overgrowne 
with bushes and bryers, containe 19 yerdes in breadth and 32 yerds 
in length in Towton Feild, 3 bowshott on the left hand in the way 
twixt Sherborn and Towton half a myle short of Towton. 

'^ In margin: ^* A chapell at Wortelay ^ VII, and Henry VIII. He was High 

2 There is an interesting account of Sheriff 1 491 and 1502. He was married 
the Wortley family in Hunter's South three times, and died 8 August, 15 14. 

Yorkshire^ li, 308. (See his M.I. in Hemsworth Church, 

3 Sir Thomas Wortley was an important p. 35. ) 
man in the reigns of Rich. Ill, Henry 


5n ©ttles Cburcb, 4 Septembris, 1619.' 

In the quyer window. 

Ar. on a cheif az. 3 griffins' heads erazed of the first; about it 

written, Lyndelay. 

South quyer window. 

Az. a cross patonce or, belonging to Sir Symon Ward olim of 
Esholt within Otley parish, who with Thwaites of Denton builded the 
South ile of the church, ut fertur. Ther is Ward's armes in stone in 
a pillar therof. 

Per pale i broken, 2 Wortelay. 

Per pale i Sayvill, 2 Calverley. 

Mr. Harison, vicar of Ottley, saith his auncestors came from 
Furbeck prope Doncaster, and beare ar. 3 lyons' pawes erazed sa. 

It is noted with a pen on the margent of Grafton's interpretation 
of Harding's Chronicle that Aclude was Audbrough. 

^St. Hellen Well, nere Monkebretton, was no nunry (saith Mr. 
Rockeby, who haith dwelt ther), but a retiring house for the Prior of 
Monkbretton, wher he kept a preist to say morning masse. Ther was 
a conveyance in the wall wher no more but one could gett thorough 
into the Abbates chamber. Ther is [a] well whither they us'd to 
come on pilgrimage. 

Pocklinton schoole was a gild and by Dr. Dowman purchased att 
the suppression and converted to a free schole by his appointment, 
whose auncestors are thought to be the founders of the guild, saith 
Mr. Nelson, parson of Crofton, sometymes master ther. 

Mr. Slater, vicar of Normanton, saith that Losko was no nunry, 
but a ferme-house of th' Abbot of Nostell. 

Annotationes ex annotationibus Magistri Wall. 

Gild House in Burton Fleming alias Annas Burton. 
Ecclesia Sancti Tullies [5/V] in civitate Ebor. 
Readhouses in parochia de Whitkerk. 
Austrope an H. nere Whitkerk, saith Mr. Wall. 
Brigham Gild in Holdernes. 

Clausum in cemeterio de Sutton in Galtres, Sutton clausum et 
gilde ibidem. 

^ Dodsworth gives only a poor account Mill's "Yorkshire Brasses," Yorkshire 

of the monuments at Otley Church. Archaological Journal^ xv, 36. 

He does not mention the fine brass of or -^ . ^ a .. . 4 n/r^^u^ 

Francis Palmes, of Lmdley, engraved m , ., „ •* & ^ 

Whitaker's Loidis et Elniete, p. 190, and ^^^"^^^ 

90 dodsworth's church notes. 

Domum in new Malton Hermitage. 
Le Gild House in Kelvesey in Holdernes. 
Hermitage in Turnbrige. 
Gildhouse in Sigilston. 
Gild in Benton sur le Would. 
Gild in Semer. 

Concessio Ricardo Hill de Gild Beate Marie in Alne. 
Gild in Headon. 

Concessum Laurentio Wodnet et heredibus unum messuagium 
vocatum Bedhouse in Weddensday market in Beverley. 
Concessio Edwardo Dyer de gild in Richmond. 
Le Gild House in Tunstall. 
Gild House in Rosse. 

Bedal manerium possessio Francisci Vicecomitis Lovell. 
Concessum Thome Jones et aliis Le Gildhouse ground in Reshton. 

Soir } Le Gild Hall. 

Concessio Georgio Darcy et aliis cantarie de Holden pertinentis 
Le Hermitage in Turnbrigg parochia de Snaith. 

Concessa W. Tipper de Braceford hospitale^ et omnia terre et 
hereditamenta, cum pertinentijs, in Mulgrave, possessio Francisci 
Bigot, militis, nuper attincti. 

Terrae in Slyngsby, possessio Johannis Wivel attincti, concesse 
Hugoni Counsell, lo Elizabethe. 

£lan& Cbutcb.' 

South quyer. 
'Quarterly, gu. 2 barrs gemewise and cheif ar. \Thornhill\ 2 az. a 
saltire entre 4 cross crosslets or [Fickesby\ 3 or on a chevron sa. 3 
crescents of the first \Tothill\ 4 as the first. 

A knight of the Thornells kneling with 2 wiefes behind him. 
In another stanchan a knight of Saviles and 2 wiefs. Under : 
Orate pro prosperitate Willelmi Thornhill^ et Elizabethe, uxoris 
ejus, et Johannis Thornhill, filii et heredis eorundem, et Johanna, 

uxoris sue, et prosperitate Nicholai Agnetis, consortis sue 

filiorum filiarumque eorundem ac omnium benefactorum suorum. 

^ In margin: ^^ Braceford prope Moul- Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Mirfield, 

gra;ve Hospital^ of Mirfield. They had John, who suc- 

2 See also the list of anus in Glover^ s ceeded and made his will 31 March, 1529, 

Visitation^ Foster's Ed., p. 475. having married Jennet, daughter of John 

^ In margin: ^^ Thornhill" Savile, of Newhall. The connection of 

* William Thornhill, of Fixby, died 9 Nicholas and Agnes does not appear. 
April, 15 Hen. VII (1500). He married 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 91 

North window of the high quyer. 

Sa. 3 goates passant ar. collars and belles or. — [Stansfeld.] 

Erm. a saltire gu. — Scargell. 

Savyll quartered \unth'\ 6 coates. 

Lord Darcy quartered with Nevill. 

Dan by. 


Savill a mollet perced sa. 

I-ranghton of Huddleston. 

Pray for the prosperity, mercy and grace of John Saville^ of 

Hollyngfo[/']th, esquire, and Elisabeth, his wief, doughter of Robert 

Hopton, esquire, and all ther childer, qwiche causyt this window to 

be made. 

North quyer. 

SayvilP paled with ar. 6 flowers-de-luce az. — [^Pasion,'] 

Pray for the gude prosperity, mercy and grace of Sir John Savile, 

knight, daughter and one of the heires childere, and 

for the saul of his abov[^]said wief, doughter [of] Sir William Vernon, 
the which Sir John causyd this window to be made the yere 

North window of that quyer. 

Sayvill cum a label of three points and mollet perced sa., paled 
with sa. 3 lions passant. 

Sayvill, ut supra, paled with Scargell. 

Orate pro animabus 'Georgii Sayvell, filii Johannis Sayvell, armigeri, 
et Margarete, uxoris sue, filie Thome Scargill, armigeri, qui quidem 
Bernardus fieri fecit banc fenestram. 

Kelder taketh his name of 2 springes arising at our Appenine, 
the one in Kell Hill^ th' other att Dearestones in the Forrest of 
Sowerby, and so taketh his name at the meeting of the forest springs. 

Under Sandall Castle Kelder augmenteth his streame with a rivulet 
card Stainbrigg Becke, which hath his head in Rihil nere Havercrofl, 
and boundreth Walton, the seat of Watterton (whos ancestor married 
the daughter and coheire of Burgh, Lord of Walton, Brearley, Shafton, 
Calthorn and other landes, who had 3 daughters married to Watterton, 

who had Walton, another married to who had Brearley, the 

3 dyed sans yssue and gave Calthorne to Watterton, and Shafton to 
Brierley), then keepeth on his course by Cold Henley, the antient 

^ There was a branch of the Savile Apostle, 1504. He married first Alice, 

family at HuUinedge, near EUand, of daughter of William Vernon, Esq.; 

which little is known. second Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William 

^ Sir John Savile, of EUand and Thorn- Paston, Knt. 

hill, High Sheriff of Yorkshire, i486, ^ Neither George nor Bernard Savile 

died on the Feast of St. Thomas the appear in the pedigree. 

92 dodsworth's church notes. 

possession of Hoptons, knights, thence betweene Cheet and Woolley, 
wher Nevell and Wooderow have long tyme lived in good repute, and 
so by Stainbrigg into Kelder. 

At a place called Thornel Leas, the house of Mr. Nettleton, a 
little beck, called anciently Ravensbrook, falleth into Kelder, which 
having his head about Shibden, being increased with many smal 
brookes, cometh to Longliversedge, the seat of the Nevells, for a long 
tyme, which they had by marriadg of the daughter and heire of 
Liversedg, the auntient owner therof, wher hath beene a parke disparked 
in our memory. The last of the Nevels was Charles, who, when he 
fled for syding with the rebellious erles. Queen Elizabeth gave it to 
Sir Carey. Thence goeth to Burstall. 

Mallet of Normanton quartereth: 
I —Mallet. 

2. Ar. a chevron entre 3 cross crosslets fitchy sa. — Russell. 

3. Gu. 3 chevrons erm. — Peitvint. 

4. Gu. on a bend ar. 3 birdes close sa. — Morker. 

5. Or a chevron entre 3 escallops b. — Peverel. 

6. As the first. 

At Dewsbury a little rivulet called Woodkirk Beck falleth into 
Kelder, begin[«/Vi]g above Batley, cometh by Howley, not far from 
Woodkirk, a cell belonging to St Oswald, by Sir John Savile^s smythies 
and by Sotehill Hall and Parke, nere Dewsbyry Church, into Kelder, 

HImou5burs Cburcb, Septembti9, 1623. 

In the Midle quyer. 

Here resteth [fye^A] the body of Arthur Kay of Wodsome, esquyer, 
who dyed the i6 of October in anno Domini 1575,^ and marryed 
Beatrix, the daughter of Mathew Wentworth of Bretton, esquyer, and 
by her had yssue John, Georg and Margaret 

Hie jacet Nicholaus Fenay de Fenayj^'qui etvixit et obiit in Domino 
7^^ die Martin 161 6, anno setatis lxxviij. 

Willelmus Fenay de Fenay,^ vir pius et perquam humanus, sub hoc 
lapide jacet, sepultus, expectans beatam resurrectionem sanctorum a 
mortuis. Mortuus autem est Aprilis die vij anno 16 19 de Christo, 
etatis sue anno liij*'. 

* This monumental slab is still in Wakefield, married Grace, daughter of 

existence. Sir Arthur's will is dated 9 James Foxcroft, of Sowerby. His will 

June, 1 57 1, proved at York 2 October, is dated 7 January, proved at York 20 

1581. March, 1616-7. 

2 The Fenays resided at Fenay Hall ^ Son of the above Nicholas. His 

from an early period till the death of will is also at York, proved 6 May, 1619. 

Miss Jane Fenay in 1766. Nicholas (See for pedigree Hunter's Minorum 

Fenay, Deputy Steward of the Manor of Gentium^ Harleian Society, ii, 635.) 



North quyer in a window : 

Quarterly, i ar. 2 bends sa., 2 ar. 
on a chevron sa. 3 birds or. — Kay 
[and Finchende7i\} 

Ar. 2 bends sa. — Kay. 

Idem paled with ar. 6 ogresses. — 
Kay and Lacy. 

A man, behind 6 sons kneeling, a 
wief, behind her 6 daughters. Under- 
neath : 

Orate pro animabus Johannis Kay 
de Wodsumme, armigeri, et Elisabethe, 
uxoris ejus, ac omnium filiorum 
suorum, qui istam fenestram fieri 

A North window. 

Ar. a bend engrailed inter 3 ewer potts covered sa. above \a\ 
mollet of 5 points perced sa. in base. — \1 Clyderhow.'] 

Quarterly, vert a chevron entre 3 molletes or [Pudsey\ 2 ar. a 
fesse [Layioti] inter 6 cross crosslets fitchy sa. Underneath : 

Orate pro animabus Laurentii Wodde de Longley,^ gentylman, 
Johanne, uxoris Georgii Wodde, Isabelle, uxoris, filiorum et filiarum 

South quyer Sir Richard Beaumond's.^ 

Ar. a saltire gu. a label of three points vert. — Nevell de Lyversege. 
Gu. a lyon entre 10 crescents ar. — Beaumont. 
Ar. 2 barrs sa. in cheif a martlett sa. — Heton. 


Ikfrftbeton Cburcb, — IRovember, 1629. 

In the North quyer window. 

Gu. a lyon rampant entre 8 crescents ar. — Beaumont.* 

Vert 2 lyons passant ar. — Mirfeild. 

In the glasse. Orate pro animabus [Micharde] Bemond et Cecilie, 
uxoris sue. 

In the midle quyer window. 

Az. 5 fuzells in fesse ar. — Percy. 

Sa. fretty a label of three points ar. — Harrington.' 

^ The Kays quartered the Finchenden 
arms, but the relationship between them 
does not yet fully appear. 

2 In Hulbert's Almondbury^ p. 220, it 
is stated that Lawrence Wodde, of 
Longley, lived 1456, having married 
Joanne, daughter of Adam Beaumont, of 
Newsome, living 21 Hen. VII, and that 
his son George Wodde, of Longley, 
married Isabella, daughter of William 
Radcliffe, of Todmorden. 

^ Thomas Beaumont, of Whitley Beau- 
mont, Esq. Will 25 June, proved 31 

July, 1495. Married Elizabeth, daughter 
of Robert Nevile, of Liversedge. 

* Richard Beaumont, of Whitley Beau- 
mont, Esq. Will r December, 147 1, 
proved York 20 September, 1472. To be 
buried at Heaton. Married Cecilia, 
daughter of Mirfield. 

^ Richard Beaumont, of Whitley Beau- 
mont, Esq. Will I October, 1540, proved 
27 January, 1540-1. Married as second 
husband Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir 
of Sir John Harrington, Knt., of Hornby 
Castle, widow of John Stanley, of Melling. 


DODS worth's church NOTES. 

South window of the church. 


A fesse entre 6 molletts. 

5n tbe Cburcb of Dcrton {Darton\ September, 1623. 

In the quyer window. 

^Orate pro bono statu Thome de Monkbretton et 

hujus ecclesie patroni, qui banc fenestram anno Domini 


In the same window, sa. 3 cupps covered ar. — {^The Abbey of 
Bret ton,'] 

On a plate. 

^Here lyeth buryed the body of Raph Jenkinson, late of Gawber 
Hall, who departed this lief the vth of June anno Domini 1590, and 
in the xxijth yere of our soveraigne lady Queen Elizabeth, and 
benefactor to the pore of this parish. 

On another stone. 

'Here lyeth buried the body of Barber, late of Gawber 

Hall, who departed this lief the xxiij of October, 16 19. 

On a plate in the South quyer. 
Paly of 6 ar. and sa. on a bend gu. 
3 martlettes of the first. — Burdet. 

*On a crescent gu. a labeh of three 
points or. — Burdet. 

''Here lyeth buryed the body of Francis 
Burdet of Birth way t, esquyre, who marryed 
Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Rocklay, 
esquire, by whom he had yssue iij sonnes, 
Francis, Thomas and Robert, and one 
daughter, which dyed being but yong. 
The said Francis departed this lief the 
xj of May, 1596, being of the age of xlviij 


* Perhaps Thomas Marsh. According 
to Hunter there was a Robert Marsh, 
patron of the church and proctor of the 
parish of Dart on, who died 1602. 

^ Administration at York, 29 Septem- 
ber, 1590. In margin: *^ This Raph 
marryed a co-heire of William Dodworth, 
and Kay of Dalton another^ a "^ to 
Vide my book K,for the divi- 
sion,^' /C. = MS. Dodsworth 133. 

^ Hunter says Robert in the inscrip- 
tion, but there was administration of 
Thos. Barber, Gawber Hall, i February, 

* The Burdets of Birthwaite seem to 
have used a crescent for difference on 
their arms. 

^ Francis Burdet made his will 1 1 May, 
proved at York 6 August, 1596. His 
son Francis succeeded him. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


In that window. 
Gu. an egle displaid ar. — Sotehill, paled with Fitzwilliam. 

North quyer. 

Here lyeth John Jenkinson, father of Raphe Jenkinson, ot Gawber 
Hall, who dyed and departed this lyef in December in the yeare of 
Our Lord God 1566 ....... O Lord in The have I trusted, let me 

never be confounded. 

Mr. Burdett of Birthwayt told me that he haith seene in the 
West window of Derton Church in the belfray, ar. 3 huthcetes or 
bugle homes sa., now broken out — Dodworthe. 

Thomas Cutler,^ of the Feild Head in Silkston parish, and 

Barber married the coheires of Jenkinson of Gawber Hall. 

Ther is on the steeple a scutcheon. Mr. Burdet saith itt is borne 
by BailioU, and that Baylioll was owner of Deneby and Hig[A] 
[Z^Jland, and to prove showd me this fyne. 

Finalis concordia apud Eboracum 32 Edward L Inter Robertum 
de Balliolo et Margaretam, uxorem ejus, querentes, et Nicholaum de 
Wortelay, deforciantem, de maneriis de Deneby et Hig[^5] [Z^j'Jland [?], 
jus Roberti et Margarete, uxoris, pro vitis, et post decessum remaneant 
Roberto Burdet et Idonee, uxori, et heredibus, quos idem Robertus 
de corpore predicte Idonyee procreaverint. 

Spottot& {Spofforth) Cburcb, 16 Septembris, 1620. 

South quyer. 

Ar. fretty on a canton sa. a mollett 
of the first — Midleton,^ of Stockeld, paled 
with sa. a chevron or entre 3 crescents 
erm. — [Babthorpe,^ 

Ar. fretty a canton sa. — Midleton, paled 
with ar. 2 lyons passant b. 

Az. on 5 fusells in fesse or 5 escallops 
gu. — Plumpton. 

Midleton paled with ar. 3 hammers 
sa. — Hamerton. 

Willelmus Midleton* de Stokeld, armi- 


1 Thomas Cutler, of Field Head, 
married first Anne, daughter of Ralph 
Jenkinson. He was buried 19 April, 

^ Nicholas Midleton, of North Deigh- 
ton (son of William Midleton, of Stock- 

eld), who died 7 Henry VHT, married 
secondly Isabella Babthorp. 

3 William Midleton, of Stockeld, 
father of above Nicholas. Will 18 Tune, 
proved York 2 December, 1474. {Test. 
Ebor,^ iii, 209.) Married Margaret 


dodsworth's church notes. 


ger, duxit Margaretam, filiam Lawrentii 
Hamerton, armigeri, vixit 8 Edwardi 4. 
Y. fol. 3.* 

Midleton with a crescent ar. on the 
canton paled with Plumpton. 

On a blew marble stone. 

Midleton,^ with a crescent on the 

canton, paled with Plumpton, with the 

portraitures [o/] a man in armor and 

a woman in brasse. Under her feet 

written :' 

With humble prayer I beseche The, 
That this scripture shall here or see, 
To say De Profundis, if thou lettered be. 
For y® saules of Jane, my wiefe, and me, 
Thomas Middieton, sometymes man of lawe. 
Under this stone are laid full lawe. 
Yf thou be unlerned and. cannot reed. 
For our soules and all Christen sowles med, 
Say a Pater Noster and a Crede. 

^About another stone. 

Hie jacet Dominus Willelmus Middieton, miles, quondam dominus 

de Stockeld, qui obiit xj^ die Maii anno Domini m*=cccc®lxxxxvij®, 

ac Domina Isabella quondam uxor Domini Willelmi Midleton, 

militis, quae obiit xxij*^ die Maii anno Domini m^[ ] quorum 


•^On another marble. 

•A man in armor with his wief, under his feet a greyhound, and 
3 sonnes, Willelmus, Petrus, Thomas, i daughter, Anna. Under: 

Orate pro animabus Willelmi Midleton , domini de 

Stockeld, et Johanne Midleton, uxoris ejus, filie Baronis de Dudley, 

1 y. = MS, Dodsworth 155. 

a Thomas Midleton, of Kirkby Over- 
blow, brother of above Nicholas. Will 
I June, proved 5 November, 1492. 
Married Joan, daughter of Sir William 

3 In margin : " Super laminam aneam 
marmori prostrate affixam cernitur effigies 
hominis arniati et uxoris ejus^ cum istis 
insignihus et sequenti epitapkio.^^ This 
and the following Latin translations of 
the text are comparatively modern. 

*This inscription is difficult to make 
out, as in the Middieton pedigree there 
is no Sir William of Stockeld, who died 
in 1497, with a wife, Isabella. 

5 Sir William of Stockeld, High Sheriff 
1526. Will 2 August, 1549, proved 11 
March, 1 552-3. (Test, Ebor.^vi, p. 90.) 
His wife was Jane Sutton. 

® In margin: ^^ In ala australi. Super 

lapidem marmoreum ubi extant effigies 

hominis armati^ cum uxore sua et tribtis 

filiisy videlicet^ Willelmi^ Petri et Thoma^ 

et unius filice nomine Anna, in laminis 




que quidem Johanna obiit apud Stokeld xv^ die mensis Aprilis anno 
Domini milesimo quingentessimo, litera dominicali D., cujus animse 
propicietur Deus. Amen. 

^Another plate on the same stone. 

^Villiam Midleton of Stokeld in the county of Yorke, esquire, 
aged Ixiij yeres, died the xxviij of April, anno 1614, and lyeth here 

Learning, worship, creditt and patrimony, 

Witt, wealth, alliance, wief and progeny, 
Servaunts and freindes, al these, alas, had he, 
Yet lyeth now in dust here as you see, 
And so do thousandes more and so shall ye. 
He doth but follow them that went before. 
And you shall follow him and others more. 
Small difference in the matter 
But that some goe before and some come after. 

In the North quyer. 
Az. 5 fusel Is in fesse or. — Percy. 
Or a lyon rampant az. — Lord Percy. 
Ar. fretty and a canton sa. — Midleton. 

On a marble tombe. 
A man in armor, a sword by his side, under his feet a lyon, on 
his right hand a woman^s portraiture, and on the lefte the portraiture 
of a woman, the brasse taken away. Under feete : 

Miles eram dudum, Plompton Willelmus^ vocitatus, 
Presulis atque nepos le Scropp licet hie tumulatus. 
Mortis causa sui michi causa fuit moriendi. 
Mors capitis [? capita] quippe nostrum male pressit vtrumque. 
Anno Milleno quater et C sic quoque quinto 
Pentecostes me lux crastina sumpsit ab orbe. 

Another stone in the North side. 

Hie jacet Thomns Plompton,* filius Willelmi Plompton, qui obiit 
xviij° die Julii anno Domini m**cccc®xx°, cujus animae propicietur 
Deus. Amen. 

1 /« margin: '' Adhtic super dictum ^ Sir William Plompton, son of Sir 

lapidem''^ Robert Plompton and Isabella, daughter 

2 He signed the Visitation of 1585. of Henry, Lord Scrope. Executed 8 

Will 16 April, 1 614, proved 9 March, June, 1405. 

1615-6. Married first Marie, daughter of . ,^ r t i o. T.T-if 

Edmund Eltofts, of Farnhill ; secondly * Younger son of the above Sir William 

Anne, daughter of John Towneley, of Plompton. 


Middle ile of the church. 
^William Hilei was buried the i day of December, 
Who by workes William Hilei his faith did shew, 
By giving fifteene poundes for ever to contenew 
To the use of the pore of the towne of Wetherbie, 
As by his last will and testament appeareth very plaine. 

Anno domini 1602. 

North window. 
Or 5 fusells in fesse az.— Percy. 
Az. 5 fusells in fess or. 
Sa. a buck trippant ar. attyred or. 

South windows. 

Or a cross sa. 

South qnyer. 

Gu. on a saltire ar. [a] swane or. 

Gu. on a saltire ar. a quaterfoyle or leafe vert. — Nevell. 

Gu. on a saltire ar. an annulet sa., paled with ar. 2 chevrons gu. 

Gu. a saltire ar. a label of three points or, paled with gu. 3 
lyons passant or, a border ar. 

Quarterly, Percy and Lucy paled with gu. a saltire ar. 

Per pale Stafford and Nevill. 

Per pale gu. 3 lyons passant or a label of three points ar. with 

Per pale Nevil mth France and England in a border componed 

az. and erm. 


Percy and Lucy quarterly in a garter. I 

Mowbray in a garter. 

Stafford in a garter. 

Nevill in a garter. 

Nevil with a label of three points or in a garter. 

Nevil with a border compone ar. and az. in a garter. 

(loltborp {Cowthorpe) Cbutcb, 17 ®ctobri9, 1620. 

Quyer North window. 

Per pale gu. on a cross ar. a mollet sa. a border engrailed or with 
az. 3 fiowers-de-luce erm. — Burgh. ^ 

Per pale az. a cross fiory entre 5 martletts or with England a 
label of three points ar. — St. Edward, king. 

1 William Hylele, or Hyle, of Weih- ^ John Burgh, of Cowlhorpe, which 

erby, yeoman. Will 24 November, proved manor he left to his nephew, Brian 

at York 21 December, 1602. Roucliffe. His will, 24 May, 14341 *s ^^ 

2 /« margin: '■^ Mowi)ray^ Nor ff'.^'' London, 

dodsworth's church notes. 


A man in armor kneeling, on his brest, az. 3 flowers-de-luce erm. 

— Burgh, his wife by him. Under: 

Orate pro animabus Johannis Burgh, armigeri, et M , 

uxoris ejus. 

Est window. 

Ar. 3 hammers sa. — Hamerton. 

Brian Roucliffe,^ 3"^ Baro Scaccarii, duxit Johannam, filiam Ricardi 
Hamerton, militis, et habuit exitum Johannem Roucliffe, armigerum, 
qui vixit 8 Edwardi 4. Y. fol. 4 et fol. sequenti. 

Az. on 5 fusells — Plumpton. 

Barry of 6 or and gu. on a cheif ar. 3 mascles gu. on the 
midlestmost mascle a hammer ar. 

Az. 3 waterbudgets or, a label of three 
points componed gu. and ar. — Roos. 

Ar. on a chevron entre 3 lyons* heads 
erazed gu. a mollett perced or. — Roucliffe. 

Idem within a border gu. 

Az. 3 flowers-de-luce erm. — Burgh. 

South window. 

Roucliffe paled with az. a fesse ar. entre 
3 cross crosslets or. — \^AIdborough.'\ 

Az. 3 flowers-de-luce erm. [Burgh] 
paled with or 3 water budgets sa. — [^^^j.] 

Sa. a Starr ar. — Ingleby, paled with 



ar. a chevron entre 3 leopards' heads 

erazed gu. — Roucliffe. 

Ar. a chevron gu. entre 3 hindes' 

or asses' heads erazed sa. 

Ar. fretty a canton sa. — [Midd/eton.'] 
Gu. 3 greyhounds cursant ar. collars 

and bells \or\. — [Mauleverer,'] 

On a very [fair] marble tombe 
inlayd with brasse.^ 

[Arg,] on a chevron entre 3 
leopards' heads erazed [gu.\ a mollett 
[or] perced [Roucliffe], paled with [az.] 
a fesse entre 3 cross crosslets or. — 
Roucliffe and Aldbrugh. 

1 Brian Roucliffe, son of Guy Roucliffe, 
Recorder of York, was a Baron of the 
Exchequer. His will, 12 March, 1494-5, 
was proved at York 28 March, 1495. 
(Test. Ebor.y iv, 102.) He married Jane, 
daughter of Sir Richard Hamerton. 

^ For a good account and engraving of 
this brass, in memory of the above Brian 
Rouclyff, of which a small portion 
remains, see Stephenson's Yorkshire 
Brasses, Yorkshire Archaological Journal^ 
XV, 10. 

100 dodsworth's church notes. 

Roucliffe and Vghtred paled. 

Per pale az. 3 flowers-de-luce erm. and or 3 water-budgets sa. — 
Burgh and Roos de Kendale. 

Hamerton paled with Tempest. 

Ar. a mollet sa. [and az.\ 3 dishes [rt^^.]. — Asheton paled with 

[Arg. three hammers sa, afid\ ar. a mollet sa. — Hamerton paled 
with Ashton. 

With the portraitures of a man in a gowne with a woman. 
Under the feete written : 

O Lord God that art of mighties most, 

Eternall God in Trinite, 
Fadre and Son and Holy Gost, 

Most humbly we pray unto The 
To shew Thy mercy and pyte 

On Bryan Rouclyff and Johan, his wyff. 
Forgyff thair sinne and iniquite 

And bring thaym to thy joy full lyff. Amen. 

Above the man's head : 

Credo quod redemptor meus vivit, et in novissimo die de terra 
surrecturus sum, et in carne mea videbo Deum salvatorem meum. 

Over the woman's head : 

Nunc, Christe, te petimus, 
Misere \sic\ quesumus : 
Qui venisti redimere perditos 
Noli dampnare redemptos. 

Round about the tombe is engraven thes words : 

Hie jacent Brianus Rouclyff quondam tertius Baro de Scaccario 
domini regis, fundator et constructor hujus ecclesie et totius operis 
usque ad consummationem, et Johanna, filia Ricardi Hammerton de 
Craven, militis, uxor sua, qui obierunt, videlicet, dictus Brianus xxiiij° 
die Martii anno Domini millesimo cccclxxxxiiij®, et dicta Johanna 

quinto die Septembris anno Domini m , quorum animabus 

propicietur Deus. Amen. 

Betwixt the man and the woman on a plate ther is, az. 3 flowers- 
de-luce erm. \Burgh\ and about them engraven: 

Orate pro anima Johannis de Borgh, armigeri. 

On another stone. 
Per pale \arg^ a chevron entre 3 leopards' \headi\ erazed with 
\azi\ 3 flowers-de-luce erm. — Roclifle and Burgh. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


Orate pro anima domine Johanne, nuper uxoris Guidoiiis 

Roucliff [^]^ de Escryk armigeri, que obiit die Novetnbris anno 

Domini Millesimo cccc°lxxviijo, cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen. 

Per pale ar. on a chevron entre 3 leopards* heads eraz'd gu. a 
moUet perced — Roucliffe,^ with barry of 8 ar. and gu. on a canton of 
the 2, a cross flory or. — \? EitonJ] 

Epitaph on a table hanging of the wall. 
Chequi or and az. on a fesse gu. a crescent — Clifford, with coates 
of 7 lords of Cumberland quartered. 

Since growsome grave of force must have 

Sir Ingram Clifford,^ knight, 
And age by kind were out of minde 

Each worthy living wight : 
And since man must returne to dust, 

By course of his creation, 
As doctors sage in every age 

To us have made relation : 
You gentles all, no more lett fall 

Your teares from blubbred eye. 
But praise the Lord with one accord 

That raignes above the skye. 
For Christ haith wrought and dearly bought 

The price of His Redemption, 
And therfore we no doubt shall see 

His joyfull Resurection. 

Made by Henry Pudsay, 1577. 
And renew'd by Ri. Kay, 1605. 

Church South window. 

Quarterly, ar. on a saltire sa. 5 swannes of the first [Burgh\'^ 
second, ar. a fesse engrailed entre 6 fiowers-de-luce sa., 3 as 2, 
4 as I. — [Richmond,'] 

Az, a fesse entre 3 starres or. — \? ThwaUes?[ 

Or a saltire sa. 

* Guy Roucliffe, recorder of York, 
made his will 22 October, 38 Henry VI, 
proved at York 28 March, 1460; to be 
buried at Escrick. {Test, Ebor.y ii, 238.) 
He married Joan, daughter of Thomas or 
Richard de Burgh, of Kirklington, Notts. 
They were parents of the above Brian. 

2 Probably Robert, brother of Brian 
Roucliffe, who married Anne, daughter 
and co-heiress of ... . Etton. {Glover'' s 

^ Sir Ingelram Clifford, son of first 
Earl of Cumberland, married Anne, 
daughter and heiress of John Rocliffe, of 

Cowthorpe. Will 8 January, 1577-8, 
proved London 6 July, 1579. Leaving 
no male issue, he left his lands at Cow- 
thorpe to his nephew, the Earl of Cum- 
berland. He mentions his wife Ursula, 
and father-in-law, William Maddyson, so 
he may have been married twice, and 
son-in-law, Michael Porter, who might 
have been a step-son. 

* These are the arms of a quite different 
family of Burgh of Burgh, near Catterick. 
^See Raine's Catterick Church.) What 
the connection there is with Cowthorpe 
does not appear. 

102 dodsworth's church notes. 

'HUerton Oballcvcv^ Cbutcb, i8 ©ctobtis, 1620. 

North quyer. 

Comes Cumberland. {^Clifford, Checquy or and az. a fess gu."] 

Az. fretty a cheif or. — [? Fitzhugh.'] 

Gu. a cheif or a bend componed az. and ar.'^ This in 2 other 

A man in a red gowne kneeling, having this coat by him and on 
his brest, ar. fretty gu., his gowne girded to him, a woman kneling 
with the same on her brest, i son and i daughter. 

On a marble in brasse. 

A knight armed and his wief ; under the feet written : 

Hie jacent dominus Johannes Mauleverere,'* miles, et Elianora, 
censors ejus, filia domini Petri Midleton, militis, qui Johannes obiit 
xxj° die Novembris anno Domini m°cccc**, quorum animabus 
propicietur Deus. Amen. 

Ther is in this quyer an ancient monument of alablaster with the 

portraitures of a yong man in armor and a woman lying by him, 

and the portraiture of an armed man crossleg^d cut in wood, but no 


In the high quyer. North window. 

A man* in compleat armor kneling, on his brest, gu. 3 greyhounds 
cursant ar., coUers and bells or. — Mauleverer. Behind him a woman 

kneeling, on her garment, paled gu. 3 greyhoundes with az. 

on a bend entre 6 martlets ar. a crescent gu. — [LuUere/.] 

A portraiture of a crossleg'd man armed, cutt in wood. 

A pretty hansome monument in the South wall. 

Gu. 3 falcons or, on a cheif az. 3 molletts or. — [Zuss/ier,] 

Mors mihi vita. 

Here lyeth the body of William Lussher, the sonne of Thomas 
Lussher of Showland,^ esquire, who married Anne, the doughter of 
Gilbert Mauleverer, son of Sur Thomas Mauleverer of Allerton 
Mauleverer, knight. And the said William Lussher had issue by the 
said Anne, Richard and Thomas, and he lived Ixx and one yeres, and 
he dyed the xii of November anno Domini 1591. 

1 Allerton Mauleverer Church was controversy; born about 1342. The brass 
visited by the heralds in 1584-5. (See is in existence. (See engraving, Yor/c- 
Glover^s Visitation^ 432.) shire Archcsological Journal^ xv, 3.) 

2 One of the Mauleverer quarterings, * Sir Halnath, son of the above Sir 
but the name not given in Glover. John Mauleverer. Married Millicent, 

^ Son of Sir Halnath Mauleverer, one daughter of Sir Alexander Lutterel. 
of the deponents in Scrope and Grosvenor ^ Co. Surrey. (G/over.) - 

dodsworth's church notes. 103 

West window. 
Per pale Mauleverer and Merkinfeld.^ 

North window. 

A man kneeling in armor and a cassock over his armor, theron, 
quarterly, az. and ar. in the i quarter a flower-de-luce or, the same 
coat advanced on his sh[ou/ders?] — Metham, a very fine on[^]. 

Az. a cross flory ar. 

©ol&esborouab, i8 ®ctobri9, i62o^ 

On the steeple, ingraven on stone. 
Per pale a cross flory — [^Goldsborough^ with 3 cranes or storkes. 
Per pale a cross flory — \_Goldsborough\ with 3 barrs. 

Est window. 
Gu. a cross sarcele erm. — [Bek.] 
Gu. a cross sarcele ar. 
Az. a cross flory ar. — Goldsbrugh. 
Gu. [/ozengy arg. and gu\ — Fitzwilliams. 

South window. 

Az. a fesse entre 3 flovvers-de-luce or. — Aldbrough. 

A picture of a bishop''* with staffe and miter ; on his brest gu. a 

cross sarcele and border erm. — [Bek.] 

Ar. 3 barrs gu. 

North quyer window. 

Az. a crosse flowry ar. — Goldsbrough. 

Gu. a crosse sarcele ar. 

South window of the quyer. 

A man in armor kneeling, on his brest, or a crosse engrailed sa. 
A woman kneling behind him, with the same cross on her garment. 

Under the same window ther is a monument of a knight cross- 
leg'd armed all over with a coate of maile, and a cassock all over 
girded to him with his sword girdle, on his sheild Goldsbrugh crosse. 
They say he was called Sir Richard and that ther haith beene 13 
Richards, knights, of this family. 

Over against itt an other knight crossleg'd in maile with a sword 
and cassock, ut supra, under an arch. 

About a marble in Saxon letter. 

PRiez PVR D'Rxe eve De noLDesBURE' Ke lit icie, 

FYLe 8IR W2SUTeR BeK jsDes. 

* John, son of Sir Halnath Mauleverer ^ Anthony Bek, Bishop of Durham, 

and Millicent Lutterel. Married Isabel, 1283-1311. 

daughter of Sir John Markenfield. ^ Eva, widow of Goldes- 

borough, was living 13 13. 


Another marble. 

Hie jacet dominus Nicholaus Kelde,^ quondam persona istius 
ecclesie, qui obiit xviij*' die mensis Marcii anno Domini m°cccc°xliiij°, 
cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen. 

Hie jacet dominus Ricardus Bolton, quondam rector istius ecclesie, 
qui obiit decimo die mensis Septembris anno Domini Millesimo 
cccc^'LXXij®, cujus anime p[ropt^i€^ur] Deus. Amen. 

In the book of the churchwardens' accomptes, 1580, thes wordes: 

This yere the great bell was cast againe because she was crackt, 
and the scription that was on her before was sett on hir againe, 
which is thus: dominvs richardvs goldesbvrgh, miles xiii, fecit 
1ST AM. Itt is thought to be above 200 yere since the first casting 

Icippas Cbutcb, 21 (October, 1620. 

Est window. 

Or a lyon rampant purpure. — Lacy. 

England with a label of three points az. chardged with 2 flowers- 
de luce or, on each point checqui or and az. 

Per pale quarterly, gu. a towre or [Casft7/e]y 2 quarter ar. a lyon 
rampant purpure \Leon\ 3 as 2, 4 as i, paled with quarterly, France 
and England with a labell all within a garter. 

Quarterly, i quarter gu. a lyon rampant or {? Fifzalan\ 2 checqui 
or and az., 3 as 2 \^Warren\ 4 as last, a border engrailed ar., within 
a garter. 

Ar. a bend compone sa. and gu. entre 2 cotizes gu. a crescent 

sa, — [Leventhorp,'] 

South window. 

Or a lion rampant purpure. — Lacy. 

Or 3 chevrons gu. — Clare. 

2 \stanchion\. 
England cum a label of three points ar. 
Ar. a cross gu. — St. Georg. 

Quarterly Savill and Thornhill. 

Quarterly, or and \^gu. F] on a bend sa. 3 escallops ar., 3 quarter 
a crescent ar. — \Eure,'\ 

Az. a cross flory and crescent ar. — Goldsbrugh. 

3 [stanchion]. 

Ar. a bend compone gu. and sa. entre 3 cotises gu. on the bend 
a mollet of 6 pointes ar., in the sa. — [Leifenthorp.] 

^Nicholas Keld, Rector of Goldesborough, made his will 12 March, 1444-5, 

proved at York 9 February, 1445-6. 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 105 

1. The same sans moUet. 

2. The same with a mollet of 5 pointes ar. on the first gu. 

The portraitures of three men in armor, each on[e] having the 
said coates and ther differences on ther brest. 

Gu. a fret ar. 

Az. a bend or on a border gu. 10 miters or. — Scroop, Archbishop. 

Quarterly, gu. a lion rampant or [lu/za/an], 2 quarter checqui or 
and az. \Warren\ 3 as 2, 4 as i, a border engrailed ar. 

Written on a wall. 
Quicquid spero, nil tamen despero, sed dum spiro spero meliora: 
atque fidem meam Domino perpetue ponam. 

(rastlefor& Cburcb, 21 ©ctobcr, 1620. 

In the South quyer window. 

A man in armor kneeling, on his brest, barry of 6 ar. and gu., 3 
crescents sa. — Waterton. 

Next stancha[«] a bishop or abbott mitred, in his hand a croyser 

3 stanchan, a woman kneelyng, on her brest, barry of 6 ar. and 

az. \? Fleming] paled with barry of 6 ar. and gu. 3 crescents sa. — 

f Waterton,] 

In the North quyer. 

The same persons and coates. 

In another North window. 

A man kneeling in armor, on his brest, barry of 6 erm. and gu. 3 
crescents sa. — [^Waterton.f 

Behind him in annother stanchan a woman kneeling, on her 
garment, party per pale barry of 6 gu. and erm. 3 crescents sa. 
[ Waterton']^ paled with barry of 6 az. and ar. \? Fleming],^ Underneath 
written : 

Orate pro animabus Roberti Watterton et Cecilie, uxoris ejus. 

South window. 
Gu. a cross sarcele ar. 

North window. 

Or a lyon rampant purpure.~Lacy. 

Barry of 6 erm. and gu. 3 crescents sa. — Watterton. 

^ These arms appear most likely to be Lord Welles, who was killed at Towton, 

those of Sir Richard Waterton, of and buried at Methley. (See Whitaker's 

Mcthley, who was buried there, and Leeds,) 

married Cecily Fleming (daughter , r^^^ p,^^j ^^^^ ^^^^ generally 

accordmg to Whitaker, of Robert , lozcntres irules in chief as in the 

Fleming, of Woodhall and Methley). ^""^^^ • f 1^, k . tu .tif 

T«L • J 1 4 r^ '^ • 1 T • 1 engravmg of the tomb at Methley. 

Their daughter Cecily married Lionel, & *> / 


DODS worth's church NOTES. 

3n Capella &e Xe^e (^e IRstber patisbe) justa f)esi[wo&t 

5 Aartif, 1626. 

On a stone, a fesse in cheif 3 mallettes standing byas-wise, other 
with the heads to the dexter part.^ 




5n Srambam Cburcbt 2 Aatcii, 1630. 

In the midle quyre. 
Orate pro anima Elianore, uxoris Robert! de Oglethorp, quae obiit 
anno Domini m® quingentesimo [. . v . .?], x° Decembris. 

Orate pro anima Willelmi de Thornhill, vicarii istius ecclesie. 

JSautts Cburcb, n HudU9ti, 1620. 

In the quire a faire alablaster stone with the picture of a man in 
armor. Engraven theron: 

Hie jacet Edwardus Knyveton, filius Nicolai Knyveton de , 

armigeri, qui obiit vicesimo die mensis Novembris anno Domini 
moccgc°lxxxx°, cujus animae propicietur Deus. Amen. 

Hie jacet [sic'] Nicolaus Ryche et Alicia, uxor ejus, qui obiit [sic] 

anno Domini m°ccccc**xx°, quorum animabus propitietur 

Deus. Amen.** 

Hie jacet Thomas Duckmanton, senior, qui obiit xx die Augusti 
anno Domini m<^cccc^lvj°, et Alicia, uxor ejus, quorum animabus 
propicietur Deus. Amen. 

^ On the sepulchral stones the arms 
are — A /ess in chiefs three mallets. 

2 The family of Teutonicus or Tyas 
was also posses"^ed of Farnley Tyas 
and Woodsome, near Huddersfield. 
Margery, daughter of Hugh Eland, of 
Eland, widow of Gilbert de Notion, wife 
of Sir Baldwin Teutonicus or Tyas, 
living 1235. 

^ Sir Baldwin Teutonicus, Lord of 
Lede and Earnley Tyas, living 121 9 and 


* Their son, Sir Francis Le Tyes, was 

found to be son and heir of Sir Baldwin 

Teutonicus on the 4th of June, 51 
Henry IH. In the Barons' War he was 
on the side of the King. (See Whilaker's 
Loidis et Elntete^ with engravings of the 
tombs, pp 154 and 157 ; also Dods- 
wortlCs MS., vol. Ixiii, p. 53, copied in 
Yorkshire Archceological Journal^ vii, 132. ) 

^ There is probably a mistake in the 
date, as Nicholas Riche, Bawtry, made 
his will 9 August, proved at York 7 
October, 1529. It is printed in Test. 
Ebor.f V, 275. He mentions his wife, 

dodsworth's church notes. 107 

Ma&beswortb Cburcb, ii [?] august, 1620. 

Hie jacet Edmundus Fitzwilliam,^ armiger, qui obiit xxiiij® die 
Decembris, anno Domini mocccC^lxvo, cujus animae propicietur Deus. 

Hie jaeet Katherina, uxor ejusdem Edmundi, filia Johannis 
Clifton, militis, quae obiit xiiij® die Martii, anno Domini mocccc°xxxvo, 
cujus animae propitietur Deus. 

Sis testis, Christe, quod non jacet hie lapis iste 
Corpus ut ornetur, sed spiritus ut memoretur. 

On the same stone, per pale lozengy ar. and gu.— Fitzwilliam. 
Sa. semi of cinquefoyles a lyon rampant ar. — \_Clifton.'] 

Hie jacet Thomas Snythall,^ nuper vicarius istius ecclesiae, ac 
(durante 20 annorum tempore) commissarius peculiaris. 

In a window [on a knighfl- 

Lozengy ar. and gu. a label of three points or about his necke. — 


Another window. 

Lozengy ar. and gu. a mollet sa. — [Fttzwiiliam.'] 

Xi;iftbill Cburcb, tbe ii [?] auaiist, 1620. 

Ther is a very faire monument of allablastre in the South quyre, 
removed out of the Fryery ther att the tyme of the suppression. 
About, thes armes fairly cut and painted :^ 

Per pale lozengy gu. and ar. with gu. 6 martletes ar. — Fitzwilliam, 

Gu. 6 martletts ar. — [^Clarell.'] 

Lozengy gu. and ar. — [Fitzwilliam.^ 

Fitzwilliam and Clarrell quarterly. 

I. Quarterly, gu. a saltire ar. a label of three points [Nevile\ 
2 quarterly \_az,'] 3 fuzles in fess \_gu,] — Montacute, and [?] [or] an 
egle displaid [vert'\ — [Monthermer\ 3 as 2, 4 as first. Over al, a 

scutcheon of pretence quarterly, on the first quarter on a 

canton a cinque foyle, 2 quarter a fess entre 3 , 

3^ a cross > 4- 3 lozenges in fesse. 

^ Son of Edmund Fitzwilliam, of Wad- still remain. (See Hunter's South York- 

worth (who died 5 February, 1430-1), by shire^ i, 251.) 

Maud, daughter of Sir John Hotham. 2 instituted 22 February, 1574-5; called 

He married Catherine, daughter of Sir Guyndall in the list of vicars. 

John Clifton, of Clifton, and was father ^ In margin: ^^ He is thought to be the 

of Sir Richard of Aldwark. (See Tick- founder of the Fryery^ for thes armes are 

hill.) The monuments of both Edmunds ther engraven in stone.^^ 


dodsworth's church notes. 

The inscription about as folio weth : 

Here lyeth the bodys of Syr Richard Fitzwillyam,^ knight, and 

Dame Elizabeth, his wief, dowgther and eyre unto Thomas Clarell, 

the which Sir Richard departed the 22 day of September, anno 

Domini 1478, and Dame Elizabeth the 12 day of May, anno Domini 

1496. And also Sir Thomas Fitzwyllyam, knight, and the Lady Lucy 

Nevell (dawther and on[^] of y® eyrs too the Lord John Nevell, 

Marquesse Montacute), his wief. The which Sir Thomas desesed the 

29 day of May, anno Domini 1495, ^^^ ^^^ Lady Lucy the 25 

day of Aprill, anno Domini 1533, of whose soUes Jesu have mercy. 


In the East window of the South quyer. 

Pray for the pepyl of North gate 
That this wyndo heys garde make; 
In honor of Our Lady mylde 
Yay made yt with the kings gylde. 

They us'd at ther guild to chuse a yong man of the towne to be 
lord and a contry maide for the lady, and had a crowne which was 
to be shott for, and they that shott payd money, and the money 
which was gotten was imploy'd to the churche's use. 

South window. 

Orate pro animabus Johannis Leiston, senioris, et Ma , 

uxoris ejus, Johannis Leiston, junioris, et Helene, Katherine, 
Margarete, Johanne, uxor' ejusdem, filiorum [sic] et filiarum eorundem. 

On a stone in that quyer. 
Hic Jacet Johannes Sandford,- armiger, qui obiit undecimo 
die MENSis Decembris, anno Domini M[/]ll. ccccxxix, cujus animae 
propicietur Deus. 

^ Son of Edmund Fitzwilliam, of Wad- 
worth (see engraving of his tomb in 
Hunter's Sou^A Yorkshire^ i, 251), and 
Katherine, daughter of Sir John Clifton. 
He married Elizabeth, daughter and 
heiress of Thomas Clarell, of Aldwark, 
where he took his abode. He was High 
Sheriff of Yorkshire 1466, and died as in 
the inscription, being buried in the Friary 
at Tickhill. Will Feast of S. Matthew, 
1479, proved York 5 September, 1480 
(printed in Test, Ebor., iii, 246). His 
wife survived him many years, and was 
also buried at Tickhill. Her will, 24 
December, 1502, proved York 13 June, 
1503, is in Jest. Ebor.^ iv, 209. Their 
son, Sir Thomas Fitzwilliam, was also 
buried at Tickhill. ^ Will 27 April, 1497, 
proved York 6 June, 1498. He made a 
brilliant match with Lady Lucy Nevile, 
daughter of the Marquis Montacute, 

brother of the Kingmaker. Their son 
Thomas intended also to be buried at 
Tickhill, as he left directions in his will, 
28 August, 1 5 13, proved York 20 May, 
1 5 16: "My body to be buried in the 
Freers at Tykhill, if please Allmyghty 
God I may come home from the felde 
agaynste the Scottes. I will that myn 
executours make a tombe over my father 
wher he liethe buried at the Freers at 
Tykhill, and another over myselfe yf it 
happen me ther to be buriede." He how- 
ever was killed, and the Aldwark estates 
came to the Foljambes. 

2 He made his will 6 September, proved 
at York 20 September, 1629. It is 
printed in Test. Ebor.y i, 417. He leaves 
one hundred shillings and a cart and four 
horses to the making of Tickhill steeple. 
He lies buried in the south chancel, under 
a fine slab of Roche Abbey stone. 

dodsworth's church notes. 109 

Nere unto itt another stone. 

Hie jacent Johannes Leiston' et Katherina, uxor ejus, quae obiit v 
die mensis Januarii, anno Domini m^cccclxxQ, et predictus Johannes 
obiit secundo die Septembris, anno Domini Millesimo cccc^'lxxxxi*', 
quorum animabus propic[/]etur Deus. Amen. 

Hie jacent Willelmus White,^ mQ\rcator?\ et Cecilia, conjux 
sua, qui quidem Willelmus obiit ultimo die mensis Januarii, anno 
Domini Millesimo cccc°lxxx<'vij<', et dicta Cecilia obiit xxiij<^ die 
mensis Decembris, quorum animabus propicietur Deus. 

In the great quyer. 

Hie jacent Willelmus Estfeld' et Johanna, uxor ejus, qui obierunt 
primo die mensis Marcii, anno Domini m°cccc*^xxxiiij**, quorum 
animabus propicietur Deus. 

On the stone, 3 maides' heads cooped. 

In the window, sa. a chevron entre 3 maides' head[j] coped ar. — 

Hie jacet Johannes Twyer* qui obiit nono decimo die mensis 
Junii, anno domini mocccc°xxxiijo, cujus animae propicietur Deus. 

Hie jacet Magister Willelmus Law,'^ qui obiit anno Domini 
M**cccc**Lxxiij"^®, cujus animae propicietur Deus. Amen. 

Orate pro animabus Magistri Willelmi Law et Agnetis, matris 

ejus, qui obiit anno Domini Millesimo cccc^lxxij, quorum animabus 

propicietur Deus. Amen. 

In the North quyer. 

Hie jacent Johannes Duckmanton, mercer, et Thomas, filius ejus, 
qui obierunt xxx die mensis Marcii, anno Domini m°cccc°lx®vij°, 
quorum animabus propicietur Deus. 

Hie jacet Elena, nuper uxor Roberti White, quondam mercatoris 
de Tikhill, quae obiit anno Domini Millesimo cccc°lx<'vo, cujus anime 
propicietur Deus. Amen. 

Of your charity pray for the soule of Thomas Vesse,® gentylman, 
which deceased the xxvth of Aprill in the yere of Our Lord God 
M<>cccccLi, and for the good estate of Jane, his wief, on whose soule 
Jesu have mercy. 

^ Will 10 December, 1491, proved at * There was a William Twier, of Tick- 
York 1 1 June, 1495. To be buried in hill, who made his will on the morrow of 
the choir. His son Alexander's will is the Feast of St. Lucy, 1435, proved York 
printed in Test, Ebor.y iv, 132. 18 February, 1436-7. 

3 «7-ir IT J^A 'I. f T- 1 u-11 Master William Law made his will 21 
3 William Estfeld, parish of Tickhill, tvt^„^.^k^^ ,^-, «^^„«^ v^..i, wf r.,«« 
made his will I March, proved York November, 147 1, proved York 15 June, 

4 March, 1434-5. Dodsworth has not ^' 

copied the inscription on a brass on an ® Thomas Vessye, sen. , Tickhill, made 

altar tomb to William Estfeld, Seneschal his will 2 January, 1552-3, proved York 

of Holderness and the Honor of Tickhill, 14 April, 1553. There is an account of 

who died 24 December, 1386. (See the Vescy family in the l^rZ'j^ir^^rf ^^^- 

Yorkshire Arc haolo^ical Journal y xv, 56.) logical Journal ^ vol. xvii, p. 340. 


Hie jacent Robertus Vescy et Elizabeth [«], uxor ejus, quorum 
animabus propicietur Deus. Amen. 

It is reported that Leiston, White, and Duck man ton were 3 
merchants of the staple. 

In the South ile of the church. 
12 men with shaven crownes and 7 religious women, kneling. 
Underwritten : 

Orate pro animabus fratrum et sororum Gylde Sancte Caterine. 

In another window. 
Ar. a saltire engrailed sa. 

Orate pro animabus Thomae White, , uxoris sue, et 

eorundem, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt. 


2 stanchan : Orate pro animabus Johannis Lofthowse, Elene, 
uxoris ejus, filiorum et filiarum eorundem. 

3 stanchan : Orate pro animabus Roberti Bewwys et Alicia [«V], 
uxoris ejus, filiorum [et] filiarum eorundem. 

4 Orate pro animabus Willelmi Walcar, Johannis Watson et 
Beatricis, uxoris ejus, filiorum [^/] filiarum eorundem. 

Ther is a place in Tikhill call'd Clarrell Hall, now the possession 
of Turvin, another called Estfeild Hall, and another caird Sandford 
Hall, now living [jiV], and Leiston Hall. Franchis was Leiston pj] 
nephew, and had his land. 

Ther haith beene a parke att Tykhill, and itt haith beene a 
corporation; ther is a market of the Fryday, and a faire on St. 
Lawrence day. Ther is 5//. per annum from the king towards a free 
schoole. Ther is an hospitall, thought to be founded by the Dukes 
of Lancaster, lately repaired by Sir Nicholas Sanderson, for lodging 
for 4, and 6d, a week a peece. 

In stone over the gates of the Fryery of Tickhill 

thes armes are engraven. 
A saltire [Tibetot] paled with {az,] a fesse danzee entre 13 billetts 
or. — \Deincoiirt. ] 

Lozengy — Fitzwilliam. 

6 mertletts — Clarell, 



In stone on the side of the Hall. 
Billety a fesse danzee. — \_Detncourt'\ 
Idem paled with paly of 6 a bend over all. 

In glasse. 
Gu. 6 martletts ar. paled with or an egle displaid sa. membred 
and unguled gu. 

'Batffelft Cburcb, — august, 1620. 

In the great quyer. 
Barry of 6 erm. and gu. 3 crescents sa. — Watterton. 
Lozengy ar. and gu. a label of five 
points az. — Fitzwilliam. 

Ar. a cross crosslet sa. — [Scott of 
Great Houghton^ 

Lozengy ar. and gu. — Fitzwilliam. 

Gu. a bend entre 6 unicornes' 
heades ar. — Wombwell. 

On a stone. 

Here lyeth buried the body of Mr. 

Robert Dickson,^ maister of artes, 

parson of the moiety of the church of 

Darfeild, a diligent preacher of God's 

word. He dyed October 14, 16 14, being 59 yeares of age. His 

memory be blessed. 

South quyer. 

A faire monument^ in armor, with a coller of SS. about his necke, 
his wief lying by him. The tombe garnished with armes, videlicet, 
ar. 5 fuzels in fesse gu. in cheif 3 bores' \sic\ heads erazed sa. 
\Bo5vile\^ paled with party per pale or and vert 3 pheons counter- 
chang'd. — \jDarfield,\ About itt this inscription : 

Here lyeth buried Sir John Bosevill, knight, and Anne, his wief, 
the soyell [?] doughter and heire of Hugh Darfeild, sometymes owner 
of Newhall in Darfeild. 


^ The heralds in 1584-5 found more 

arms in this church. (See ' Glove i^s 

Visitation, 477.) 

2 Instituted 27 May, 1600. {Hunter,) 

^ Sir John Bosvile, the founder of the 

family, living 1252 and 1254, married 

Alice, daughter and heir of Hugh de 
Darfield. Hunter, in South Yorkshire, ii, 
117, doubts if this was their monument, 
* ' first because it is not in the style of the 
thirteenth century, and secondly because 
the lady's name was not Anne, but Alice," 


dodsworth's church notes. 

In the windowes. 

Vaire a fesse gu — Clifford. 

Vide my book.* 

In the churchyard, on a seemly 

On the one side, [^Gu.] a fesse 
entre 3 shelduckes [a^*^.], by the name 
of Jackson." 

Lord Jesus, into yi hands I com- 
mend my soule. — ^Jo. Jackson.' 

He dyed the xijth day of February, 
anno Domini one thowsand v hundred 
nynety, being of age sixty fowre yeres. 

On the other side, a fesse vaire in cheif an unicorne 

passant entre 2 molletts a border engrailed. — [ Wilkinson.'] 

I am sure that my Redeemer lyveth. — Ellin Jackson.* 
She dyed the xxviijth day of February, anno Domini one thousand 
V hundred nynety, being of the age of fyfty two yeres. 


tss2ixx Cbutcb, 12 Hugustt 1620. 

Hie jacet Johannes Lewys,* nuper de Marr, armiger, defunctus 
(filius et heres Roberti Lewys de eadem generosi), legis-peritus et 
unus Justiciariorum dominae Reginae ad 
Pacem et Quorum infra Westriding in 
comitatu Eborum, et Recordator villae 
Doncastriae, qui obiit xvij® die Octobris 
anno regni Elizabethae reginae xxxj°, et 
anno aetatis suae xlvj*'. Qui in uxorem 
duxit Mariam Reresby, filiam Lionelli 
Reresby de Thribargh, armigeri, defuncti, 
per quam habuit exitum sex liberos, 
videlicet, duos filios et quatuor filias. 

On the same stone, or a chevron entre 
3 trefoils sa. — \_Lewis.Y 

^ A later hand has added * quereJ* 

^ In margin: ^^Jacksony father and 
mother to Sir /ohn Jackson^ the lawyer ^ 

^John Jackson, of Edderthorp, an 
attorney in great practice in the reigns 
of Mary and Elizabeth. 

* Daughter of John Wilkinson, of 
Bolton-upon-Dearne. They were parents 


of Sir John Jackson, who purchased 

s Son of Robert Lewis, of Marr, by 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Ilanley, of 
Melton. (See pedigree, DugdaWs Visita- 
tion continuea.) 

6 The Lewis arms are generally: .Sa., 
a chevron between ^ trefoils slipped or. 


In the church porch. 
Hie jacet Henricus Preston, cujus animae propitietur Deus. 
On the great bible ther is a plate of brasse, with this inscription : 
Ex dono Christopheri Barkeri de London,* Armigeri, et 
ReginvE Majestatis Tipographi. 1579. 

This Christofer Barker was borne in the towne of Marr, in the 
vicaridge house. He made the Cawsey in Marr with the charge of 
7//. He made the best pewes in the church, paved the allyes, and 
builded the pulpitt and gave the great bible above named. On the 
pulpitt are his armes cutt as on the margen [or, on a fess dancettie 
^z- 3 fleurs-de-lis of the field\ 

Robert Barker, after printer to Queene Elizabeth and King James, 
was his sone. 

'SbeffedD Cburcb, 17 Huoust, 1620. 

On a table hanging in the South quier builded by Georg, 
Erie of Salope, a little before his death. 

An epitaph' upon the death of the noble lord Georg, Erie of 
Shrowsburye, who departed this mortall life in the yeare of Lord 
God 1590, buryed the i8^ dale of November. 

Such as desire to live when fatall threed is spunne, 

Syth man's life is shorte, ther course they must runne. 
That fame and worthie actes and vertues maie comend 

Unto posterities that live unto the end, 
Else everie worthie deed full soone awaie shall weare, 

Then shall they live as though they neer lived heare. 
What difference shalbe twixt great and meanest man, 

When of there famous deedes noe booke ought record can? 
What booteth titles great of honour soe to have. 

Or Cressus goulden store, when they lye in there grave? 
More worth a thowsand fould they famous for to bee 

For vertues and noble actes then all the rest to thee. 
What moved hath this peere himself to indevor 

By his desertes to advaunce of his house the honour. 
Whose fame I am to weake in verse well to expresse? 

Aid me therfore, my muse, to shewe his worthines. 

* There are lives both of Christopher ments in the church. (Sec Hunter's 

(1529-1599) and Robert Barker (died Hallamshire.) 

1645) i"^ ^^ Dictionary of National .» 'ru- •* u • *. j u j 

Bio9raf>hv epitaph, painted on a board, was 

^Dcidsworth has given here a very ^^i ^'^^''S^' sixth Earl of Shrewsbury, 
poor account of the arms and monu- ^^^'^ monument is in the church. 

114 dodsworth's church notes. 

Of this house the heraldes say in England there hath beene 

Great lordes and barons bould, yere Normans did it wynne. 
Whose daughter and his heire, Talbott of Normandie, 

Did take unto her mate a man of like degree, 
And of this progenie barons by name sexteene 

And erles in number vj of great renowne have beene. 
There matches often were with great nobilitie, 

As plainly doth appeare at lardg by pettegree. 
To speake of such as these, there valor in the feild 

And of there worthie actes adventred with speer and sheild, 
Which have beene heartofore, I leave to each his due, 

To yeild longe time it craves ; the stories who will vewe 
Maie hearby understand there actes of chivallrie, 

Which fame with blast of trump hath blowne both far and 
And he that sleepeth now within this statly tombe [pv^t 

Of both these Talbottes race by right discent is come. 
George, Erie of Shrowsburie, Washford and Waterford, 

Erie Marshall of England, Talbot of Goodridge Lord 
Verdone of Altoun, Furnivall of Sheeffeld Lord, 

Lord Luftot of Worsopp, Lord Crumbwell of Wingfeld, 
Lord Strange of the Blackemeere and Justice by North Trente 

Of forrestes and chases, a councellor president 
Unto his Soveraigne Queene, and for his loyaltye 

Knight of the Garter eke, these titles all had hee, 
Which solemly proclaimed by heralds that daie 

When was his funerall : with honour everie day. 
Lefetenante of Stafford and Darbieshire also. 

In daies most dangerous assigned he was thoo. 
A mightie man he was, in welth he did abound, 

Of all his howse therin the like was never found. 
He fast was to his frend, and heavie to his foe. 

He lived soe direct that none could worke him woe. 
The poore mann's plainte to heare, his eares would alwaies bend, 

And them in there cause against there foes defend. 
Five hundred pound he gave for ever to remaine 

To Chesterfeld to helpe poore tradesmen without gaine. 
Of courage he was stoote, no injurie would beare. 

No subject in this land in whome he stood in feare. 
Great was this Talbot[Vl strength, if he to prove had list. 

More power he could have raised then each man could have 
But ever he lay still his countrey to defend [wisht. 

And never did oppresse, wherby he might offend- 


Marye, Queene of Scottes, then vanquished at home, 

In battell unto us for succor first did come, 
Where shee by seaventeen yeares abode with this great peer,' 

Untill against this realme to worke shee did conspere 
Great thinges whearof by lordes thrice tenne and six of name 

Shee tainted was at last and suffred for the same. 
Soe great a trust as this so longe was never scene, 

A subject for to be a keeper of a queene. 
To scape out of his handes by divers waies she sought, 

But still he did prevent the waie that she had wrought. 
For wisely he did see what perill might have beene, 

If shee had scapt awaie, to realme or eke to queene. 
Wherfore he shewed himself most carefull for to bee 

Soe great a chardge to keepe with all fidelitie. 
Whereby he hath preserved his name of soe great renowne 

The Talbot ever trew and faithfuU to the Crowne. 
But yett for all his wealth, his honour and his fame, 

Loe where he lies in earth from whence at first he came. 
For each thinge bearinge life in tyme it shall decey. 

And nothinge soe sure as death, uncertaine is the daie. 
He spareth noe degree, but with his sythe in hand 

He mowes downe all like grasse his force none can withstand. 
Such as applye themselves uprightly for to live, 

When they yeild upp there breath, it never doth them greive. 
But such as have no care of baile, nor blisse at all. 

They never have regard what thinges on them befall. 
Such men live in this world as though they should not dye, 

And as the dredfull hell was nought els but a lye. 
But sure the daie will come when each accompt must yeild 

Before the fearfull judge when noe man shall them sheild. 
Wherfore while time there is, let us for mercye crave. 

That after wee goe hence a blessed place maie have. 
In peace, yow worthie wight, rest here till Christ shall come 

Upon all flesh to geve his censure and his doome, 
And then with joifull voice. Lord, call him unto Thee, 

Where he maie ever dwell with them that blessed be. 

On a stone in the church yard. 

Margareta, uxor Georgii Yonge, et parvulus ejus filius, sub hoc 
cippo teguntur unde expectant resurection[^;;^] a mortuis et demum 
vitam eternam. Amen. Pepperit partus casulam mortis anno 
Domini 1617. 

116 DODs worth's church notes. 

On another stone ther. 

Under this stone is placed and buried the body of Mr. Robert 
Holland,^ vicar of Sheffeild, the 24 of August, 1597. 

Note that Chaucer speaketh of Sheffeild knives.* 

Robert Smyth, of Crowland in Lincolnshire, a sollicitor or atturney 
of the law, founded a free schoole att Sheffeild, and indowed itt with 
30//. per annum. 

They have land worth an 100//. per annum belonging to the 
church, which haith beene chantries formerly, and procured by the 
Erles of Salop att the suppression. 

'Remember that the late Gilbert, Erie of Shrewsbury, was wont 
every yere on a certayne day to have many buck[5] lodged in a 
meadow nere the towneside about a myle in compasse, to which 
place repaired almost all the apron men of the parish, and had 
libertie to kill and carry away as many as they could with ther 
hands, and did kill someti [pies'] * the Erie. 

Ther is a brooke named Stockwith that cometh from Lichefeild 
to Derby, so through Derbyshire into Yorkshire, washing the skirtes 
of Aston Parke belonging to the Lord Darcy, so to Treton and 
Catley on the left hand, leaving Handsworth, and falleth into Dun 
att Rotheram. 

5n tbe cbutcb of Ikitftbi? ©verblawes [Overi^/oivi 

27 ®ctobrf5t 1625. 

In the chancell window. 
Gu. a saltire ar. — Nevell. 
Or a lyon rampant az. — Percy. 

On a beame in the quyer. 

Gulielmus Talentyre, natus Carlioli, hujus ecclesiae rector, Oxonien- 
sis Collegii Reginae quondam socius, banc fabricam construxit, 1584. 

Of this Talentyre Mr. Ash more write thes following. 

[A space is left in the MS. for the insertion of the quotation,] 

^ Instituted 27 October, 1569, died 21 vicar was interred. (Hunter's Hallam- 

August, 1597, buried nearly opposite the shire^ 269.) 

great window on the south side. His '^ In margin :'' Qucere quo libro ?'' "A 

gravestone, which Dodsworth saw, was SheflFeld thwitel baar he in his hose." 

removed, probably by some of his ( The Canterbury Tales, A. 3933.) 

descendants, for he had a numerous „ ^ . ., ^ ^ , . ^ 

family (five sons and one daughter), and ^ ^« margin: Qu^re more of this, of 

another laid down, which 220 years after ^^^ ^'*'^^'''^ ««^ continuance therof 

his decease continues to point out the * The words at the foot of the page 

spot in the churchyard where this early are cut off. 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 117 

In a quyer on the North side called Stapleton quyer of Stapletons of 

Carlton, who antiently were owners therof and of many lands 

in this towne, with the hamlettes Walton Head and 

Swinden Houses, as also of Keirby, Netherby 

and Barrowby in this parishe. 

In this quyer ther is a window of 3 stanchans ; in the first the 
Lord Lisle, on his brest, or, a fesse entre 2 chevrons sa. In the 
third the Lord Percy, with his armes, videlicet, or, a lyon rampant 
az., on his brest, kneeling. On the second stanchan betwixt them 
was the picture of the Virgin Mary, who, as the tradition is, appeared 
to thes 2 lords, when thei were ready to combatt for th[. . .] liberties 

and commons, whose lands joyned together [ ] were reconciled 


Ther is another quyer in the South side of the same church 
called Vavasor's quyere, which belongethe to Mr. Vavasor of Hasel- 
wood in the right of his mannor of Sicklinghall with Woodhall, a 
hamlett therunto belonging, in this parishe. 

The names of such townes with ther hamlettes which 

are in this parishe. 

Kirkby Overblawes, lately sold to Mr. Dodson, parson ther, by 
Mr. Stapleton. 

Walton Head, a hamlett now Sir Henry Goodricke's. 

Swinden Houses, a hamlett now Sir Benziman Thornbrough's 
house, who is son to the now Bishop of Worcester and late Dean 
of Yorke. 

Keirby, sold by Stapleton to James Favell, cum hamlettes 

Netherby ; Barrowby, Killingbeck and one Steile now owners; 

Barrowby Grang, Killingbeck owner. 

Sicklinghall cum hamlett Woodhall, Mr. Vavasor, of Haselwood, 

Rigton, Sir Thomas Fairfax of Denton, lord de medietate, cum 

hamlettes Brackenthwate ; Blabery Croft, Sir Richard Hutton, of 

Goldsbrough, now owner. 

Staynburne, Sir Guy Palmes, owner. In this lordship is the great 
cragg called Almescliffe. 


dodsworth's church notes. 

*l)u&re9fetl& [ifuddersfieid] Cburcb, 3 5uli?, 1627. 

South quyer belonging to Quernby. 
I^er pale ar. a lyon rampant sa. langued or, ar. a saltire gu. a label 
of three points vert. — Stapleton^ and Nevell of Lyversedg. 

North quyer. 

Quarterly, i. ar. on a bend gu. 3 bezantes, a trefoil gu., 2. quarter, 
ar. a bend surmounted with two bendlettes gu., 3 as 2, 4 as i. — 
I. Clayton, 2. Biron. 

Gu. semi of crescents a lyon rampant ar. — [Beaumont.'\ 

Ar. 3 lyons rampant purpure. — [Talbot'] 

Townes in the parish of Hudresfeld. 

Hudresfeld, Bradley, Quernby cum Lyndley, Scammonden hath a 

chappell newly builded by the benevolence of , half of Mersh- 

den Chapelry, Slaythwayte hath a chapelry. 

Alderman Barkham hath Quernby by purchase. 

f)(Ob /IDelton Cburcb, i8 august 1620. 

On a stone. 
Here lyeth the body of Robert Mote,^ gentleman, who dyed the 
29 day of June, and had vi sonnes and v daughters, 1603. 

Qui legis hec certae mortis memor esto, viator; 
Vita brevis, lucrum mors mihi dulce fuit. 

Another stone. 
Hie jace[«]t Timotheus Bright,* armiger, jurisperitus, et Editha, 
conjux. Ille moriens, conjugi vite taedium, sui desiderium reliquit. 
Quae, marito mortuo, dolorem testata plusquam vu[/]garem decern 
dies [sic] superstes maritum ad superos secuta. Ille 20 die mensis 
Septembris obiit, haec quinto die mensis [sic], anno Domini 161 7. 
Convixerant annos novem, morum suavitate incomparabili, unanimitate 
inauditi, amicorum summi congratulatione, et jam eadem qua vixerunt 
Concordia requiescunt, donee in oeternum simul resurgent. 

^ This account of Huddersfield by 
Dodsworth has already appeared, with 
notes, in "The Wapentake of Agbrigg," 
printed in the Yorkshire ArchcBological 
/ournaly vol. vii, p. 272. 

2 Thomas Stapilton, of Quarmby, 
younger son of Sir Brian Stapilton, of 
Carlton, married Elizabeth, daughter of 
Sir John Nevile, of Liversedge. Married 
by license 18 January, 1494-5. ^^^^ 
will 17 March, 1525-6, was proved at 
York 15 June, 1526. 

2 There is a short pedigree of Mote in 
Hunter's South Yorkshire^ i, 365. Robert 
Mote is stated to have married Gertrude, 
daughter of Thomas Fitzwilliam. 

* Timothy Bright, of Melton, was a 
barrister, and son of Timothy Bright, 
Rector of Methley. He died 20 Sep- 
tember, 1617. She was 'daughter of 
John Lewis, of Marr. Her will 4 
October, proved 7 November, 161 7, is 
at York. 

dodsworth's church notes. 

In the East window. 

Ar. a lyon rampant 2 tayles sa. — 

Gu. 7 mascels ar. 3, 2, i. — \_Fitz- 

Masculy gu. and ar. a label of three 
points az. — Fitzwilliam. 

Gu. 2 molletts of 6 pointes or, a 
canton erm.— Haringell.' 

North window. 

Orate pro bono statu Domtnse Isab- 
bellsE Ardington, priorissse de Hampall, 
ac etiam omnium benefactorum istius cuBsav arms. 

fenestre, anno Domini Millesimo ccccc" xij". 

North \sic\ window of the church. 

Ar. a lyon rampant double quevyed sa. — Cressy," quartered with 
sa. a lyon rampant inter an orle of 6 cinquefoils ar. — [Cli/lon.'] 

Sa. a lyon rampant inter 6 cinquefoils in orle ar. — [C/z/ce^],' paled 
with barry of 6 az. and ar. a bend gu. — Grey. 
South window. 

Sa, a fesse embatl'd entre 3 \leopard^'] heads erazed arg. — Level.* 

Masculy gu. and ar. — \_Fitzwilliaml\ 

Ar. a lion rampant double quivyed sa. — [Cressy.'] 
West window. 

Ar. a lyon rampant sa. coller and crowne or. — Prestori. 

Note the burnt corne in the church yard. 

JSarnbrougb Cburcb, i8 august, 162a 

There was a chappell dedicated to St. Ellen. The walles are now 
standing in the South feild a quarter of a myle from the church. 
In the Kst window of the South ile. 

Orate pro animabus Johannes [kV] West de Wath, Isabell[^], uxoris 
ejus, Roberti, filii eorum, et , qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

• Robert Haringel had half ihe manor ' Sir John Clifton's father married 

of Mellon. His heiress married a Fiti- Agnes de Grey. 
William of Woodhall. 

» The Cressys had half ihe manor of 
Mtllon. Kalherine, sister and co-heiress 
of Sir Hugh Cressy, married Sir John 
Clifton, of Clifton and Hodsock. 

120 dodsworth's church notes. 

South window. 

Az. a cheif endented or, paled with an a cinquefoil perced entre 
3 raynedeare or buckes' heads cabaged sa. They have 4 homes, 2 
upward and 2 downward. 

Gu. bezanty a canton erm. — Zouch. 

Great quyer Est window. 
Gu. a cross flowry or. — Latimer. 
Or a lyon rampant az. — Percy. 
Or 2 barrs in cheif 3 torteux. — Wake. 
Checqui az. and or a fesse gu. — Clifford. 
Gu. a lyon rampant ar. — Mowbray. 
Checqui or and az. — Warren. 
Masculy ar. and gu. — Fitzwilliam. 

South window. 
France and England. 

Idem cum a label of three points ar. — [Edward^ Prince of Wales ?\ 

Idem cum a label of three points erm. — \^John^ Duke of Lan- 
caster ?] 

Idem on a label of three points ar. 9 torteaux, 3, 3, 3, — 
[£dmund, Duke of York.] 

Sa. a bend battelled ar. 

A seemly monument of a man in armor, under an arch.^ On his 
sheild, or 3 lyons salyant purpure. — Cresacre. 

Orate pro anima Parcivalli Cresacre* et pro anima Alicie Cresacre, 
uxor [j/V] ejus. 

About the tombe thes sentences : 

Est Ave Maria proxima via ducere Caelum. 

Qui omnia velle voluit, et cuncta mente determinavit, jam lapide 

Arma benefacta. Scutum fides. 

Exulta, benefac, simul et de fine memento. 

Ex fide ficta lapsus ecclesia [sic]. 

Ex perjurio legum confusio. 

Ex cupiditate et superbia divisio. 

Ex thesauro inimicorum praeda. 

Miserere mei, Domine, dum veneris judicare seculum cum justitia, 
quoniam justitiam tuam dilexi. 

Fallaci mundo vana relinquo, mala nequibo, bona niihi thesaurus. 

Farce servis tuis, Domine, quia pauci sunt. 

1 There is a good description of this January, proved at York 1 1 February, 

monument and account of the Cresacre 1476-7. To be buried near the tomb of 

family in Hunter's Sou/h Yorkshire, i, 373. Alice, his wife, who was daughter of 

^ Percival Cresacre made his will 19 Thomas Mounteney. 

dodsworth's church notes. 121 

Mirabilia tua magna oblita sunt. 

Multa fecisti nobis, Domine, et omnia quae fecisti ingratulanter 

Principium sapientiae timor Domini, et qui moritur in clilec[/]ione 
et justitia, juvet [x/V] in eternum, mors illi ultimb non damnabitur. 

Cum coronati pessimi, roborati ludus, et vanum jurare, subversio 
probe [sic]. 

Specula in corde culpas animae. 

Credo videre bona Domini. 

Mala sin deseris, bona elige dum vivis. 

Fiat obitus pro animabus nostris xx° die Martii per heredes 
nostros quolibet anno iijx. sub poena maledictionis nostre. 

The tombe is garnished with the armes of Boswell, Wombell, 
Cresacre, Wastnes, Woodrove, Fitzwilliam, and Wortley. 

North quyer. 

Owr bonys in stonys lye full styll, 
Owr saulys in wandyr at Godys will. 

Alicia,^ uxor Parcevalli Cresacre, obiit anno Domini u^ cccc° l°. 

Est window. 
Or 3 lyons rampant purpure mantled az., lyned or. — Cresacre. 

Crest, a catt-a-mount sejant, her tayle betwixt her leggs and over her 

backe, ar. The motto, Auxilium meum a Domino. 

Gu. a manch or quartered with gu. a bend ar. — Hastinges, Foliot.^ 
Ar. on a bend entre 6 martlettes gu. 3 bezantes. — Worteley.' 
Orate pro bono statu Hasting, militis, ac M , uxoris 

sue, quondam qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt anno Domini 

North window. 

Gu. a bend entre 6 unicornes' heades, coped ar. — Wombell. 

Ar. a chevron sa. entre 3 lions' heads erazed gu. — Cranebull.* 

Sa. on a lyon rampant tayle quevyed in a border engraiFd ar. a 

crescent of the first. — Wastnes.*' 



North window of the church. 

Or 3 lions saliant purpure. — Cressacre. 

^ Daughter of Thomas Mounteney. *John Cresacre, living 20 Ric. II, 
2 John Cresacre, living i8 Edw. IV, married a daughter of Cranbull. 

SSs^'o/f e'^wicr"''"" °' ^" ""^'^ ' J"!'" Cresacre. living 24 Edw. Ill, 

» John' Cresacre, living 33 Henry VI, l^f "'^ AUce or Sibil, daughter of Robert 

married daughter of Nichote Wasteneys, of Headon. 




Orate pro anima Edwardi Cresacre,^ quondam subdecani ecclesie 
cathedralis Eboracensis, filius [stc] Persevalli Cresacre. 

The same in the next window. 

Sir Thomas More, knight, Lord Chancellor, was sonne of [Siryd/in] 
More, of North Mymmes in Hertfordshire, that was Lord Cheif 
Justice of [/^ /icing's Bench 'i\ Itt is said that alwaies as he went 
to the Chancery he would go to \Jiis father's court /] and aske his 
father[*j] blessing. His son married [Anne\ the daughter and heire of 
\£dward] Cressacre of Barnbrough, whose grandchild now enjoyeth 
the said mannor. 

Itirfteburton Cburcb, 2 Julp, 1627. 

Checqui or and az. — [IVarren.] 
Checqui az. and or a border ar. 
Ar. a bordure gobony or and az. a bend gu. 

Townshipps and hamletts in this parishe. 
Kirk Burton, High Burton, Shelley, Shepley, Thurstandland, Stors 
Hall, Mr. Horsfeild's house a member of Thurstonland, Le long (?) 
Hepworth, cum Scoles, a member, Cartworth, Wooldale, and Foulston. 
Thes last are in Holmforth Chappelry. 

5n Molle)? Cbappell witbtn tbe parisb of IRo^dtotit 

2 BnVSf 1627. 

In the North quyer East windows. 

A man^ in armor kneeling, on his brest, ar. a chevron entre 3 
crosses formy fitchy gu. — Woderove. 

A woman kneeling, on her brest, ar. 3 hammers sa. — Hammerton. 
Underneath written : 

Orate pro anima Johannis Woderove de Wolvelay, armigeri, 
quondam Receptor [sic] domini Regis Edwardi iiij'* dominiorum 
suorum de Wakefeld, Conisburgh et Hattefeld, cujus animae propicie- 
tur Deus. Orate pro anima Elizabethae, uxoris suae, quondam filiae 
Laurentii Hamerton de Wiggilsworth in Craven, armigeri, cujus 
animae propitietur Deus. 

^ His will, 18 March, 1503-4, proved 
at York 3 April, 1504, is printed in 
7ifj/. Ebor.f iv, 226. 

2 Edward Cresacre, the last of the line 
at Barnborough, left an only daughter 
Anne, who married John, only son of 
Sir Thomas More. The More family 
continued to live at Barnborough till 

the beginning of the eighteenth century. 
(See Dictionary of National Biography,) 

3 Kirkburton was granted to the E^rls 

* John Woodruffe, or Wooderove, of 
WooUcy, was receiver of King Edward 
IV. He married Elizabeth Hamerton. 
(See pedigree in Hunter's South York' 
shire f ii, 387.) 


North windows. 

Ar. a chevron entre 3 crosses formy fitchy gu. — Woderove. 

Per Dale I ^^^ ^ chevron entre 3 molletts perced or. — Pudsey. 
( Ar. a fesse entre 3 crosse croslets fitchy sa. — [Lafon,] 
(I. Ar. a chevron entre 3 crosscroslets sa. a border sa. 

Per pale I bezanty. — {^Fitzivilliam of Mabiethorp,'] 

I 2. Woderove. 

Church North window. 
Orate pro anima Edwardi Haygh, capellani cantarige de Wollay. 

Another window. 
Ar. a chevron gu. entre 3 trefoiles slipped az. — Frost. 
Orate pro anima Magistri Roberti Frost, sacerdotis. 

In the midle quyer. 
Midle stanchan : Orate pro anima Domini Thomae Thekill, 
prior \sic\ de Munck Bretton, cujus animae propitietur Deus. Amen. 
. A man kneeling, behind him 6 sonnes. 

2 stanchan : Orate pro anima Ricardi Woderove,^ militis, filii et 
heredis Johannis Woderove de Wolley, armigeri, cujus animae pro- 
pitietur Deus. 

3 stanchan : His wiefe with 4 daughters kneeling. On her brest : 

/ I. Ar. a chevron entre 3 cross crosslets sa. — [Fttz- 
Per pale < william of Mablethorp^ 

\ 2. Woderove. 
Orate pro anima Beatricis, uxoris ejus, filiae Thome Fitzw[/7/w/«] 
de Malmanthorp in comitatu Lincolniae, armigeri, cujus animae pro- 
pitietur Deus. 

South quyer East window. 

Ar. on a fesse entre 3 roundells ar. chardged with 3 crosses 
formy gu. a lyon passant or. 

Ar. on a bend sa. 3 egles volant of the first. The coate of 
Staynton, sa[/M] Mr. Whetlay. — [^Popeley.'] 

Vert 2 lyoncels passant ar. — Mirfeld. 

Orate pro anima Thome Popelay* de Wollay, generosi, et Elizabeth, 
uxoris sue, quondam filiae et [heredis Laurentii'\ Staynton, generosi, et 
pro anima Johannis Popelay, filii et heredis Thome Popela[j], 
generosi, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt, quorum animabus pro- 
pitietur Deus. 

^ Son of John Wooderove above men- ^ Thomas Popeley, of Birstal and 

tioned. He married first, Jane, daughter Wolley-Moorhouse, temp. Henry VII, 

of Sir Nicholas Wortley; secondly, married Elizabeth, daughter and heiress 

Beatrix, daughter of Thomas Fitzwilliam, of Laurence Stainton. Their son John 

of Mablethorp. His Inq, p. m. was taken married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas 

6 October, 1522. Nevile, of Liversedge. 

124 dodsworth's church notes. 

Mr. Whetlay of WoUay sayth Staynton was lord of Woollay, and 
that Popelay married his daughter and heire, and that itt did formerly 
belong to Dighton. 

South window of the South quyer. 
A man kneeling with 6 sonnes, quarterly, sa. and ar. a fesse, and 
on the 2 quarter 2 crosses formy, on the 3 one cross formy gu. — 
[ IVAeafley.] Under : 

Orate pro animabus Wheytlay et Esabellae, uxoris suae, 

qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

/ Quarterly, sa. and ar. a fesse gu. — [ IVA^af/ey.] 
Per pale< Paly of 6 ar. and sa. on a bend gu. 3 mollets or. — 
' {^Dransfield, ] 

South windowes of the church. 

Quarterly, sa. and ar. a fesse, and in the 2 quarter 2, in the 3 
quarter one cross formy gu. — Wheatley. 

Orate pro anima Ricardi Whetley,* generosi, benefactorum 

suorum, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

In belfray. 

Ar. on a cross sa. 3 [f 5] roundells ar. chardged with 5 crosses patee 
gu., which Mr. Wheatley saith is Notton's coate. 

And Mr. Wheatley saith his ancester got ther meanes in Wolley 
by mariage of the heire of Bury long since in King Stephen's time. 

Bishop Fleming^ of Lincoln was borne att the house wher Mr. 
Lister dwelleth in Crofton. He removed the church ther from a 
low place, some half a myle from the place wher itt now standeth on 
the hill, and builded itt all of his owne charges. 

Ther were certaine words in the quyer window which Mr. Walker 
of Shafton nere Felkirke \^The sentence ends fkus.] 

Ara translata quam fabricavit Fleming Ricardus. 

His armes in stone over the porch are : [arg,] 2 barres [azJ] and 
3 lozenges in cheif [gu.^ on the first barr a mollet \sa.\ 

In wood under the window of one of the rowth-casted 
gavel endes in the Deanry att York. 
Brianus quondam decanus istius ecclesie anno Domini 15 19 [?].' 

Teste 62. 
Naues [?] 29. 

^ There were three Richard Wheatleys The leaf on which the above is written 

of Wolley in succession. See pedigree, is evidently out of place, and should be 

Hunter's South Yorkshire^ ii, 386. at the end of the account of Crofton 

2 Became Bishop of Lincoln 141 9. Church, p. 67. 

Founded Lincoln College, Oxford. Died ^ In margin : ^^ Bryan Hygden:^ He 

at his Palace at Sleaford 25 January, was dean of York I «; 16-1 «;^o 

1 430- 1. Buried in Lincoln Cathedral. ^ ^^^' 

dodsworth's church notes. 


Of [ ?] 34. 

Christofer Hall of Gargrave can speake muche of Mrs. [?] Hely's 
booke of Kirkstall. 

CoHittdbam Cburcb, — September, 1627. 

In the North quyer belonging [to] Compton Graing is painted on 

the wall, ar. a fesse inter 3 conyes passant sa [ ?] by the 

name of Chambers. 

Ther belongeth to this parish CoUingham, Compton Grange, a 

[ ?] to Sir Thomas Wentworth, Micklethwaite Grang, commonly 

called Wethey, and is the possession of Mr. Beilby. 

Brocket of Brocket Hall in Yorkeshire and Brockett Hall in 
Hartfordshire being descended of Fawconberg and Sampson of 
Appleton, his heires were married to Sir John Spencer of Offley in 
com. Hartford, knight, late embassador into the Netherlandes. Haith 
much evidences of Brockett. 

•Wewton ftume Cburcb, 14 September, 1627. 

Quyer East window. 

Gu. a cross flory a cinquefoile or. — Albemarle. 

Ar. a saltire and cheif gu., on the cheif 3 escallops of the first. 
— ^Tayleboys.^ 

Willelmus fuit hie Chanci perfectorque fenestras 

Rex pie cujus Dones spiritui te [sic] sine fine frui. 

North windows. 
Gu. a chevron entre 10 [sic] cross crosslets or, 4, 2, i, 2. — Kyme.* 
Az. a chevron entre 10 [sic] cross crosslets or. 

South windows. 
Ar. a lyon rampant sa. [Sfapie^on\ paled with ar. a manch gu. — 

Or a cinqfoile entre 8 crosses flory or a bend az. — Humfranvile.* 

^ Sir Henry Talboys married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Gilbert Burdon and Eliza- 
beth, sister and heiress of Gilbert de 
Umfraville, Earl of Angus. Their 
descendant Gilbert in 1536 was sum- 
moned as Baron Talboys of Kyme. 

2 The headquarters of the De Kyme 
family were at Kyme, in Lincolnshire. 
There was a Simon de Kyme 4 Hen. IH. 
His descendant Philip was at the siege 
of Cj^rlaverock, and was summoned 23 

Edw. I to 7 Edw. II. His son William 
was also summoned, but dying s.p, his 
inheritance came to his sister Lucy, who 
married Gilbert de Umfraville, Earl of 

8 Sir Brian Stapleton, knight, of Wig- 
hill, who died 15 18, married Jane, 
daughter of Sir Lancelot Thirkeld. 
These will be probably the arms of him 
and his wife. 

* See previous note, 



West window. 

Ar. on a fesse dancy in[/tfA-] 3 boares' heads sa. a crescent ar., 
borne by Bishop Oglethorp,^ who was borne in this towne. 

Ther is remayning in this towne the ruynes of a castle some- 
tymes belonging [to] Symon de Kyme. 

Oppidani dicunt that this towne stood more West in a place 

called Longbrough Feild,' and in respect of the removall called 

Newton, and itt seemeth that itt hath beene a Roman station in 

regard of the severall coynes of Roman emperors frequently found 

in the place where the old towne stood, for Mr. Casson dwelli[«^] 

ther showed me above 20 severall peeces all [ ?] and found 

within this twelvemonth. 


To Bardsey pari'^he belongeth Bardsey, Rigton, Wyke, Rowley. 

'flrftescB Cburcb, lo Julg, 1621. 

In windowes in North side. 

I window. 

Gu. a lyon rampant vaire. — Everingham. 

Vaire, a fesse gu. — Marmion. 

Az. a bend or, a label of three 

points ar. — Scrop. 

Ar. a saltire engrailed gu. — Tiptoft. 

Gu. a manch or, a label of three 

points ar. — Hastinges puto. 

Masculy ar. and gu. — Fitzwilliams. 

Ar. a bend entre 6 martlet ts gu. — 


Ar. 3 barrs gu. a lyon rampant sa. 


Masculy ar. and gu. a martlett sa. 

— \Fitzwilliain, ]* 


Idem paled with az. a manch or. — Fitzwilliam and Coignyers. 

^ Owen Oglethorpe, said to be the 
natural son of Owen Oglethorpe, of 
Newton Kyme, where he was born, 
graduated 1525. Rector of Bolton Percy, 
and ultimately Bishop of Carlisle ; buried 
4 January, 1560, in St. Dunstan's Church, 
Fleet Street. (See Dictio7tary of National 

2 In margin : " Nere St. Hellenes Ford, 
ivher stood her chappelV^ 

^ Arksey with Bentley belonged to the 
family of Newmarch. It then passed to 
that of Tibetot, or Tiptoft. The last of 
that line. Sir Robert, died in 1372, 
leaving three heiresses. Two of these 
ladies married Scropes, and became 
possessed of the manor. 

* Sir W. Fitzwilliam, of Sprotbdrough, 
who died in 1495, married Elizabeth 
Conyers, living 1498. 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 127 

A man kneeling in armor, on his brest, quarterly, az. a bend or — 
Scrop, 2 ar. a saltire engrailed gu. — Tiptoft, 3 as 2, 4 as first, in the 
midest of all a moUett ar. Underneath : 

Orate pro animabus omnium benefactorum Magistri Ricardi 
Scrope, vivorum et mortuorum, qui istam fenestram vitriarunt. 

Est window on the North side. 
Orate pro animabus \_Thofna:'] Darell, capellani regis Capcllae de 
Tykhill,* et Nicholai Darell, et \sd\bellcB\ uxoris ejus, qui istam 
fenestram vitriari fecerunt. 

On stones in the quyer. 

Hie jacet Alicia Bradford, uxor Johannis Bradford, quondam balivi 
de Bentley, que obiit vicesimo sexto die Septembris anno Domini 
moccccc^xx°vij°, cujus animae propitietur Deus. 

Hie jacet Nicolaus Fitzwilliam de Bentley,'* armiger, qui obiit viij® 
die Aprilis anno Domini millesimo quingentessimo vicesimo sexto. 

Hie jacet Thomas Wilbore,^ filius Thome Wilbore de Bentley, qui 
obiit tricesimo die Decembris anno Domini m^d^^lxxij®, cujus anime 
ad pacem suam recepit Deus. 

In the West window. 

Quarterly, az. a bend or, cum ar. a saltire engrailed gu., 3 as 2, 
4 as I. — Scrop and Tibtoft. 

Az. a lion rampant or; on the top of this scutcheon ther is 
written, Georgius Darell. Underneath : 

Orate pro animabus Thome Darell, capellani regis capelle de 
Tykhill, et Nicholai Darell de Tykhill, qui istam fenestram vitriavit \sic\ 

North window. 
Per pale ar. a cross flory sa. [Copiey\ cum ar. fretty sa. — 

'a6wicfte in tbe Street, lo Julp, 1621. 

South windows. 
Quarterly, [/] cheeky az. and or a bordure gu., 2 quarter, ar. a 
cross engrailed gu., 3 as 2, 4 as first. — ^Warren. 
Lozengy ar. and gu. a border az. — Fitzwilliam. 

^ afecQunt of the Royal Chapel Alice daughter of Robert Baildon, of 

of Tickhill, see Hunter's South Yorkshire, Baildon. 

i, 235. 8 xhe Wilbores came from Pontefract. 

» There was a yoanger branch of the ^he only pedigree seems to be in Richard 

FitzwiUiams of Sprottorough settled at "°'"f ' ^^""^ ^""^ °/ P^^'^f''.?,':'- 

Bentley. The a W Nicholas married w^ S^w r«' °f., .^ >'^*'"«""' 
' Wray, and Washmgton still remain. 



In the North window. 

God and the blessed Trynity 
Preserve Cusworth and Brokylsbye. 

Orate pro bono statu Robert! Brokylsbee, qui istam fenestram 
fieri fecit anno Domini 15 . . . 

Another window. 
Orate pro anima Ricardi Cusworth* et Alicie, uxoris ejus, et pro 
animabus parentum suorum, anno Domini m° 

In the North quyer. 

A monument having quarterly, masculy in a border \Fitzwiliiam\ 
2 a fesse entre 3 moUets perced [Fassle2v'\^ 3 as 2, 4 as i. 

Hie jacet Johannes Fitzwilliam,^ armiger, et Amisia, uxor ejus, filia 
et una heredum Roberti Passelew et Elizabeth, uxoris sue, filie 
Thome del Hay et heredis Petri del Hay, quae quidem Amisia obiit 
viij die mensis Julii anno Domini millesimo cccclxxvij^, et predictus 

Johan[«]es obiit anno Domini millesimo cccclxx . » . , 

quorum animabus propitictur Deus. 

Sis testis, Christe, quod non jacet hie lapis iste 
Corpus ut ornetur, sed s[)iritus ut memor[^/«r]. 

On a stone. 

Masculy* \ar, and gu. a border az, — Fitzwilliatn], 

Hie jacet Johannes Fitzwilliam , qui obiit anno Domini 

millesimo ccccxij. 

On a monument. 

\Az.^ on a cheif [or] 3 martletts [gules]. — [Wray.] 
Hie jacet [sic] Leonardus Wray,* generosus, et Ursula, uxor ejus, 
filia Thome Vicars de Scausbie, qui obiit [sic] in fide Christi 
vicesimo tertio die Augusti anno Domini 1590. Habuerunt filios, 
Christopherum Wray, Philippum, Leonardum, Robertum, et filias, 
Frances, Elizabeth, Margret et Mary. 

^ Richard Cusworth. Will 2 March, 
1525-6, proved at York 29 March, 
1526; to be buried at Ad wick. To his 
son-in-law, Robert Brokylsby, lands in 
Bentley, &c. 

2 The Fitz Williams of Ad wick were a 
younger branch of the family at Sprot- 
borough. They ended in a grand- 
daughter of the above John in 151 5. 

3 This might be the monument of 
John son of the above John Fitz- 

william, who died September 25, 15 12. 
If so, the date is wrong. 

* Son of William Wray, of Bedale, and 
younger brother of Sir Christopher Wray, 
Chief Justice of King's Bench. He died 
23 August, 1590, buried at Ad wick. 
Will 14 August, 1590, proved at York 
3 February, 1 590-1. His eldest son, 
Christopher, was of Cusworth. See the 
pedigree in Hunter's South Yorkshire, 

i» 349. 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 


A monument under the arch in 

the quyer side. 

Per pale, gu. 2 barrs ar. in cheif 3 

moUetts ar. a moUet gu. on the first 

barr [IVaskingfon]^ paled with ar. a 

chevron entre 3 chess rooks sa. — 

Hie jacet Jacobus Washingtonus,^ 
armiger, dominus de Adwicke super 
Stratam, et Margareta, uxor ejus, filia 
Johannis Anlaby, armigeri, qui septem 
filiorum et quinque filiarum parentes 
fuerunt. Ipse obiit aetatis sue 45° anno 
Domini 1580. Ipsa obiit anno aetatis sue 36° anno Domini 1579. 

» In North quyer window. 

Masculy ar. and gu. a border az. — [^FitzwiliiamJ] 

Ar. a cheif gu. a bend az. 

Quarterly checquy az. and or, cum border gu. [Warren] with ar. 

a cross engrailed gu., &c. 

On a stone. 

Hie jacet Willielmus Adam' de Adwick, qui obiit decimo quinto 
die Januarii anno Domini 1599. Mors nobis lucrum. 


'Confsburgb, 9 5uls, 1621. 

Est window in the quyer. 
Quarterly, ar. and sa. A man kneeling, mitered, having a croiseir's 
staffe in his hand and [?] ii with shaven crownes and blew gownes 
kneeling behind him. Underwritten : 

^Tempora longa valens vivat Thomas, Prior Atwell, 

Per cursum mundi scandatis alta poli, 
O Pancrate, tuo precibus succure priori 

Cum grege qui [?] socius te beat almitonans. 

* The Washingtons resided at Adwick 
till the beginning of the last century. 
James Washington was buried 31 August, 
1580. See Dugdale^s Visitation Con- 
tinued. The colour of the arms is 
reversed by Dugdale, with a crescent for 

a There is a will at York of William 
Adames, of Adwick, gentleman, 19 Jan., 
proved 6 February. 1 599- 1 600. 

8 Conisborough Church belonged to the 
Priory of Lewes, in Sussex. Hunter says 
that Prior Atwell began his presidency 
over the house in i486. 

* There must be some error in the 
above manuscript by Dodsworth. 


About a stall of waynscotL 
Anno Domini 1601. This closet with 3 bookes' herein cheyned 
were of the gnlfl and charge of John Waterhouse of Halifax, esquire, 

On a stone. 
Here lyes the body of William Amias,' gentleman, late deputy 
steward of the honor of Tyckell and Consbrough, who departid this 
transitory lief the x day of October in the xxx yere of the rayne of 
King Henrye the viij, of whose saule God have mercy. 

Hie jacent Ricardus, Antonius et Edmundus,' filii Thome Fitz- 
william, miiitis, et Domine Lucie, uxoris ejus, quorum animabus 
propicietur Ueus. 

Another stone. 
Vive Deo, vera nitere ad astra fide. 

Monument um Thoma; Saxton de Butterbeske et Elisabethae, 
uxoris ejus, Gertrudie, neptis eorum, anno Domini 16^7. 
In the church West window. 
Per pale Fitzwilliam cum mollet perced sa., with 3 flaming 
brands or. 

A monument having the same brani it each corner, with this 
inscription ; 

Orate pro anima Katerine,' quondam uxoris Edmundi Fitzwilliam, 
armigeri, qui obiit xj" die Marcii anno Domini m''cccc°lxx [wy /]. 
In the West window. 
Per pale Fitzwilliam and sa. 3 brandes or. 

Orate pro animabus Eldmundi Fitzwilliam et Caterine, uxoris ejus. 
Super tabulam pensilem. 
Vixit et feterna fruiturus pace suorum 

.lEthereas, petiit post pia fata, domos, 
Georgius Maples," Ktat is 84, a.d. 1618. 
Ex impensis Thome Maples' Huntingdonensis, armigeri, filii sui. 
Vaine [/idpe] and happ adeiw, all worldly joyes ar paine, 
Death haith me ridd of you with Christ to live againe. 
Isabella, uxor Georgii Mapples, 
Sanctius vt poscis [sic] vivere, disce mori. 
A.D. 1616. 
1 /« margin: "A bfoi-e of Homily ts, proved 30 May, 1477. 
Feler M[. . .?]lie's Commmtplac.s, Bui- at Conisborough, and 1 
Unget's Sermons." Wadworlh, Her arms v 

" Will 9 October, 1538, proved at York brands. This monument is 
21 January, 1538-9. '^ Will of George M 

* Children of Sir Thomas Filzwilliiim, borough, yeoman, 5 Di 
of Aldwark, and Lady Lucy Nevile. proved at Vork 20 Jatiuar 

* Second wife of Edmund Fitzwilliam, " In margin : " lie is 
of Wadworth, gentlewoman to Maud, lingion and Cambridge sk. 
Countess of Cambridge ; her maiden ibsi, and daielleth at SA 
name unknown. Will 6 March, 1476-7, [ fj." 


" Vita mihi coelebs fuit et contractior aetas, 

Corpus terra, animam virgine natus habet. 
Richardus, filius Georgii Mapples, obiit a.d. i6io. 

In me behold thy mortall state, such one was I as thou. 
And thou, O man, in tyme shalt be even dust as I am now. 
Georgius Mapples, obiit a.d. i6i6. 

Orate pro anima Domine Alicie,* quondam uxoris Ricardi Boswell, 
que obiit ..... die Aprilis anno Domini m** quingentessimo ij^, cujus 
anime propicietur Deus. Amen. 

In an arch in the North wall. 
Hie jacet Nicolaus Boswell^ qui istam cantariam instituit, qui 
quidem Nicolaus in fata decessit anno Domini milessimo quingen- 
tessimo vicessimo' tertio, cujus animae propitietur Deus. 

In a window above this monument. 
Gu. on a bend ar. 3 escallops az. — [^Bissett.'Y .^ 

Orate pro anima Tomae Wentworth qui istam fenestrara fieri fecit. 

South high window. 
Ar. 5 fusesses [sic] in fesse gu. in cheif 3 [bears'^ heads eraz'd sa. 
— Boswell. A man and his wief, 8 sons and one daughter. 

'Orate pro animabus Thome Boswell et Johanne, consortis, et 
filibrum suorum. 

Orate pro animabus Ricardi Bosewell et Alicie, uxoris sue, et pro 
animabus filiorum et filiarum suarum, et preceptor[is] Thome Boswell, 
qui istam fenestram fieri fecit. 

Orate pro anima Hugonis Nicolson et Johanne, uxoris ejus, et 
filiorum eorundem, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt anno Domini 

/ftejbrouab Cburcb, — %\\Vs, 1621. 

Quyer window. 
Ar. a chevron entre 3 escallops sa. — {_ArMng/on.] 
Per pale, first gone, second, gu. 3 garbes and a border engrailed 
or. — Kempe.* 

1 Wife of Richard Bos vile, of Conis- ^ Ori^nal/y written *^^ tricessimor but 
borough; said to be a Vavasour, of over 'Uri" Dodsworth has turitten ^*vi.'' 
Denaby. She made her will 7 April, The date^' IS33'^ is in the margin. 
proved at York 12 September, 1502. * Quartered by Wentworth, of North 

2 Nicholas, son of the above Richard ^Thomas Bosvile made his will i 
arid Alice funded the only chantry m December, I573» proved 3 May, 1574, to 
the church Will 6 October, 1521 proved ^e buried at Conisborough. He married 
at York 3 July 1 523 Th;s tomb is sti 1 . j^^^^^ Worsley. 

'Jr^'^^'if.".'^^- l^^ ^'* S^'* Stephenson s •' e The arms of John Kempe, Arch- 
West Riding Brasses, Yorkshire Archceo- bighop of York and Canterbuiy, 1380- 
iogual Journal, xv, 9. j ^ ^ ^ "* 

132 dodsworth's church notes. 

Quarterly, i. ar. 2 piles sa., 2. ar. a lyon rampant az., 3 as 2, 4 as i. 

Orate pro [anima] Magistri decretorum doctor et Archi- 

diaconus Eboracensis [sic'] et ecclesie parochialis de 

Mesbrough, qui istam fenestram fieri fecit anno Domini milessimo 
quingentessimo quinquagessimo quinto. 

In another South window. 
*Ar. a lyon rampant sa. a border gu. full of trefoyles ar. 
[By another hand: — ] These Mr. Dodsworth calls trefoyles are 
crosses botony fitchee. 

IRouston Cburcb, tbc n of JuIb, 1621. 

South quyer, East window. 

Lord Darcy,^ supported with 2 black bulls, homes and hoofes or, 

quartered with Mennell. 

Orate pro bono statu Strangewayes,' militis, qui istam 

fenestram fieri fecit. 

South window. 

A man in armor kneeling, his wief and 3 daughters. 


Ar. on a fesse entre 3 church bells gu. 3 crosses formyes ar. — 


Orate pro animabus Willelmi Oxspring et Elizabethe, uxor [sic] sue. 

North quyer window. 

A man in a redd coat kneiing, with 2 sonns, a wief and 2 

Quarterly, ar. 5 fusells in fesse gu. in cheif 3 martletes sa. — 

Ar. a bend entre 6 mertletts sa. — Tempest. 

Ar. 5 fusells in fess gu., in cheif 3 martletts sa. — Boswell. 

Orate pro bono statu Johannis Boswell et uxoris sue, ac 

omnium filiorum filiarumque suorum. 

Another window. 
An angell holding a plough drawne by 4 oxen and another 
angell driving. Above written : 

God speed plough 

And send us corne enough. 

1 Still remaining in 1893. daughter and co-heir of Philip, Lord 

a Ix>rd Darcy owned Notion, in the ^^^f, Oxsprings sprung from Oxspring, 

parish of Royston. in the parish of Penistonl 

^ In margin: ^^ Dominus de Notion,'''^ ^ Bosvile, of Chevet, in the parish of 

Sir James Strangeways married Elizabeth, Royston. 


On the organs. 
Dulcia qui cernis preclara hsec organa Sanctis 
Repletum precibus sepe juvate tuis. 1533. 

Townes in Royston parish. 
Royston, Chevet, Notton, Akeden, Wool ley, a chapell tow Cud- 
worth, Bretton alias Burton, Monkbretton et Ellenwell, Carlton et 

Momersleu dburcb, 12 Juls, 1621. 

In the quyer Est window. 
Ar. 5 fusells in fesse gu. — Montacute. 

South window. 

Gu. a lyon rampant ar. — Mowbray. 

Gu. 5 fusells in fesse or. — Newmarch.^ 

Under the North wall. 

A knight in mayle crossleg'd, on his sheild, 5 fusells in fesse. — 


In the North quyer Est window. 

Gu. 5 fusells in fesse or. — Newmarch. 

Orate pro anima Domini Ricardi Aleyn, nuper vicarii de 
Womersley, et pro animabus parentum suorum ac omnium consan- 
guineorum suorum ac benefactorum suorum, qui istam fenestram fieri 
fecit anno Domini m**cccclxxxxiiijo. 

North windows. 
Or 5 fusells in fesse gu. entre 3 crosses botony 6 in cheif and 
3 in base, 2, i. — Newmarch. 

Gu. 5 fusells in fesse or. — [JVewmarck.^] 
Gu. a saltire ar. — Nevell. 

In the South quyer East window. 
Gu. 5 fusells in fesse or. — [Newmarck.] 
Ar. 5 fusells in fesse gu. — [JVeze/marcA, of Whatton^ Co, Nott'] 

In the same window. 

A man in armor kneeling, on his brest, gu. 5 fusells in fess or, 
behind him, 6 sonnes armed, with the same coat on ther bres[/j]. 

On the other side, his wief kneeling, on her gowne, per pale ar. 
[5] fusells gu., and gu. [5] fusells or, behind her 6 daughters, all in 
red gownes. Underneath this inscription : 

1 Dugdale in his Baronage states that 2 Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of 

Adam Newmarch was at the battle of Robert Newmarch, married John Nevile, 

Kenilworth, and married Elizabeth, grandson of first Earl of Westmorland, 

daughter of Roger, Lord Mowbray. (Flower's Visitation of Yorkshire, 224.) 


Orate pro animabus Radulphi Newmarch, quondam domini istius 
ville, et Elizabeth, uxoris ejusdem, eorumque liberorum omnium, qui 

quidem Radulphus occisus fuit* apud Schrewesbury inter 

dominum Henricum Regem et inter Henricum Percy militem, anno 
Domini millesimo cccc tercio, littera 

South window. 
'Gu. 3 crosses fitchy and a cheif or, paled with Newmarch.* 

On a stone in the North quyer. 
Orate pro anima Domini Johannis Aleyn, quondam capellani 
capelle de Midilhadilsay. 

Camsall \Campsait\ Cburcb^ 12 of Juls, 1621. 

North window on the North side. 
Orate pro bono statu Magistri Roberti Brayton qui istam fenes- 
tram fieri fecit anno Domini millesimo quingentessimo. 

East window of the North ile. 
Orate pro anima Johannis Clerkson et pro bono statu Alicie, 
uxoris dicti Johannis, et Willelmi Clerkson et Isabelle, uxoris ejus, 
qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

North window. 
Orate pro animabus Roberti Heton et Johanne \iixoris ejus\ qui 
istam fenestram fieri fecit. 

Window in the South ile. 
Or 3 lyons rampant purpure. — Talbot \1 Cresacre]. 
Orate pro animabus Johannis Cresacre et Elizabeth, uxoris ejus, 
qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

On a stone in the quyer. 
Orate pro anima Nicholai Wallare et Margarete, uxoris ejus 

Est window in the quyer. 

Or a lyon rampant purpure. — Lacy. 

Gu. 5 fusells in fesse or. — Newmarch. 

Quarterly, or and gu. a bend sa. cum a label of five points ar. 

Quarterly, checqui or and az. — Warren. 2. quarter, gu. a lyon 
rampant or, a border engrailed ar. 

Quarterly, ar. and gu. on the gu. a fret or, a bend sa. — Despenser. 

Checqui or and az. — [ Warren,] 

Or 3 chevrons gu. — [^C/are.] 

^ *^ occisus fuiV is added by a later hand, 

2 Pap worth gives this shield to the ^ ^* paled with Newmarch^* is added by 

Arderne family. another later hand. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


Sptotbruflb Cbtttcb, 23 iS)ctobri0, 1620. 

Est window. 
Az. a fesse dancy entre 6 billets or. — Deyncourt. 
Masculy gu. and ar. — Fitzwilliam. 
Sa. a cross floretty ar. 
Ar. a fesse danzy entre lo billettes sa. — Deyncourt. 

On a stone. * 

The first part worne out, which the dark that hath beene there 
40 yeres saith he haith read itt very plainely, and that itt was : 

Here lyeth John Fitzwilliams\ , sometymes lord of Sprot- 

brugh, who dyed att Roan the day of mber, anno 

Domini M<>cccc°xxi°, and Margret, his wief, who dyed 

The portraitures of a man in armor, graven in brasse, his wief 
by him: 

Hie jacent Willelmus Fitzwilliam,^ dominus de Sproteburgh, 
armiger, et Elisabeth, uxor ejus, fi lia Thome Chaworth, m Hit is, qui 
autem Willelmus obiit apud Hathilsay primo die mensis Decembris 

anno Domini millesimo cccc°lxx° quarto, et predicta Elisabeth 

die mensis anno Domini millesimo cccc° 

The portraitures of a man armed and his wief, graven in stone : 

Hie jacet Dominus Willelmus Fitzwilliam,'^ miles, quondam dominus 

de Sprotburgh anno Domini m^'cccc^ 

nonagessimo quarto, cujus anime propitietur Deus. 

Hie jacet Johannes Fitzwilliam,^ dominus de Sprotbrugh, filius 

Willelmi Fitzwilliam, militis, qui obiit die mensis August! anno 

Domini millesimo cccc**lxxxix°, cujus anime propicietur Deus. 

Hie jacet Elizabeth,' filia Ricardi Fitzwilliam, militis, que obiit 

, . . . . anno Domini millesimo , cujus anime 

propicietur Deus. Amen. 

* Son of Sir John Fitzwilliam, of 
Sprotborough, and Eleanor Green. He 
did not long enjoy the estates, for he 
died in 1421 at Rouen with Henry V, 
only three years after his father. He 
married Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas 
Clarel, of Aldwark, who married secondly 
Sir Robert Waterton, of Met h ley, and 
thirdly Sir William Gascoigne, of Gaw- 

2 Son of the above John Fitzwilliam. 
He died i December, 1474. Will Mon- 
day before the feast of St. Andrew, 1474, 
proved at York 10 January, 1474-5. 
{Tesi. Ebor.y iii, 211.) His wife, Eliza- 
beth, was daughter of Sir Thomas 
Chaworth. (See engraving of monument 
in Hunter's South Yorkshire, i, 345 ; and 
Yorkshire ArchaologiccU Journal, xi, 80.) 

3 Son of the above William Fitz- 
william. His will 3 July, proved at 
York 10 August, 1494. He married 
Elizabe'h, daughter of Sir John Conyers. 

* Son of the above Sir William Fitz- 
william, and died in his father's lifetime, 
1489. He married Elizabeth, daughter 
of Sir Richard Fitzwilliam, of Aldwark, 
and their son William, who died 15 16, 
was the last of the male line of Sprot- 
borough. Hunter mentions that tliere is 
preserved on a wall plate in the north 
aisle: '*Of your charitie pray for the 
soule of William Fitzwilliam, the maker 
herof, in the yer of our Lord mdviii." 

^ If this lady was the above Elizabeth, 
she is said to have married secondly Sir 
Thomas Wortley. 




On a tombe. 

Ar. a cross flory sa. a crescent ar. 
— [Cofiley.] 

Hie jacet Phillipus Copley/ armi- 
ger, dominus de Sprodbrugh, filius 
Willelmi Copley, militis, et Dorotheae, 
uxoris ejus, qui obiit decimo nono 
die mensis Octobris anno Domini 
[m<>] ccccc^'lxxvij**, cujus anime pro- 
pitietur Deus, et Maria, uxor ejus, filia 
Briani Hastinges, militis, que obiit 7 
die Junii anno Domini millesimo 597. 
Gulielmus, Margareta, Franciscus, Al- 
verdus,' Johannes, Thomas. 

On a tombe on the North side. 
Sa. a fesse battalled entre 3 [leopards'] heads eraz'd ar. — [ZeveU.'] 
Hie jacent Willelmus Levitt,' generosus, et Elizabeth, uxor ejus, 
una filiarum et coheredum Willelmi Wentworth, quondam istius 
parochie generosi. Que obiit 20 die Julii, ille vero 29 die Januarii 
anno Domini 1576, qui jure nuptiali convixerunt annos 59, pater et 
mater Nicholai Levytt, modo de Chenston, avus et ava* Radulphi 
Levytt, unici filii ejusdem Nicholai, modo de Alta Melton, proavus et 
proava Thome et Roberti Levytt, ipsius Radulphi filiorum. 

North windows. 

Gascoigne, quarterly, 9 coates,' 
paled with Fitzwilliams 9 coates. 
Written over the top, Gasken, Lord 
Prive Seal. 


Ar. a fesse dancy entre ro billets 
sa. — Deyncourt. 

Gu. a manch erm. — [Conyers.] 

Az. a fesse dancy entre 10 billets 
or. — [Deincourt. ] 


Barry of 6 ar. and az. — [Grey.] 

Ar. a lyon rampant sa. — [Stapleton,] 


^ Son of Sir William Copley, who 
married Dorothy, sister of John and 
Elizabeth Fitzwilliam above, and on 
division of property, on death of the last 
William, obtained Sprot borough. His 
will, 31 May, was proved at York. His 
wife's will is also there, 16 April, 1589, 
proved 20 January, 1589-90. 

2 Mistake for '' Aluredus.'' 

3 See Hunter's South Yorkshircy i, 347, 
and the pedigree, i, 365. 

* Altered by later hatid to " avia.^^ 
^ The nine coats are Gascoigne, Nevile, 
Bulmer, Ferrars, Boteler, Newmarch 
quartering Newmarch, Thirkill, Barden, 

dodsworth's church notes. 



Ar. on a cheif az. 2 moUettes of 6 pointes or, perced gu. — 


South window. 

Metham. [^Quarterly, in the first quarter a fleur-de-lis, 1 

Gu. 2 barrs gemewise a cheif ar. — Thornel. 

Or on a fess gu. 3 waterbudgets ar. — [? Bingham.^ 

Fitzwilliam cum a label of three points az. 

Gu. 5 fusells in fesse or a label of three points ar.— Newmarch. 

2 window. 
Pray for the wiefs of Sprodebrugh, who made this window. 

^xrbriber [Thribergh] Cburcb, 17 HuQust, 1620, 

In an arch in the church South side. 
Hie jacet Radulphus Reresby,^ armiger, filius [Radulphi] Rereshy, 
legis periti, qui fundavit istam cantariam beate Marie anno Domini 
M^D^xxv, cujus anime propicietur Deus. Amen. 

On a stone hard by. 
Hie jacet Arnaldus Reresby,* armi- 
ger, qui obiit secundo die mensis 
Decembris anno Domini m°cccc° 
Lxxxv®, cujus animae propicietur Deus. 


In the South window. 

Gu. on a bend ar. 3 crosses 
patonce sa. — \_Beresby.'] 

Orate pro bono statu Willelmi 
Reresbi,'* clerici, rector \sic\ istius 
ecclesie, qui istud opus prout reno- 
vatum est fieri fecit, et pro animabus 
ipsius Willelmi et parentorum animabus. 


^ There were more arms in this church. 
See Glover's Visitation^ Foster ed., 418. 

^ The Reresbys were at Thribergh from 
a very early period, Ralph Reresby, living 
1268, having married the daughter of Sir 
Ralph de Normanvile, Lord of Thribergh. 
His descendant, the above Ralph, died 
in 1528. His will is in Test. Ebor.^ v, 
245, and his inq, p, m, was taken 10 

September, 1528. He married Margaret, 
daughter of Sir Richard Fitzwilliam, of 
Aldwark. Her inscription follows. 

8 Arnald Reresby, of Rotherham, son of 
Sir Thomas Reresby and Matilda Bosvile. 
Will 28 November, 1485. {Test, Ebor., 
ii, 282.) 

* Brother of the above Arnald. 

138 DODS worth's church notes. 

Another stone. 

Hie jacct Ricardus Fitzwilliam,^ tertius filius Domini Richardi 
Fitzwilliam, militis, de Aldwarke, qui obiit x^ die mensis Marcii anno 
Domini m^d^xxj^, cujus animae propicietur Deus. Amen. 

Hie jaeet Isabella Reresby et Johanna Byrde, soror sua, que 
obierunt tertio die mensis Novembris anno Domini m*^cccc®lxxiiijo. 

Another South window. 

Gu. 3 goates saliant ar. — [GofAam.] 

Gu. 3 bends ar. paled with Reresby. 

Ar. 5 fusells in fess gu. in eheif 3 martlets sa. — Bos well of Chete. 
Under : 

Orate pro bono statu fieri fecit et pro animabus ipsius 

Willelmi et parentum suorum, quorum animabus propieietur Deus. 


North window. 

A man kneeling having Reresby e*s armes on his brest, his wief, 
ar. 5 fusels in fesse, in eheif 3 martlettes sa., 6 sonnes and 11 
daughters. — Boswell of Chete. Under : 

Thomas Reresby* et Matilda, uxor ejus, [cum'} filiis et filiabus eorum. 

Under all : 

Orate pro bono statu Willelmi Reresby, cleriei, reetoris istius 

ecclesie, qui istud opus prout renovatum fieri fecit, et pro animabus 

ipsius VVillelmi et parentum suorum, quorum animabus propieietur 

Deus. Amen. 

In the quyer. 

On a stone, Reresby and Fitzwilliam with a mollet paled. 

Hie jaeet Margareta,* nuper uxor Radulphi Reresby, armigeri, 
primogeniti Radulphi Reresby, legis periti, que obiit xxv® die mensis 
Julii anno Domini m^d^^v**, cujus animse propieietur Deus. Amen. 

On a stone. 

Reresby paled with 5 fusells in fess cum 3 martlets in eheif 
— Boswell. 

Hie jaeet Radulphus Reresby,^ armiger, quondam legis peritus, qui 
obiit primo die mensis Junii anno Domini m<*ccccc°lxvjo, cujus 
animae propieietur Deus. Amen. 

^ See pedigree of Fitzwilliam, Hunter's ^ Daughter of Sir Richard Fitzwilliam, 

Sotith Yorkshire^ ii, 56. of Aldwark, wife of Ralph Reresby. See 

2 Sir Thomas Reresby died 28 March, note 2 in previous page. 

'Pa y",'.! ^^/T^ A'W^''i^Xl * R'^lph Ke^sby, of Thribergh. married 

28 Apri , 14^9. {Test. Eoor.. 11, 202.) » j u* re- wtw c-l i ^ 

His wife was Matilda, daughter of .... . o/wT'hill Stapleton, 

Bosvile, of Chevet. See her inscription ^ 


PODSWOK TH'S church NOTES. 189 

Hie jacet Dominus [Thomas] Reresby,^ miles, qui obiit xxviij® die 
mensis [March'] anno Domini u^cccc9xxxix^. 

Hie jacet Matilda,^ uxor Thome de Reresby, armigeri, que obiit 
viij*' die Maii anno Domini m**cccc**xxx**. 

A very neat monument in the sid[^] of the North wall. 
Reresby and Swift, per pale. A man' in armor kneeling, under 
him 6 sonnes. 

En, Lionell tumulo dormit Reresbeius heros, 

Armiger, amiigeros qui numeravit, avos. 
Quid laudes referam ? Tibi vivo splendida virtus 

Attollens famam, post tua fata, viget. 
Hoe soboli pu[/]chrum est, longae quod limite vitae. 

Nil mordere tui, livida lingua potest. 

On the other side, his wief kneeleth with 8 daughters. 

Anna fuit eonjux, Celebris pia filia Swifti, 

^gregiam viduae testificata fidem. 
Morte beata fuit, vita natisque beata, 

Nam bis oeto viro pignora chara dedit. 
Queis amor unus erat, tandem mors una duobus 

-^qua, sub hoc tumulo eondidit una duos. 

In the topp of all, these 2 verses : 

Elizabetha suo hsee posuit, pia nata, parenti 
Saxa; Copuldici portio fida thori. 

In the East window. 
Az. a bend ar. entre 2 eotizes and 6 lions rampant or. — [Bokun.] 
Quarterly, ar. and gu. on the gu. a fret or, over all a bend sa. — 

Jelcburcb [Feikirk], 15 of Septciiibett 1620. 

East window. 
Ar. a saltire gu. — [Nevilei] 

North windows. 

Orate pro bono statu Johannis Holme* et Alicie, uxoris ejus, cum 
qui n que tiliis et septem filiabus. 

Orate pro bono statu Thome Holme et Margarete, uxoris ejus, et 
filiorum . 

^ See note No. 6. of Rotherham. Her will, dated 30 

2 Daughter of Sir Thomas Bosvile. January, 1580-1, proved 1 1 May, 1587, 

See previous note. is at York. 

» Lionel son of Thomas Reresby and ^ ^^j,, ^ ^^^ York 

srAnt&:f oirobfrfa « ^°'^'"^'' '''5- (^«' ^^--^ ^- ^-^ 

140 DODS worth's church notes. 

3 window. 
Orate pro bono statu Roberti Hoscliffe/ Emmote et Agnetis, 
uxorum ejus, et pro bono statu Johannis Pitt, Alicie, et Johannis 
Pitt, Alienore, uxoris ejus. 

Marnfef Id Cburcbt 5 HpriltSt 1631. 

In the 2 North windowes in the North quire belonging to the 
Heath Hall, sometymes the possession of Bradford.'* 

Per pale, Bradford ar. a [wo/fs] head erazed inter 3 bugle homes 
lycd sa., [an] anulet in the middst of the string or, paled with 
Watton,'the bearing worne out. 

Per pale Fleming Baron and Bradford femme. 

Per pale Shir wood Baron, charg worne out, and Bradford femme. 

Per pale Halyday and Bradford. Haliday port ar. a cross gu. 
entre 4 flower-de-luces sa. 

Under, ar. a lyon rampant sa., on a border of the second x 
martletes of the first. 

Per pale Bradford Baron et Scargill (erm. a saltire gu.) femme. 

Per pale St Paulle Baron and Bradford femme. 

Under all: 

Orate pro anima Bradford, qui istam capellam fieri fecit, 

et capellanum pro sempitemo celebraturum in eadem cui [sic] 
constituit, et obiit et sepultus. 

In the East window of the North quyer. 

Per pale Bradford Baron and sa. 3 greyhoundes in pale ar., 
coUors or. — Maulyverey. 

Frost, ar. a chevron gu. inter 3 trefoyles slipped az. 

In the North windows of the church. 

Sa. a fesse batelled entre 3 lyons* heads erazed ar. — Levet. 

Ar. a [wolf^s] head erazed entre 3 bugle homes sa., stringes 
studded with an annulet or. — [Bradford,] 

Per pale Frost Baron with ar. on a bend engrailed 3 cinquefoyles 
perced. — Amyas.* 


* Will 12 August, proved at York 14 ^ Alice Watton, **my doughter," is 

September, 1538. mentioned in the will of John Bradford 

2 Four generations of this family lived the elder in 1495. 

at Heath, and left wills, which are at * The arms of Amyas are generally 

York, but none of the names of their blazoned arg. on a bend cotised sa. three 

wives are mentioned, so it is difficult to roses of the field. They were quartered 

make out a clear pedigree. also by Bradford of Stanley. 

dodsworth's church notes. 141 

Under all : 

Orate pro anima Domini {^J^oderfi] Frost, quondam Archidiaconi 

Wyntoniensis et millesimo cccclxxxxviij®, cujus anime 

propitietur Deus. Amen. 

In the South window of the quire. 
Ar. a chevron gu. entre 3 trefoyles slipped az. — [I^rost.'} 

IRfpplei? Cburcbt 19 Hprilis, 1623. 

In the high quyer. 

A monument^ of plaine hewne stone with the portraiture of a man 
armed. On the top his sheild with 9 quarteringes. 
[Sa.] a starre of 6 points [^arg,"], — Ingleby. 

[6^«.] a lyon rampant within a bordure ingraled [^r]. — Mowbray. 
[Arg.] a chevron battelled conterbattled entre 3 birds' heads 
erazed [_sa.]. — [C^wmonf of Colton,^ 

[Arg.] a chevron entre 3 lyons' heads erazed [gu,]. — [J^oclife.'] 
[Arg,] a saltire and cheif [gu,]^ on the cheif 3 escallops [ar,] — 

On a bend 3 cinquefoiles perced. 
2 chevrons. 

Az. a cinquefoil perced entre 8 cross crosslets [or], — ^Humfranvile. 
[Gu.] a chevron entre 9 cross crosslets, 4, 2, 3 [or], — Kyme. 
Under written : 

To the setemall memory of the right worthy and illustrious knight, 
Sir William Ingleby, theire ever honored kinsman. Sir Peter Middle- 
ton, knight, and Thomas Ingleby, gentleman, his executors, erects this 

Reader, dissolve in teares, els blame thyne eyes : 
Worth, honor, vertue, here entombed lyes : 
The bee, which honie from each flower brought. 
Lives now eternally on what hee wrought. 
A single bee, yet furnishing his hive 

^ Probably the same Robert Frost, died j./., having married first Anna, 

rector of Thornhill, Chancellor to Prince daughter and heiress of Thomas Thwaites, 

Arthur, p. 68. He resigned the arch- of Marston ; secondly Catherine, daughter 

deaconship of Winchester in 1502. (Z^ of Anthony Smith or Smetheley, of 

Neve) Brantingham. Will 29 December, 161 7, 

* This seems to be the monument to proved at York 6 August, 16 18. 
Sir William Ingilby, High Sheriff, who 


With everlastinge sweets, dead to survive ! 
The starre hee bore in armes, the starre of grace, 
Wanderinge ere while, but now fixt in his place. 
From Heaven his luster doth on Earth disi)lay, 
To show unto eternall joyes the way. 
No pompe nor pride: Obiit 15 die Januarii anno 

Let God be honored. D[omint] 1617, setatis j^. . .].^ 

On a brasse plate on a marble. 
Hie jacet Katherina,'* quondam uxor Willelmi Ingleby, militis, que 
obiit xxvjo die Februarii anno Domini millesimo ccccc, cujus anime 
propitietur Deus. Amen. 

On a monument in the North ile. 

A man and woman in a small portraiture. 

Hie jacet Elena, quondam uxor Thome Ingelby, armigeri, que 
obiit in festo Sancte Agnetis, anno Domini m°cccc®xlij®, cujus anime 
propitietur Deus. Amen. 

On a plate in the great quyer. 
Hie jacet Johannes Ingelby,^ armiger, quondam dominus de Ripley, 
qui obiit xxviij die Augusti anno Domini m*>ccccc°ij°, cujus anime 
propitietur Deus. Amen. 

On a little marble on the ground. 
Hie jacet bone memorie Magister Ricardus Kendale, quondam 
magister in artibus ac rector istius ecclesie de Riplay, qui obiit quarto 
die mensis Januarii anno Domini m**cccxx° nono, cujus anime pro- 
picietur Deus. Amen. 

Under an arch in the South quyer. 

and armed and his wife in full proportion. On his brest 

. . . a Starr of 6 pointes. — Ingleby. 

In the South window. 
Or a fesse gu. entre 3 martletts vert. 

Ther ar townes in this parish. 

Riplay, Clint, Kelinghall, Birtwhait, and Skaray. 

In the way from Bolton Bridg to Knaresbrugh itur per Hasilwood 
and Somerscales, so to Blubber Houses, wher ther is a brooke called 
Washborne, which beginneth about 2 myles of Apletrewyke, runneth 
to Westend Chappell, so to Blubber Houses, thence to Fuyston and 
Dog Parke to Lindley, to Letheley, and into \N'herre nere Pole. 

^ AfS. worn away. 
^Daughterof Thomas St illiiigton, Esq., ^ ^farrje^ KHinor, daughter of Sir 

wife of Sir William Ingleby, who died 4 Marmaduke Constable, of Klamborough. 
December, 1501. 




ftealcB [ffea/augk] Cbutcb, 8 ADarcb, 1622. 

East window very old. 
fieri fecerunt 


Quarterly, erm. on a cheif az. 3 lyons rampant ar., 2 quarter, 
quarterly, gu. and ar. a bend or, 3 as 2, 4 as i. The crest, on an 
helme a tree vert. 

Per pale, the Lord Wharton,^ quartered with the quartering above 
rehersed and paled with Shrewsbury. 

The Lord Wharton is intombed in a very faire monument 
betwixt his 2 wiefes, his armes in a garter. About : 

with Comes Salop, 
with Comes Sussex Dame Ann Ratcliffe and 

Thomas Wharton, knight, 
with gu. 3 greyhounds or. Dame Joan Malyverey 
and Henry Wharton. 
Plumpton [f Pennington^ quartered with ar. 2 barrs and a canton 
gu., paled with Wharton. On a circumference, Joane Wharton and 
William Plumpton [? Fenningion\ esquire. 

Musgrave, az. 6 annulets or, paled with Wharton. Dame Agnes 
Wharton, Sir Richard Musgrave, knight. 

About the same tombe : 

Thomae hie Whartoni, Elianorse, uxoris, et Annae, 

Vivens en tumulus corpora terra tegit. 
His thalamo vivus jungor moriensque sepulchro, 

Da, Christe, his sum mi jungar in arce poll 

At the end thes verses : 

Cjens Whartona genus dat honoris dextera victrix, 
Tres Aquilonares regni finesque guberno. 
Bina mihi conjunx Stapleton juvenili Elionora 
Prole beat, fovet Anna senem stirps clara Salopum 
Nati equites bini Thomam Sussexa propago, 
Anna facit patrem sine prole Henricus obibat. 
Binae itidem natae Penlitono Joanna Guilelmo, 
Agnes Musgravo conjux secunda Ricardo. 

1 Sir Thomas, Lord Wharton, became 
possessed of Healaugh after the Dissolu- 
tion, Sir Arthur D'Arcy having licence 
to alienate the priory of Healaugh. For 
services against the Scots, he was raised 
to the dignity of a baron in 1545. He 
married Eleanor, daughter of Sir Brian 
Stapleton, about 15 19. They had Thomas, 

second Lord Wharton, who married 
Anna, daughter of the Earl of Sussex. 
Joanna married William Pennington, of 
Muncaster ; Agnes married Sir Richanl 
Musgrave, of Harcla Castle. Lord 
Wharton married secondly Lady Anne 
Talbot, daughter of the fifth Earl of 
Shrewsbury. He died 23 August, 1568. 

144 dodsworth's church notes. 

Extremum clausit diem Dominus Thomas Wharton xxiiij die 
Augusti anno 1568°. Anna, ejus uxor, ex hac vita emigravit iij** die 
Februarii anno 1584. 

On a plate of brasse in the South quyre fixed on a marble 

on the ground. 

The body of William Woolriche,* esquire, of antient gentry, 
honored in his marriage by a daughter* of the right honorable the 
Lord Wharton, doth under this stone expect his full redemption and 
the participation of that glory which his soule now enjoyeth in the 
resurrection of the just. He dyed the 16 of November, 161 7. 

A gentle byrth and honorable matche 

Are things we owe to others, not our owne. 

Religious piety, fayth, justice, honesty, 

Are characters wherby men's works are knowne. 

All thes Hee Woolriche gave, who all good gives, 

With whom, hee dead, now ever happy lives. 

Fosse, a rivulet, his course. 

Fosse beginneth about Wetherby Woods, runneth thorough Walton 
Parke, Wighall Parke, Helawe Parke, by Catherton, over Tatcastre 
Moore, by Seton Padocthorp, and into Wherfe att Bolton Percye. 

Mfdbill Cburcbt 8 nDarcif, 1622. 

North quyer East window. 

Ar. a lyon rampant sa., on his brest a crescent ar. — Stapleton,' 
paled with erm. a lyon rampant az. — [Pickering,'] 

Domine Margarete,* 

quondam consortis sue, et animabus omnium fidelium defunctorum. 

North window. 

A man*' armed kneeling, on his brest, ar. a lyon rampant sa., on 
the lyon a crescent ar. [Stapiltori]. Behind him, 7 sonns. 

In the next stanchan, a woman kneeling. Under her, ar. a manch 
gu. [Threlkeld], Behind her, 7 daughters, Margareta, Elionora, 
Esabella et Elisabethe, Johanna,' Margareta, Anna. Under all : — 

^ There is a pedigree of Wolrich in * Wife of the above Sir William, 

Thoresb/s Ducatus, 209. - daughter of Sir James Pickering, knight, 

or . »< '7'i • 7 J' -J. >» of Oswaldkirk. 

^ In margin : ^^ This lord s sister, k c- r> • re «r-ii' o^ -i 

* ^ Sir Brian, son of Sir William Stapil- 

^ Sir William Stapilton, knight, of ton, died 16 September, 1618. 

Wighill, died 16 December, 1503. ®Jane, daughter of Sir Lancelot 

Threlkeld, wife of Sir Brian. 


Orate pro bono statu Briani Stapil- 

ton et filiorum eorum. 

In another window. 


Ar. on a fesse az, 3 flowers^ie- 
luce or. — Aldbrough. 

On a stone. 

Orate pro anima Domini Willelmi 
Stapilton,'militis, et proanfma Domine 
Margarete, uxoris sue, qui quidem 
Willelmus obiit sextodecimo die men- 
sis Decembris anno Domini md tcrcio, 
cujus anime propitictur Deus. irAPLnoN arms. 

Orate pro anima Briani Stapleton,* milJtis, filii et heredis Willelmi 
Stapilton, militis, qui obiit xvj die mensls Septembris anno Domini 
millesimo cccccxviij", cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen. 

Orate pro anima Alicie Stapilton,' quondam uxoris Domini 
Willelmi Stapilton, militis, que obiit xxx die mensis Novembris anno 
Domini m^ccccc vicesimo primo, cujus Amen. 

Orate pro anima Domine Johanne* St[a//f/f«], quondam uxoris 
Domini Briani Stapilton, militis, que obiit ij" die Januarii anno 

Domini m"cccccxlij, cujus Amen. 

Quyer window. 

Ar. 3 lozenges gu. 

Az. a cross flory or.— [? IV^rd.} 

Ar. 3 greyhounds cursant in pale sa. — [? Mauleverer.'] 

Or 3 barrs az. on the midlemost an annulet or, — \_Aske.1 

'BBtfiin Cburcb, 16 julg, 1621. 

East window. 
Az. a cross flory voided ar. — \i Melton.'\ 
Ar. a fesse az. a label of three points gu. — Everingham \_Birkin\. 

At. 3 greyhoundes cursant in fesse sa. coUor and belles — 

[? Mauleverer.} 

• Sir William in the above window. « This is one of the most perfect 
» Sir Brian in the above «^indow. samples of a small Normui church to 

be found m Yorkshire. There are frag- 

3 Alice, daughter of William A$ke, of mews of fourleenih and fifteenth century 

Aske, married Sir Christopher Staplelon gia^g in ,he windows. Under an arch a 

(not William), who died August, 1537. a cross-lefsed effigy, with a heart in his 

* Jane, daughter of Sir Liinceiot hands, .ipparenily Umf. Edward If, The 
Threlkeld, of Threlkeld, wile of the above church was visited by the Yorkshire 
Sir Brian Stapleton. Archceolc^ical Society in July, 1897. 



dodsworth's church notes. 

South window. 

Per pale, ar. a fesse az. a label of three points gu. [^Birkin\^ paled 
cum ar. 3 greyhounds, ut supra. — [^Mau/everer.] 

Orate pro aniniabus Everingham, militis, et Alicia, uxoris 


Az. a chevron entre 3 beares' heads coped ar. 

Per pale az. a lyon rampant entre 6 flowers-de-luce or, paled with 

az. a cinquefoyle ar. 

In the South quyer. 

Gu. a lyon rampant vaire. — Everingham. 

Per pale ar. a fesse az — Tempest. 

Quarterly, ar. and sa. a bend sinister or. 

Ar. a chevron az. 

Party per fesse ar. and gu. in cheif a label of five points. 

IcellinQton Cburcb, i6 Jul?, 1621 

In the quyer window. 
Ar. a chevron entre 3 crosses fitchy gu. 
Orate pro anima Oliveri Wodrowe, quondam vicarii istius ecclesie. 


On a stone. 

Hie jacet Ricardus More, quondam vicarius istius ecclesie, qui 

obi it, etc. 

South window of the church. 

Ar. a saltire gu. a label of three points vert; in a wreath incom- 
passing the eschocheon ther is written Nevel oftentymes. Nevell 
dwelt att a place called ThurnhalP in Beale township. 

In the same, masculy ar. and gu. a fesse sa.; written about in the 

like manner, Roclae.^ 

In the church-yard. 

Ther is an antient monument wheron is a long cross, on the 
on[^] side, the portraiture of a man with a dog att his feet, on the 
other side, the likenes of \_a] flying serpent, which (as the tradition is) 
was very noysome and slue man and beast, which serpent was slayne 
by on[^] Birde, a shepherd, in a place call'd the Southwood nere by 
a close^ called Hermit Rode, which shepherd was likewise killed by 

1 Between 1140 and 1230 the manor of 
Birkin was in the possession of a family 
who took their name from it. Robert 
de Everingham married the heiress, and 
quartered the Birkin arms. 

2 /n margin: *' TAe}f say thes 2 and 
oft\e\ Sherwood were the cheif of the 

3 In nuir^in: " Ther is now no wood, 
[The] close is in Wotftersley lordships [zV] 
payth tyth to Kellingtony For notes on 
this monument see Holmes' O^oldcross, 

Yorkshire Archceological Journal^ xi, 434. 
There is, however, a different version as 
to the meaning of this stone in an article 
by Geo. Dodds, D.D., in Smith's Old 

Yorkshire y iii, 55. 

dodsworth's church notes. 147 

the serpent, and this monument erected to his memory. Ther were 
of his name remaining at Egburgh within this 4 yere, which were 
usually buried under the said stone and ther predecessors likewise. 

On a stall belonging to Nevells abovenamed. 

Ther is engraven, per pale a saltire cum a label of three points 
[Nevile\ paled with a lucy head cum a cross crosslet fitchy. — 

Idem paled with three crescents. 

Nomina villarum et hamlettarum in parochia de 


Beale alias Beghale. 

2 Egburghes.^ 

Whitley, which payeth halfe tythe to Snayth, called also Kellingley. 

Roule alias Rughale is the desmesne of Kellington belonging to 
Ellis of Kiddall by purchase from Mr. Anne of Fricklay. 

Shirwod, y® demesne of Egburgh, Mr. Annby modo tenet. ^His 
father was a yeoman.* 

^Sherwood dwelt at Sherwood, and ther are stalls calFd Sherwood 
stalls in the church.* 

Part Hensall alias Hethensall, another part is in the parishe of 

Thornhall in Beale lordship, olim habitacio de Nevell. Vide a laeva. 

©wston Cburcb, i6 Jul?, 1621. 

Robert de Haitfeld gist ycy et Ade, sa feme, ovesque lui en 
droiturel amour, feies plein; Deiu de loure aumes^ eit mercy. Et 
yci fait a remembrer que la dite Ade finist premier en mois de Juin 
le tieres jour et en Tan de notre Seigneur mille cccc et ix, et finist 

aussi le dit Roberd enapres en mois de le jour, et en 

!'an de notre Seigneur mille cccc et 

In the North quire. 
Quarterly, France and England. 

Per pale gu. a lyon rampant, hold[/>^^] a battle axe in his clause 
r., paled with quarterly, France and England. — Princes of the house 
of Lancaster. 

Quarterly, France and England a border ar. — \Humphrey^ Duke of 
Gloucester, ] 

1 Dodsworth has written two accounts ^ High and Low Egbrough. 

f Kellington, one on folio 166/^, the ^~^ From first account. 

other on folio 167, with slight variations. '*"* From first account. 

They are amalgamated here. ^ Altered b^ another hand to " amcs.^* 


Quarterly, France and England a label of five points ar., the 2 
first points az. chardged either with 3 flowers-de-luce or, the last 3 
erm., the lyne on the top ar. — Duke of Bedford. 

Orate pro anima Roberti de Haytfeld et , uxoris sue. 

Quyer South window. 
Quarterly, gu. and ar. a bend or.— [/ IVa/eys.'] 

"*f Iwicft [UTi/dwtcki Ultimo HDatt, 1621. 

Quyer window. 
A man' kneling in a gowne att the feet of Our Saviour's image, 
in a scrole in his hand this verse: 

Wixlay Robertum fac imago scandere celum. 

Underneath, this inscription : 

Orate pro anima Roberti Wixlay, vicarii hujus ecclesie, qui banc 
fenestram fieri fecit anno Domini millesimo quingentessimo vicessimo 
quinto, cujus anime propiticietur Deus. 

On a stone. 
Here lyethe buried the corps of Margret Harrock,* late wief of 
Alexander Harrocks, who departed this transitory lief to the mercy 
of Almighty God the 5 day of September anno Domini 1576 
annoque regni Elisabethe 18. 

In all the South windowes. 

Thes armes, videlicet, party per bend sinister gu. and or 3 griffins' 
heads erazed counterchandg 2, i, on a cheif ar. a flower-de-luce az. 
entre 2 roses gu. seeded and pointed or. — [J^ycro/f.] Underneth, in 
faire letters : 

Master John Rycroft. 

In the East window of the North quyer. 

A man and woman kneeling, behind the man 10 sons, behind the 
woman 4 daughters. Underneath : 

Orate pro animabus Willelmi Scarburgh, armigeri, et Alicie, uxoris 
ejus, ac filiorum et filiarum eorundem, qui banc fenestram fieri 
fecerunt anno Domini millesimo quingentessimo vicessimo nono. 

North window. 
Orate pro animabus Petri Scot, parentum, uxoris ejus ac filiorum 
et filiarum eorum, qui banc fenestram fieri fecerunt anno Domini 
millesimo quingentessimo vicessimo nono. 

^ Kildwick in Craven, which church was instituted 6 May, 15 14. He was 

was given to Embsey (afterwards Bolton) succeeded by Alexander Horrocks 8 

Priory by Cicely de Rumelli, s. d. {Man. March, 157 1-2. 

An^.i vi, 203.) 3 Probably the wife of the above 

2 Fr, Robert Whixley, canon of Bolton, Alexander Horrocks, vicar, 


In the body of the church. 

A knight* cross'd legg'd, on his sheild 3 mill pikes vaire. They 
say he was a Steton, others a Denton, which have formerly bene of 
good repute in this parish. 

Note that John Rycroft bought 18 score kyne and put them out 
to the poore of the parish to the ende that they should pay a yerely 
benefitt to the mayntenance of a free schoole att Kildwicke. 

XirxQlc^ Cbutcb, ultimo HDaii, 1621. 

Quyer window. 

Orate pro bono statu reverendi in Christo patris, Ricardi Wylson,^ 
nigoponte* [st'c] Episcopi Eborum suffraganei ac prioris de Drax, et 
pro animabus parentum ejus, qui istum chorum et fenestram fieri 
fecit anno Domini m**ccccc° octodecimo et die mensis Marcii xxvj°. 

In severall windows about the church. 

Ar. on a chevron az. a moUett of 6 points ar. a label of five 
points gu. 

Ar. 2 barrs and an orle of 8 martletts gu. — \Eland.'\ 

Az. a cross flory or. — Ward. 

Ar. a fesse sa. — Kighley. 

Ar. 3 squirells sejant gu. cracking nutts or. This in the North 
quyer. — \Martheley, ] 

A parke att [?] Byngley and [?] att Hamlet Cottingley. 
A castle att Byngley nere the church on a hill calPd Baley Hill. 
Itt haith beene a market and burough towne. 
Ther is divers manuscripts att Mr. Nettleton's in Annbrey 
\_Almondbury\ lately deceased. 

Calverls Cbutcb, ulttmo flDaif, 1620. 

A tombe on the North side of the quyer. 

Theron engraven, the portraiture of a man* having on his brest 
per pale gu. a bezant \1 Gospatric\ paled with {sa?\ an escocheon entre 
6 owles. His wief with Sayvile's coat. About itt this : 

1 This effigy is still in existence, and is Ireland, and a native of this parish, 

said to have been that of Sir Robert de (Whilaker's Craven^ 198.) 
Stiveton, who died in 1 307. ^ In margin: " Quere hoc verbum," 

a The choir is said to have been * Sir William Calverley. Will 2 

rebuilt by Richard Wylson, Prior of Drax August, 1506. [Test, Ebor., iv, 248). 

and Archbishop of Negropont (in parti- Married Alice, daughter of Sir John 

bus), afterwards Bishop of Mealh in Savile, of Thornhill. 



Orate pro anima Willelmi Calverley, militis, et pro bono statu 
Alicie, uxoris ejus. Qui quidem Willelmus obiit xv° die Septembris 

anno Domini u^\^ septimo, cujus 
anime propitietur Deus. 

Est window. 

A man kneling in armor, on his 
brest, sa. a scocheon entre 6 owles ar. 
— Calverlay. 

Gu. on[^] bezant. — [? GospatricJ\ 

Az. on 5 fuzells in fess or 5 
escallops gu. — Plompton. 

North window. 

Sa. 3 falcons clos'd ar. — \Hawk5- 

Gu. on[(?] bezant — \1 Gospatric^ 
Ar. an egle displaid az. 


South window. 

Gu. 2 barrs gemewise and a chief ar. — an Thornhill? 

Az. a cross flory ar. — \^Goldsborough.'\ 

Ar. a lyon rampant sa., on his brest an annulet az. — [/ Stapleton,'] 

Az. a cross flory or. — Ward. 

Sa. on a scocheon entre 6 owles ar. a mollet of 6 points perced 
sa. — Calverlay. 

Ar. on a fesse entre 2 double cotises gu. 3 flowers-de-luce ar. — 

South quyer window. 

A woman kneeling, on her garment, per pale Calverley and gu. 
2 barrs gemewise and a cheif ar. — [Thornh'l/,] 

On a stone in that quyer. 

Orate pro anima Thome de Thorner et Margarete, quondam 

uxoris sue, et eorum parentum, quorum anime in perpetuum 

requiescant in pace. 

North window. 

Or on a cross engrailed gu. 5 
escallops or. — [Btgod.\ 

Ar. a chevron az. — [Swt//ing/on.] 

Sa. a bend ar. entre 2 cotises and 6 
martletts or, a border erm. 

Gu. a chevron erm. entre 3 lyons 
rampant or. — [? Langton.'] 

South window. 

Az. 5 fuzells in fess or. — [Percy.] 

Ar. a chevron az. a label of three 
points erm. — Swillington. 

Ar. a saltire gu. 


DODS worth's church NOTES. 


Townes in Calverlay parish. 
Calverlay, Idell, Nether Pudsey, Over Pudsey, Oldcotes, Wros, 
Windhull, Fersley, Woodlands, Staningley, Woodhall, Stonesteell, 
Over Bolton and Nether Bolton, Presthorp, Rodley, Bramlay. 

IftiQblei? \.Keigiiiey\ Cbuccb, ultimo flDaii, 1621. 

North quyer window. 
Quarterly, i ar. a fesse entre 3 molletts perced sa. — Passelewe,^ 

2 quarter, ar. a lyon rampant gu. debrused with 2 barrs sa. \Maude\ 

3 ar. a chevron entre 3 cross crosslets fitchy sa. \Layton or Daven- 
port\ 4 as the i. Under, this inscription : 

^Orate pro animabus [ IVal/en] Passlew de Riddylisden et Johanne, 
uxoris ejus, qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt anno Domini millesimo 
quingentessimo tricesimo quinto. 

0fdburne Cburcbt 3 HDaiit 1621. 

East window. 
Orate pro bono statu Elizabeth Keystr', priorisse de Stanfeld, ac 
eciam pro prosperitate Thome Hilton, generosi, fermarii istius ecclesie, 
qui istam fenestram fieri fecerunt anno Domini millesimo ccccc® 

North quyer window.' 

Quarterly, i ar. 3 bugles sa. stringed and garnished or— Lowde, 

2 ar. a bend gu. on a canton of the 2 a lyon saliant of the first, 

3 as 2, 4 as I. Under written : 

Orate pro anima Lowde et uxoris ejus, et pro bono 

statu Lowde et Mabille, uxoris ejus, qui istam fenestram fieri 


JStatton [Bray/on] Cbutcb jujta Selbs, 25 ot 

*lov>ember, 1620. 

In the quyer windowes. 
Gu. 2 molletts of 6 points ... a canton erm. — Harringell. 
Ar. on a cheif gu. 2 molletts of 6 points or. — [? St,John.\ 

^ The Paslews obtained East Riddles- 
den by marriage with a member of the 
Maude family, whose family had been 
settled there for generations. They in 
their turn continued there till the begin- 
ning of the seventeenth century. (See 
Bradford Antiquary, ii, 88.) 

2 In margin : * * The same in atwther 
7vindow.'^ Walter Paslew's will, Test. 
Ebor., Surtees Society, 106, p. 222. He 
died 20 April, 1545. 

3 This was a beautiful window, and 
there is an engraving of it in Whitaker's 
Craven, where it is stated ihat it has 
been removed and nearly all destroyed. 


dodsworth's church notes. 

Az. a fesse entre 3 flowers-de-luce or. 

Az. 3 crescents or. — Ryther. 

Or a bend sa. — Lord Mauley. 

Or a cross sa. — Lord Vescy. 

Or a lyon rampant purpure. — Lacy, Conies Lincolne. 

Barry of 8 or and gu. — Fitzallan of Bedall. 

— Warwick. 

— Warren. 

— Lord Spenser. 

Or a cross gu. — [? Burgh.] 

Or a chevron gu. a cheif vaire. — [St Quinttn.] 

On a faire tombe joyned to the South wall of the quyer 

wheron ar the portraitures of a man in. 

armor, and of his wief. 

Hie jacet Dominus Georgius Darcy,^ miles, et Domina Dorothea, 

uxor sua, filia ac sola heres Johannis Melton, militis, qui obiit xxiij 

Septembris anno Domini 1558, quorum animabus propicietur Deus. 


About, the armes of Darcy and Melton. 

About a faire marble in the quyer. 
Here lyeth [ Christopher'\ Twisleton,'^ late of Barley, esquyer, and 
Comptroller of her Majestie's port of Hull, who dyed the 7 of 

December, 1579, and Anne, his wief, who dyed the of 

anno 15 . . . in the faith of Christ and full hope of resurrection to 
lief eternall with Jesus Christ in Heaven, Our only Saviour. 

Burne, Berlay, Hamelton, Gaytford, and part of Thorp are of this 

'JBa&swortb Cbutcb, 2 Juls, 1621. 

In the quyer on a stone. 
A lyon rampant."* — [B alders ton,] 

^ George, first Lord Darcy of Aston 
(son of Lord Darcy, beheaded for his 
share in the Pilgrimage of Grace), was 
restored in blood. This splendid tomb 
yet remains. Hunter says the latter years 
of his life were clouded by the misconduct 
of his younger son George, who slew his 
neighbour, Lewis West, and that perhaps 
it was on that account he was buried at 
Bray ton, instead of at Aston, close to his 

2 Son of John Twisleton, citizen and 
alderman of London. His will is at York, 
17 January, 1578-9, proved I2 February, 

1579-80. His grandson appeared at the 
1612 Visitation. 

3 The manor of Badsworth belonged 
to the family of Longvillers, then by 
marriage of the heiress Margaret to 
Geoffrey de Nevile. They had a daugh- 
ter Johanna, who married William de 
Hertforth, and had the manor from her 
mother. Her descendant Joan married 
Thomas Urswick, who in her right be- 
came lord. Their granddaughter Isabel, 
circa 36 Henry VI, married William 
Vavasor, but died issueless. The manor 
however remained with the Vavasors till 



* De ter fuy fayte et fourme 

Fa ter su [sic] p William de Balderstone. 

V. de Ju [? Dieu de 5on\ aim ai mercy." 

Est window. 
Ar. on a lyon rampant gu. 9 \1 mascles] or. — Hertford. 
Ar. a chevron az. a label of three points erm. — Swillington. 
Ar. on a bend sa. 3 lozenges of the feild chardged with 3 saltires 
gu. — Urswick. 

On a stone on the South side of the quyer, very ancient. 
\Az^ a fesse dancy betweene 10 billetts \of\, — \Deincourt]!^ 

On Mr. Doleman's stall in the church. 
Per pale Vavasor with a moUet cum Urswicke. 
Per pale Urswicke and Harrington's frett. 
Per pale Vavasor and Gascoigne. 

On a stall on the North side 
belonging to Copley. 

Per pale Copley^ cum \sa?[ 3 pike- 
axes {arg?^, — Copley and Pygot. 


Per pale Copley cum \arg^ 3 roun- 
dels on a fess \_sai\ entre 3 flowers-de- 
luce \gu\ — Copley and Thwaites. 

In a[«] upper North window with 
the pictures of divers saints in itt, with 
a man' in armor kneeling, on his brest. 
Vavasor's coate cum mollet, behind 
him, his wief with paly Vavasor and 
Urswick. Under : 


it was carried by an heiress into the 
Dolman family. There must have been 
a large quantity of painted glass in Dods- 
worth's time, but there only appear to 
be left four shields in the north aisle 
windows, Warwick, Swillington, Hert- 
forth, Balderstone. Dodsworth claimed 
to be a descendant of the Hertforths, and 
his brother was rector of Badsworth, so 
he took great notice of this church. (See 
Hunter's South Yorkshire^ ii, 435, and 
Yorkshire Archtsological Journal^ x, 263.) 

*/« margin: ^^ Godwin of the Anti- 
quities of Rome seid [ T\ Rosinus 

Romanarum antiquitcUum cum comen- 
tario. Mr. Harison^s description of Brit- 
taine mentioned in the commentary of the 
tale of 2 swans." 

^ This inscription seems imperfect. 
Hunter suggests it ought to be : 

|J( De ter fuy fayte et fourme 
Est in ter f\iy retourne 

William de Balderstone gist ici 
Dieu de sa alme eyt merci. 

(Dodsworth has misread "Die v July" 
for **dieu de son.") William de Balder- 
stone made his will 2i August, 1405, 
proved at York. He was going on a 
warlike expedition. (See Hunter's South 
Yorkshire, ii, 440.) 

® The Deincourls were lords of the 
manor of Upton in Badsworih. 

■^ The Copleys of Batley owned lands 
in Thorpe Audline in Badsworth. Lionel 
Copley married Jane, daughter of Thomas 
Thwaites, and his son John married 
Agnes, daughter of Sir Geoffrey Pigot, 
of Clotherham. 

® William Vavasour married, as stated 
in the note above, Isabel, heiress of 
Robert Urswick, of Badsworth. His will 
is at York, printed in Test. Ebor.y iv, 228, 
dated 14 June, 1504. 

154 dodsworth's church notes. 

Hoc opus ex vitro sic cum Sanctis redin[tegra ?^to hie 

exornavit Willelmus Vavasour [et/] vitriavit. Idem exornavit uxorque 


Another North window. 

Orate pro animabus Rycardi Sybson/ Constanc[/]e, uxoris sui [sic], 

et pro animabus Thome Wyllcoke et Isabelle, uxoris sue, qui banc 

fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

3*^ North window. 

Orate devote pro salute corporum et animarum Juvensi [sic] istius 

parochie qui me fecerunt anno Domini m°ccccolxxj**. 

West window of the North ile. 
Or 3 barrs gu.^ 

In North windows in the Midle ile. 
Per pale Vavasor with a mollett cum Urswick. 
Per pale Urswicke and [sa.] fretty [ar^,]. — [Harrington?\ 

Per pale Urswick and a lyon rampant. 
—[1 Hertforth,'\ 

In the East window of the 
South ile. 

Vavasor^ kneeling with 4 sones behind 
him, his wief with Gascoigne coate on 
her brest and 5 daughters. Under : 

Orate pro animabus Henrici Vava 

sour et , consortis sue, et pro 

animabus omnium fidelium defunctorum 
anno Domini m°cc 

Orate pro et Johanne, uxoris 


sue, anno Dommi m®cccc<'lxxv°. 

In the foundacion of a chantry in arcu Boreali in ecclesia 

parochiali de Baddesworth ad altare Sancte Anne 

in custodia Thome Doleman, armigeri, 

Roberti equitis filii. 2 Julii, 1621.* 

In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, Amen. Universis 

sancte matris ecclesie filiis ad quos hoc presens scriptum tripartitum 

indentatum pervenerit, Christoferus Urssewyke, clericus, nuper Archi- 

diaconus Richemonde, Jacobus Haryngton, clericus, decanus Ecclesie 

^ There are at York the wills of Richard ^ Sir Henry Vavasour, of Haselwood, 

Sybson, Wenlbrig, 16 March, 1476-7, married Joan, daughter of Sir William 

proved 10 February, 1477-8; Constance Gascoigne, of Gawthorpe. William Vava- 

Sybson, Wentbrig, 22 May, proved 1 1 sour might be his brother. 

Tune, 1478; Thomas Wilkok, Baddes- at ■ . h d tjz j ^ ^ 

worth, 15 July, proved 9 October, 1481. ., ' ^/TfJ' ^T p' Tj/7i 
2 These might be the arms of the ^'^afitry prey st, and the Prior of Nosttll 

T 1 1** jj*uT\- _* ^^ to name them after ther deathsJ*"* 

Levels, who succeeded the Demcourts : •' 

Or, 3 bars wavy gu. 



Cathedralis Sancti Petri Ebor. ac rector ecclesie parochialis de 
Baddesworth, Edwardus Redmayn, armiger, Thomas Langton, armiger, 
et Johannes Chaloner, feoffatores Isabelle Vavasor, nuper uxoris 
Willelmi Vavasor de Baddesworth, filie et heredis Robert! Ursewyke, 
armigeri, ad ultimam voluntatem ejusdem Isabelle perforraandam, 
etc., salutem, etc. Ad laudem et honorem Dei et Beate Marie 
Virginis, etc., ac ut divinus cultus presertim in ecclesia parochiali Beate 
Marie Virginis de Baddesworth Eboracensis diocesis celibror [«V] 
habeatur, Hinc est quod nos, Christoferus Ursewyke, Jacobus 
Harington, etc., secundum effectum ultime voluntatis Issabelle 
Vavasor, ordinamus quod sit unus capellanus habilis et idoneus, 
missas et alia divina obsequia ad altare Sancte Anne in arcu Boreali 
in ecclesia parochiali de Baddesworth predicta scituatum imper- 
petuum celebraturus pro animabus Willelmi et Isabelle, uxoris sue, 
ac pro animabus Roberti Ursewyke, armigeri, et Katerine, uxoris sue, 
parentum ejusdem Isabelle, Thome Ursewyke, armigeri, avi ipsius 
Isabelle, et Johanne, uxoris ejus. Datum i Septembris, 1510, 
2 Henrici 8. 

Hston Cburcb, 4 3ulii, 1621. 

In the quier window. 
^The Lord Darcye's coate quartered with : — 

1. Gu. a[« inescutcheon between] 9 cross crosslets or. — [Bertram.^ 

2. Mein[^]ll \az. three bars gemelles and a chief or\ 
3 Tempest \arg. a bend between 

six martlets sai\. 

4. Melton \az, a cross flory or 
voided of the field], 

5. Lucy [^gu, three lucies haurient ar\ 

6. Hilton, ar. 2 barrs az. on the 
highest a flower-de-luce or. 

On a stone. 
Orate pro anima Domine Alicie de 
Melton,'^ filie junioris Domini Johannis 
Stanley de Pipe, que hie sepulta fuit 
.... xiij^ die .... bris anno Domini 
M°cccc°xciij®, cujus anime propitietur 
Deus. Amen. 


1 The coat of Lord Darcy, of Aston. 
George, Lord Darcy, was buried at 
Brayton. See account of his monument 
in that church. He married Dorothy, 
daughter of Sir John Melton, who 

brought Aston, &c., and the Melton, 
Lucy, and Hilton quarterings. 

2 First wife of Sir John Melton. She 
was buried at Aston. See her husband's 
inscription below. 

156 dodsworth's church notes. 

On a stone in the church. 
Death's styng away is taken quite 
By Christ his paine and smart. 
Death is no death but change of life 
Unto a righteous hart. 
Here lyeth the body of Nicolas Lockley, gentleman, 
buried the 2 day of July, 161 5. 

Here lyeth the body of Francis Stubbs, one founder of our 
virgin cawsie, buried the i of March, 161 7. 

On a monument joyning to the North wall. 

The armes of Melton quartered with Lucy. 

Lascells, ar. 3 rose chapletts gu. quartered with Hilton. 

a boare passant — Swyne, quartered with Killome a 

close helmet 

On the same tombe a man's picture in brasse plate, armed. 
Under his feet : 

Of your charity pray for the soule of Sir John Melton,^ knight, 
which decessed the xi day of July the yere of Our Lord m**v<^x and 
the second yere of the raigne of King Henry the viij, on whose 
soule Jesu have mercy. Amen. 

Aeawd [Meaux] HbbcB- 

Remember Walter Skirlaw,- borne att Skirlaw, a sivier's son, and 
run away from his father, being very untoward, came to the university 
of [Ox/ord]y and ther was a sizer, and came to have such learning as 
he was made bishop of Durrham, his father never knowing what was 
become of him, and when he came to Durrham he sent his steward 
to inquire for his father and mother, and after notice of their being 
alive he sent for them, and in memory of his being borne ther 
builded a faire chappell att Swine, wher he sett his armes in every 
window, videlicet, a crosse of ther [sic] spells of a sive or riddle, in 
memory and acknowledgment from whence he sprunge. 

The contention betwixt the Abbot of St. Marie's and the Abbot 
of Meuax [sic] decided by a combat fought by ther champions in 
Hornesey Mere. The Abbat of Meaux man wonded on the legg. 
The Abbat yeilded [rfl]ther then endanger his lief. 

Adam Ha[« ?]s, the first abbot, became an anchoret att Watton. 

^ Sir John Melton, of Aston, married of Sir John Zouch. He was grandfather 

first Alice, daughter of John Stanley, of of Dorothy, who married Lord Darcy 

Pipe, whose monumental inscription is above, 
given above; secondly, Eleanora, widow ^Ste Dictionary o/Ndttona/ Biography, 


Ther is att Meaux a chappell, a flight-shoot distant from the 
Abbey stead, called the Chappell in the Wood. 

About an arche on the end of the wall which haith beene the 
vestry : 


About an old arch in the wall of Meaux Abbay, 
standing 1619, I read this epitaph. 
Hie requiescit corpus Domini Baldwyni de Betonio, quondam 
comitis de Albemarle et domini de Holdernes. 

Iknaresbutdb Cbutcb, 28 Septembrfs, 1622* 

A very faire monument in the North quyer, 
with the portraitures. 

Conditi sunt sub hoc tumulo Franciscus^ et Maria Slingsbie. Ille 
relicto Academie spatio regis Henrici Octavi Hipparcho post serviebat 
in obsidione BuUonica, in pugna Mussleberiensi. Ille equitum dux 
designetur [stc], Maria regnante, Tindalianae Centuriae praefectus, et 
augustissima regina nostra Elizabetha imperante, in litibus gravissimis 
componendis cum vicinis Scotis anno 1596 [^ucesifor unus] adhibetur. 
Obiit Augusti 4, 1600, aetatis 78. Ilia tam genere quam virtute nobilis- 
sima, Thomae atque Henrici Northumbriae comitum soror unica, 
syncerae religionis cultrix, pietatis qua sidus aliquod coeleste habeba- 
tur, aetatis suae 66, cum corpus mortalitati concessit, tum animam 
i[w]mortalitati commendavit .... Februarii, 1598. Liberos habuerunt 
12, filios 9 et 3 filias in herbescente aetate mortuas. lUorum 6 ad 
maturam aetatem provecti, se vitae dederunt aulicae, et per exteras 
Galliae, Hispaniae, Lusitaniae et Italiae regiones peragrantes, etiam 
attingentes Indiam, reginae [stc] majestati officia gratissima prestabant. 
Septimus tamen sacrae theologiae baccalarius, rector ecclesiae de North- 
burie in Northumbria constitutus, curae se pastorali devovit. 

Henricus Slingsbie, haeres relictus, hoc parentum suorum cum 
nobilitatis [^tum morialitatis'\ monumentum extruendum curavit anno 

Perfectum fuit hoc opus per Henricum Slingsbie, militem, 24 die 
Junii, 1602, anno aetatis suae 42 et 5 menses, anno Elizabethe regine 44. 

Mors vitam aufert et affert. 
Uni trino Deo consecratum. 

^Francis Slingsby, Esq., of Scriven, 1600; married Mary, daughter of Sir 

eldest son of Thomas Slingsby and Thos. Percy, second brother to Henry, 

Johanna Mallory ; M. P. for Knares- Earl of Northumberland ; she was buried 

borough 1572-80, captain of horse at 7 February, 1597-8, 
Siege of Boulogne ; buried 4 August, 


In the North windowe. 
I stanchion, ar. a mascle sa., a woman kneling by it. Under, 
Dame Margaret Faukes.^ 

2. Az. a cross flory or [a woman kneling by it. Under], Jane 

3. Gu. a chevron entre 2 liberds' faces in cheif and a bugle in 
base ar., stringes or \Scriven\ a man and a woman kneeling by itt. 
Underneath, Thomas Knaresburt et , uxor ejus. 

Another North window. 

A man* in armor kneling, on his brest az. 5 fusells in fcsse or. 
\^Plutnpton\ His wife behind him, on her brest the former coat 
paled with ar. a scocheon entre an orle of martlets gu. Under : 

Orate pro anima Plumpton et etiam pro anima Domini 

Willelmi Plumpton, qui istam anno 

Quarterly, az. 5 fusells in fesse or \Flumpion\ 2 sa. a bend entre 
6 escallops or [Foljambe\^ paled with ar. an escocheon entre 9 martlets 
in orle gu. 

Ther is a quire in the South side called Plumpton's quyer, which 
belonged to a house in the towne called Wintringham Hall. 

South window. 

*Per pale az. 3 flowers-de-luce erm. \^Burgh\ paled with or 3 
pales sa. 

Per pale Beauchamp and Ros. 

Quarterly, i az. 3 flowers-de-luce erm. \BurgK\, 2 quarterly, i or 
a lyon rampant az., 2 or 3 pales sa., 3 as 2, 4 as i, paled with gu., 
3 water-budgets ar. Under : 

Orate pro bono statu Thome Burgh. 

Another window. 
A counterfet cripple begging a cow of St. Robert, which he gave 
unto him, and after the fellow had her he fell lame, ut ferunt. This 
in a window made 1473. 

Willelmus Strickland Eboracensis et de Newton in parochia de 
Wintringham, frater Walteri Strickland de Boynton, armigeri, deputatus 
\^^ locum tenens^^ written above ^^ deputatus "] [/oAannis] Uvedale de 

1 The arms of Fawkes, of Farnley, ^ Sir Robert Plumpton, who died in 
are — £rm. a mascle sa. There does not 1421, married for his second wife Alice, 
seem much known of that family till daughter and heiress of Geoffrey Fol- 
1496, so it is difficult to say who Dame jambe. They had a son, Sir William, 
Margaret would be. who married Johanna, and also a son 

„ rr^i r .,•*!. ni * Geoffrey, of Knaresborough, who married 

2 The fusils m the Plumpton arms are ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^lice, daughfer of Thomas 
generally each charged with an escallop wintringham. 

P^^*^' * See Cowthorpe Church, p. 98. 


DODS worth's church NOTES. 159 

Marric Abbey, Secretarius Consilii domini Regis apud Eboracum 
\^/ohanne\ Uvedalle moriente. 

Eynus successit tempore Edwardi 6. 

Mr. Strickland's house was over against the gate of St. Leonard's 
within the parish of St. Wilfrid's in vico vocato Footles Lane, wher 
the Master of St. Leonard's used to keep diseased people before they 
were in some measure helped of ther infirmities for feare of infection. 

In a catalogue of the Maiors of Yorke in custodia Domini 

Walteri Strickland de Boynton, armigeri, 

8 Octobris, 1622. 

Johannes Croser, maior \i44y\ and that yere the gude Duke of 
Glocestre murdryd att St. Edmundsbury. 

Johannes Carr, maior [1448^ and that yere came King Henry 6 
to Yorke upon St. Mathew's Even. 

Willelmus Holbeck, maior \_144Q]', and that yere the kynge annexid 
Aynste to be of the counte of y* cite of Yorke and to be under the 
guydyng of tfie said cite, and that same yere y® king graunted aswell 
the prophetts of the Excheit alls of the Morage to the cite for 

Thomas Barton, maior [/^jo]. — l^Btirfon.l 

Ricardus Warter, maior [7^5/]. 

Thomas Danby, maior [14^2], and that yere was the Mynster of 
Yorke enterditt for the election of Richard Andrew, the Dean, so 
that ther was no devyne service done therin for the space of xlv 

Johannes Catrik, maior [14^ j]. That yere was Prince Edward, 
sone to Henry 6, borne, and that same yere was Bishop Bowth 
stallyd att Yorke. 

Carmelites surrendred 28 November, 30 Henry 8. 

Black Site,^ i acre, surrendred 27 November, 30 Henry 8. 
Gray Site, i acre, surrendred 27 Novembris, 30 Henry 8. 
Augustin Site, dimid. acre, surrendred 28 Novembris, 30 Henry 8. 

5n tbe Cbutcb of Ikirhbs Ikenball, 28 jpebruarii, 1628. 

In the East window of the South quyer. 

Quarterly, i ar. 2 barrs az., on the first barr a mollet of 5 
poyntes [Parr], 2^ quarter, or 3 waterbudgets sa. [Pos], 3 as 2, 4 as i. 
Under, thes words following : Arma Willelmi Par, militis. 

1 /// jftar^in : " Called the Toftes,^^ 



On a tombe. 

A man in armor kneeling, on his brest, ar. 2 barrs az. within a 
border [^eng. sa,"] [Parr].^ On his wief[V] brest, quarterly, i quarter, 
az. 3 staggs or [^Green']^ 2 quarter, gu. a chevron entre 3 crosses 

botony or, on a cheif a lyon passant ar. \_Maplethorpe\, About 

itt written : 

Pray for the soule of Thomas Parr, knight for king's body \pf\ 

Henry the Eight, Master of his Wards and sher, who deceased 

the xi day of November in the nynth yere of the raigne of our sayd 

Soveraigne lord, att London in the Fryers, as his tow[/w]be 

doth recorde. 

In this quyer ther is a hansome monument in the wall erected 
to the memory of Sir Augustine Nicols, knight, late of Faxton in 
Northamtonshire, who was second son of Thomas Nicols of the same 
county. He was one of the king's Justices of Assize, and dyed att 
Kendall in his circuit, 2 August, 1616, and was ther buryed. 

In the quyer belonging to Roberte Strickland, esquire, 
of Syser in the said parish of Kendall. 

Ther is epitaphes of Sir Thomas Strickland,^ knight, father of 
Robert Strickland, esquire, abovesaid, who dyed 19° die Junii, 161 2. 

In the North quyer belonging to Sir James Bellingham, 


In the windowes in 4 places, quarterly, i quarter, ar. one bugle- 
horne stringed sa. [Bellingham]^ 2 quarter, ar. 3 bends gu. on a canton 
of the first a lyon rampant of the 2^. — Bellingham, Burnolshed. 

In severall places in the wood on the roofe of the same quyer 
the bugle-horne is engraven quarterly, i<* per pale ar. a bugle-horne 
sa. with az. 4 fusels in fesse ar., 2^ quarter, az. 4 barrs ar. 

On a tombe in the sayd North quyer are the portraitures of a 
man and a woman, with this epitaph : 

Here under lyeth Sir Roger Bellingham,' knight, (which of his 
owne coste and charges builded this Chappell of Our Lady within 
this church of Kendall), and of Margret, his wief, daughter of Sir 
Roberte Aske, knight, and of Elizabeth, his wief, daughter to the Lord 
John Clifford, now create Erie of Cumberland. Which Sir Roger 

^ Son of Sir William Parr, knight, and 
Elizabeth, sister of Lord Fitzhugh ; 
married Maud, daughter and co-heiress 
of Sir Thos. Green. They had a son, 
Sir William, and two daughters, Kath- 
erine, who was wife of Henry VIII, and 
Anne, wife of the Earl of Pembroke. 
His will, 7 November, 9 Henry VIII 
(1517), was proved in London 27 Januarj^, 

1517-8. He was buried in the Black 
Friars, London. 

2 Son of Walter Strickland, of Sizergh. 
(See Burns' Westmorland, i, 100.) 

^ There is a mistake in this inscription. 
Elizabeth Aske was daughter of John, 
ninth Lord Clifford, who was killed at 
Wakefield ; therefore the reference to the 
Earl of Cumberland is erroneous, 

dodsworth's church notes. 161 

dyed the xviij'^ day of July anno Domini mv^xxxiij^ And the sayd 

Margret dyed the day of anno m**v^. . . . . , whose soule 

Jhesu pardon. 

On a piller nere the head of this tombe ther is a small 
monument erected on [wAicX] are thes coates and epitaphe:^ 

1. Ar. fretty a cheif gu. — Thornborough. 

2. Ar. 2 barrs on a canton gu. a crosse flory of the first. — 

3. Ar. 2 barrs and a canton gu., over all a bend az. — [Cope/and.] 

4. Sa. fretty ar. — Harington. 

5. Ar. a bugle-horne sa. — Bellingham. 

6. Ar. 3 bends gu. on a canton of the second a lyon rampant of 
the first. — [Burnes/tead,] 

On earth threescore and three yeares spent, 

Or nigh therabouts this life changed 

Heavenly joyes to joy expected, 

Dame Tomasin Thombrough hence went, 

Wife to Sir William Thornbrough, knight. 

Whilst on earth hee was remayning. 

Sir Robert Bellingham, gentle knight. 

Her father was, with whom ending, 

Shee desired sepulted to be. 

As here her corps, her hope fruyng. 

Under lyeth as you may se. 

Her spiritt with the blessed Being, 

The eleventh of August she expired, 

And yere of Christ one thousand sothe, 

Fyve hundrethe eighty tow ended, 

This world she left (therof not loth). 

Almighty God her soule receaved. 

To heavenly blisse she humbly craved. 

5n tbe Cbtttcb of tejbam in *lortbttml)erlan&, 

21 Huaust, 1638. 

In the quyre. 

Upon a marble tombe advanced about 3 quarters of a yard from 
the ground, att each corner, quarterly, i quarter [ar.] a fesse inter 3 
crescents [gu,], 2 [or\ an escocheon voyded [az»]. — Ogle and Bertram. 

1 See Burns' Westmorland^ ij II7> for pedigree of the Thornboroughs, 


dodsworth's church notes. 

Under written : 

Hie jacet Robertus Ogle, filius 
Helene Bertram, filie Roberti Bertram,* 
militis, qui obiit in Vigilia Omnium 
Sanctorum anno Domini m**cccc"**x"*°, 
cujus anime propicietur Deus. Amen. - 

Vide WW., fol. 27,* pro Bertram. 

In the same quyer a knight armed, 
crosselegged, on his left arme a sheild 
of Umfranvile. 

In the crosse ile under the 
North wall. 
A man in armor, crosse-legged, on 
his arme a sheild, wheron is a fesse 

charged with 2 garbes playne to be seen, but I conceive ther are 3 
garbes upon itt, which may be Vernon's coate. 


The course of the river of Derwent, which dividethe the 

East and North Ridings. 

On the North side of itt standeth these townes. 
Itt haith his head of 2 brookes which meet att Aton, the one 
beginethe att Hacknes, antiently Hacanos, the other att Harforth 
Spittle, and having saluted Aton, wher ther is a tower. Hutton 
Bushell was Conyers' land, now dismembred. Wicham,^ an abbey; 
Hutchinson, whose grandfather was an auditor. Brompton in 
Pickeringlith, wher hath been an hospitall, Aton's olim, came to 
Cliflford in the division, and sold by him to Hutchinson. Snaynton, 
Vescy fee. Sir Richard Etherington habet terras ibidem. Fowbrige, 
a faire antient building, a commandery of the Templers, founded by 
the Erles of Lancaster; nunc Archiepiscopus Eboracensis. Yedding- 
ham,* abbey of nunnes. De Parvo Marisco or Littlemarsh. By the 
space of 3 miles by certeyne low grounds called The Marishes, and 
then receiveth Rye, which beginneth att Arden, a nunry. And 
within a quarter of a myle of mouth of Rye, att a place called 
Howbrigg, Rye receiveth a riveret called Costo, which having his 
head in the mores above Pickering, a castle belonging to the dutchy, 
and runneth to Kirkby Misperton alias Kirkby Overcarr, and after- 
ward receiveth a rill called Thornton Becke, which beginneth above 
Ellerborne, Ellerston and Wilton Castle, &c., and fallethe into Rye. 

1 In margin: ''^ Fuit filia et heres.^^ 

2 PVIV.=MS. Dodsworth isj. 

^ Wykeham was a Cistercian nunnery, 
founded 1153, granted or sold to Richard 

Hutchinson. (See pedigrees in Glover's 
and Dugddle's Visitations,) 

* A Benedictine nunnery. 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 168 

Derwent having received Rye commeth to a little villag called 
Wicham, from thence to Old Malton, a priory. 

New Malton, a castle sometymes of the Vescyes, &c. , wher ther is 
a markett of great resort and of as great fame for sale of come, 
fish, foule, husbandry ware, horse, beasts and sheep, as any market in 
Yorkshire, for a dry towne or other in the North or [sic] England 
for all comodities, and for a faire of horses att Michleamas, &c. 

Hutton upon Derwent and Huton on the Hill, and then leaveth 
Hinderskell 2 myles of, a castle now of my Lord W[t7/iam] How[ar^]. 

Then receiveth a little rill called Crambe Beck, which haith his 
beginning above Hynderskell, antiently Hundred Skell, a castle, &c.; 
Barons Greystock. 

And by Yestrop,^ which my lord Euers hathe walled and 
imparked this present yere 1620, and so by Gaterley Millne into 
Derwent Then Darwent leaveth Whitwell on the Hill. Crambe, 
olim Lutterell. Then it receiveth Spittle Beck, which beginneth 
above Stitnam by Foston, Barton, and into Derwent att Hacton. 

Then goeth to Bossall, a prebend. To Butercram ; Stutteviirs 
olim. Stamfordbridg. A house of Sir Henry Jenkins, called Scoreby. 
Kexby, the seat of Ughtred. Elvington, Wheldrak, West Cottingwith, 
Torganby, North Duffeild, Melthrop, an Menthorp, Bowthrop, Braken- 
holm ; Hagthorp, Mr. Richard Bowes' land ; Babthorp, Hemingburgh, 
wher Derwent falleth into Ouse. 

Derwent on the East side.* \ 

Haverford fluvius haith his beginning about Muston, not farre 
from Filey, to the North, and Hunmanby on the East, either a mile 
from Muston, so by the North by the grounds of Gristhorp, 
Ledbricston, Kallerdby, Caiton, Osgerby, a little more to North, 
Deepedale Grang, and so to Semer and so to Aton, wher itt is called 
Derwent after itt hath yoyned with the other spring that beginneth 
at Hacanes on the South side. It commeth by the grounds of 
Flottemanby Est and West, Folketon, Flixton, Harford Spittle, 
Staxton, Willerby. Benington, Abbas de Bridlington pars. Gauter 
[Wdr/er], Ligerd bought it of Marmaduke Lacy, a younger brother 
of the house of Folketon, lately. Potter Brunton. Sherburn, Latimer 
olim, from thence to Nevell, nunc dominus rex. Heslerton East, 
manerium Domini Walteri Strikland nunc, olim .... Heslarton West, 
olim Thwing's, nunc Sir Thomas Fairfax de Gilling. Yeddingham. 
Knapton, dominus rex nunc, oUm Latimer's. Wintringham, Conyers 
de Sockburne olim, nunc Walterus Strickland, armiger, habet. 


* Over "Yestrop" is written ** Yares- ^ /n margin: ^* Harford water on the 

thorp." North side,'' 


A becke, beginning att Settrington Becon, goeth by Newton, 
Wintringham, Thorp Basset, and into Derwent att Scamston, the Lord 
Latymer's olim, in the partition to Comwallis. Rillington. Scakle- 
thorp, partim to my Lord William Howard, partim manerio de 
Settrington. Setterington, wher ther is a place called Gallowhill, 
wher in tymes past ther hath bene gallowes. 

A becke beginning att South Wharrom, by Wharrom in the 

Street, Grimston, Settrington, and so into Derwent. Norton. Wellam, 

3* pars Euers, 3* pars Conyers, 3* pars Clifford, nunc, olim Aton's. 

Meny thorp, a hamlett, parcel 1 Comersam, parcell Watton Abbey. 

A beck having his head att Birdsale, where was Montferrand Castle 


The fairest lady in all this land 

Was drowned on the topp of Mount Ferrand. 

By I^ngton, Thornthorp, and Menythorp. Westo, Abbas de 
Kirkham. Furby alias Fryby, Kirkham aliquid. Kirkham Priory. 
Westo. Howshom, the seat now of Bambrough, baronet, out of which 
Walter Espec gave Kirkham Abbey. Ed. Manners, comes Ruttland, 
sold itt to Bambrough. 

Skredingham, Estotevile's olim. Skirtingbec, Chancy olim. Foule 
Sutton. Stamforth Brigges, wherin I have herd ther was land given 
to the mayntenance of Corpus Christi play in Yorke. Over Catton, 
nunc et olim comes Northumberland. Nether Catton, comes 
Northumberland. Wilberfosse, wher a brook, Moniales et Ugthred. 
Newton. Sutton-upon-Derwent, past to the Duke of Northumberland, 
by him sold to Eglesfeild, by him to Vaughan. Storthwait, the Lord 
Ros. Cottingwith East. Ellerton Priory. Aughton, the seat of Aske 
lately, by him sold to Sir Hugh Bethell. Bubwith. Gunby, olim 
Selby Abbey, nunc Sir Robert Dolman. Brighton, Ros. Wressell 
Castle, Percy, comes Worcester, et comes Northumberland. Loftsum. 
Newsom Parke, about a myle from the river, Vescy olim, nunc Percy, 
comes Northumberland. Barnby; it falleth into Ouse. 

Hull beginneth att Sunderlandwic. Little Driffeild, Danby nunc, 
olim rex. It was Balioll's, rex Scotie. Great Driffeild, Danby. 
Wansforth, wher itt is navigable for great boats which saile and carry 
barly, wher itt entertayneth Naffreton Beck.^ 

Naffreton Beck, beginning ther, meeteth this water in Wansforth, 
and so go to a place called Brigham Bawkend, wher vessells of great 

'^ In margin: ''^Parcell de Naffreton nepte regis y et heredthus de corporibus* 
olim. Sir John Suckling nunc. Both Nunc Carolus frirueps per donum patris »^^ 
^iven MatheOy comiti Lenox ^ et Margarete^ 

dodsworth's church notes. 165 

burden come very convenient for that sid of the country, and so 
with 2 myle from Frodingham in Holdernes (Thornton Abbey in 
Lincoln, olim), wher it receiveth a beck beginning att Killom, and 
leaveth Lowthrop^ on the South and Anassburton, a mile to the East, 
by Harpham. 

Harpham habuit terras ibidem olim, nunc St. Quintin, descended 
of the house of Brandsburton. 

Kelke, and so to Foston, so to Frodingham Brigg, wher itt falleth 
into Hull water 2 myle from the towne. 

A spring beginning in Anasburton towne runneth East through 
Thurnholm groundes and thence to Haystorp, and so turning South- 
ward, leaveth Carnaby groundes, and on the South side of Fraystrop, 
and so to the sea at Aubern. 

5n tbe Cburcb of Dolme in Spal&fnamore* 

Ecce jacet domina generosa Johanna sepulta, 
Uxor erat gemina virtutibus undique fulta : 
Viva maritorum conjux fuit ipsa duorum. 
In cineres Jana pressa aeterna luce recessit, 
Mille quatriginta sex sunt deca [sic] bis morienti.^ 
Ipsam, Christe Dei summe fili, speciei, 
Virtute spei quam gessit, da requiem ei. 

She^ was first wief of Judge Gascoigne, and after of Raphe 
Greystocke, knight. 

Clapbam Cburcb in wapontacft 5e Igewcrosse, 

, 1630. 

Ther are in this parishe thes townes, videlicet, Clapham, Newby, 
Awstwick, Wherfe, Feyser and Lawkland, and thes hamlettes, videlicet, 
Langshaa - juxta - Lawkland, Newby Coles, Keysden-juxta- Clapham, 
Hamond Head, Thinakes-juxta-Newby, Maling Scale, Cromboke-juxta- 
Awstwike, a house of Procter. 

Clapdale, a great old castle joyning on Clapham, the antient 
demesne of the family of Claphams, who have lived here in good 
reputation till our fathers' days. John Clapham, y® last of Clapdale 

^ In margin opposite Killom and and relict of Sir Ralph Greystock, Baron 

Lowthrop: ** Olim Wellon^ nunc Dominus of the Exchequer. She married secondly 

Daicy,^^ Judge Gascoigne. Her will, i May, 

.3 , • tt A ZT A^i proved at York 12 Tune, 1426, is printed 

In margin : 1426, 4 H. 6. \^ j,^^^ ^^^^^ i^ ^,J,^ ^^^^^^ '^^^ g^;^^^ 

^ The general account is that she was to be buried in the " Kirk of Holme in 
daughter of Sir William Pickering, knight, Spaldyngmore. " 

166 dodsworth's church notes. 

Castle, past itt to William Clapham of Beamesley, father of George, 
that sold itt to Ingleby, circa 40 annos elapsos. 

One Bankes, a gentleman, was lord of Lawkland and Feysar, not 
long since, and sold them to Ingleby, 60 annis elapsis. 

This Clapdale Castle hath beene very large and strong, and 
standeth on that skirt of the highe hill Ingleborow which shooteth 
towardes Clapham, and was the demayne of y® Claphams in later 
tyme. But I think itt was builded by Adam de Staneley or some 
of his ancestors, who sold the chaces of Ingleborow to Roger 

Mowbray, tempore Johannis This Adam was lord of Dent 

and Sedbergh, and left a daughter, his heire, married to [FitzhugX] of 
Ravenswath, of whom the Parrs and the Erie of Pembroke and 
Montgomery is descended. 

©Bberwicft {Osbaidwuk) jujta JEboracumt 13 *lopembrt9t 


Orate pro anima domine Isabbelle, nuper uxoris Magistri Nicholai 
Loncaster, legum doctoris, ac bis civitatis Eboracensis majoris, que 
obiit \yP die mensis Septembris anno Domini m**cccc<'lxxxx<', cujus 
anime propitietur Deus. Amen. 

Hie jacet Dominus VVillelmus Scalisby, nuper vicarius de 
Osberwyk, qui obiit vicesimo octavo die mensis Maii anno Domini 
1497, cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen. 

Pra for the soull of Sir John Kirkby, sometyme vecar of this 
church, of whos soull Jhesu have merci. Anno Domini m®ccccc^xxx<>. 

Orate pro anima Fratris Johannis Palmer. 

Note that ther was a colledge att Lowthrop, now Sir John 
Suckling's, and Wansforth is his also. 

Settrington Cburcb, 14 Hovembrfs, 1620. 

Here lyeth Raph Tompson, docter of divinity, one of her 
majestie's chaplaynes, and parson of Settrington, who, living according 
to his profession, made a godly and vertuous ende the xviij day of 
August, 1 591, in the xxxiij yere of the reigne of Queene Elizabeth, 
and in the xlvj yere of his age. After whose good ensample God 
grant us all to direct our lives. Amen. 

Richardi Percii, legum doctoris, consultissimi s[<rarra;']ii archi- 
episcopatus Eboracensis annos plus minus viginti com [»?] issarii, 
judicisve, omnium testimonio, maxim^ viduarum et orphanorum, 

dodsworth's church notes. 


sequissimi et longe incorruptissimi, viri vera pietate, summ^ probitate, 

pnidenti^ admirabili, et humanitate pene incredibili prediti et ornati, 

hie jacet corpus. Qui importuno litigantium strepitu, jurgiisque 

forensibus tandem defatigatus, illam provintiam lubens reliquit, ac 

postremum vitae septennium divino cultui in hac ecclesid consecravit. 

Denique annum aetatis climactericum agens, animam Deo red[^]idit 

X** Novembris, 1598. 

Settrington South quyer. 

A man in armor and his wife, in ful proportion. 

On a tombe. 
Here lyeth the body of Edmond Bigot^ of Shaklthorp, gentleman, 
who made a godly ende the 30th day of December anno Domini 
1580. And Margret, his wief, who the iiijth day of March dyed, 
anno Domini 16 14. 

JSointon (Boynton) Cbtttcb, 15 Hovembtf 8, 1620. 

A hansome tombe in the North wall. 

In brasse the portraiture of a man in armor kneeling, on his 
brest, quarterly, i [ja.] on a chevron entre 3 pheons \argl\ 3 moUetts 
gu. \Newport\ 2 quarter, or, on a cross sa. 3 bull heads cabaged ar. 
\Boynton\ 3 as 2, 4 as i. Behind him, 8 sonnes kneeling. Under: 

Hie jacet Robertus Newport,'^ armiger, qui obiit xxiij** die Maii 
anno Domini m^ccccolxxxiij, cujus anima requiescat in pace. Amen. 

His wief with 7 daughters. On her brest, quarterly, ... a chevron 
entre 3 swannes, 2 quarter, [<?r] a chevron gu. a cheif vaire or 
nebulee. — [St. Quintin,^ 

Orate pro anima domine Margarete, uxoris ejus, que obiit xviij 

die mensis Septembris anno Domini mocccc^lxxxxiij^', cujus anime 

propitietur Deus. Amen. 

On a stone. 

Hie jacet Thomas Nevport^ et Elisabet, uxor ejus, filia et heres 

Johannis Boynton, filii et heredis Domini Roberti Boynton, militis, 

qui Thomas obiit xv*' die Novembris anno Domini m^cccc** Et 

^ There is a short pedigree of this 
family in Glover* s Visitation^ page 174. 
He was son of Edmund Bigod, of 
Scaglethorp. His administration at York 
is 5 January, 1582-3. His wife was 
daughter of Anthony Young, of Craven, 
and her will, i March, 1614-5, ^^s 
proved at York 22 April, 161 5. 

^ Robert Newport made his will 20 
October, 1481, proved at York 26 June, 
1484. There seems no pedigree of New- 

port, or any printed information about 
the family. 

3 Thomas Newport, Esq., of Boynton, 
made his will Tuesday following Feast 
of St. John the Baptist, 1441, proved at 
York 29 November, 1442. In the pedi- 
gree of Boynton in Foster's Yorkshire 
FamilieSy it states that Sir Robert was a 
son of Sir Thomas Boynton, of Acklam, 
and that he was Governor of Berwick 
Castle circa 1381, and married Isabel, 
daughter of Sir William Normanvile. 

168 dodsworth's church notes. 

ilia V [sic'} obiit iiij die Octobris anno Domini m'^cccc^xxiijo, quorum 
animabus propicietur Deus. Amen. 

Another stone. 

Hie jacet Willelmus Newport, armiger, qui obiit decimo die 
mensis Novembris anno Domini Millesimo cccc°lxxx"*°, cujus anime 
propicietur Deus. 

On that stone, a chevron entre 3 pheons. — [JVewporf.'\ 

South window. 
Az. 3 barrs gemewise or. 

Or on a cross sa. 3 bulls' heads cabaged ar. — [Ayton or Boynton?^ 

Or a fesse entre 3 crescents gu. — [Boynton?^ 

From Mr. Strickland's mouth, 15 Novembris, 162 [o]. 

That St. Anthonie's was annexed to the cytty 100 yeres before 
the suppression. 

Hastinges of Allerton married the heire of Wyvill and had 
Slingsby Cast[/er], and th'Erle of Huntington descended thence. 

Symon Heslerton was he that gave consent that Lowthrop should 
be a colledg.* Itt was a great benifice, and when the donor had 
and \sic\ desire to have more suffrages for his soule he would desire 
the bishop \tke sentence ends thus\. 

Kirklethum was a coUedge. Stutevile of Agnes Burton. Somer- 
vile married his heire and Sir H. Griffiths ancestors married 
Somervile's heire. 

In the bundells of peticions in the towre : They of Vetus 
Ravenser overflowed, they peticioned to the king to give them some 
place to live in. The king writ to th'Erchbishop to entertaine them, 
who kept them att Cawood 7 \or iiijT\ yeres, and \having\ spent 
what they had kept, \they'\ desired another place. The king demand- 
ing what other place were fitt for ther habitacion, they told him 
Wicke, therupon the King gave the Abbot of Melsa, for Wick, now 
Hull, the manners of Pocklinton, Ebor., and in com. Lincoln. 

King Henry 4 landed [a/] Ravenspur and prayed and made 
and \sic\ chappell there. 

Delapoole borne [?J att Drypoole on the contrary side of the 
water from Wycke. 

That the king's house in Yorke was called manerium suum de 
Tofte and is now called Duk Gills. 

^ There seems to have been litigation Ellis in the Yorkshire ArchcBologkal 

between. Sir William de Aton and Sir journal, xii, 263.) 
Robert de Boynton as to the right to use » t • . << ztj « 5> 

these arms. (See the paper by A. S. ^" """'S"" ^''"'- •*• 

dodsworth's church notes. 169 

The Abbot and Maior were att contention about burgum de 
Bowthom, and the king to attone the difference did give the Abbot, 
out of his owne demaine, ecclesiam de Rudstan, to the end he shoud 
lett the Maior enjoy itt. 

Thraves were given to St. John of Beverley' to keepe moloss[^j] 
to kill the wevers or bevers that bred in Holdernes Fens and did 
infest the contry and kill men. 

The sheriffs of Yorkshire did successively inhabit the Castle. 

Clifford's Towre was builded by William Conqueror, and Clifford 
being after made warden therof, itt was called after him. 

Edward 4 coming to York [st'c], 

A maior of York, about Richard 2 tyme, was killed att Popleton, 
with [f] desire to have done some service. 

Rotula Romana in the tower. 

Fowbridg, a house of the Templers, founded by th'Erle of 

Filius Radulphi, antecessor de Graystock, founded Nunburnham ; 
and Vescy, that founded Malton, founded North Feriby. Ther was 
a petition to the king that they should nott be compelled to enter- 
taine extraneos excepto [r^ge?], A patron in paupertatem redactus 
might take somewhat for his maynetenance and no symony by the 
cannon law. 

Wallingfen was given [sic]. 

Adam de Everingham of Laxton disgraded openly, portatus ad 
justitiam for striking on[<?] that recovered against him. 

Pickering Lyth antiquum dominicum regis et honor. 

A stranger paid toll quasi tolle. 

That Percy fonded Wilberfosse Nunry. 

Aguillon dwelt att Kirkby on the Would. 

Fossey, fryers mendicantes. 

Mr. Strickland's snaky stone [/] impressed. Rotulus Romae. Dela- 
ware, t\e, dominus de la guerre, tooke the French king prisoner. He 
had his chap[. . .?]. 

Plaiz married Sewardby'[j] heire. Plaiz was nepos Oliveri de 
Ingham de Ingham in Norfolke. Ther is great monuments. Cal- 
throp was heire to him, and Sewardby came from Plaiz to Pigott. 

Out of an old book called The Fruits of Tyme, in the 
end wherof is the Description of Englond.^ 

Wylhelmus [Malmesburiensis] de Pontificibus, li. iij. York is a 
grete cyty, in ether syde of y^ water of Ouse, that semed as fayre 

^ In margin: " The amies of Beverley •■* Wynkyn de Worde's Fructus Tent' 

is the bever couchanty pontm. 

J 70 dodsworth's church notes. 

as Rome unto the tyme y' the kynge Wyllyam had, with brennynge 
and fyre, defouled it and the countre about So that a pilgryme 
wolde now wepe and he sawe it, it he had knowen it tofore. 

Gaufre Ebraucus, the v kinge of Brytons, buylded York and called 
it after hys owne name, Caerbrauck. He buylded also tow other 
cyttyes, &c. 

Acliud was a famous cyte almost unknowne to the Brittons. 
Some say itt was that cyte that now is called Aldbrough, upon the 
river Ouse, not far from Broughbridg, that is 15 myle West from 
Yorke, and itt seemeth it is preved out of Gaufride in his booke of 
the dedes of Bryton. He writeth that Elidurus, kyng of Brytons, 
was lodged at y* cyte Acliud, because of solace and hunting, and 
found his brother Argalon masking in a wood nere ther beside, that 
hyght Calatery, but that wood Calatery, which is called Calters in 
English, recheth almost to Yorke and strecheth toward the North by 
Aldbrough, in length by space of xx myles. The most dele of that 
wood is now drawne downe and the londe itilled. 

IRubstan Cbutcb* 

Pray for the soules of Sir William Constable^ of Carethorp, knight, 
son of Sir Robert Constable of Flamburgh, knight, and Jane, his 
wife, one of the haires of Thomas Fulthorp of Tunstall in the county 
of Durram. The which Sir William dyed xxij day of the month of 
July in the yere of Our Lord God m^^cccccxxvj. The said Jane the 
day of the month of in the yere of Our Lord 

In the window. 

Or, a lyon rampant purpur. — [Lacy.] 



Gu. a cross flory ar. — [Fu/^hor/f] 


Ar. a chevron entre 3 martlettes sa. 

Ar. 5 fuzells [in] fesse az. 

Ar. a chevron entre 3 roses gu. perced or. 

Ar. a bend cotised entre 6 lions rampant sa. 

1 Fifth son of Sir Rol)ert Constable, of 18 December, 1540. {TesL Ebor.yVi, 106.) 

Flamborough, by Agnes, daughter of Sir This brass is in existence. (See MiU 

Roger Went worth. His Ittq. p, m. was Stephenson's East Riding Brasses, York- 

taken 16 April, 19 Heniy VIII (1527). shire ArchaologiccU Journal,, xii, 225.) 
His wife's will, 1 1 September, was proved 



Ar. a fess gu. entre 3 parrots. — 
\Thweng f\ 

Gu. semi de roses a chevron or. 


Hippies Cburcb, 23 ©ctobet, 


In the midle quyre on a stone 
a brasse plate. 

Hie jacet Johannes Ingelby,^ ar- 
miger, quondam dominus de Rypley, 
qui obiit xxvij*^ die Augusti anno 
Domini m°ccccc°ij°, cujus anime pro- 
picietur Deus. Amen. 

5n Cburcb or Cbappell att Staveleu* 

3 chevrons embrased a cheif. — [Fitzhugh or Wyvil/] 

S5uttowbri00 {Boroughtridge) Cbutcb, 23 ©ctobcr, 1627. 

Quarterly, Percy and Lucy within the garter. 

In the North window of the quyer. 

A man and his 2 wifes kneeling. 

Orate pro animabus Hugonis Tank- 
ard'^ et , uxorum suarum. 

In the same window : 

Ar. on a chevron entre 3 escallops 
gu. 3 annulets of the first. — Tankard. 

Gu. an egle displaid ar., beake and 
feete or. — \Sotkill.'\ 

The next window. 
Ar. a chevron entre 3 escallop sails. 
\gu. — Tankard,^ 

Or a lyon rampant az. — [Percy,] 
Gu. a saltire ar. — [Nevi/e.] 


^ Son of Sir William Ingleby, of 
Ripley, who died 1501. He married 
Ellenor (daughter of Sir Marmaduke 
Constable, of Flamborough), who re- 

married Thomas, Lord Berkeley. The 
Ingleby arms are : Sa. an estoile arg. 

2 In Glover'' s Visitation Hugh Tankard 
is said to have married Dionis, daughter 
of Henry Sothill. 



Quarterly, France and England, alabel of 5 points, the 2 first 
ermine, y* 3 last az., on each 3 flower-de-luces or, all within a garter.^ 
'Az. a cross flowry ar. — [Goldes-borough ?] 

Cttcftwalft {Coxwoid) Cbutcb, 24 ©ctober, 1627. 

On a very faire monument of allablaster 

in the quyer. 

Ar. a pale engrailed entre 2 pallettes sa., quartered with ar. a 
chevron gu. entre 3 flowers-de-luce az. — \Bellasyes,f 

A man and his wief in full portraiture above ; on the sides, the 
portraitures of his 4 sons, videlicet. Sir Henry Bellassise, Docter 
[^CAar/es] Bellassisse, Bryan Bellassisse, James Bellassisse, [Ca/Aertne] 
uxor [T/u?mi\ Mettham. 

Viator siste, quid eras, et quid 

eris perpende, ego sicut foenum 

arvi, et ecce nunc in pulvere 

requiesco, revicturus e terra 

in novissimo die. 

Virtus est vera 


Memoria justi est benedicta, 

Nomen autem improborum 

putridum est. 

Hie jacet Gulielmus Belasyse, eques auratus, qui hondrifice juvenis 
etiamque senex vixerat usque ad aetatem Ixxx et amplius annorum. 
Qui vivus habuit Henricum, filium suum, super Margaretam, filiam 
Nicolai Fairfax de Gilling, militis, et Thomam, Henrici per Ursulam, 
filiam Thomae Fairfax de Denton, militis, haeredem, unum et alterum 
simul milites, et tandem faeliciter moriebatur 14 die Aprilis anno 
salutis 1604. 

^ These must be the arms of John, 
Duke of Bedford, K.G., which are illus- 
trated in W. St. John Hope's *' Windsor 
Stall Plates." He was third son of 
Henry IV, and was Regent of France; 
born 1389, died s.p, 1435. 

^ Sir William Belasyse (heir of his 
uncle, Anthony Belasyse, who had a 
grant of Newburgh Priory) was born 

about 1525. Will 20 September, 1600, 
proved at York 11 May, 1604. He 
married,, as in the inscription, Margaret, 
daughter of Sir Nicholas Fairfax, of 
Gilling. His eldest son, Sir Henry, was 
created a baronet, and married Ursula, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Fairfax, of 
Denton. Their son, Sir Henry, married 
Barl>ara, daughter of Sir Henry Cholme- 

dodsworth's church notes. 173 

In the quyer windows. 

Percy and Lucy quartered. 

Gu. on a lyon rampant ar. a crosier staffe in bend or. — Arma 
Abbathie de Novoburgo. — [^Newburgh.'] 

Orate fieri 

fecit anno Domini millesimo quadracentessimo quingessimo septimo. 

On an escocheon on the wall. 
Or on a fesse entre 4 flowers-de-luce [^//.] 2 flowers-de-luce of the 
first. — Daivill,* sometyme lord here. 

In the church windows. 

Orate pro animabus juvenum ville de Cucwalde qui hanc fenes- 
tram fieri fecerunt. 

Orate pro animabus juvenum ville de Ulston. 

Orate pro animabus Roberti Vicars et Emote, uxoris ejus, et pro 
filiis et filiabus eorundem qui hanc 

South window. 

Orate pro animabus Johannis Nicolson et qui istam 

fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

On a brasse plate on a faire marble. 

[6V7.] a bend embatled \arg,\ — [Mansion.^ 

Orate pro animabus Johannis Manston,^ armigeri, qui obiit vj'® die 
mensis Octobris anno Domini mocccc^lxiiij, et Elizabeth[(?], uxoris ejus, 

que obiit die mensis anno Domini m**cccc** , 

quorum animabus propicietur Deus. Amen.' 

Places in this parishe. 

Cuckwald, Newbrough Abbay, Ulston, Yearesley, Biland Abbay, 
High Woods, a grange, Cam[^ ?]shead, a grange, Baxby, Thornton-on- 
the-Hill, almost desolated now, Amgram Grang, Wilton Grange, Sir 
Edwyn Sands, lord, Burdforth hath a chappelle \of\ ease, Silton hath 
a chapell, and is 9 myle from the church, and lands therin bought 
by Sir John Harte, which belongeth \to\ the freeschoole of Cuckwald. 

Note that Sir John Harte* was borne att Lund Grange in the 
lordship of Byland and parish of Kilburne, and was scholler att 
Cuckwald where he founded a freeschoole. 

* The Deyvill family were for several ^ In margin : " This stone was brought 

generations at Coxwold, and entered their from Thorn^on^ ut fertint. " 

pedigree at Glover's Visitation, (See .^.,, ^^ 1., 

Foster ed., 215.) Sir John Harte, knight, citizen and 

a John Mansion, Thornton, near New- alderman of London, founded in 1603 a 

burgh, Esq., made his will 4 November, f^e grammar school at Coxwold, for 

proved at York 17 November, 1464, which he charged his manor of Silton, 

**to be buried in the high church yard {East mead,) 
qf Cukwold. " His brass is in existence. 

174 dodsworth's church notes. 

Slsngsbp Cburcb, i 5uli?, 1619. 

Honor et amor. 

Pray for the sauti of Sir John 
Stone, person of this church and 
chapleyne to th'Erle of Northumber- 
land the iiij. Anno 1508. 
Virtus, justitia. 

Ther is [w] the quier a monu- 
[»i]ent cross[/]egg'd of one of the 
Wyvills, att his feet a Ulbott couch- 
inge; no ins<^iption; a sheild on his 
arme with three chevrons embraced 
and a cheif depicted, the coulors hard 
to see. 

Ther is in the East end of the towne an old house of stone 
called Wyvill Hall. 

The tradition is thai betwixt Malton and this towne ther was 
sometytnes a serpent that lyved upon pray of passengers, which this 
Wyvill and dogg did kill, wher he received his deathe's wound. Ther 
is a great hole half a myle from the towne, round within and 3 
yerdes broad and more, wher this serpent lay, in which tyme the 
street was turned a myle on the South side, which doth still show itt 
self, if any take paynes to search itt. 

Ther is in the West window, per pale; ar. on a bend gu. 
escallopes, with quarterly or and gu., in the lirst quarter a raven 

On the steeple, ingraven in stone, a manch, and over the castle 
gates, which castle, mannor, and parke was the ancient possession 
of the Hastinges, eries of Huntington, now sold to Sir Charles 
Cavendis[/i]. Ther haith beene a church in the castle. 

Slyngsby paies &s. Sd. a yere to the mannor of Mowbray fee. 

Slyngsby Is watered with a sweete rivelet called Wath Beck, 
which haith springes upp att Ganthorp, comet he by Ary holme, 
wher itC receiveth many small springes, and comethe to Wath, which 
giveih itt name, thence to Friton and by Slyngsby into Holbeclc 

The mannor of Hovingham was not long since the Lord Barkley's. 

Wathe, inter Fryton and Hovingham, was a religious house of 
women, now the possession of Sir Thomas Metiham. 

Ther is the walls of a faire chappell, nere as bigg as the church, 
within the castle walls, where they had service in tyme of warres 
within themselves, 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 


Ther have beene 6 knights of the Wivilles that have succeeded 
on[<?] another att Wyvill Hall abovesaid, and the heire of Wyvill 
haith itt att . this day, but not of so great estait as his auncestors 
were, for one of them taking parte with Stafford (that caiue to 
Scarbrough and tooke the Castle) lost all his land, but only Wyvill 
Hall, which was then in joynture. 

Note. — Sir Marmaduke Wyvill of Constable Burton, baronett, did 
descend from the more antient Wyvills. 

SbCrffbOtOn {Sheriff Button), tbC ♦ • ♦ ♦ Of SUflttSt, 1623. 

Wall of the North quyer. 

A man armed, crossleg'd, on his sheild, on a fesse entre 3 
niertlettes ... 3 escallops.^ — Watton. 

On the sid[tf] : 

Gu. a fesse . . . entre 3 mertlettes. 

On a fesse . . . entre 3 mertlettes 3 
mollettes of 5 pointes. 

Quarterly, gu. and , a bend 

over all. 

... on a bend 3 mertlettes. 

On a marble in the same 


Per pale 3 crowes, a little bend over 

all — Wytham, paled with [arg,\ on a 

fesse entre 3 mertletes \vert'\ 3 escallops 

\arg,'\ [Thweng^'], Thes verses under : 

Vestibulum fieri qui fecit et ista capellam. 

Hie cantariam sistere perpetuam 
Fundans, Christe, Thome Wytham* misere [«V] sueque 

Agneti sponse, qui simul hie recubant. 


* These appear to be the arms of 
Thweng, as under. The arms of Wawton 
were per f ess arg. and gu. This monu- 
ment would probably be to one of the 
Thwengs. Their early history is not very 
clear in Glover's Visitation. The will of 
Marmaduke Thweng, of Cornborough and 
Sheriff Hutton, is at York, i January, 
1426, to be buried at the latter place, 
leaving two sons, George and John. 

^ The arms of Thweng are generally 
blazoned arg, on a fess gu. between three 
popinjays vert, as many escallops of the 

field. The eaglets or crows in the 
VVitham shield are. Canon Raine thinks, 
merely the popinjays of the Thwengs. 

^ Thomas Witham, of Cornborough, 
was Chancellor of the Exchequer temp. 
Hen. VI and Edw. IV. His will is 
dated i March, 1474-5, proved at York 
18 April, 1 48 1. He married Agnes, 
daughter and co-heiress of William 
Thweng. Her will 12 January, 1 490-1, 
proved 5 October, 1495. No issue is 

176 dodsworth's church notes. 

In the window. 

Orate pro animabus Johannis Cowper et Johanne, uxoris sue. 

Lord Dacres. 

Lord Nevill. 

Midle quyer window. 

Quarterly, i ar. 3 fuzells in fesse gu. [Montacute], 2 or an egle 
displaid [verf] [Monihermer\ second quarter, gu. a saltire ar. a label of 
three points compone ar. and az. [Nevil^\ 3 as 2, 4 as i. 

The same on a neat monument* of alablaster, on the topp wherof 
is the portraiture of a child in his long coat, having on his head a 
capp of maynetenance. 

France and England, a label of three points erm. cantoned. 

Quarterly, i Beauchamp, Erie of Warwick, 2 quarter, checqui or 
and az. a chevron erm. — [Newburgh.'] 

On a small marble a plat of brasse. 
Hie Dorothea Fenys cum fratre Johanne^ quiescit. 
In ccelis lauro donatus uterque virescit. 
Thomas Dacre, baro, sua consors, Anna, parentes 
lUorum fuerunt clara virtute fruentes. 

Anno Domini 1491. 

Another stone. 
Here lyeth Thomazin Hardman, late wief of Barten Hardman, 

vicar, 1587. 

In the South quyer window. 

Per pale : or a bend gu. entre 3 crowes sa. [ Witharn], paled 

with ar. on a fesse gu. in[/^r] thre martlettes \or popinjays] vert 

3 escallops or. — [TAweng.] 

On a marble. 

Qui recubant militi, Christe, Thome* miserere 

Gower et Alicie e perpetue. 

Anno tunc Domini semel m c et fore summi [?]. 

* The Nevile arms quartered with of Sir Humphrey Bourchier. This brass 
Montacute. is still in existence. (See Mill Stephen- 

» Can this be the monument of the ^^i^l^o'-t^ /iiding Brc^ses.) 

. r . r t>«^v^ A TTT „,i,^o« r, * There was a Sir Thomas Gower, of 

.nfent son of I^chard III, whose arms gherifhoton, knight, whose administra- 

^ to be onit ? (See Hope s Garter ^.^^ ^^ ^^^'^^^^ B^ '^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ 

"^*' line of the inscription seems imperfect. 

3 Probably children of Sir Thomas Stittenham, the home of the Gowers, is 
Fiennes, Lord Dacre, by Anna, daughter in the parish of Sheriff Hutton, 


SHuflsbB Cburcb, 25 ©ctobrts, 1627. 

On the out side of the church, 
graven in stone. 

Ther is \arg.'] a manch \sa.\ which manch is the paternall coate 
of Hastings, earles of Huntington, sometymes lords of this towne. 

In the West wind[<?7f/]. 

Party per pale ar. on a bend gu. 3 escallopps of the first, paled 
with, quarterly, or and gu., on the first quarter a bird, feete, leggs and 
beake sa. 

Ther is in this window likewise, within a wreath ar. and or, a 
bulPs head argent, which is the crest belonging to the said Earle of 

On a plate of brasse in the quyer. 

Pray for the saule of Sir John Fons, person of this church, and 
chaplaine to th'Erll of Northumberland the iiij. Anno Domini 1508. 

Ther is in the quyer the portraiture of a knight crosslegged, with 
a sheild on his left arme, wheron is depicted gu. 3 cheverons 
embrased vaire a cheif, being the paternall coate of Wyvill, some- 
tymes lord of a parte of this towne. 

3Batton tn tbe Stteete, 25 ©ctobrts, 1627. 

In the quyer window. 
Barry of 6 ar. and az. — [Grey,f 

In the North side of the church. 
Barry of 6 ar. and az. a bend count erchanged. — [Grey,] 
Ther belongs to this towne Butterwyke and Conysthorp. 

appleton in tbe Stteete, 25 ©ctobtiSt 1627. 

In the quyer window. 
Orate pro anima Domini Robert! Power, vicarii de Appilton .... 

South ile window. 
Barry of 8 ar. and az 3 chappletts of 4 roses ar. — Graistok. 

1 This blazon is probably meant "for properly Barry of six arg^ and az. a 

Grey, of Barton, a short pedigree of betid gobony or and gu, (See account of 

which family is in Giover^s Visitation, next church, Appleton-in-the-Street.) 
(Foster ed., p. 70.) The arms are 

178 dodsworth's church notes. 

North windows. 
Barry of 6 ar. and az. a bend gobony or and gu. — [Grey of Bartoni\ 
Ar. a cross formy gu. 

In this parish are thes iownes : — Appleton, Amerby, Swinton, 
Broughton, Hildingley, Yarnsthorp, Newsom and Sleights. 

Sulmer Cburcb, 26 ®ctobri9t 1627. 

Quyer window. 
Gu. billety a lyon rampant or. — Bulmer. 
Ar. a manch sa. — Hastinges. 

On a stone. 

\GuJ\ billety a lyon rampant \pr\. 

Hie jacet Dominus Radulphus Bulmer,^ miles, dominus de BuUmer, 
qui obiit vicesimo tertio die mensis Aprilis anno Domini millesimo 
cccc"™° sexto, cujus anime propicitetur \sic\ Deus. Amen. 

In a quyer on the North side. 
The portraiture of a man armed crossleg'd, on his sheild [^.] 
billetty a lyon rampant {pr\. — \Bulmer^ 

Under an arch, a woman in full proportion. 

In the window. 

Ar. a manch sa. \Hastings\, with barry of 8 ar. and az. 3 chappletts 

of 5 roses ar. — \Greystock,'\ 

Ar. a manch sa. — \JIastings?^ 

Gu. a crosse flowry or. — \Laiimer'f\ 

Ar. on a chevron entre 3 lyons' heades erased gu. a raollett of 6 

pointes or.^ 

South window. 

Or a lyon rampant az. a little bend, half an inch broad, gobony 

ar. and gu.^ — \_Grey of Barton J\ 

In St. Marie's Tower, Ebor. 
Sciant omnes presen[/^]s et futuri quod ego, Ricardus Malebisse, 
dedi et concessi et hac presenti carta mea confirmavi Roberto de 
Percy, filio Willelmi de Percy, et heredibus suis, pro homagio et 
servitio suo, duas partes de Lincroft, unde ille due partes in simul 
cum duabus bovatis terre quas de Vilers tenet in manu sua in 

1 Sir Ralph Bulmer, of Wilton, made descendant, Sir John, was executed for 

his will on the Feast of St. George the his share in the Pilgrimage of Grace. 

Martyr, 1406, proved at York 10 May, 2 xhe likeliest names for this shield in 

1406. {Test. Ebor., i, 344.) His Papworth seem to be Lovell or Roecliffe. 

3 This shield was quartered by Bulmer, 


Naborn debent facere domino decimam partem servicii feodi unius 
militis. Tenendas de me et heredibus meis, sibi et heredibus suis, 
libera et quiete, plene et integre, in bosco et in piano, in moris et 
mariscis, in campis et pasturis, cum omnibus libertatibus et liberis 
consuetudinibus et aisiamentis ad predictam terram pertinentibus. 
Reddendo inde annuatim mihi vel heredibus meis unam libram 
cuminni ad Pentecosten pro omni servitio et seculari exactione. Et 
ego Ricardus et heredes mei warantizabimus predicto Roberto et 
heredibus suis illas duas partes de Lincroft prenominatas contra 
omnes homines. His testibus, Roberto Walensi, tunc vicecomite 
Eboracensi,^ Willelmo de Percy, Laurentio clerico, Nicolao de Hewic, 
Rogero de Stuxs [?], Willelmo de Tampton, Willelmo de Britton, 
Alano Malecoke, et multis aliis. 

[Rough outline of seal.^ Sigillum Ricardi de 


TKIlbenbg Cburcb, i6 of Huguat, 1623. 

South quyer. 

Hie jacent Conanus de Barton,^ armiger, dominus de Qwenby, et 
Johanna, uxor ejus. Qui Conanus obiit xj^ die mensis Aprilis anno 
Domini m«*cccc°xxxvjo, quorum animabus propicietur Deus. Amen. 

In the window. 

Per pale erm. on a fesse gu. 3 annulets or [Barton\ paled with 
or 3 bars az. — \_Aske,'] 

Per pale a lyon rampant sa., paley with gu. on a bend ar. cotised 
gobony ar. and az. 3 lionnels rampant \arg,'\ — [Morgan or Mbryn.] 

Quarterly, gu. on a bend cotised and charged, ut supra [Morgan']^ 
2 quarter, erm. on a fesse gu. 3 annulets or. — [Barton.] 

South windowes. 

Erm. on a fesse gu. 3 annulets or [Barton], paled with gu. on a 
bend cotised and chardged, ut supra. — [A/organ.] 
Ar. a fesse entre 3 crescents gu. — [Boynton.] 
Vaire ar. and gu. a border az. bezanty. — [De la River, '\ 
Or 3 Crowes sa. a little bend [gu\ — [Withami] 

1 In margin : * ' Vicecomes annis 6 ad Robert Strangewayes, of Skelton (who 
12 Johannis." afterwards married Christopher Boynton, 

2 Conan Barton was son of John of Sedbury). His will is dated 8 April, 
Barton, by Christian Aske. His grand- proved at York 24 April, 1436 ; printed 
father Thomas married Alice, daughter in Test. Ebor., ii, 216. (See Glover's 
and heiress of Sir John Moryn, of VisUatiotty p. 5.) 

Whenby. He married Joan, daughter of 


dodsworth's church notes. 

North window. 

A man armed kneeling, behind him 5 sonnes, and his wief with 
3 daughters. On his sheild, ar. a lyon rampant sa. with his face to 
the sinister part of the sheild ; the same on her brest. Under writt : 

Robertas Strangwysh et Matildis, uxor ejus. 

Whenby parlor window. 
John Moryn of Whenby, knight, 30 Edward 3. 
Thomas Barton, of Friton, maried the [?] daughter and heire. 

In the parlor of Whenby Hall. 

Gu. inter 2 cotises gobony ar. and az. 3 lyons rampant a bend or. 
— Moryn. 

SSran^sbs Cburcb, i6 HudU9t, 1623* 

A monument in the North quyer. 

A man armed theron in full proportion. 

Here lyeth the body of Marmaduk Cholmeleie,^ esquier, late lord 
of Brandsby, who married the daughter and sole heire of Ralph 
Aslaby of South Dalton, esquier. 

This monument was made by Ursula, his wief, 
For that hee loved her so dearely in his lief: 
No yssue hee left behind att his death. 
Lastly, to God his soule he did bequeath, 
The loth of May, 1602. 

Vaire ar. and az. a border az. 
bezanty. — [De la River ^ 

Ar. on a fesse sa. inter 3 garbes 
a flower-de-luce ar. 

The same paled with or a cross 
engrailed sa. 

The same in pale with a crosse 
engrailed in stone in the wall. 

A spring begineth in Brandsby 
Conywarrand, runneth to Steresby, to 
Whenby, by Skewsby, by Dalby 
Church, to Northinges, then by Tyver- 
ington grounds, and so betwene 
Moulthorp and Stitnam. 


^ Eldest son of Roger Cholmeley, by 
Jane, a daughter and co-heiress of 
Thomas De la River, of Brandsby. At 

the Visitation of 1584. Administration 
at York 11 February, 1602-3. 

dodsworth's church notes. 181 

WunninQton, 2 5uli?, 1619. 

In the South quyer. 
In an arch in the wall a knight crosse leg'd, having a sheild on 
his left arme, theron, on a fesse inter 2 chevrons 3 moUettes of 6 
pointes perced. They say his name was Peter Loschey, and dwelt 
att Loschey^ Hill, now in Mr. Thornton of Newton's parke. He was 
a noble warrior and a man of great command. 

In the window of the same quyer. 

Or on a fesse entre 2 chevrons gu. 3 mollettes of 6 pointes 

perced ar. 

Gu. a lyon rampant ar. 

Next window. 

Az. a fesse entre 3 crescents ar. 

North windowes. 
Lord Roos. 

Lord Waak. 

Lord Vescy. 

Lord Percy. 

Barry of 10 ar. and az. 3 chappletes of 4 roses or. — [Greysfock\] 

In the middle ile of the church. 
On a faire marble stone, a man and 2 wiefs in brasse, with this 
inscription : 

Pray for the soules of Thomas Butler,^ gentilman, Agnes and 
Margret, his wives, speciall benefactors to this Monastery, on whose 
soullus, ther faders' and moders', Sir John Perker,^ preist, and all 
Christen soulus, Jhesu have mercy. Amen. 

Nonnington haith beene a nunry, and said to have been suppressed 
long since for incontinency, Sir Thomas Nautcliffe thinketh 400 yere 

In East Nesse, a lordship of Mr. Crathorne's, ther was a coffyn 
of free stone, 2 yerdes and a quarter long, with a cover theron very 
close, 3 quarters deepe, about 3 quarters broad, with the cover and 
all. On the side therof are thes wordes engraven very faire: — 

1 In margin: '* Thomas Nautcliffe saith ^ In margin : " Tket's men living thai 

ther haith beene a chappell att Loschey.'^ knew this Butler,'*'' 

^''Perker'' seems to be altered from '' Parker'' {?). 


dodsworth's church notes. 


. F . C . 


This tombe was found in the feild with a plough, and is now 
brought to the towne, and standeth att Mr. Crathorne's gate. And 
itt stood North and South, contrary to the use of our tymes. 

f>o\>indbam Cburcb* 

Quarterly, i ar. a mollet perced sa. — Asheton, 2d. quarterly, i erm. 
on a fesse gu. 3 annulets or [Barton of Fryton\ 2d. paly of 6 ar. and 
vert [LangUy]. Underneth : 

Orate pro animabus Asheton Margarete, uxoris sue, 

filiorum filiarumque suorum. 

They say that Henry 8 gave Friton adyoining to Asheton 

for his service att Flodden. 

3f lambtuQb Cburcb, 15 'Wo\>embdB, 1620. 

A tombe with the picture of dethe theron.'^ 

5^ere Uet|b iHarmatmfee (EungtabU^ of Jlagnbotgljt, fengflljt, 
WA^i^ tnatie aTibento' into jFtance, $c for tfje rigi^t of tJje game 
Paggeti ouer toitf) IBtgng lEtitoartje tbe iFourtfjt, gt noble fmigfjt, 
anlJ ateo toitfi noble fBting f^ette, tl|e jseuintfj of tljat name. 

^ In Young's Whiibyy p. 713, this 

inscription is translated : — 

"Titise pientissimse, vixit annos trigenta 


Et Valerio Adjutori, vixit annos viginti ; 

Et Variolo, vixit annos quindecim ; 

Vindicianus Conjugi et filiis. 
Faciendum curavit." 
Valerius Vindicianus has caused this 
monument to be erected to the memory 
of his very pious wife, Titia, who died at 
the age of 38 : to his son Valerius 
Adjutor, who died at the age of 20 ; and 
his son Variolus, who died at the age 
of 15. 

^ This brass is still in existence. A 
better copy of the inscription is in Mr. 
Mill Stephenson's *• East Riding Brasses" 
( Yorkshire Archceological Journal^ xii, 
207), and is used here. 

^ Sir Marmaduke Constable, of Flam- 
borough, called ** Little Sir Marmaduke," 
one of the commanders at Flodden, 
Sheriff of Yorkshire 1489, 1494, 1509, 
born circa 1455, died 20 November, 1518. 
Will I May, 1 5 18, proved at York 27 
April, 1520. {Test. Ebor.^ v, 88.) Mar- 
ried first Margery, daughter of Lord 
Filzhugh; secondly, Joyce, daughter of 
Sir Humphrey Stafford. (See DugdaWs 
VisitcUion — continued ^ by the Editor.) 

dodsworth's church notes. 183 

l^e iwag atefl att Battoift att tfte luinngng of tje »ame, 
^Viti bg iSgng ffiUtoarb ri^oggn Capteg' ti^^te first of ang one, 
3lnti xtMliti anti jjoijerniti i])tt fjte tgme toitljout blame, 
ISot for all tfiat, as ge ge, ]&e lietfj unTjet tfjfg gtone. 

att 13rankfeto' iFelb wfjer tlje ISgng of gcottga toaa glagne, 

3^e tfjen begng of tlje age of tfjrcjscore antj tene, 

WSiii\^ t]^e jjotue tjuke of nortljefolke gt jorneg fje Ijabe tagn, 

Snti cotajjelg a&au'citi Jgaelf emo*fl otJjer tfjet $c tJjcn, 

SCiie fegttfl begtTjj V JFrance feitfj grete nombre of gngUaljmen, 

f^e notl)infl Ijetignfl ^i$i ajje tljet but jeop*0e ]^gm ajs on, 

IBSttfi })f0 conned brotljetd, sarbantt' ant) kgnntsmen, 

Bot nobj, as ge jse, fje Igetl) untier tijte stone. 

But noin all tj^es ttgumpfies ate passeti $c set on sglne, 

JFor all toortjlg joges tfjeg toull not long entjute, 

ST^eg are Sonne passeti anti afnag tiotije glgtie, 

9nti l»i)o tljat puttitl) l)is trust in tlje' E call fjim most u'sure, 

JFor bjljen tietfje strifeitt fte sparitfj no creature, 

Wor geuiti) no toarngng, but tafeitfj tljem one ^ one, 

Snti nolB fje abgtjetl) ffiotiis mercg $c fjatl) none otijer socure, 

Jor, as ge se |)im fjere, fje lietlj unlier tJ)is stone. 

E prag noto mg fegnsme', louers anti frentiis all, 

SCo prag to ®ure Eorti Jlljesu to Ijaue marcg of mg soull. 

Note that John Puckering/ Lord Keeper of the Great Seale, was 
borne of obscure parentage in the towne off Flambrough in York- 
shire, and is intombed att Westminster, with this epitaphe : 

Jurisprudentia, pietate, consilio, multisque aliis virtutibus, insignis 

Johannes Puckering, miles, a serenissima Elizabetha Angliae in secretius 

consilium, ac summum magni sigilli Angliae custodis munus ascitus, 

cum quatuor annis singulari fide et aequitate jus dixisset, placide in 

Domino obdormiens, hie situs est. Vixit annos 52, obiit 30 Aprilis, 


Causarum imperii et curarum munere fesso, 

Vivere pena fuit, mors mihi somnus erat. 

Divitise, fasces, legiones, stemmata, honores, 

Temporis haec spolium prsedaque mortis atrae. 

Port sa. a bend masculy inter 2 cotises ar. — [Picken'ng.J 

1 In margin : " Filius Roberti Pucker- ^ In Papworth it is stated that the arms 

ing ienens ex dimissioiu prioris de Brid- of Pickering, of Flamborough, are : Sa, 
lington capellam de Bempton,^^ a bend of lozenges between two bend lets 

arg.; confirmed 26 June, 1579. 


dodsworth's church notes. 


3Barn9ton, i6 tlo\>embris, [1620]. 

Quarterly, az. 2 bans waved or nebulee ar., 2 quarter, gu. a cross 
mollin or. — Atsea,* Barnston. 

A sheild of Boynton's. 

1. Or a fesse entre 3 crescents gu. — 

2. Or on a cross sa. 5 bulls* faces ar. 

3. Ar. a chevron entre 3 roses gu. 
perced or, tufts vert — [Russell,'] 

4. Atse \or De la See^ az, 2 bars 
wavy arg\ 

5. Barnston \or MonceauXy gu, a cross 
moline or], 

6. Sa. a bend florety ar. 

An antient torn be' of alablaster. 

A man in armor theron. No inscription. It came out of 


On a table. 

In obitu dignissimi et colendissimi viri Francisci Boynton,* equitis, 
defuncti, qui obiit nono die Aprilis anno Domini 161 7. 

Carmen funebre Julii [?]. 

Aspice nunc mortem, juvenum quae corripit horas : 

Invalidos nervos frangit et ipsa senum : 
Neque senecta gravis quicquam, nee blanda juventus. 

In jaculum mortis usque valere potest. 
Quid valet hie fortis? sapiens? quid doctus et ille? 

Pallida mors feriet pectora queque semel. 
Cur tamen baud velles (lethum), comparcere vitae? 

Nunc tumulo poteras non liberasse virum? 
Parcere si licuit, tunc (mors) quam grata fuisses? 

Att qui^ non licuit, plangere fata sine : 

^ De la See, or Atsea, quartering 
Monceaux or Barnston. 

^ Boynton quarterings. 

^ This monument, which Dodsworth 
does not describe, is probably that which 
is now in the church, and engraved in 
Poulson's Holderness^ i, 210. He says: — 
*' It is an ahar tomb to the memory of 
Sir Martin de la Sec, knight, who was 
lord of this place, and died in 1494. On 
the slab is the recumbent figure of a 
knight in plate armour, his hands are 

joined in prayer, his feet rest on a lyon, 
and his head on a helmet. The entire 
monument is of alabaster, and in excellent 
preservation." Sir Martin made his will 
20 November, proved 15 December, 1494. 
His daughter, Matilda, married Henry 
Boynton, of Acklam, and carried the 
Barnston estates into his family. 

* Sir Francis Boynton was High Sheriff 
1596. Will 27 May, 1614, proved 29 
May, 161 7. Married Dorothy, daughter 
of Sir Christopher Place. 

dodsworth's church notes. 185 

Hoc modo si damno numerem, tristissima damna : 

Quae magis hoc doleam damna, non orbis habet? 
Heu quoties vidi, parvis succurrere nudis : 

Et foculis orbos pascere quotque solet? 
Qui pius et Justus doctus fuit artibus altis : 

Marmoreo tumulo nunc jacet altus, eheu. 
Hunc Dictynna gemit, gemit et Tythonia conjux : 

Desinit et dulces Pythius ipse sonos. 
Luctibus his arctis plorat Berecynthia magna : 

Plorat et in sylvis mota, Napaea sacra : 
Maestitijs multis luget Cillenia proles : 

Hujus et interitum Numina cuncta dolent, 
Numina, mortales, Musae, sic docta Minerva 

Excelsum lugent : dum regit ipse deo : 
Humus habet corpus (terram sic terra prehendit), 

Omnipotens animam toUit ad astra pater; 
Nos igitur doleat, non tam pro funere, quam pro 

Nobis : si secum tendimus alta sequi. 

Vivit post funera virtus. 

Isaack Gilpin. 
South quyer window. 

A man kneeling in a blew gowne, by his head gu. a bend entre 
2 cotises and 6 cross crosslets fitchy ar. — \Manfield.'\ 

Orate pro anima Magistri ^\oberti^^ Mansfeild,' pre- 

positus [sic] Beverlaci. 

Next stanchan : Barnston in armor. Behind him a woman, on 
her garment, per pale gu. a bend entre 2 cotises and 6 cross crosslets 
fitchy ar. [Manfield\ paled with Barnston \_or Monceauxf], 

Orate pro Johanne Barnston' et [MattId(B\ uxoris ejus, qui fecerunt 
fieri istam [fenestrani]. 

xruxforft Cburcb, comitatu IRottinabamiensi, 24 jul^, 1626. 

Quyer East window. 

13 in surplices 2i[nd'\ blew copes, kneeling, with shaven crownes. 
Under : 

Orate pro anima Thome Gunthorp, prioris de Novo Loco 
[Newstead] in Shierewode, qui cancellam istam edificavit anno Domini 
Millesimo cccc°*° lxxxx"**^ quinto. 

1 A clerk. probably of the Robert Manfield above. 

2 John Monceaux (or Barnston), Esq., Her will is dated 3 July, 1441, proved 
of Barnston, made his will 11 August, i March, 1441-2, to be burieid near her 
proved 16 August, 1426, to be buried in husband. (Test. Ebor.y ii, 83.) Their 
the aisle of the Blessed Mary, before her daughter married Brian de la See, of 
altar. His wife was Matilda, sister I lolly m. 



South window. 

Party per fesse az. and gu., on the az., Our Lady with her sonne 
in her armes, proper, sitting in a chaire or, on the gu., 3 lyons 
passant gardant or. Under written : 

Arma Monasterii de Novo Loco [JVewstead] in Shirewode. 

Sa. a bend entre 6 cross crosslets ar. Under : 

Arma Johannis Lungvilers, militis, quondam patroni de Novo 
Loco [Neufsfead] in Shierewode. 

5n ecclesia &e f arncbam prope ^naresbutflb, 

6 H)ecembri6, 1630. 

Townes in this parish. 
Farnham, Arkendale, Lofthus, Scot- 
ton, Feringsby. 

In the quyer window. 
Ar. 4 chevrons and a border gu. 
Checqui sa. and gu., on the sa., a 
fret vel or a fesse gu. 

Paly of 8 ar. and gu. a bend and 
border az., on y^ bend 4 cinquefoils or. 

In the South quyer belonging 
to Scotton. 

Party per pale az. a^ fesse inter 3 
mertletes ar., paled with gu. 3 grey- 
houndes cursant ar. — [Afau/everer] 


5n ecclesia be 3Burton Sancti Xeonarbi, 6 2)ecembris, 


In the South window. 

Ar. on a cheif gu. a flower-de-lice or inter 2 lozenges of the first, 
borne by the name of Wyman, lord maior of Yorke and sometymes 
lord of this towne, whose daughter and heire was marryed to Judge 
Gascoigne's sonne.^ Gascoigne's heire was marryed to Sir William 
Wentworth, who sold this towne to the tennantes. 

Or, a saltire gu. inter 4 egletes displaid az., beake and legges gu.' 
—{Bekard i\ 

Gu. a cross flory or. 

1 ? a bend ; if so, Lutterel. Gascoigne, married Thomas Wentworth, 

2 William, son of Chief Justice Gas- of Wentworth Woodhouse, father of Sir 
coigne, married Jane, daughter of Henry William Wentworth. 

Wyman. Their descendant, Margaret ^ One of the Gascoigne quarterings. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


3Bran&8button Cbutcb, i6 Howmbris, 1620. 

Quyer window. 
Quarterly, France and England a border gobone ar. and gu. — 

Az. 3 chevrons embrased or, a cheif vaire. — [Fitzhugh,^ 
Quarterly, Percy and Lucy. 

On a faire marble. 

The portraitures of a man^ in armor 
and his wief in brasse. By his head, 
\or\ on a chevron {gu."] a greyhound 
cum cheif vaire. By her head, \or\ 3 
chevrons [^.] and a cheif vaire. — 
[St. Quinitn,'] About the said stone 
in a plat of brass : 

\Hicjacet cPnus Johannes de Sancto 
Qutntino] miles, quondam dominus 
istius ville, qui obiit xvij® die mensis 
Januarii anno Domini Millesimo ccc 
nonagessimo [septimo ?\ et \Lora\ uxor 
ejus, que obiit anno Domini Millesimo ccc"*° sexagessimo nono. 

Another stone. 

William Darell,^ jadis persone de I'eglise de Halsham, gist icy. 
Dieu d' s'alme eit mercy. 

Hie jacet Dominus Willelmus Darell, quondam rector ecclesie de 

Halsham, qui obiit anno Domini Millesimo ccc°lxiiij°, cujus 

anime propicietur Deus. 

South ile. 

Hie jacet Isabella EUerker,^ quondam Domina de Lamore, que 
obiit ix® die mensis Septembris anno Domini m°cccc®lxx[f///], cujus 
anime propitietur Deus. Amen. 

The Lady Dacres of the South, sometymes lady of Brandsburton, 
founded an hospitall in Tothell Feilds nere Westminster, and gave 
a 100/. per annum out of this towne. 


^ Sir John de St. Quintin, of Harp- 
ham, married first Lora, daughter of 
Herbert de St. Quintin ; secondly, Agnes 
Herbert. In his will, 4 December, 1397, 
proved at York 27 January, 1397-8, he 
gives orders about his monument. (See 
Test. Ebor.^ i, 215.) Though the in- 
scription is lost, the brass remains, and 
is engraved, with a description, in the 
Yorkshire Archaologtcal Journal, xii, 204. 

2 This brass remains now in the church, 
imperfect. (See engraving in the York- 
shire Archaological Journal, xii, 203.) 

8 In Glovet^s Visitation John Ellerker, 
of Risby, Esq., is said to have married 
Isabel, daughter of Robert Delamore, 
living 7 Edw. IV. There is a will at 
York of Isabell, Moretown parish of 
Brandsburton, widow, 16 September, 
1477, proved 17 September, 1478. The 
dates do not, however, quite agree. 


dodsworth's church notes. 

In the house of one Elizabeth Sympson att the signe of 

the Blew Anker in the market place in 

Beverlay, i8 August, 1638. 

In a glasse window. 
^Az. a garbe or, paled with gu. a chevron erm. inter 3 buckles or 
fermeulx or, supported by 2 angells. 

3Be\>etIas flBsnster, 17 'Wowmbris, 1620. 

311 gotD ti}at Eeatie tfjtd inrgtrngr' apatant, 
(Sebe tljank« ta ffioTi for Ugdjetti jFerrant, 
OSi^tci) m i)t0 Igfe tntougbt fasttjefullge, 
%^\i tioeb also rggbt CfjigstQanlo. 
3^e ftab lij rf)2lt)ierne toitlje 3oane, U^ ^i^tU, 
tSSj^tc]^ at btj bonnes anti I9abigi|ter0 fgbe. 
®f Eontion ]^e inag, as Intll appeete, 
21 fre Cetgjen anti a JBrapeere, 
®f l&obett Jenant tje tnas tfie 0one* 
tSSijtdf) at ^{tgpton gn Ctabenee tigti bjonne. 
1^20 botige 10 butrgety untfet tf|t0 Stone, 
^0 0otnle to l&e0t Mii} ffioD 50 gone, 
5Cjje gere of Crijrg0te, netfjet le00e nor more, 
®ne tfjotjj0anli fgbe fjuntiretj^e anti tljre 0corc, 
9nti all0o gn tfje monetise of fSage 
f^e tigetJ tfje fgbe anti ttoentgetfje tjage* 

Hie jacet Dominus Willelmus Santon, quondam precentor istius 
ecclesie, qui obiit v die mensis Septembris anno Domini m<>cccc**viij®, 
cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen. 

In the North quyer window. 

Per pale Percy with per pale gu. and az. 3 lions rampant ar. 
[Jlerder/]. The motto, Cherance ma confort. Under written : 

Orate pro animabus Henrici de Percy,' comitis Northumbrie, et 
domini de Ponyngs, et Matildis, ejus uxoris, filie Willelmi Herbert,* 
comitis Pembrochie, ac pro bono statu eorum filiorum ac filiarum, 
scilicet, Henrici, Willelmi, Alani, Gosselini, Elianore et Anne, ac anime 

Ther is in this quyer a faire tombe of th'Erle of Northumberlande*s. 

1 /« margin: ^^ Nota. Grosv^fio]r 
port az. a garbe or,'''* 

2 This inscription has been corrected 
with the copy in the Yorkshire Archceo- 
iogical /ournal/i, 331. Richard Ferrand's 
will is at London, dated 17 May, proved 
8 June, 1560. (Mellershe, 32.) 

^ In margin: ** This Henry erle was 
slayne nere Thresh^ 4 Henry 7(1489)/ 

Vincent^ 38 r.^' Henry, fourth Earl of 
Northumberland, is buried in the Percy 
Chantry, on the north side of the Lady 
Chapel. Part of his tomb still remains. 
His will is in Test, Ebor., iii, 304. His 
son, Henry Algernon, fifth Earl, who died 
19 May, 1527, was also buried at Beverley. 
* In margin: " Willelmus foetus comes 
Pembrochie 8 Edwardi 4 J** 

dodsworth's church notes. 189 

In the qtiier. 

Here lyeth the body of Arthur Pucrell, late cytizen and lether- 

seller of London, who departed this lief the 23^ day of May anno 

Domini 161 7. 

South quyer window. 

Orate pro anima Domini Willelmi Cok, quondam precentoris istius 
ecclesie, cujus animse propitietur Deus. Amen. 

Another window. 

Orate pro animabus Magistri Roberti , clerici, Johannis 

Smyth et Thome Grave, capellanorum, qui istam fenestram fieri 


On a stone nere this window. 

Hie jacet Dominus Johannis [sic] Smyth, quondam cappellanus 

cantarie Stephani , qui obiit anno Domini m**cccc°, 

cujus animae propitietur Deus. 

In obitum sanctissimae, integerrimse, ac vere nobilis faeminae 

Thomasinae Geae,^ uxoris nuper Gulielmi 

Geae, armigeri epitaphium. 

Mole sub hoc lapidum recubanti carmina libo, 

Maluit heu vivae reddere musa vicem; 
Quae hospitiis inopes sacrasque amplexa cohortes 

Jam bivit aeternas nobilis hospes aquas. 
Hanc triplici superum rector mercede beavit, 

Justitia, vita non pereunte, throno ; 
Praetulerat pietate facem quae matribus omneis,^ 

Nunc sibi perpetuam praeferet aura facem. 
Membra licet placidum carpant in pulvere somnum 

Attamen aeterni spiritus ora videt. 
Expectatque diem dum commutatio fiat, 

Corruptum et granum sit recidiva seges. 

Aliud de eadem hexasticon. 

Siccine filiolas privant genetrice maritum 
Coniuge, sic matrem fors inopina ferit. 

Siccine caniciem tristi mors dira parenti 
Fert, aufert vitam dum truculenta suam. 

Siccine cognatos sic charos ludit amicos 
Prsepropere vitam non miserata brevem. 

2 Thomasine, daughter of Mathew in Beverley Minster, 24 December, 1599. 
Hutton, Archbishop of York, wife of Sir ^ Apparently a startling licence for 

William Gee, of Bishop Burton, buried "omnibus," 


Aliud de eadem. 

Tafiiav ac atf/v?, si jungas verbula graece, 

Dispensatricem vox sonat innocuam. 
Fida viro conjux dilecto, hera blanda ministris, 

Haec, quicunque legis, nomen et omen habet. 

Obiit vicesimo tertio die mensis Decembris anno Verbi Incarnati 
milesimo quingentessimo nonog\esimo] nono, Anno vero aetatis suae 
vicesimo nono. 

Of your charity pray for the soule of William, sometymes bysshope 
of Daucus, and prebendary of this church. 

Beside the quyer dore. 

The portraitures of King Adelstan and St. John of Beverlay, 
sitting in ther chares, with this writing betwixt them : 

Als fre make I the 
As hert may think 
Or egh may se. 

Beverlacus, ue, lacus in quo qusedam bestise vocatae a bever 
jacebant, et populis valde infestabant, in tantum ut populi dabant ex 
qualibet caruca arabili una[///] travam* ad molossos inveniendos et 
nutriendos, predictas bestias devorandos, ut traditur. 

^Du Bartas in the 6 day of the 
first week, pag. 148. 

The wise bever, who, pursu'd by foes, 

Tears of his codlings, and among them throwes, 
Knowing that hunters on the Pontick Heath 
Do more desire that ransome then his death. 

Juvenalis Satyra, xii. 

imitatus castora qui se 

Eunuchum ipse facit, cupiens evadere damno 
Testiculorum, adeo medicatum intelligit inguen. 

Alciati Emblemata. 

Ut vivat castor sibi testes amputat ipse : 
Tu quoque, si qua nocent, abjice, tutus eris. 
The bever bites of his stones to save the rest : 
Do thou the like with that thou art opprest. 

^Trava, a thrave of corn, 24 or 12 2 QuJUaumc de Salluste du Bartas. 

sheaves. (Trice Martin's Record Inter- *' His devine weekes and workes,'* trans- 

V lated from the French by Josuah Syl- 

F'^^^'J vester, 1633. 



3n tbc great cburcb of t)uU in Wnflstotti-uponi-ftuU, 

i8 lRot>embri0, 1620. 

Graven in brasse. 

Hie Ricarde jaces Byll** pluris plene favoris 
Terra clause taces, nuper possessor honoris. 
Aldermannus eras mercator, et istius urbis 
Dilectus steteras, generosus eras quia turbis. 
Peste cadens, ense necis obrute luce secunda 
Octobris mense migrans ad regna jocunda, 
Anno milleno c quater semel i recitati 
Et quinquageno. Vivas sine fine beads. 

A stone. 

Here lyeth Thomas Dalton,* thrise maior of Kyngston-upon-Hull, 
marchaunt of the staple and venturer, who dyed the iiij day of 
January anno Domini 1590, in the fayth of Christ and full hope of 
the resurrection to life eternall. 

This Thomas Dalton first married Ann Walker, widdow, by whom 
he had no children. And after married Ann Tirwhit, daughter of 
Sir Robert Tirwhitt of Kettleby, knight, and by her had six sonnes 
and thre daughters, videlicet, Robert, John, William, Phillip, Edward 
and Thomas, Ann, Elizabeth and "Susan. He was wise, honest and 
bountifull. He dyed, being of the age of 74, in the feare of God 
and love of all good men, whose death the poore much lamented. 

In obitum venerabilis viri Gulielmi Geaei,* HuUiensis senatus 

primarii, epitaphium. 

HuUia, munifici divortia dura mariti 

Et gemitu et lachrimis plangere sola potes : 
Ut conjux viduata viro gemit usque querelis, 

Sic tibi solliciti causa doloris adest. 
Flere tibi misere privata incommoda si fas, 

Publica nee tibi sit commoda flere nefas : 
Hie ortu, vita, supremo et funere, civis 

Vana, Deum, requiem, sprevit, amavit, habet.* 

^ Richard Byll or Belle, merchant, 
made his will i October, proved at York 
12 October, 145 1. This brass is still in 
existence in the south choir aisle. (See 
Stephenson's East Riding Brasses, VorA'- 
shire Archaological Journal y xii, 217.) 

2 This brass is now in the south choir 
aisle. Thomas Dalton, of Button, was 
Mayor of Hull 1554, 1560, 1569, and 
was buried 6 January, 1 590-1. Will 
30 December, 1590, proved at York 10 

December, 1591. From his second son 
William descended the Daltons of Haux- 

^ Alderman and Mayor 1562, 1573 and 
1582; buried 28 January, 1602-3. Will 
22 October, 1600, proved at York 11 
August, 1603. (Printed in the Yorkshire 
Archaological Journaf^ xvii, 121.) Ances- 
tor of the Gees of Bishop Burton, &c. 

* Extraordinary order of words. In- 
tended for, ** Vana sprevit, Deum amavit, 
requiem habet." 


Ejusdem venerabilis vJri paulo ante obitum in locupletissimorum 
testium presentU E^o/ioXoynan commemora- 
tione dignissima. 
'Ecce ego mox placidos in pulvere carpsero somnos 
*Oppenarque diem mea qua mutatio fiat. 
'Namque animas redimet famulorum Jova suorum, 
•Ipse creaturam in vita servire coactam 
Asseret a carie corruptae molis in jevum 
Libertate Dei soboles ut honora fruatur: 
Hec anitno spes certa meo, atque immota reposta est, 
Excessit e vivis senex 27° die mensis Januarii anno Domini 1602. 
Ejusdem in articulo mortis precatio. 
Alrae Deus, Deus alme, et non efiabile numen, 
Spiritum et exuvias carnis tibi dedo benigne. 
Alme Deus, nostra spes sola et certa salutis, 
Ad te unum et trinum moribundo pectore anhelo. 
Hsec G. B. 
Hie jacent humata corpora probi viri Thome Wilkinson, quondam 
pannarii hujus ville, necnon denuo majoris ejusdem, ac dilectissime 
sue consortia Agnetis. Qui quidem 
Thomas diem suum clausit extremum 

die mensis atmo Domini 

Millesimo cccc" , et dicta Agneta 

decessit xxiiij" die mensis Aprilis anno 
Domini Millesimo cccc^xxj", quorum 
animabus propicietur Deus. Amen. 

Hie jacent Johannes Dalton," major 
et quondam burgensis istius villse, Rober- 
tus et Willelmus, filii ejus, qui quidem 
Johannes obiit xj" die mensis Septembris 
anno Domini m^cccClviij", quorum 
animabus propicietur Deus. Amen. hmton asms. 

Pray for the soules of Thomas Dalton' and Maid, his wiefe, twyse 
maier, and dyed the xxviij of August anno Domini moccccc^vij", [on] 
whose soules God have mercy. 

^ In margin :" Job 7,31." will, 9 September, proved 10 Oclober, 

" /« margin: "Job 14, 14." 1458, is printed in Tal. Eior., iv, 22. 
^ In margin: " Psal. 33, 18." « Mayor of Hull 1489 and 1499. His 

*/» margin: "Rem. S, zi." will, IJ June, 1497, proved 4 January, 

^ Married Joan , who remarried 1502-3. is printed in Tal. Ebor,,ri, 126. 

first John Whitfield, Mayor of Hull, 1472; His wife's name is there called Eliiabelh. 

secondly. Sir Richard Yorlt, M.P. His Perhaps he had been married twice. 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 


Hie jacent Thomas Phelippe,^ quondam bis major ville de 
Kingston super Hull, et Margareta, uxor ejus, qui quidem Thomas 
obiit xj** die mensis Aprilis anno Domini m**cccc^lxxxxvijo, quorum 
animabus propitietur [Deus], Amen. 

Of your Charity pray for the soules of William Tayllor," merchaunt 
of the staple of Calais, and alderman of Kingston-upon-HuU, and 
Isabell, his wief, which William dyed the xix day of October in the 

yere of Our Lord m^v^xx [? iSog\ et Isabell dyed the day of 

in the yere of Our Lord m*' , on whose soules 

Jhesu have mercy. 

Hie jacent Rogerus Bushyll,^ quondam marcatoris \stc\ stapelle 
Calicie, et hujus Ville Regie super Hull bis majoris, ac Margareta, 
ejus uxor. Qui quidem Rogerus obiit xiiij^ die mensis Junii anno 
Domini m®cccc°lxxx°iijo, et predicta quidem Margareta obiit xij** die 
Augusti anno Domini m°cccc° nonagessimo quarto, quorum 

Orate pro anima Johannis Swan,* stapelle Calicie marcator \sic\ ac 
Ville Regie super Hull quondam bis majoris, qui obiit sexto die 
mensis Novembris anno domini Millesimo cccc^lxxvj®, cujus anime 

Hie jacet Robertus Cheryburgh,*^ quondam marcator istius ville, 
qui obiit xxj<> die mensis Januarii anno Domini m°cccc°lxxvj<>, et 
Katerina, consors sua, quorum 

On a stone 7 sons and 7 daughters. 
Here resteth in peace Leonard Willon,' merchante adventurer and 
once maior, who departed this life in the faith of Christ the xx*^ of 
February, 1598. 

Here lyeth James Claeson," thrice maior of Kingston-upon-HuU, 
marchant adventurer and free of Eastland, who died the xvj day of 
November anno Domini 1585, in the trew faith of Jesus Christ. 

Of your charity pray for the soules of William Grescroft® and 
Margret, his wief, late sheriffe of Hull, dyed [sic] the xxviij day of 
November anno v^xxxviij** \sic\ of whose soule God have mercy. 

* 1 Mayor 1483 and 1491. Will 10 April, 
proved at York 3 May, 1497. 

2 It seems probable that the date of 
his death should be 1509, as the will of 
William Taylor, Hull, marchant of the 
Stapyll, Calice, was dated 18 October, 
and proved at York 28 October, 1509. 
He was sheriff of Hull in 1505. 

3 Mayor 1468 and 1475. Will 2 June, 
proved at York 13 September, 1483. 

* Mayor 1465 and 1474. Will 2 
November, proved 29 November, 1476. 

s Robert Chereborgh's will was dated 
18 January, proved at York 23 February, 
1476-7. His widow Katherine's was 
dated 17 April, and proved 9 May, 1477. 

« Gent calls him Leonard Weston, and 
makes him mayor in 1585. 

7 Mayor 1559, 1568, and 1578. Will 
20 January, proved at York 4 March, 


8 William Grescrofte, sheriff of Hull 

1537. Will 23 January, 1537-8, proved 
at York 24 April, 1538. 


194 dodsworth's church notes. 

Hie jacet Johannes Gregge/ qui obiit anno Domini Millesimo 
ccccxxxvij et xxiij" die mensis Novembris, cujus anima per 
misericordiam Dei requiescat in pace. 

Hie jaeet Johanna, uxor dicti Johannis Gregge, que obiit anno 
Domini Millesimo cccc**xxxviij<' et xxP die mensis Decembris, cujus 
anima per misericordiam Dei requiescat in pace. 

This John Gregg builded a Mason Dieu for a ii pore and a xx 
marks yerely for ever towards ther mayntenance, and covered the 
house with lead. 

Pray for the soules of John Dalton' and Katherin, his wife. 
John twise mare, and dyed so y® x day of August anno Domini 
M^'cccc^xcvij®, [on] whose soule God have mercy. 

9 sonnes and 4 daughters. 

Here lyeth the body of Mr. Thomas Johnson' of Kingston-upon- 
Hull, draper, who departed this lief 23 of May, 16 19. 

On a stone. 
Of your charity pray for the soules that lyes here. 

Another stone in brasse. 
Here lyeth John Roger* of the Kingston-upon-Hull, glasier, and 
Johan, his wief. He departed the yere of Our Lord God m^'v'^xl, on 
whose soule God have mercy. Amen. 

Here resteth in peace William Barnard,' marchant adventurer, and 
once maior of Kingston-upon-Hull, who departed this lief in the 
fayth of Christ the i of November, 16 14. 

Here lyeth in peace Elizabeth Watkinson, first wief to John 
Osbolstone* and then to James Watkinson, who departed this lief 
anno Domini 161 1. 

Here lyeth in peace Walter Pecke,' marchant adventurer, who 
departed this lief in the faith of Christ the 8 of July anno Domini 

* Mayor 141 6 ; merchant. His will * Will i May, proved at York 5 

31 October, proved at York 4 December, November, 1540. 

1437. The will of his widow Joan 3 6 Mayor 1602. Administration at York 

December, proved at York 30 Dec, 1438. y July, 1619. 

^ The dale of his death ought probably a r \ /Aui* tth x. ^ 

to be 1496, as his will wts dated 12 J°l^ Osbolston Hull merchant^ 

October, f487. and proved 7 September, "J^^ "i^,*!" ?' ,^^"^t '^'JT*^ 
1406 He was mavor 1487 and 14.01; April, 1605. James Watkin- 

He married Katherine, daughter of f "'l^" ' ^T'^' '^'^' ^'"'^ ^^ ^°'^ 
Robert Alcock, merchant, of Hull. ^ October, ioi«. 

3 Will 8 May, proved at York 14 July, ''' Will 15 March, 1596-7, proved at 

1619. York 25 October, 1598. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


Of your charite pray for the soules of William Roger/ marchant 
and alderman of Kingston-upon-HuU, sumtyme twice mayer of the 
same towne, and Johan, his wief, which William decessyd the iij day 
of September, he then being mayer, in the yere of Our Lord God 
M°ccccc°xxxvij°, on whose soules Jesu have mercy. Amen. 

On a stone 8 sonnes and 8 daughters. 

Here lyeth in peace Christopher Chapman,* draper, and once maior 
of Kingston-upon-Hull, who dyed in the fayth of Christ the ii of 
December, 1615. 

On a stone. 

On a bend entre 2 egletes displaid a crescent. 

Here resteth in peace Samuel Saltonstall,^ esquire, who departed 

this life in the faith of Christ the viij day of January anno Domini 


Erm. on a fesse sa. 3 maletts [mu//efs] 

Here resteth in peace John Lister* 

the elder, marchant, twice maior of this 

towne, who departed this life in the faythe 

of Christ the xix of January anno Domini 


Here resteth in peace James Watkin- 
son,' marchant and once maior of this 
towne, who departed this lief y* 3 of 
March, 161 7. 

Here resteth in peace Hugh Arminge,® 
draper, and once maior of Kyngstowne- 
upon-Hull, who departed this lief in the fayth of Christ the 25 of 
June, 1606. 

Hie jacet Johannes Dave,'^ quondam major ville de Kingston 
super Hull, qui obiit primo die mensis Januarii anno Domini 
Millesimo cccc° septuagessimo, et Alicia, uxor ejusdem Johannis, que 
anno Domini m°cccc® , quorum animabus 


^ Mayor 1 532-1 536. Will 10 Septem- 
ber, proved at York 21 September, 1537. 

2 Mayor 1609. Will 18 November, 
161 5, proved at York 20 February, 
161 5-6. 

3 Will 31 December, 1 61 2, proved at 
York 22 July, 1613. 

* Mayor 1595 and 1616. Descended 
from the Listers of Halifax, where he 

was born. He was father of Sir John 
Lister, Mayor of Hull, 16 18. 

* Husband of Elizabeth Watkinson. 
See above. 

^ Hugh Armyne, Hull, alderman, 
mayor 1600, made his will 23 June, 
proved at York 16 August, 1606. 

■^ Mayor 1466 and 1469. Will 29 
December, 1470, proved at York 21 May, 

196 DODS worth's church notes. 


In obi turn generosissimae foeminae castissimaeque matronae, 

Dorothiae Randsae, quae e vita excessit decimo 

sexto anno salutis 1602. 

Formosae Humbrinas colitis quae Naiades undas, 

Quotque Hulli Nymphas fluminis alvus habet, 
Quotque juvant Museo [sic] quae sunt adoperta virenti 

Stagna, quot et Musis personat uda pal us. 
Quels celebrare choros pratis, queis Candida dulc[^] est 

Lilia purpureis carpere mixta rosis. 
Quaeque cavis gaudis [st'c] antris, quae rupibus, et quam 

Non pudet extremos ludere vi[r]go sonos : 
Ponite suave melos, redolentia ponite serta, 

Festivosque choros : ponito virgo tuos. 
Ludos laeta decent, ornantque repotia : tristes 

Heu poscunt nimium tristia fata modos. 
Inter frugeferas peperit quas Anglia terras, 

Qua nuUus toto ditior orbe locus : 
Una caput tollit Leicestria: nulla sororum 

Dignior, indigna est nulla parente tamen. 
Fceta viris, virtus dederat queis nomina : foeta 

Magna quibus dederat nomina stemma, viris 
Quorum splendori qui terris terminus : alta et 

Sydera sublimi vertice fama ferit; 
Ut sileam reliquas, quae tantos fundere luctus 

Cogit, et in lachrimas solvere frustra genas. 
Flebilis una mihi domus est, Beamontia vulgo 

Dicitur, est vobis flebilis una domus. 
Hanc Bellomontam veteres dixere Britanni : 

Hac magis illustrem terra Britanna negat. 
Hanc meritum et virtus titulis ornarat honoris : 

Hanc comes insignem reddideratque domum. 
Armiger hinc ramum Nicolaus duxit, avito 

-Cui notus dignum dixit honore virum. 
Hunc Cole Ortoneae cecinerunt carmine Nymphae, 

Hie Cole Ortoneis nomen adauxit agris. 
Quem pia multiplici conjunx cum prole bearat 

Et dederat tanto pignora digna viro : 
Ille suo tandem divino numine fato 

Functus ad Elysios umbra volavit agros. 
Filia major erat, quam vos lugere videtis, 

Quam pia ferali murmure turba gemit, 

dodsworth's church notes. 197 

Hac [stc] dum virgo fuit, virgo non castior ulla : 

Conjuge nee charo charior ulla viro. 
Quam cum matures virgo compleverat annos, 

Tandem illibato foedere junxit Hymen : 
Hanc Gulielmus habet Randsus cognomine dignus, 

Cujus sola esset Zona recincta manu, 
Pronuba quos junxit Juno, non tristis Erinnys, 

Dira nee infaelix carmina Bubo dedit. 
Pignora quinque dedit Lucina his mascula, sexus 

Fceminei haec eadem pignora terna dedit. 
Omnia jurares uno prognata parente 

Esse Deo, turpi corpora labe carent, 
Et referunt mores, et lumina casta parentum, 

Clavis et officii possidet ora pudor. 
Non tamen haec prosunt, non prosunt vota : beati 

Dimidium partus infera Juno rapit, 
Dimidium linquit maestae solamina matri, 

Gnatos et gnatas ^tnea virgo pares. 
Non tamen his contenta, piam rapit invida matrem, 

Et trahit ad sedes Persephonea suas. 
Quatuor alma manus compressit lumina matris : 

A[c] totidem matri lumina pressa suae ; 
Hoc tamen intereat, illis puerilibus annis 

Ruperunt tetricae licia curta deae. 
Haec vitam decies quintam [sic] produxit ad annum : 

Bisque decem casto consociata toro. 
Bella erat haec mulier, haec forma, haec corpore bella, 

Moribus haec bella, haec nomine bella fuit. 
Bellomonte dedit nomen, sed non mage bellam 

Bellomonta dabit, nee dedit ante parem. 
Moribus haec matrona piis Epimethida vicit; 

Flumine quae ex tanto sola superstes erat. 
leans huie cessit viduo diseedere leeto, 

Cogere quam Icariae non potuere minae : 
Nee nostrae similis raro quae fida redemit 

Exemplo propria Thessala morte virum. 
Hanc lachrimis deflete piis, huie plectra movete : 

Nee cessent querulos tympana rauca modos. 
Ultima quaeque prius didieisti verba referre, 

Integra, quae fudit caetera turba, refer. 
Cujus vestra prius mirata est villula dotes, 

Defunctam ignavo pondere terra premit. 


J 98 dodsworth's church notes. 


In obitum generosissimi viri Latham, qui ex hac vita migravit 
pridie Nonas Februarii, anno salutis 1601. 

Defuncti quicunque cupis cognoscere stemma, 

Quae vita, aut virtus, relligiove fuit, 
Aspice stemma, decent suspensa insignia, magnis 

Hie longa serie dicitur ortus avis. 
Accipe, totus ager vitam moresque docebit, 

Qui lachrimas fundens sistere posse negat. 
Non tamen invedeas? Jactura modum superavit. 

Quis lachrimis igitur possit adesse modus? 
Nuper erat Celebris, nunc Ottringhamia sordet, 

Perdidit haec lumen, perdidit omne decus : 
Hunc solum jactare solet, cujus domus unquam 

Clausa fuit nuUi, mens pia, larga manus ; 
Almae perpetuus, dum vixit, pacis' alumnus 

Vixit, et haerebat pectore verus amor. 
Mos erat huic laeso, stupeas, miserescere parvis, 

Deque suo magnis cedere jura viris. 
Sic pacem coluit, verura sic pavit amorem : 

Sic parvis, magnis, undique charus erat. 
Sed quid stemma juvat ? Quid nomen inutile ? virtus ! 

Aut tot egenorum vota precesque virdm. 
Pulvis erit, quod pulvis erat, pars altera celsi 

Miratur scandens limina magna poli. 

Robert Fowbery. 

In obitum generosissimi viri Gulielmi Richardsoni,^ mercatoris, qui, 

senatorii ordinis tam dignitate quam estate primus, 

excessit e vivis quarto Nonas Januarii, aetatis 

suae 58, salutis nostrae 1603. 

Apostrophe ad Tethin. 
Quem videas validis tua stringere littora remis, 

^.re vel undosum scindere, Tethi, salum, 
Vel remis inhibere jube, vel carbasa mails 

Solvere, proque salo dives arare solum. 
Cujus enim variis fcetae genuere carinae 

Mercibus, et nautis fit gravis aere manus. 
Mortales fastidit opes, mercesque fugaces 

Spernens, Elysios visere gaudet agros. 
Exuvias posuit carnis nervosque cutemque 

Concedens morti, mussitat umbra levis : 

^ Mayor 1591. Will 2 January, proved 20 January, 1603-4. 


DODS worth's church NOTES. 


Exiguoque trucem conducit Forth mea naulo, 

Trajicit horrendas jam grave pondus aquas : 
Nee remeare licet, donee tuba rauca canoros 

Excierit fundens ossa sepulta sonos. 
Dumque animam corpusque simul qui servat, honore 

Christus utrumque beans, donee utrumque pari. 
Die, Dea, tuque tuos compescito gurgite fluctus : 

Caeca senis Stygii dum vada cymba secat. 

Robert Fowbery. 

Mr. Gee* founded and builded the ' 
s[r]hoole house and the Marchantes' Hall 

over itt, and endowed itt with 

by yere. He builded 2 almeshouses, one 
for 8 pore, the other for 5. He builded 
[the] crosse and bestowed great coste on 
the quyer. 

Thomas Ferrans,^ maior of Hull this 
present yere 1620, enclosed the church 
yerd of Trinitie^s in Hull with a wall, at 
his owne charge, with the cost of 350/. 
He gave land to build a chappell in 
Trinity House. He haith founded a fre 
schole at Lestingham, wher he was borne, and new builded the 
church ther. 

5n St /ftatie'0 Cbutcb in Hottinabam, 30 /»aii, 1638. 

In the South quire on a tombe. 
Ar. a bend az. with a mullet of 6 pointes voided in chiefe and 

an annulet in base gu. 

In the windore there. 

A man in a scarlet gowne. Under written : 

Orate pro anima Richardi Samon et Margaretae, uxoris. 

On an other tombe of stone in y® same quire. 
Orate pro anima Richardi Samon, quondam majoris et aldermanni 
istius villae, qui obiit i8 die mensis Decembris, anno Domini 1407, 
cujus animae propitietur Deus. Amen. 

In a windore in y® same quire. 
The Earle of Clare was buried in this quire, 1637. 

In the North quire is Thurlande's tombe, defaced. Plumtree 
now burieth in Thurlande's quire. 


1 The Gee arms were :— Gu. a sword in bend arg. hilt, gripe and pomel or. 

2 Gent calls him Ferris or Ferret. 

200 DODS worth's church notes. 

Cottfndbam Cbutcbt 20 YiopembrtBt 1620. 

In the quyer. 
A faire monument^ of marble inlayd with brasse. Sa. a wolfe 
rampant or, in the sinister parte of the shield a cross crosslet fitchy 
or [Lot4f/i^j with the portraiture of a clergyman, with thes verses 
written about the stone : 

Hujus erat rector domus hie Nicholaus humatus, 
Factor et erector de Luda queso beatus. 
Porro vires Christi gestans dedit ecclesiarum 
Prebendas isti Beverlaci quoque Sarum. 
Famelicas [sic] pavit, rixantes pacificavit, 
Nudos armavit, feneratam nam geminavit : 
Sed quia labe carens sub coelo nullus habetur, 
Natum virgo parens anime pete propitietur. 

Obiit vj^® [«V] die mensis Junii anno Domini Millesimo ccc** 


In the Est window. 

A man in a gowne, kneling, over his head, sa. a wolfe rampant 
and a cross crosslet fitchy or. 

Orate pro anima Domini Nicholai de Louth, rectoris hujus 
ecclesie, qui istud cancellum fieri fecit anno Domini m°^occc™° 
Lxxiiij^ [sic]. 

In that window : 

'England a border ar. 

'Quarterly, France and England a label of three points ar., paled 
with England a border ar. 

^Quarterly, France and England a border ar. 

In windowes round about the quyer. 

Dominus de Mowbray. 

— Dominus de Roos. 

Checqui az. and or a canton erm. a border gu. semi de lions 
passant. — Le Conte de Richmont. 

Quarterly, gu. a lyon rampant or, second checqui. — Conte de 

Quarterly, Valence and Hastinges. — Conte de Pembrok. 

Gu. a fesse entre 6 cross crosslets or. — Conte de Warwick. 

^ This monument is still in existence, married Margaret, sister of Lord Wake, 
but restored. It was to Nicholas de of Cottingham. 
Louth, or Luda, prebend of Beverley 3 j ^ ^^^ ^^^ g,^ ^ p^i„^ ^„j j 

&:ns"„'s E^SbMses ^rt P'-t^^-'- daughter of the above -"Earl 
shire Archceological Journal^ xii, 205.) 

2 This would probably be the shield of * Earl of Kent. 

Edmund Woodstock, Earl of Kent, who 

dodsworth's church notes. 


Ar. 3 fusells in fesse gu. — Le Conte de Sarum. 

Sa. a cross engrailed or. — [Z<? Conte de] Suffolk. 

Or, a chevron gu. — [Ze Conte de"] Stafford. 

Quarterly, gu. and or a mullet ar. — [Le Conte de] Oxenford. 

Or, 3 torteaux a label of three points az. — Le Conte de Devonshire. 

Gu. a cinquefoil and 8 cross crosslets in orle or. — Le [Conte] de 

Quarterly, ar. and gu. in the 2 and 3 quarters a fret or, a bend sa. 
— Le Sieur de Spencer. 

Gu. on a saltire ar. a crescent sa. — Le Echevesque a Nevil. 

A lyon ar. — Le Sieur de Percy. 

Gu. a saltire erm. — Le Sieur de Nevil. 

Gu. a cross patonce or. — Le Sieur de Latymer. 

Sa. [a] lyon rampant ar. crowned or a bend gu. — Le Sieur de 

Hewbalb Cburcb, 20 Hov^embris, 1620. 

In the quyer windowes. 

Az. 2 barrs waved or. — [? De la 

[Quarterly az. and arg., in the first 
a fleur-de-lis or.] — Metham. 

Erm. a saltire and cheif gu., on the 
cheif a lyon passant or. 

Quarterly, Percy and Lucy. 

Ar. a saltire chained sa. 

Idem cum moUett or. 

This towne belongeth to the Dean 
and Chapter. 

On a table hanging on the wall. 

Per pale vert a buck passant ar., attyred or [Fozvlfery], paled with 
sa. a chevron entre 3 starres ar. — [^Langdale]. 

The tyme of George Fowbberre life 

Was fifty yeres and seaven : 
In October his corps in grave. 

His soule with Christ in Heaven. 

* George Fowbery, of Newbald, signed erine, daughter of Thomas Langdale, of 
the 1584 Visitation. He married Kath- Sancton. (Glover's Visitation.) 



dodsworth's church notes. 

Santon [Sanaori] Cburcb, 20 flovembde, 1620. 

Orate pro anima Beatricis,* domine de Graystok, quae obiit 
vicessimo die Aprilis, anno Domini Millesimo cccccov^ Ac etiam 
pro animabus Radulphi, domini de Graystok et Wemme, et Roberti 
Constable, servientis ad legem, nuper 
consortum suorum. Quorum animabus 
propitietur Deus. 

On a monument. 

Sa. on a chevron entre 3 starres 
ar. a crescent sa. — Langdale. 

[Or] on a chevron [az.] a martlett 
inter 2 pheons [0/ the field^ She is 
Sir Michaell Wharton's ]^Warton!s\ 

Here lyeth buried under this stone 

the body of Peter Langdayle,' esquire, 

who deceased the first day of June in 

the yere of our Lord God 161 7, 

leaving his wief, Anne, and tow children, Marmaduke and Elizabeth, 

yet living. 

Man's life a warfare is, wher man must fight 

To gain the honor of a Christian knight. 

Thou wast a soldier in a double sence. 

For which thou hast a double recompence. 

First, since thou hast not spar'd to spend thy blood. 

In honor of thy king and countrie's good. 

Thou hast atchiv'd true fame as thy due merit, 

Who, Josuah-like, mad'st knowne thy martiall spirit 

For thy spirituall fight, thou hast Heavnn's crowne 

Having with Paul performed itt with renowne. 

Spending thy dayes of peace to thy soule's health, 

Hurtfull to none, good to thy common wealth. 

And now thy corps in grave doth sleep in rest, 

Till soule and body shall with Christ be blest. 

A tree (saith Christ) is by the fruit well knowne. 


^ According to Canon Raine, her 
maiden name was Hatcliffe. She married 
first Sir Ralph, Lord of Greystock and 
Wemme, whose will is printed in Test. 
Ebor,,\\i 20, dated 27 May, 1487, proved 
at York 30 July. She remarried Robert 
Constable, Serjeant at the Law, a younger 
son of Sir Robert Constable, of Flam- 
borough. His will is also at York, 

2 September, 1501, proved 13 January, 
1 501-2. (7>j/. Ebor.y iv, 195.) Her 
own will was dated 12 April, 1505, 
proved 8 June. 

^ Peter Langdale married Anne, daugh- 
ter' of Michael Warton, of Beverley. 
Their son, Sir Marmaduke, afterwards 
Lord Langdale, was the well-known 
Royalist commander. 

dodsworth's church notes. 203 

None ever saw on thistles figs t' have growne. 

None but good Christians then can do good deeds, 

Each pious action from true faith proceeds. 

Like Anna, that good prophetesse, thy zeale 

Abounded haith to God, the commonweale. 

Nay, like good Dorcas, thou the poore dost cherishe. 

Giving them harbor, that they might not perish : 

Delighted most a vertuous life to live, 

And unto all ther right and due to give. 

Yea, thou the best part didst with Mary choose. 

Loving, whiles living, wisely itt to use : 

Wherfore, as thou in good works diddst abound. 

Thy sainted soule with saints shall aye be crowned. 

The Baron Graystoke house was att Cliffe in this parishe. Sir 
John Houghton, of Houghton in this parish, his heire was married 
to Langdayle, who now enjoyeth itt. 

Santon [Sanaon] win&ow^' 

Ar. on a bend sa. 3 flowers-de-luce or. 

Gu. an egle displaid ar. 

Per pale ar. a saltire sa., with Lingd [. . .?]. 

On a ston, ar. a saltire 

Prior et Conventus Sancti Nicholai de Drax, ordinis Sancti 
Augustini, Eboracensis diocesis. 

J6t>erinobam Cbutcb, 21 Hopembris, 1620. 

Hie jacet Robertus Elys,^ quondam dominus de Evringham, qui 

obiit xvj kalendas Aprilis, anno Domini mcccclx**iij**, cujus anime 

propitietur Deus. Amen. 

On a ston. 

The portraitures of a man in armor and his wief, his armes, 
quarterly : i quarter, gu. a cinqfoile ar. [Poucher]y 2 gu. a waterbudget 
or, 3 gu. a lyon rampant vaire [Evering/iam], 4 gu. a knot or. About 
the stone : 

'^ This entry is taken from foL 23gii of ^ wiU 12 March, 1463-4, proved at 

the MS, York 21 May, 1464. 


dodsworth's church notes. 

Hie jacent Johannes Sutthill/ armiger, quondam dominus de 

E[vering/iam]f qui obiit xiiij® die Novembris anno Domini m^cccc** 

xciiij°, et Alicia,* uxor ejus, que obiit die anno Domini 


In the South window. 

A man kneling, in armor, on his brest, quarterly, gu. a cinquefoil 
ar. [Pouc/ier], 2 quarter, gu. a lyon rampant vaire [EveringAam]. 
Above his head : 

Orate pro animabus Johannis Suthyll,' armigeri, et Alicie, uxoris sue. 

In the same window: 

Quarterly, i quarter gu. a waterbudget 
ar., 2 gu. a cinquefoil ar. [Poucker], 3 gu. 
a knot or, 4 gu. a lion rampant vaire. — 

On the South wall. 

Quarterly, gu. and vaire a bend or, 
2 quarter checqui [f or and gu., on a chief 
arg, a lion passant sa,~\, — Constable and 

Quarterly, gu. an egle displaid ar. — 

\Gu., a cinquefoil arg.^ — Pouch[^/']. 

[^Or, on a cross sa, three crescents of 
the field. ^ — Elys. 

[6^«., a lion rampant vaire.] — Everingham. 

Here lyeth under this marble stone the body of Sir Marmaduc 
Constable,* knight, second son of Syr Marmaduc Constable, of 
Flamburgthte [sic], and Dame Barbara, his wief, daughter and ayer to 
John Sothyll, of Everingham, esquier, which Barbara departed this 
present liffe the fourth day of October the yere of our Lord God 
on[^] thowsand ccccc and xl. And the said Sir Marmaduc departyd 
this present liffe the xij day of September in the yere of our Lord 
M**cccccxLv, of whose soules God have mercy. Amen. 


1 According to Glover's Visitation he 
was son of John Sothill, by Joan, 
daughter of Sir John Poucher, and 

Agnes, daughter of Ellis and 

Jane Everingham. His will, 10 May, 
1490, was proved at York 28 November, 
1494. To be buried in the choir. Alice 
his wife and Sir Marmaduke Constable, 
executors. {Test. Ebor., iv, 186.) 

2 Probably second wife, and relict of 
the above John Sothill. Her will, 6 
October, proved at York 3 December, 

3 The above John and Alice Sothill. 

* Ancestor of the Everingham branch 
of the Constable family, now represented 
in the female line by Lord Henries. 

DODS worth's church NOTES. 205 

North wall. 
Here lyeth buried the body of Dame Jane Constable, wief unto 
Sir Marmaduc Constable,^ of Everingham, knight, and daughter to the 
Lord Conyers, which departyd this mortall lyef the iiij of December 
anno Domini millessimo quingentessimo quinquagessimo octavo, upon 
whose soule God grant His mercy. Amen. 1558. 

On another stone. 
Quisquis eris qui transieris, sta, perlege, plora : 
Sum quod eris, fueramque quod es, pro me, precor, ora. 
Hie jacet Johannes, rector ecclesie de Everingham, 
Quondam dominus de Poulingtona. 

Foulnay haith his head of 2 springes arising on[^] at Estrop, 
which Cometh to Londesborough, thence to Tolethorp, to Shipton, 
and is called Shipton Becke, then to Harswell. The other of 
Gudmadam cometh to Wighton, a mercate towne, and meeteth 
Shipton Becke in Harswell Grounds, then [_^/i^y] runne in on[^] 
channell to Everingham, and ther att a place called Addle Crose [//] 
is called Foulnay [/u?u/ness]^ so goeth to Holme in Spaldingmore, 
leaving Cliffe, an antient seat of the Barons of Graystoke, 2 myle on 
the left hand, and having, in a sort, compassed Holme and Seton Ros, 

on the other, now [?] Osborn, Folquathrop, Gribthrop to 

Spaldington, wher Vavassor dwell [j]. Then into Waldingfen, a great 
common belonging to 48 townes which lye round about itt, then 2 
myle from North Brom fleet, and into Humber nere Flaxfleete. 

A spring begins in Warter ground, to Burnham Nunry, to Burnby, 
so to Haiton, wher itt meeteth another beck that begins att Oustrop 
and Millington, and cometh by Pocklington into Haiton Becke, and 
so runs to Brilby, thence betweene Thornton and Melburne, and so 
into Fosse. 

Bubwftb Cburcb, 22 *lo\>embti0, 1620. 

Within this parish is Gunby, Brighton, Spaldington, Willitoft, 

Gribthorp, Folkathorp, Harlethorp. 

Quyer windowes. 

Barry of 6 or and az., an annulet or on the 2 bar. — [Aske.] 

At. 3 escallops in bend gu. entre 2 cotises sa. — [De la ffay.] 

Or, a cross sa. 

On a stone. 

Orate pro animabus Petri Vavasore,^ militis, et Elizabeth, uxoris 

ejus, unius filiarum Andree, Domini Windesore, qui quidem Petrus 

1 Grandson of the above Sir Marmaduke. He died i February, 1574-5- 

2 Sir Peter Vavasor, of Spaldington, made his will 25 January, 
1556-7, proved at York 30 April, 1557. 



obiit sexto die Marcii anno Domini millessimo quingentessimo 
quinquagessimo sexto. 

North quyer window alias large quyer. 
Barry of 8 ar. and gu. in cheif a greyhound sa. — [Ski^t/A.] 

Quarterly, — Constable. 

Ar. 3 escallops gu. entre 2 cotizes sa. — Delahay. 

Ar. on a cheif sa. 2 mollettes of 6 points or. — Salvayn. 

North ile window. 
Gu. 3 moUetts ar. — [? Ifansard,] 
Gu. 3 waterbudgets erm. — [lios.] 
Or, 3 barrs az. on the 3 bar, an annulet or. — Aske. 

Next window. 

Gu. 3 waterbudgets ar. — Ros. 

Gu. 3 waterbudgets erm. 

This window bordred ar. on a cheif 
sa., 2 molletes or. — [Sa/vin.] 

Gu. a waterbudget ar., and gu. a 
waterbudget erm. 

Next window. 

Wortley, ar. on a bend entre 6 mart- 
lettes gu., 3 bezantes. 

Gu. on a cross flory or 5 molletts. — 
an Ugthred. 

Ar. 3 chapletts of 5 roses gu. — I-ascells. 

West window. 
Or a cross vert a crescent sa., 2 quarter, ar. on a cheif sa. 2 
mollets of 5 points, 3 gu. 3 bars erm., 4 ar. a bend engrailed sa., 
impaled with Bapthorp. — i Hussey, 2 Salvain, 3 ,4 Ratcliffe. 

South window. 

Erm. a lyon rampant az. 

Az. 5 fusells in fess ar. — [Daw^rry,] 

Barry of 8 or and az., an annulet or 
on y* 2 bar — Aske, paled with az. 5 
fusells in fesse ar., a label of 3 points 
gu. over all. — \_£>awtrey,'] 

Ar. on a cheif sa. 2 molletts of 5 
pointes or — Salvayn, paled with Danby. 

Wombwell and Vavasor per pale. 

Sa. 3 conyheads erazed ar., paled 
with Vavasor. 
sALYiN ARMS. Vavasor with an escallop ar, 




dodsworth's church notes. 207 

On Sir John Vavasor's stall in wood. 
Quarterly, Vavasor cum a flower-de-luce diference, 2 [gu,"] 3 cupps 

\7vithin a hordure engrailed or], 3 [-4^^.] on a bend 3 escallops [gules'] 

[I?e la Hay\ 4 as the first. 

Est window of the quyer. 
Mowbray, with a crosier staffe in bend or. Under : 
Orate pro Abbate de Biland, qui fieri fecit medietatem hujus 


Written about it, Arma domus de Biland. 

Ar. on a pale gu. 3 birds, bekes, coUer and feet, or. Under : 

Orate pro Magistro Johanne Selow,^ canonico Eboracensi, qui fieri 

fecit medietatem hujus fenestre. 

Basset Parke, nere Brayton, 3 myle compasse, but bare [?]. 

Basset, sometyme lord ther, held Basset Park of the Abbot of Selby 

by paying iijj. 4^. yerely, and might come one St. Thomas' Eve to 

th^abby gates and blow his home and have dyet for him self, horse 

'and dogges, for all Christmas. 

His armes, az. 3 home[j] or, supporters, a buck and a haire, in 
Selby and Braiton Church. 

He was bowbearer to the abbot of all his parkes and chaces; 
Thorp Parke, 4 myle about, Stanor Park, the Abbey Parke and the 
Chace of Selby, out woodes adjoyning upon Cawood; the bishop 
haith 2 partes and th'abbot one. Flaxeley is in thes woods. 

Thorp Parke joyneth on Skalme Parke. 

Stanor Parke was the demesnes. 

Basset was lord of Haddlesay. 

IRippon, 6 September, 1620. 

Ad Regem Jacobum, ecclesiae collegiatae Ripponensis 


Si bonus est superum rex dispensator, ut illos 
Terrestris curae non grave tangat onus : 

Vivite tunc coeli secure numina, talis 
Oeconomus nobis baud datus ante fuit. 

Eadem Anglice. 

If of the gods good kings highe stewards bee, 
To ease -them of all care of things belowe. 
Then live secure, O heavenly powers, for wee 
Soe good a steward n^re before did knowe. 

1 John Selowe, Canon resideniiar> of Percy. Will, 7 August, 1458, proved oX 
Cathedral, York, and Rectpr of Bolton York 15 May, 1459. 

208 dodsworth's church notes. 

Ecclesia [sic] Ripponensis prosopopoeia. 

Struxit Adlestonus, Danus distruxit, at Odo et 
Thurston pontifices, mi magis ampla dabant : 

Rexque sacra accenso Jacobus pectore flamma, 
Sacrilegae reddit quae rapuere man us. 

Eadem Anglice. 

Kinge Adlestone me built, Danes downe did pull, 
But Od' and Thurstone made me beautifull : 
And, mov'd with zeale. King James doth nowe restore 
What saccriligious handes had rob'd before. 

Altera ejusdem prosopopoeia. 

Me Danus miseram afflixit, belloque potitus 

Indigno Scotus ve[«]didit (heu) pretio : 
Hiis sed fata dabant, ut regnis regia proles 

Gentis commissa hsec expiet (ecce) suae. 

Eadem Anglice. 

The Danes me sack't, poore wretch, the Scot ore bolde, 

In victory unworthyly me soulde : 

But to booth realmes a royall stemme, by fate. 

His people's faultes (behould) doth expiate. 

Epitaphium Domini Moysis Fowler,^ 
primi Ripponae decani. 

Caeca tibi haud nomen tribuit sors aucupis : ille 

Ut captat volucres, sic capis ipse viros ; 
Ambo indeffessi, vos retia tenditis ambo, 

Docto pellaces mittitis ore sonos. 
Intentos oriens praedae Sol cernit, et idem 

Cernit Neptuni vespcre regna petens : 
Est tamen inter vos aliquid discrimi[«/> aucf], 

Tu captos servas mitis, at ille necat. 


Blynde fortune hath not fowler nam'd thee then : 
For as he birds doth take, so thou takes men. 

Not tyr'd with toyle, both spred your nets and mend, 
Harte-charminge tunes from skillfull mouthes both send. 

^ Moses Fowler, B.D., appointed first tomb remains, much mutilated (See 
Dean 1604; buried 15 March, 1607-8, in Fowler's Memorials of Rtpoft^ Surtees 
Ripon Minster, where a large altar Society, Ixxviii, 259.) 

dodsworth's church notes. 209 

The Sonn both busye. sees, when he beginns 

His race, and when in Neptune's bowres he inns. 

Yet this betwixt you both the difference makes, 
Thou gently saves, he kills those that he takes. 

Epitaphium Radulphi Simps[^]n, choristae ecclesiae Ripponensis. 

Spes patris alma suae [wV], suavis luscinia, cujus 
Hac sacra solita est vox resonare domo, 

Ascitus superis, paret : mundoque supremum 
(Ah) NUNC DiMiTTis dcficicns cecinit: 

Et jam virginea redimitus tempora lauro, 
TEque DEUM divis atque alelu[i]a canit. 


His parentes' hope, the quire's shrill nightingall. 
With whose sweete voice the sacred walls oft rung. 

Summon'd to th'sanctes, and answering at His call, 
His NUNC DIMITTIS to the world hath sung : 

And crown'd mongst virgins in th'aeternall bayes, 
TE DEUM singes and alleluiaes. 

Epitaphium Mosis Fowler. 

^Coelum, terra, homines de re rixantur eadem, 

Fowlerum quisquis vindicat esse suum. 
Mercurius coelo tantas componere lites 

Discendens, statim' jussa paterna facit. 
Coelo animam, terrae corpus mandavit habendum, 

Ingenii nobis sed monumenta dedit. 

Idem Anglice. 

Heaven, earth and men, for one thing do contend. 
Each one doth Fowler challendge to be his. 

God's messenger from Heaven this striffe to end, 
Discends, and thus his will performed is. 

His soule to Heaven, his body to the grave, 
To us the trophees of his witt he gave. 


^ There is a different version of this 260, which it states has been carved anew 
epitaph in Fowler's Memorials of Ripon^ over the tomb. 

210 dodsworth's church notes. 

Lamentatio Katherinae Fowler, castas matronse et viduse 
integerrimae, in suorum morte. 

'Unus erat conjux, mihi filius unus, et una 
Gnata, at tres uni hos mi rapuere dies. 

Quid deserta querar ? Voluit sic trinus et unus : 
Orba ut terrenis, ccelica sola sequar. 

Johannes Ashmore mcerens et febricitans posuit. 

Att Rippon, 6 September, 1620. 

Carta Adelstani Regis facta Sancto Wilfrido de Rippon, 
custodia Christoferi Lyndall, canonici ibidem. 

'Wyt al that es and es gan 
At ik Kyng Adelstan 
As gyven als frelith as I may. 
And to pe capitell of Seint Wilfrai, 
Of my free devotion,, 
pair pees at Rippon, 
On ilke side pe kyrk a mile. 
For all il deedes and ilk a gyle, 
And within pair kirk yate, 
At pe Stan pat grithstole hate, 
Wythin pe kirk dore and pe quare, 
pair have pees for les and mare. 
Ilkan of pis stedes sal have pees 
Of frodmortell and il dedes 
pat pair done is, tol, tem,* 
With iren* and with water deme. 
And p'" pe land of Seint Wilfrai 
Of alkyn geld fre sal be ay. 
At is, na nan at langes me to 
In pair Harpsac* sal have at do. 
And for ik will at pai be save, 
I will at pai alkyn fredome have. 
And in al thinges be als free 
As hert may thynke or eygh may se, 

^ Catherine Raye, of Sand beach, Cam- * ** Sok^ sack " are added be/ore ** IVith 

bridgeshire, married Moses Fowler 6 iren^'' and struck otit^ 

October, 1586. (/T. Fowler) »" And do wrak- are added and struck 

« It >>'arg.n .• "Ex MS ^ranhquo ^^ .. ^^ ^ „ 

penes Chrtstofert [sic] LmdalL •' ^ 

5 This line is altered from ** 71?/, tefUy Tn margin: ^^ Dutch for Dukedome,^^ 

sok and sak,^* 

dodsworth's church notes. 211 

At te power of a kynge 
Mast make free any thyng. 
And my seal have I set per to, 
For I will at na man it undo. 

^In nomine sancte et individue Trinitatis, Adelstanus rex, Dei gracia, 
regni Anglie, omnibus hominibus suis Eboracensibus, et per totum 
Anglie, salutem. Sciatis quod ego confirmo ecclesie et capitulo Rypon- 
ensi pacem suam et omnes libertates et consuetudines suas, et concedo 

eis curiam suam de omnibus querelis et in omnibus curiis 

hominibus Sancti Wilfridi, pro ipsis et hominibus suis, vel contra 

ipsos, vel inter se adinvicem vel que fieri p , et juditium suum 

pro frodmortell, et quod homines sint credendi per suum ya et per 
suum na^ et omnes suas terras habitas et habendas, et homines suos 
ita liberos quod nee rex Anglie, nee ministri ejus, nee Archiepiscopus 
Eboracensis, nee ministri ejus, aliquid faciant vel habeant, quod est 
ad terras suas vel ad socam capituli. Testibus, G., archiepiscopo 
Eboracensi, et P., preposito Beverlaci. 

T., Dei gracia, Eboracensis archiepiscopus, canonicis Sancti 

Wilfridi de Rypon., et ceteris ejusdem ville, salutem. Sciatis me 

dedisse Ricardo filio Turstino [i/V], canonico, unam carucatam terre 

pro duobus solidis per annum, ita liberam et quietam ut terra vava- 

sorum^ raeorum. Testibus, Turstino, canonico, Willelmo, Martino, 

Willelmo, Da 

Feria de Rippon. 

H., rex Anglie, vicecomitibus et ministris et omnibus baronibus, 
Francis et Anglis, de Eboraciscira et de Northumberlant, salutem. 
Sciatis me concessisse Sancto Wilfrido de Ripun et T., archiepiscopo* 
Eboracensi, habere feriam per iiij dies ad festum Sancti Wilfridi de 
Aprili, ij diebus ante festum, et die festi, et in crastino. Et precipio 
quod omnes illuc euntes et inde redeuntes cum omnibus mercatis 
suis habeant meam firmam pacem, ne eis injuria vel contumelia fiat, 
neque disturbentur, super x libras forisfacture. Testibus, Nigello de 
Albineio, Gaufrido filio Pagani, et Gaufrido de Glintona. Apud 

A copy of the Survey of the late Collegiat Church of Rippon, 
taken and certyfyed by Robert Holgate. 

Ther is in the said church of Rippon 6 prebendaries indewed, 
sometyme being parsonages, every one of them having a severall cure, 
being a very great and wyde parish, and haith 6 severall alters for 
the said cures, wherat every one of them haith a vicaridg severally 

^ In margin: ^^ Ex MS. aftid Rifony ^ yava^sores=vassals. 


endewed to discharge ther cures, having howsling people perteyning 
to the said cures severally xi hundred and moe a peece, and doth 
minister att every alter severally all manner of sacramentes and 
sacramentalls to ther severall parishoners, over and besydes the 
prebends of Stanwige, which hath the order, admission and correction 
of all the ministers within the said church, as foUowith. And also 
we think it convenyent to have some moe mynisters for to serve the 
cures ther, because the nomber of the people is very great, and 
heretofore they have had much help of the chantry preistes in the 
said church. 

Henry Bowet, archbishop Ebon, licencia Henrici 5, confirmabat 
Johanni de Ely, tunc procurator! vicariorum de Ripon., unam peciam 
terre, parcella[w] manerii sui de Rippon., ex parte occidentali 
prebende de Munckton, continens [«V] 140 pedes in longitudine et 
67 pedes in latitudine, habendam eidem procurator! et sex vicariis 
pro hospitio suo inibi construendo imperpetuum, per cartam datam 
28 Martii, 1415 [ori^rj?]. 

King James, by his lettres patentes dated att Westminster, 2 
August, anno regni sui Anglie, etc., 2**<*, et Scotie 38, concessit (Moysi 
Fowler) decano et capitulo ecclesie collegiate de Rippon., totum 
illud [«V] prebendam de Stanewigg in comitatu suo et tenendum [wV] 
ad suum pro[prium] usum. Nota, they did restore again to the king 
all ther lands and had only the rents confirmed. 

Prebendes of Stanwigge, Nunewick, Stodeley (note that Dacor 
and Beverley were annexed to the prebend of Studeley, 36 Edward 3, 
BBB.,* 148), Thorpe, Gevendale, Monckton, Shawwe. 

Ten chantry preistes, called the 10 petty cannons, bound by ther 
foundacions to be present dayly in the quere in ther habitts and 
help with [?] 

Ther is also belonging to the said quier 3 deacons, 3 sub- 
deacons, 6 thuribibers, which be sixe clarkes of the said severall 
cures, 6 quiresters, a chamberlein, a clarke of the workes, a sexton, 
an organist, a schoolmaster of song. 

Adhuc in the Collegiate Church of Rippon. 

Cutt in wood about St. Wilfred's 

Hujus, Wilfride, ville juvenes rege, sancte, 
Qui tibi clausuram tale[w] condunt speciosam. 

Anno railesimo xvij. 

1 BBB.=AfS, Dod^orth 32. 
^ In margin: ^^ In this quyer is St. Wilfride^ s Needle. Vide fa. 2 segt^ntem" 



About a faire tombe^ in the North side of the crosse ile, 

with the portratures of a man and 

his wief, thes words. 

Hie jacent Tomas Markinfeld, miles, et Elenor, uxor ejus, qui 

obiit primo mensis Maii, anno Domini m*^cccc"™®lxxxxvij°, qui fuit 

seneschallus istius villae et Kyrkby Mahede.'* Et Elenor obiit v**' 

die mensis Junii, anno Domini m®cccc°lxxxxiij°. 

About a tombe in the quyer thes words. 
Here lyeth the body of Robert Dawson, gentleman, being of the 
age of lij yeares, leaving behind him 3 sonnes, George, Gilbert and 
Robert, departed this life the tow and twentith day of March in the 
first yeare [^] the raigne of King James, anno Domini 1603. 

Whom lately sherefe and marchant free, Yorke wealthy cytty had, 
And.farmor cheife of Rippon Church, now Rippon mould hath 

His nature milde, his minde devout, his wealth the pore well fedd, 
So dead he lives in spite of hell, and grave his fatall bedd. 


In the church windowes which have all lately beene new glased 
by the liberality of sundry gentlemen, and others. 

North windowes. 

1. Hugh Ripplay, the last wakeman and first maior of this towne, 
by whose endevore this towne became a marash* (which was anno 
Domini 1604), repaired this window, 1608. 

2. Johannes Mallorie et Anna, uxor ejus, fenestram banc Sancte 
Trinitati sacram esse voluerunt. 

3. Catherina, filia Johannis Appleyarde, armigeri, et uxor Christo- 
pheri Parkinsoni, armigeri, coram honorabilissimo preside caeterisque 
regiae majestatis consiliariis in partibus septentrionalibus, attornati 
regii, in memoriam Thomae Parkinson, patris, et ejusdem Christopheri, 
filii ejus, nuper defunctorum, banc fenestram Deo dicavit. 

4. Richardus Huton, armiger, serviens ad legem, banc fenestram 
in honorem Christi restituit anno 1610. 

Ar. on a fesse sa. 3 buckes' heads cabaged or. — Huton. 

^ Walbran calls this "an altar tomb of 
coarse workmanship, on which are placed 
the effigies of Sir Thomas Markenfield 
and Elenor his wife, daughter of Sir 
John Conyers, of Hornby Castle." His 
will, April 8, proved 20 June, 1497, is 
printed in Surt. Soc, xi, 124. Marken- 
field Hall was visited by the Yorkshire 
Archaeological Society in 1897. Dods- 
worth does not refer to another fine altar 

tomb to Sir John or Sir Thomas Marken- 
field {temp. Edw. HI) and his wife, the 
heiress of the Miniots of Carlton Miniot, 
an ancestor of the above Sir Thomas. 
The Markenfield arms were — Ar^, on a 
bend sa. three bezants. 

2 Probably a misreading of^^ Malzede " 

3 Probably a misreading of ** maraltV^ 


5. Gulielmus Ingleby, miles, banc fenestram Jesu Christo sacram 
esse voluit anno Domini 1608. 

George Mallory, esquire, and Thomas Mallorye, deane of Chester, 
to the honor of God and love to his church, have repayred this 
window anno Domini 1610. 

Jacobus Bellingham, miles, et Agnes, uxor ejus, in memoriam 
Thomae Bellingham, filii natu maximi, juvenis integerimi et ornatis- 
simi, et omnibus charissimi, qui obiit 20 Martii, 16 10, banc fenestram 

Henry Warwick, Robert Warwick, John Warwick and Francis 
Warwicke, the sonnes of Anthony Warwicke, to the honor of God 
repaired this window, 161 1. 

In the West window. 

PoTENTissiMUS Britani^e Monarcha, Iacobus, Hanc Restau- 
RAviT Ecclesiam, Et Regio Stipendio Ditavit, 2° Die Augusti 
Anno 2° Regni Sui Angli^e, 1604. 

South side windowes. 

Thomas Watson and Christopher Watson, his sonne, repaired this 

window to the honor of Christ, 1608. 

Thomas Lascells, miles, hanc fenestram fecit, 1608. 

Henricus Bellassis, miles, hanc fenestram fecit, 1609. 

Henricus Topham, armiger, hanc fenestram Deo consecravit. 

Thomas Johnson, armiger, in honorem Jesu Christi hanc 

fenestram restituit. 

In the higher South windowes. 

1 . Georgius Dawson, generosus, Scanctae [sic] Trinitatis sacram esse 
vult, 161 1. 

2. Stephanus Procter, miles, hanc fenestram soli Deo dicat, 161 1. 

3. Orate pro animabus Mathei Batte et Johanne, uxoris sue, et 
pro bono statu Briani Batte, filii eorundem, et Alicie, uxoris sue, 
Radulphi, filii predictorum Briani et Alicie, mccccxvj. 

4. Franciscus Carlell de Bishopton, et Francisca, ejus uxor, hanc 
fenestram Deo dicarunt, 16 10. 

5. Edward Kirkby, draper, and John Mason, lately deceased, to 
the praise of God, repaired this window, 1609. 

6. Thomas Cundall, the 8 maior of this towne, to the honor of 
God, repaired this window, 161 1. 


7. Milo Staveley et Jana, uxor ejus, banc fenestram Deo dicarunt 

8. Roger Holmes, maior of this towne this present yere, repaired 
this window, 1610. 

Robert Oglethorp, armiger, restituit, 1609. 

Johannes Hodgeson, Londinensis civis, restituit, 1609. 

Thomas Burton, of Ingerthorp, esquire, to the honor of the Holy 
Trinitie, repaired this window, 161 1. 

Richard Taylor, alias Pullen, alderman, to the honour of God, 
repaired this window, 1608. 

William Fawcet, the fourth maior of this towne, repaired this 
window, 1608. 

Anthony Taylor, the second maior of this towne, repaired this 
window, 1608. 

Within the church Saint Wilfride's needle was in our granfathers* 
remembrance very famous; a narowe pole in the crowdes or close 
vaulted roome under the ground, whereby women's honestie was 
tryed : for such as were chast did easily passe through, but as many 
as had plaid false were miraculously, I knowe not how, held fast, 
and cold not creepe through. Camden, foL 700. 

Mr. George Sandys, in his travailes, maketh mention of a place, 
fyve myles from Cairo in Egypt, called Matarea, where they say that 
Our Saviour and the blessed Virgin, with Joseph, reposed themselves 
as they fledd from the fury of Herod, in which place ther is a small 
chapell, in a wall wherof ther is a little concave lined with sweet 
wood and smoked with incense; in the sole a stone of porphyr, 
wheron (they say) she did set Our Saviour. Nere y* chappell ther 
is an orchard, in a corner wherof standeth an overgrowne figgtree, 
which opened (as they report) to receive Our Saviour and his mother, 
then hardly escaping the pursuers, closing up againe till the pursuite 
was past : then againe devid[/«^], as now itt remayneth. A large 

hole ther is through one of the sides of the [ f] bulke. This, 

they say, no bastard^ [ ^], but shall sticke fast by the midle. 

^ In margin : ** A dastard sticketh fast "^ Ofie or two 7vords at the bottom of the 

in the hole of [the] tree.'* page are cut off. 


dodsworth's church notes. 

Ubresftc [Tkirsk] Cbutcb, i6 ©ctobrts, 1622. 

Quyer window. 

Quarterly, i quarter [sa, 2 /ions passant 
paly of 6 gu. and arg.'\ Strangwaies/ 
2 quarterly, Darcy and Menill, 3 as 2, 
4 as I. 

Lord Mowbray. 

Per pale Scrop cum a label of three 
points ar., with Baron Graystock. 

Sa. a cross flory or. — Lacells. 

South quyer. 
Sa. on a fesse gu. entre 3 asses 
passant ar. a crescent ar. — \^Ayscough or 
perced ar. — 


Idem cum mollet 
[lVi7/iam Ayscough,"] 

Idem, on the fesse a cross flory ar. — 
\Robert Ayscough!\ 

On a stone. 
Hie jacet Robertus Threske,' clericus, 
nuper rector ecclesie de Boseworth, fun- 
dator istius cantarie, et Rememorator 
regis in Scaccario, qui obiit xvij*' kalend. 
Decembr., aimo Domini mocccc°xixo, 
cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen. 

Sis testis, Christe, quod non jacet hie lapis iste 
Corpus ut ornetur, sed spiritus ut memoretur : 
Hunc tu qui transis, vir vel mulier, puer an sis, 
Pro me funde preces, quia sic mihi fit veniae spes. 

North quyer. 
A knight^ armed, kneling, behind him 8 sons, tow of them armed 
likewyse. On his brest, Strangwaies' armes. On the first son* armed, 


^ These would be the arms of Sir 
James Strangewayes, of Harlsey, High 
Sheriff of Yorkshire 1492, who married 
Alice, daughter of fifth Lord Scrope, 
of Masham, by Elizabeth, daughter of 
Ralph, Lord Greystoke. 

2 Rector of Market Bosworth, Leices- 
tershire. Founder of a chantry at Thirsk. 
There is a curious but nearly effaced brass 
on the floor. (See Mill Stephenson's 
"North Riding Brasses.") 

^ Sir James Straagewayes, of Harlsey 
Castle, M.P. for Yorkshire 1448 and 1460, 
Speaker of the House of Commons, 
married first Elizabeth, daughter of 
Philip, Lord Darcy and Mennell ; 
secondly Elizabeth, daughter of Robert 

* Sir Richard was the eldest son, and 
diedz/./. He married Elizabeth, daughter 
and co-heiress of William Nevile, Lord 
Fauconberg and Earl of Kent, who 
appears by this to have used the arms of 
her maternal ancestors, the Fauconbergs. 

dodsworth's church notes. 217 

per pale S[^rangwaies] and ar. a lyon rampant az. On the second 

son^ armed, [per pale] S [trangwaies] and az. a manch or [Conyers], 

His wief and 3 daughters, kneling. On her gowne, paly Darcy and 

SXx2j\g\waies\. On[tf] daughter* pal[^] S\trangwaies\ and Ingleby. 

Another* [paly] S[lrangwaies'] and Maliverer. In the middest, 

quarterly, S[lrangwaies]f and 2 quarter, quarterly Darcy and Mennell. 

Under all : 

Orate pro bono statu Jacobi Strang waies, militis, et Elizabeth, 

uxoris ejus. 

A North window. 

Sa. on a fesse gu. entre 3 asses an, a mollet perced ar. — Ask withe. 

Idem, on the fesse a miter with labels or. 

Orate pro animabus Johannis Wright, alias Osgodbi, et Imanie, 
uxoris sue, ac animabus .... parentum, liberorum et benefacto[ri/w], 
qui, ad laudem Dei, banc fenestram fieri fecerunt. 

Another window. 

Ar. 3 torteaux entre 2 cotizes sa. and cheif sa. — [Orrell.] 
Az. on a chevron sa., entre 3 cockes gu., a mollett perced ar. 

A bee att Thresk calFd Codbec beginncth about Osmotherley or 
Owinlister, runneth by Borraby to Brawith, to Thornton i'th* Street, 
the seat of the Talbotes, to Kilvinton, to Thresk, to Souerby, to 
Gristwith, by Dalton, into Swale nere Topcliffe mannor. 

Isebeck nere Thurkebly. 

J5efor& [Bee/ord] Cbutcb, 7 ©ctobtiB, 1622. 

Hie jacet nobilis vir, Magister Thomas Tonge,* rector istius 
ecclesie, ex sinistra parte matris suae, qui obiit xxiiij<> die mensis 
Septembris, litera dominicalis D, anno Domini mcccclxxij. 

Qui fuit in vita legum bacalarius almus, 
Prudens, discretus, humilis, virtute repletus, 
Clericos fovebat, illos gratanter habebat, 
Pauperes pascebat, honestos et diligebat. 

In a window. 

Gu. a cocke, his face to the sinister side [ ]. 

Az. a fesse inter 3 escallops erm. 

1 James, second son of Sir James, ^ Margery married first John Ingleby ; 

founded the branch of Ormesby and secondly, Lord Welles. 

Sneton, and married Ann, daughter of ^ gjeanor married Edmund Mauleverer, 

Robert Conyers, of Ormesby. His will, of Wothersome. 

10 April, 1507, was proved at York 2 * He made his will 16 July, proved 

June, 1508; to be buried at Whitby. at York i October, 1472. 


dodsworth's church notes. 

Mr. Strickland saith : — 

Johannes de Eston had Thornton and Apletrewike for his claime 
to the honor of Albemarle. 

Topham and Hilliarde's house in York was the Augustine Fryers'. 

Duke Gills [?] was a Fryerie in curia regis. 

Ugthred de Kexby, having committed some kind of treason, 
sold Kexby to Cardinall Wolsey, which, by his death, came to the 
King's handes. 

1)arpbam Cburcbe, 9 <S)ctober, 1622. 

Quarterly, gu. and vaire a bend or. — 

[Constable of FlamboroughJ\ 

Or, a chevron gu. a cheif vaire. — 

St. Quyntin.* 

On a marble. 

Per pale a chevron and cheif vaire 
[5/. Qui n tin], with barry of 6 \_Cons table 
of Halsham\, The pictures in brasse. 

Hie jacet Thomas de Sancto Quin- 
tino,^ armiger, nuper dominus de Harp- 
ham, qui obi it decimo octavo die men sis 
Julii anno Domini Millesimo cccc*^ 
quadragesimo quinto, cujus anime pro- 
pi [a>]tur Deus. Amen. 



Another marble. 

A chevron • and cheif vaire \St, 
Quintin\ pale[^] with a bend .... 

Hie jacet Dominus Thomas de 
Sancto Quintino,^ miles, quondam domin- 
us istius ville, qui obiit die mensis 

anno Domini Millesimo cccc 

, et Domina Agnes, uxor 

Millesimo cccc° decimo octavo, quorum 
anime per misericordiam Jehsu Christi 
in pace requiescant. Amen. 

A tombe under an arche. 
Orate pro anima Domini Willelmi 
de Sancto Quintino,^ qui obiit anno 

^ John St. Quintin, of Harpham, who 
died 1575, married Margaret, daughter of 
Sir Robert Constable, of Flamborough. 

^ This brass, now in existence, is 
described in Mr. Mill Stephenson's "East 

Riding Brasses," Yorkshire Archaological 
/ournaly xii, 211. It coramemorates 
Thomas, eldest son of Anthony St. 
Quintin, who died 1444, and Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir William Frank, of 



Domini Millessimo trecentessimo quadragessimo nono, et pro anima 
Domine Johanne, uxoris ejus, que obiit anno Domini Millesimo ccc° 
octogesimo iiij'°, pro quibus cotidie celebratur missa Marie. 

Aboute the tombe : 

'^Or, a lyon rampant az. 

Ar. a manch sa. — [IfastingsJ] 

Or, a chevron gu., a cheif vaire. — [St. Qm'nftn,] 

Az. 3 chevrons embraced, a cheif or. — [FitzAug^.] 

The portraiture of a knight crosseledg [sic]. 

Or, a chevron gu., a chief vaire. — [St. Quintin.] 

Ar. 3 chapletts of 4 roses gu. — [Ht'/ton."] 

Ar. a saltire engrailed sa. 

Ar. on a bend sa. 3 martlettes or. 

Xowtbrop Cburcb, 9 ©ctobris, 1622. 

On a marble the portraitures in brasse of a man and woman. 

Hie jacet Georgius Salvain,* armiger, qui obiit xvj" die mensis 
Januarii anno Domini Millesimo ccccxvij, et Elizabetha, uxor ejus, 
que obiit iiij*° die mensis Octobris, anno Domini Millesimo ccccxvj, 
quarum animabus propicietur Deus. Amen. 

Under, or on a cross gu. 5 escallops ar. — [Bigod.] 

'IkiUome Cburcb, 12 ©ctobris, 1622. 

On the outside of the steple, a lyon rampant within a border 
engrailed, a miter for the crest. 
Within nothing. 

Grimsby. He married Agnes, daughter 
of Sir John Constable, of Halsham, and 
died immediately after his father. Admin- 
istration 14 July, 1 445 J being succeeded 
by his brother William. 

3 This brass, also in existence, is 
probably for Sir Thomas St. Quintin, 
grandfather of the above Thomas. One 
of the family married a Mauley, accord- 
ing to the Visitations, so it is likely by 
the arms impaled that his wife was Agnes 

* This is an earlier member of the 
family, Sir William St. Quintin, who is 
said to have married Joan, daughter of 
Sir Marmaduke Thweng. 

^ Perhaps the arms do not belong to 
this tomb, as a later Sir William married 

Dorothy, daughter of Sir Brian Hastings, 
whose will was proved in 1560. 

® He seems to have been the George 
Salvin who founded the branch of New- 
biggin, and his wife was daughter of 
Peter, and sister and co-heiress of Peter 
de Mauley, of Mulgrave. The other 
sister married Sir Francis Bigod. The 
brass does not seem to be now in 

■^ The heralds visited the church in 
1584-5, and found three shields, one 
Arg. on a chief, 2 mullets pierced or, 
within a bordure engrailed gu. The 
others the same arms, with respectively 
an annulet and crescent or for difference, 
which would be for Salveyn. {Glover's 
Visitation, Foster's Ed. , 444. ) 


Xanotofte Cbutcb, 12 i^ctobris, [1622]. 




Ther [is] a becke runneth downe Kirkbydale called Kirk by in 
Grindalelythe, hath his head in Wharrom Feilds, runneth through 
Dagleby, Mowthrop, Kirkby in Grindalyth, Thyrkleby, Luttons West 
and East, Helperthorp, Weverthorp, Butterwick, Boythrop, Foxeholes, 
Waldnewton, Northburton (itt is dry before itt come att thes 3 last 
townes), Rudstan, Boynton. 

Weverthorp was the habitacion of the Heslartons, and hath a 
faire church, and is the mother and parish church for both Luttons 
and Helperthorp. 

Note y' this becke, when itt is past Butterwick, before itt come to 
Boythorp, falleth into a mere and into the earth. It may be some 
argument or cause of the Gipseys.^ The water of the Gipseys is 
very hott 

©9wal^cbercbc [Oswa/dkir/i] cburcb, 15 ©ctober, 1622. 

In stone on the wall that was Pickering's house. 
On a chevron entre 3 flowers-de-luce 3 roundells. 

In the church window. 
Gu. on a chevron ar. entre 3 flowers-de-luce or 3 ogresses. 
Here lyeth Hugh Pickering, son to Sir John Pickering, knight, 
and Dame Margret, his wief, on whose soules Jesu have mercy. 

South window. 
A man in armor, kneling, on his brest, gu. a chevron entre 3 
flowers-de-luce or. Underneath : 

Orate pro anima Ricardi de Pickering, patroni istius ecclesie. 

Uopcliffe Cbtttcb, i6 ©ctobris, 1622. 

A marble. 
Hie jacent Richardus Grene de Neuby,^ armiger, et Margareta, 
uxor ejus, qui Ricardus obiit xvij® die mensis Novembris, anno 
Domini m°ccccxxj", quorum animabus propicietur Deus. 

^ /n margin: *^ Gt/sa." Flower's Visitation, but it does not go 

bcick so csirlv. I^ter members of the 

2 There is little known of the Greens family were buried at Topcliffe, and were 
of Newby, although they were lords of concerned in the Northern RebelUon in 
the manor. There is a pedigree in 1569. 

dodsworth's church notes. 221 

Hie jacet Robertus Grene, armiger, filius Ricardi Grene de Newby, 
qui quidem Robertus obiit xvij° die mensis Octobris, anno Domini 
Millesimo cccc®xxj°, cujus anime propicietur Deus. Amen. 

North quyer. 

A marble all covered with brasse,* wherin the portraitures of a 
man in a long roobe, and a woman by him, are engraven. About itt 
thes words : 

* Hie jaeet venerabilis vir, [/ Tkomas] de Topclyfe, qui obiit 
anno Domini m°ccc°lxij,- quorum [sic] anime propitietur Deus. 
Amen. >b Hie jaeet Mabilla, quondam uxor ejus, que obiit anno 
Domini mcccxci, quorum [sic] anime propieietur Deus. 

On the same brasse, a ehevron entre 3 topps. 

Est window of the quyre. 

1. Quarterly, Perey and Luey. 

2. Idem paled with Nevell.'"* — Perey and Nevill. 

3. Idem eum label of three points gu., paled with quarterly, 
I quarter, az. 3 barrs or, a bend sa., 2 gu. 3 lions passant ar., a 
small eotise sa. — Perey and Poininges.' 

4. A knight in armor, kneling, behind him 6 sons and tow 
daughters. On his brest, or a lyon rampant az. 

A man in armor, kneling, on his brest, quarterly, Percy and Luey. 

Another armed, knelyng, on his brest, quarterly, Perey and Lucy 
a label of three points, gu. Under : 

Orate pro [^anima] Domini Willelmi Perey, qui hane ecelesiam 
fabriee eeclesie eathedralis Beati Petri Eborum, in honorem Beate 
Marie ae Saneti Petri Apostoli, condonavit, cujus anime, etc. 

Orate pro animabus Domini Henrici Perey, comitis Northumbrie, 
et Domini Henrici, filii sui, quorum animabus propitietur Deus. 

Over the armes this written : 

Orate pro bono statu Domini Henrici Perey, comitis Northumbrie, 
et Domine Alianore,* consortis sue, ae omnium liberorum suorum, qui 
multa bona eeclesie Eborum. 

South window. 
Az. a chevron engrailed entre 3 wolves* heads erazed or. 
Orate pro anima Roberti Wolvedon, thesaurarii eeclesie eathe- 
dralis Beati Petri Eboraeensis. 

^ There is a long account of this brass * In margin: ** Ista Alianora fuit Jilia 

in Mr. Mill Stephenson's "North Riding Radulphi Nevill. Ista Alianora fuit 

Brasses." (Yorks, Arch.Journaly xvii.) Jilia et ka res Ricardi ^ Domini PoyningSy 

^ Henry, second earf, married Elea- uxor Henrici Perci^ filii sui^ Vinctnt^ 

nor, daughter of Ralph Nevile, Earl of j88. " Dodsworth has evidently confused 

Westmorland. the two Eleanors, who married the first 

* Henry, third earl, married Eleanor, and second earls, 
daughter and heiress of Richard, son of 
Rol^rt, Lord Poynings. 



On the wall of the North quyer. 
Quarterly, ar. a chevron entre 3 flowers-de-luce sa. [Green I 
2 (juarter, gu. 3 halberds in pale ar. 

On a stone. 
Wenefride Dodsworth dyed xxix May, 1598. 

Another stone. 
John Dodsworth,^ of Balderby, died the xj of February, 1600. 

'Matb Cburcb, 17 ©ctobrte, 1622. 

On a stall in a quire builded on the South side 

of the church. 

Conyers, az. a manch erm. a bend gu., [paled wM] Norton [? arg. 

a chevron between] 3 quishions sa. 

Norton,' az. a manch erm. a bend gu., [paled with] Nunwyke 

\? sa.y an eagle displayed or]. 

On a marble. 

The portraitures of a man and his wief in brasse. 

Hie jacent Ricardus Norton,* nuper Capitalis Justiciarius domini 
Regis de Communi Banco, et Katherina, nuper uxor ejus. Qui 
Ricardus obiit vicesimo die mensis Decembris anno Domini m° 
cccc^xx*>. Et Katerina obiit xx9 die mensis Maii anno Domini 
M°cccc°xviij<^, quorum animabus propitietur Deus. Amen. 


Another marble adyoining. 

Ricardus Norton,* qui xxij die mensis Septembris, et Isabella, 

uxor ejus, que xx die ejusdem mensis, anno Domini Millesimo cccc° 

xxxviij®, obierunt, jacent hie sepulti, quorum animabus propitietur 

Deus. Amen. 

On the next stone. 

The portraitures of a man*^ armed and his wief, in brasse. 

Hie jacent Johannes Norton, . ! Octobris anno Domini 

M°ccc secundo die mensis Augusti anno 

^ In margin: *■'' Silvester^ wiefj'^ 

2 Wath descended through the Mar- 
mions, Greys of Rotherfield, Filzhughs, 
Parrs, Neviles, Cecils, to the Marquis of 

^ Adam Conyers, alias Norton, is said 
to have married Alice, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Nunwyke. 

* Sir Richard Norton, Chief Justice of 
the Common Pleas, married Katherine 
Manningham. This brass is nearly 

effaced, and is on the wall of the South 
Chapel. (See Whitaker's Richmondshire, 
ii, 184.) 

^ Richard (son of the above Sir 
Richard) married Isabella, daughter of 
Sir William Tempest, of Studley. 

® Perhaps Sir John Norton (son of 
Richard), whose inq. p, m. was taken 6 
April, 1490, and who married Jane, 
daughter of Sir Randolph Pigot. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


On the next stone. 

Hie jacent Johannes Norton/ miles, qui obiit vicessimo octavo 
die mensis August! anno Domini Milessimo quingentessimo vicessimo, 
et Margareta, uxor ejus, que obiit sexto die Septembris anno supra- 

Sir Richard Musgrave' and his lady are buried in this chappell, 
whose son dwelleth att Norton Conyers within this parishe. 

This lordship of Norton standeth upon Ure. 

North window. 
Ar. a manch sa. — [/ Hastings^] 
Or, 3 chevrons gu. a cheif vaire. — [St Quinfin,] 
[ Fair, a /ess gu.^ — Marmion. 
[Az, three chevronels braced in base and a chief or.'] — Fitz Hugh. 

On the wall, painted. 
Quarterly, i quarter, ar. a bend engrailed sa,' 2 quarter ar. a 
saltire sa., 3 as 2, 4 as i. — Ratcliffe and Rilston. 

Note that thes Nortons were lords of the mannor of Rilston in 
Craven and of the lordships of Threshfeild, Linton, half of Hetton, a 
part of Flasby. They say that Richard, the last of the Nortons, 
builded a tower in the furthest part of this lordship of Rilston nere 
Cookrise, a chase belonging to Skipton. He used to lye in sommer 
allwayes att his house at Rilston, which his grandfather or great- 
grandfather had by mariage of Ratcliffe's daughter and heir, which 
Ratcliffe's ancestor had formerly married Rilston's heire. By the 
attainder of this Richard, who sided with the Erles of Westemorland 
and Northumberland, itt came [that] thes lands came to the crowne, 
and were sold by King James to my Lord of Comberland. 

'XCanteiR) [^est Tanfieid] Cbutcb, 17 ©ctober, 1622. 

In the quyer a marble. 
Dum vixit rector de Tanfeld, nomine Thomas 
Sutton,*' en jacet hie, graduatus et ille magister 
Artibus : ac eciam canonicus hicque Westchester. 
Sic Norton victor fundite vota precor. 

1 Sir John Norton, knight (son of 
John), High Slieriff 15 14, who married 
Margaret, daughter of Sir Roger Ward, 
of Givendale. Mr. Mill Stephenson says 
this stone was destroyed in 1875. 

2 Sir Richard Musgrave purchased or 
had granted the manor of Norton Con- 
yers after the attainder of the Nortons. 

* The Rilstons were at an early period 
at Rilston. It came afterwards to the 
RatcUffs. Anne, daughter and sole 
heiress of William RatcliflF, born about 

1478, married John Norton, esquire, 
whose son, Richard Norton, of Norton 
Conyers, was attainted for being con- 
cerned in the Pilgrimage of Grace. 

* There are good descriptions of this 
church and monuments in Whitaker's 
Richmondshire, ii, 163, and Longstafte's 
Rtchmondsh ire. 

s Whitaker gives an engraving of this 
brass. Mr. Mill Stephenson also describes 
it, and considers it to be about 149Q. 


dodsworth's church notes. 

About a stone. 
Hie jacet Dixi [sic] Darnton, qui obiit ii** Septembris, anno 1607. 

Death me tooke in flower of age, 
Yet death to me is advantage. 

In the quyer Est window. 

A man' in armor, kneeling, on his brest, az. 3 chevrons embrased 
cum cheif or. — [Fi/zAugk.] 

A woman knelling, on her brest this coate.* 

South window. 

Per pale Fitz Hugh' and gu. 3 escallops ar. — Fitz Hugh et Dacres. 
Ar. fretty sa. — Harington. 

South quyer, a monument lately made. 

Wilsonum referens velo cum conjuge terra, 
Terrea [sic] nunc animas ipse creator habet ; 
Sic ubi labentes artus deponere sedem 
Qui struxit mortis dum fuit, ecce, memor. 

A man kneling, by him, vaire a fesse gu. — [Marmion."] Over his 
head : 


A woman by him. By her, per pale barry of 6 ar. and az. a bend 
gu. — [^Greyy of Rotherfield.] Over her head : 


North quyer window, North window [sic\. 
Or, a bend gu. 

Barry of 10 or and az., an egle displaid gu. — Fitz Jernegan. 
Gu. a saltire ar. — [Neviie,] 

Est window. 

Barry of 6 ar and az. a demy bend gu. [Grey], coupled with ar. 
a bend entre 6 martlets gu. — [J*umiva/.] 

* One of the Lords Fitzhugh. 

2 This coat, roughly drawn by Dods- 
worth, is: Barry of six arg. and az. a 
bendlet gu. (Grey), impaling on the 
dexter side vaire, a fess gu. (Marmion) ; 
on the sinister side az. three chevronels 
braced in base and a chief or (Fitzhugh). 

^ Thomas, Lord Dacre, married Elea- 
nor, daughter of Lord Fitzhugh. 

* Probably John, second Lord Mar- 
ipion, summoned 1326 to 1335. He 

married Maud, daughter of John, Lord 

^ Avice, daughter of the above Lord 
Marmion, married Sir John Grey, of 
Rotherfield, who died 33 Edw. Ill, 1359. 
Their issue were to take the name of 
Marmion. Their eldest son, John, who 
died in Spain, was succeeded by his 
brother Robert, who married Lora St. 
Quintin, but had only a daughter, married 
to Sir Henry Fitzhugh. 



Quarterly, ar. and gu., on the gu. a fret or, a bend sa. [Dfs/enser], 
coupled with or thre torteaux, 2, i [^Courfenay], 

Stafford [or^ two chevrons gu,'] coupled with Lord Ros \az. three 
water-bougets guJ\, 

A faire tombe of alablaster in the midst 

of this quyer.^ 
With the portraitures of a man in armor, on his brest, vaire, a 
fesse [gu,]. Besides him his wief, on her brest, per pale vaire, a fesse 
[gu,] with 3 chevrons [gu.], and a cheif vaire. — Marmion, St. Quintin. 

In the North wall under a stately arch. 

A knight^ crosse leg'd, his wief by him. 2 other women in 
portraiture att ther feet. On the side of the one : 3 roundles, checqui 
cum fesse, barry of 6 ... a demy bend, on a chevron ... a flower- 

On the South side a knight^ lyeth cross leg'd. 

Ther is close by the church a chantry house wher haith bene 3 
parks. High Park, Low Park, Westwood. 

The ruines of a castle caPd the High Hall and the Lower. 

A new tombe. 
Hie jacet Johannes Francklin, generosus, duorum com\t[atu]um 
Seneschallus, Oxoniensis et Exoniensis, qui obiit Januarii 28 anno 
Domini Milessirtio sex[r]entessimo 27, aetatis suae 63.* 

TKIleU Cburcb, 17 ©ctobris, 1622. 

About a grate of iron. 
Hie jacet Ricardus Nevil,'* miles, dominus de Latimer, et Anna, 
uxor ejus, filia Humfridi Stafford, domina de Latymer, filii [sic] Henrici 

^ This is most likely the monument to 
Robert Marmion, son of Sir John Grey 
and Avice Marmion, and Lora St. 
Quintin as above. 

2 This is considered to be the tomb of 
John Marmion and his wife Maud, 
daughter of John, Lord Furnival, as in 
the window, note i. It is difficult to 
make out the arms underneath, and if 
they were connected. They look to be 
Courtenay, CUfford, Grey, and Stafford. 

3 It is suggested this is the monument 
of Robert, last of the early Lords Mar- 
mion, an infirm man, who left the estates 
to his sister Avice, as above. 

*This last inscription is in different 
ink, and must have been added some 
years later. 

s The tomb of Sir Richard Nevile, 
second Lord Latimer, summoned 12 
August, 1492, to 3 November, 1529. 
He died in 1530. He was at Flodden. 
His father, .Sir Henry Nevile, was killed 
at Edgcote, near Banbury. His grand- 
father, George, first Lord Latimer, being 
a younger son of Ralph Nevile, first Earl 
of Westmorland, was married to Elizabeth 
Beauchamp, daughter of Richard, fifth 
Earl of Warwick, by Elizabeth, daughter 
of Thomas, Lord Berkeley, by Margaret, 
daughter of Warinc de L'Isle. 



Nevil, militis, filii Georgii Nevil, domini de Latymer tercii [sic], et 

Elizabethe, uxoris predicti Georgii (tertii filii Radulphi de Nevil, 

comitis Westmerlandie, et Johanne, uxoris ejus), filie et una [j/V] 

heredum Ricardi de Beauchampe, comitis Warwici, et Elizabethe, 

uxoris ejus, filie et heredis Thome, domini de Barkley, et Margarete, 

uxoris ejus, filie et heredis Warini Lisle. Orate pro hiis et omnibus 


A plate on a tombe. 

Hie jacet Domina Dorothea NevelV quondam uxor Johannis 
Nevell, militis, filii et heredis Domini de Latymer, una sororum et 
heredum Johannis Veer, comitis Oxonie, que obiit vij** die Februarii 
anno Domini m**v*^xxvj'<>, cujus anime propitietur Deus. 

A faire tombe new built by th'Erle of Exetor. 

*Sic transit gloria mundi. Here lyeth buried Sir John Nevell,* 
knight, last Lord Latymer, who dyed the 23 of Aprill, 1577, who 
maried the Lady Lucy, the eldest daughter of th' Erie of Worseter, 
and she lyed [sic] buried in Hacknes [sic] by London, and by her 
left 4 daughters, [w/io] are here under expressed : 

Percy and Latymer, a saltire charged with an annulet, Katerin. 

Cecill cum a label of three points, Dorothey. 


Sir John Danvers. 

Quyer windowes. 

Paly Nevell'' and gu. fretty or. — [Audley,] 

Scrop cum a label of three points ar. 

Lord Ros. 

Gu. a saltire erm. — [Nevile,'] 

Lord Graystoke. 

Lord Dacres. 

1 First wife of John, third Lord 
Latimer. His second wife was Catherine 

^ In margin: ** Vide Norden^s De- 
scriptio Hertfordensis, verbo Hackgney.^"* 

3 They had four daughters. The first, 
Katherine, married Henry Percy, eighth 
Earl of Northumberland ; the second, 
Lucy, married Sir William Cornwallis; 
the third, Elizabeth, married Sir John 

Danvers, knight ; and the fourth, Dorothy, 
married Thomas Cecil, first Earl of 

* There are many more shields, accord- 
ing to Whitaker's Rkhniondshire, 

^ Mr. Longstaffe says the impalement 
of Nevile with Audley fixes the date of 
its glass to Ralph, Lord Nevile, who 
died in 1367. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


/IBiOIcbam Cburcb,' i8 ©ctobris, 1622. 

Hie jacet Magister Thomas Bynham, frater ordinis Pi edicatorum, 
et doctor sacre theologie, qui obiit ij® die Novembris anno Domini 
M** cccc° LViij**, cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen; 

In a North window. 
Orate pro animabus Johannis Mowbray et , uxoris ejus. 

TKIlcncelaob [ Wens/ey] cbtttcb, 18 ©ctobris, 1622. 

Divers shields^ about the outside 
of the church. 

A bend and annulet in the sinister 
part. — [Scrape,'] 

A fesse entre 3 leopards' faces. — \_De 
la Pole.] 

3 chevrons embrased and a cheif. — 

A bend . . . , a label of three points. — 

A bend. — [Scrope.] 

3 water budgets. — [^<?5.] 

A saltire. — [Nevile,^ 

A saltire entre 4 mertletts. 

A marble. 

Hac teguntur humo Henricus Scrop, Richardusque,^ Domini 
Henrici de Bolton et Mabelle, uxoris sue, minores natu liberi, quorum 
alter xxv die decessit Martii, alter xxviij Julii, anno Domini m® d*^ xxv. 

Graven about the frame of a quyer of wood brought 
from St. Aggas Monastery, as they say. 



^ There is an account of this church 
in Whitaker's Richmotidshire, i, 334. 
Only the first six words of the inscription 
on this brass were visible when that book 
was printed. On the other hand, there 
is mentioned a stone, with an inscription, 
to Robert Thornton, twenty-second Abbot 
of Jervaulx, which Dodsworth has not 

2 In Whitaker's Richmondshire there 
are three other shields mentioned — 
Nevile, with a label impaling three fishes 

hauriant — ^a bend between three roses — 
on a bend three lioncels passant. 

^ Two children of Henry, seventh 
Lord Scrope, and Mabel Dacres, his 

^ In margin: " Tempore Henrici <y." 

^ The above Henry, seventh Lord 
Scrope, and Mabel his wife. 

^ Probably Henry, sixth Lord Scrope, 
who married Elizabeth, daughter of the 
third Earl of Northumberland. 



Az. a bend or single [?] to all thes. 


OF Bolton, and Elizabeth, his wief, doughter 

Over the doore of this quyer is the armes of Scrop^ paled with 


In severall stanchans. 

I ^ 

2. Henry the first. 



5. Phylipe the fyrst. 

6. Symond the fyrst. 

7. Henry the second. 

8. Wyllyem the first. 

9. Henry the third. 
10. H[ .../].... 

Henry the fyrst,' the fyrst Lord Scorp [sic], az. a bend or paly 
with or, a fess entre 2 chevrons or. — {_Jn^z7vaUer.'\ 

Wylliam Scrop the second,' Scrop and Lord Ros paly. 

Richart the first* of y« name, Scrop paly with az. a fess entre 3 
li herds' faces or. — [jDe la Pole.'] 

Roger the fyrst,' ar. a saltire engrailed gu. — [Tiptqft,'] 

Rychard Scrop the second,* Scrop and Tiptoft, quarterly, paled 
with Nevill. 

Henry the second,^ quarterly, Scrop and Tiptoft, paled with Scrop, 
cum label of three points ar. in a garter. 

John Scrop the fyrst,* — Fytz Hugh and Percy. 

North windowes. 

Az. a cheif dancy or. — \^Fiizrandolf.] 
Ar. a lyon rampant az. — \? Brus or Fauconberg.] 
Ar. a lyon rampant tayle forchy sa., on his brest, a mollet ar. — 
[_? Cressy.] 
Fitz Hugh. 

Az. a fesse entre 3 leopards' faces or. — Delapole. 
Lord Scrop. 

^ John, eighth Lord Scrope, married 
to Catherine Clifford, daughter of Henry, 
Earl of Cumberland. 

2 Sir Henry Scrope married Margaret, 
daughter of Lord Fitzwalter. 

^ Sir William, his son, married Cecilie 

* Richard, first Lord Scrope, married 
Blanche, daughter of Sir William de la 

^ Roger, second Lord, married Mar- 
garet, daughter of Lord Tiptoft. 

^ Richard, third Lord, married Mar- 
garet, daughter of the first Earl of 

'' Henry, fourth Lord, married Eliza- 
beth, daughter of John, fourth Lord 
Scrope, of Masham. 

®John, fifth Lord, married Joan, 
daughter of William, Lord Fitzhugh. 

dodsworth's church notes. 

/Dasbam Cburcb, 19 iDctobds. 1622. 

Quyer Est window. 

Orate pro Domino Johanne Stacy,' prebendario prcbende de 

In the North quyer. 

'A faire new monument with the 
portraitures of a man and his wief; 
beneath, 6 sonns armed and 2 daugh- 
ters, kneling, 

'Quarterly, i gu. 3 chevrons em- 
brased gu. \vairi\, a cheif or [lVyvt7], 
2^ sa. 3 pikaxes ar. a crescent or 
[^go(], 3 az. a cheif danzie or [/i/a- 
randolf\ 4 az. a bend or cum a label 
of three points ar. \Scrope\, paled with 
az, a bend or cum a crescent ar. — 
\_S£rope.'\ wvviL A».i9. 

Idem paled with Danby. 

Hie jacct Marmaducus Wyvell,* miles, primus sui nominis baronet- 
tus, filius et haeres Chrlstoferi, per Mai^aretam, filiam Johannis 
Scrope. Christoferus fuit filius et hffires Marmaduci et Agnetis, unius 
quinque sororum et coheredum Johannis, filii et hteredis Radulphi 
Fitz Randall, militis, et Elizabethe, unius trium sororum et cohxredum 
Radulphi, Domini Scrope de Masham. Marmaducus fuit filius et 
hieres Robert!, filii et hteredis Roberti et Johannje, filie et hseredis 
Johannis Pigot. 

Anno Domini 1613 quo extructum fuit hoc monumentum, 
Marmaducus, per Magdalenam, filiam Christoferi Danby, militis, 
habuit viventes sex filios, duas filias. Ejus tunc hseres apparens fuit 
Christoferus ; Christoferi Marmaducus filius ; Marmaduci Barbara, 
unigenita sua. Vixit ad aetatem annorum 76, et mortuus est anno 
Mediatoris sui unici, cm sit omnis gloria et benedictio, 1617, mensis- 
que Januarii 9. 

The names of his sonnes were, ChrisCofer, Marmaduke, Humfrey, 
Francis, parson of Spenithorne, William, a lawyer, John, Elizabeth, 

^ Preljendary of Banbury, in Ihe Cathe- 
dral Charch of Lincoln. He died in 
1394- (Fisher's Masham, 327.) 

" In margin : " Biiih/rd by kinnelf in 
hh lief lyiae." 

' Christopher Wyvill, son of Marma- 
duke Wyvill and Agnes Pifirmdolph, 
married Margaret, daughter of Juhn 
Scrope, brother (o Henry, ijazd Scrope. 

the inscription. He was knighted by 
yueen Eliiabelh 1603, and created a 
baronet 25 November, 161 1. He mar- 
ried Magi£ilen, daughter of Christopher 
Danby. He died 9 January, 1617-18, 

230 dodsworth's church notes. 

uxor Christoferi Phillipson de Westnierland, Mary, uxor [TAome] 
Percehay de Riton, relicta Francisci Briggs de North Malton. 

North window. 

Ar. on a fesse entre 2 cotises gu. 3 flowers-de-luce of the first — 

[? NortnanviU^ 

South window. 

Ar. 3 chevrons embrased \5a\ on a cheif of the 2 \as many] 

moUetts of the first. — [Dandy. \ 

Az. a bend or a label of three points ar. — [Scrofie.] 

Leming beginneth above Bellerby, and runeth entre Bellerby on 
the North, [and] Laborne on the South, to Burton Constable, so 
betwene Ruswike and Akebargh, [^o] Newton and Patrik Brompton, 
wher itt receiveth a rill called Hornby Becke, and beginneth in 
Haukeswell, comes to Hunton, through Hornby Parke, to Brompton, 
thence betwene Great Crakhale, South, and Little Crakhall, North, so 
betwene Bedale, on the West, and Ayscogh, Est, so to Lemyng, and 
so betwixt Scabd Newton, on the South, and Grymscarr, on the 
North, wher itt falleth into Swale. 

"ftirftbu /Dalasarb [Ma/zeard] cburcb, 21 flopembris, 


Here lyeth the bodyes of William Malin, of Bramley Grang, and 

of Fraunces, his wief. He departed this lief the x of February anno 

Domini 1594, being of the age of 67, and shee departed this lief the 

xxvj**^ of December, 1604, being of the age of Ixxvij yeres. Vivat 

post funera virtus. 

North window. 

Orate pro anima Willelmi Baynare, cappelani, qui banc fenestram 

fieri fecit. 

Note that Kirkby Malasard and Masham are 2 severall parishe 
churches, yet but one parsonage and one vicaridg. Sometyme they 
were a prebend of Yorke, and dissolved by Henry 8, when he 
founded Trinity CoUedg in Cambridge, and gave them to the same, 
who are now patrons. 

Ibornbs CburcbCt 21 ©ctobrig, 1622. 

In the North wall of the quyer. 
1 61 4. Here lyeth the body of William SewelV late vicar of 
Hornbye, who departed this lief the of anno Domini i6 . 

1 According to Whitaker, vicar 3 May, 1581, to 26 April, 1626. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


As for that little living which God had lent him, he being in perfect 
health, he gave to the use of this parish xl pounds; th'one half 
therof for the little bell, that the ring of 4 bels might remaine. And 
X pounds of th'other half to be put forth for the use of a preacher. 
And th'other x pounds to be put forth for the use of the pore of 
the parish, and so to continue for ever. He did give to the poore 
of Richmont x pounds, to be put forth and remaine to ther use for 
ever. He did give to the poore of Hudswell 1 shillings to ther use 
for ever. He did give to the pore of Skelton in Cumberland, where 
he was borne, x pounds to ther use for ever. He gave thes not 
because he desired the applause or praise of people.^ 

South quyer Est window. 
Orate pro animabus Johannis Conyers,* militis, et Domine 
Margerie, uxoris sue, filie et unius heredum Philippi, nuper Domini 
Darcy et De Menell. 

On a faire marble. 
Hie jacent Cristoferus Conyers,'^ miles, qui obiit die mensis 

anno Domini mcccc et Elena, uxor ejus, que obiit vj*° 

die mensis Augusti anno Domini m^ cccc^ xliij°, quorum animabus 
propitietur Deus. Amen. 

South wall of this quyer a hansome tombe. 
Here lyeth Elizabeth Darcy, y* second of the three daughters and 
heires of John, late Lord Conyers,* late wief of Thomas Darcy, 
esquycr, second sonne to Sir Arthure Darcy, knyght, who was second 
Sonne to Thomas, Lord Darcy of the North, which Elizabeth had 
issue, by the said Thomas, tow sonnes and one daughter, and 
departed this lief xxvij yeres of age the sixte day of June anno 
Domini 1572, in the xiiijth yere of the raigne of Quene Elizabeth, 
on whose soule Jhesus have mercie. 

In this quyer ther is a vault covered with tow very faire marbles, 
which is the sepulture of the Lords Conyers. 

Ther is also the portraitures in alablaster of a mane armed and 
his wief. 

* In margin : " He is yett livings and 
hailh beene 40 yeres vicar, and is y8 
yeres old,'''* 

* Son of Sir Christopher Conyers, of 
Hornby, whose inscription follows. He 
married Margery, daughter of Philip, 
Lord Darcy. Dugdale says she made 
proof of her age 29 April, ii Hen. VI 
(1433), ^ncl was found to be 14 years of 
£^e and upwards. 

^ He is said to have been son of Sir 
John Conyers, who founded the house of 
Hornby, and to have married first Helen, 

daughter of ... . Rylston, and secondly 
Margaret Wadeley, and to have had 25 
children. Mr. Mill Stephenson says the 
inscription on this brass still exists, also 
some scrolls, but that the heraldic devices 
are lost. 

*John, last Lord Conyers, left three 
daughters. Anne married Anthony Kempe, 
Elizabeth married Thomas Darcy, and 
Katherine married John Atherton. 
Thomas Darcy died November, 1605. 
His son, Conyers Darcy, was created 
Lord Darcy and Conyers." Repaired 1781. 

232 dodsworth's church notes. 

In the North quyer in an arch. 

Ther lyeth a knight^ crossleg'd, his sheild on his arme, his wief 

by him ; very antient, thought to be one Burgo, antiently lord of 


In the windowes. 

Az. crusely a lyon rampant ar. 

Quarterly, ar. crusely gu. a lyon rampant az. [Mount/orf]y^ 2 az. 
3 cupps, covered or [Ky//om\ 3 a[j] 2, 4 as i. 

Ar. crucely gu. a lyon rampant az. [Moun^for^]^^ paled with 

Ar. on a fesse sa. 3 bezantes. — [BurgA.] 

On a marble in brasse. 

Per pale crucely a lyon rampant .... [Mount/ort]* paled with 3 
cupps covered [Ky//om]. The portraitures of a man armed, his wief, 
8 sonns and 7 daughters. 

Here lyeth Thomas Mountford,* esquyer, and Agnes, his wiefj 

which Thomas deceased y*' xx day of January the yere of our Lord 

God anno m° cccc** lxxxix, and the v'*^ yere of the reigne of our 

soveraigne lord. King Herry the vij, on whose soules Jhesu have 


North window. 
Gu. 5 fusells in fess ar. 

Ar. 10 roses gu. seeded or, 3, 3, 3 and i. 

South window. 
Ar. 3 barrs az. a bend gu. — [? Grey,] 

The Lord Conyers cast downe 40 husbandries to make his parke 
att Hornby, as Mr. Sewell, the vicar, told me. 

See the epitaph of Raph Rookeby, esquire, sometyme fellow of 
Lincolne's Inn and Master of St. Katherine's, borne in Richmond- 
shire, in Stowe's Survay, page 734. 

Henry Topham, the lawyer, of Graye's Inn, ther also. 

John Harrington borne att Estrington, Ebor., page 646. 

* Sir Thomas Montford married Eliza- ^ Sir Thomas Montford married Eliza- 

beth, daughter and heir of Thomas de beth, daughter of Sir James Strangways. 
Burgo. (Flower.) {Flower,) 

* Thomas Mountford married Agnes, 

2 The best pedigree of Mountfort, of daughter and heiress of John de Kyllum. 

Hackforth, seems to be m P lower's Vistta- 5 There is an engraving of this brass in 

^w«, p. 213. It has no dates. Mr. Mill Stephenson's "North Riding 

Brasses.'* It still exists. 

dodsworth's church notes. 


ftaterth {Catteruk] Cburcbt xx ©ctobris, 1622. 

In the North quyer belonging to Burgh Hall 

in this parish. 
Ther is 3 faire marbles : — 

1. Quarterly, \arg^ i on a saltire [ja.] 5 swans \arg?^ \Burgh\ 
2 quarter \arg,'\ a fesse engrailed entre 6 flowers-de-luce [sai] 
\Richfnond\ 3 as 2, 4 as i. 

Hie jacent Johannes de Burgh/ armiger, et Katerina, uxor ejus, 
qui Johannes obiit x® die meiisis Januarii anno Domini Millesimo 
cccc** XI J**, cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen. 

2. On the 2\nd^ the portraitures of 2 men armed, in brasse. 
Hie jacent Willelmus Burgh,^ armiger, filius et heres Johannis 

Burgh, qui obiit quarto die Novembris anno Domini mccccxlij**, et 
Matilda, uxor ejus, que obiit xij° die mensis Novembris anno Domini 
M** cccc° xxxij**, et Willelmus Burgh, armiger, filius et haeres predicti 
Willelmi, qui obiit ultimo die mensis Decembris anno Domini m° 
cccc^ Lxv, et Elena, uxor ipsius Willelmi, filii Willelmi predicti, que 
obiit xx** die mensis Junii anno Domini m** ccccxliijo \or vj\ quorum 
omnium animabus propitietur Deus. Amen. 

3. Hie jacet Willelmus Burgh,' armiger, unus fundatorum istius 

cantarie, qui obiit xvij® die Augusti anno Domini m° cccclxxxxij**, 

cujus anime propitietur Deus. Et orate pro bono statu Elizabethe, 

uxoris ejus. 

In the windowes. 
Or, a fesse danzy az. 

Quarterly, first ar. crusely 3 cinqufoiles gu. \? Saltmarshe\^ 

2 quarter, ar. 3 bars gu. a bend az., 3 as 2, 4 as i, paled with ar. on 
a saltire sa. 5 swanns ar. — \Burgh.'\ 

Paly ar. on a saltire sa. 5 swans ar. [Burgli\^ with az. a manch 
or. — \^Conyers,'\ 

Quarterly, ar. on a saltire sa. 5 swans ar. \^Burgh\ 2 quarter, gu. 

3 cockes gu. \sic\ combes or. 

1 Richard de Richmond married Eliza- 
beth, daughter and heiress of William 
Burgh. Their son John assumed the 
name and arms of Burgh, and married 
Katherine, daughter of Roger Aske. 
His brass, with the inscription, is still 

2 William, son of the above John 
Burgh, is said to have married Matilda 
Lascelles. This brass is on the floor of 
the north aisle, under the organ, and is 
engraved in Raine's Catterick Churchy 

p. 20, and Whitaker's Richniondshirey 
ii, 28. 

^ William, grandson of the above 
William Burgh, married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Christopher Conyers, of Hornby, 
and was founder of the Chantry of St. 
James. This brass is under the organ. 
It is engraved in Raine's Catterick Church 
and Whitaker's Richmondshire, ii, 28. 

*John Saltmarsh, of Saltmarsh, mar- 
ried a daughter of William Borough, of 
Borough. (Glover y 100.) 


dodsworth's church notes. 

Midle lie on a marble. 
Hie jacet Ricardus Swaldall, yoman, semifundator cantarie infra 
ecclesiam Sancte Anne de Cattryk, qui obi it xx die Maii anno 
Domini m** cccc*' lxxxix, cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen. 

On a quyer ther graven in wood. 

^Quarterly, 3 chevrons brased, 2 quarter, a cross . . . , 3 as 2, 
4 as I. 

Over the dore: 

Rycha[r]de Cleburne, Elenor Cleburne, 1573. In hope we live 
to end in peace. 

North quyer under an arch in the wall. 

A man* in armor in full proportion. Att the on[e] end of the 
arch a bend and label of three points . , . [? Scrope] ; in the middst, 
on a bend 3 mascles . . . [ Ursunck] ; on the other end, per pale a 
bend and label of three points [Scrope] with a bend charged with 3 
mascles [Urswick'], 

Elizabeth, daughter and sole heire of Roger Burgh, last of that 
family, was wief to Sir Rafe Lawson, and she dyed 3 yeres since. 
Sir Rafe now dwelleth att Burgh.' 

Sir Georg Calvert, one of the Secretarys of State, was borne at 

Kyppling in the chappelry of Bolton. His father now liveth, and 

was lately tenant to my Lord Wharton. Sir Georg is building a 

faire hous ther.* 

Quyer window. 

Quarterly, gu. 3 lyons rampant in bend ar. entre 2 cotises 
compone az. and ar. [Moryn\ 2 quarter, erm. on a fess gu. 3 annulets 
or [Barton\ 3 as 2, 4 as i. 

Nere the communion table. 

'Gratia, Beleingamii filia, vidua Cliburni, Gerardi Lowtheri uxor 
lectissima, foemina summae pietatis, invictae patientiae, charitatis in 
pauperes maximae, verborum parcior, eximiae prudentiae, singularis in 
marito obsequii, mortis adeo memor, ut, septem postremis hujus 
peregrinationis suae annis, nunquam iter faceret quin linteum sepul- 
crale circumferret. Obdormivit in dominico annoj aetatis suae 36, 1594. 

1 There is a pedigree of Cleburne, of 
Killerby, in Glover*s Visitation^ 255, 
where the arms are given:— Quarterly, 
I and 4 arg. , 3 chevrons embraced and a 
chief sa. (Cleburne), 2 and 3 arg., a 
sal tire engrailed vert (Kirkbride). 

2 This tomb is for Sir Walter Urswick, 
constable of Richmond Castle 1371, to 
whom John of Gaunt granted an annuity 
of 40 pounds out of the manors of 
Catterick and Forcet for his services at 
the battle of Navarre. It would seem 
by the arms that his wife was a Scrope, 

of Masham. (Raine's Catterick Church, 
where there is an engraving. ) 

3 Where his descendants in the female 
line now dwell. 

* In margin: *•* 22 Octobris, 1622, He 
was sittce made Baron of Baltimore in 

^ A brass now on the wall, under 
sedilia. (Stephenson.) It is to a daugh- 
ter of Alan Bellingham, of Helsington, 
CO. Westmorland, widow of Edmund 
Cleburne. (Glover.) 

dodsworth's church notes. 235 

Est window. 

A woman, kneling (on her brest, or 3 bars az. [Aske])^ who was 

Aske's daughter and Burgh's wief, covenanted with William Crakhale, 

mason, to new build this church for 300 marke and a gowne of her 

son William's werand, if he finished itt in 3 yere. About 180 yeres 


Under St. Oswald's picture, A mundi conservetur Katerina. 

Next stanchan, a man in armor, ar. on a saltire sa. 5 swans 
[_Burgk], on his brest. 

Under St , Perpetuis annis ductor Burgh esto Johannis.^ 

Next stanchan, an abbot kneling. 

Under St. Anne, Eternum manna mihi Spofford impetret Anna. 

Next stanchan, luce micas Willelmum Burgh benedicas. 

Next stanchan, a woman, on her brest, paly sa. a cross flory or, 
with ar. on a saltire sa 5 swans ar. — ? an I Ascels [Burgk]. 

Sanctum spiramen Matildi sit men. 

In the same. 
Orate pro anima Domini Thome Spofford, Abbatis Monasterii 
beate Marie Eboracensis, istius ecclesie rectoris. 

Ure* haith his head within the lordship of Baynbrig in the high 
moores and Woorton and Thornton Rust, so leaveth Askrig, on the 
East, Nappay, Kerperby, and Bolton Castle, on y® North, Askarth, 
Swynythwaite and West Witton, South, Redmer, Preston, and Wensley, 
Labome and Harnby, on y^ North, so leaveth Midleham Castle, on 
the South, and have {_sic] gone a myle itt is augmented by Cover, a 
little rillet that haith his head about 8 myles above in the moun- 
taines, on the North side of Kettlewell in Craven, comethe to Carle- 
ton, Melmorby, and Aglethorp,^ North, and West Scr[a]fton, Candber, 
and so by Coverham Abbey into Ure, which, after itt is increased 
by this Cover, saluteth Spenithorne, on the North, and by Est Witton 
groundes to Jervalx 'Abbey, South, thence by Danby super Ure, 
Thornton Steward, Rokwith, North, Ellington and Masham, South, 
thre myle more South to Leighton, the seat of Mr. Danby, Thurne, 
Clifton Castle, Burton upon Ure, a parke, Audbrough, wher Roger 
Bertram [j/V], and to West Tanfeild Castle upon the North, Nuttwith* 
Cote, a graung of Fountains, Grewelthorp, Mickley, given by Mowbray 
to Newbroug, 2 myle from whence to the South standeth Kirkby 
Malside, Slenningford, Staynley, so to Rippon Parke and Rippon, 
upon the South side, by Est Tanfeild, Kirtlington, 2 myle North, 
Norton Conyers, Wath, Hoton Parke, Sharay, He wick Brigg, North. 

1 In margin : '^^ Johannes obiit 1412,' 3 In margin : *' Mr. Topham^ att Agle- 


2 In margin : ** Note that Ure, Swale, 4 j^ margin : " Nulwick, Thomer, 
attd Ebden have ther heads tn hilL com to Vre side nere Ripon Parke:' 


Seball [Beda/e] Cbutcb, XX ©ctobrts, 1622. 

Middle quyer window. 

Barry of 6 ar. and az. on a bend gu. 3 lozenges or. 

Gu. 2 barrs gemewise and cheif ar. — [Laurence de Thornhill^ rector 
temp, Edw. III!] 

Richard, king of Romans. 

Checqui or and az. — [Warren.'] 

England on a label of five points az. 15 flowers-de-luce or. — 
[Duke of Lancaster,] 

Gu. 2 barre gemewise a cheif ar., thcr[<?«] 3 cynqfoyles of the first 

Ar. a chevron entre 3 garbs gu. — [? Sheffield,] 

South quyer. 
Checqui or and az. a border engrailed gu. a canton erm. — 

Barry of 8 or and gu. — [Fitzalan^ of Bedale,] 

Closety of 12 ar. and gu. an orle of birds sa. like crowes, with feet. 

North quyer. 
Ar. a chevron entre 3 roses gu. seeded or. 
Ar. a chevron entre 3 garbs gu. — [? Sheffield,] 
Lord Fitz Hugh. 

Checqui or and az. a border gu. with lions passant or a cheif 
erm. — \^John^ Earl of Brittany and Richmond^ 
Sa. a fesse gu. entre 3 asses ar. — [Ayscough.] 

On a faire marble in that quyer. 

Of your charity pray for the soules of William Tenaunte, some- 
tyme balyffe of Bedale, and Esabel, his wief, which deceased the xvij 
day of Aprill in the yere of our Lord God m° v« xxxviij'*, whose 

soules Jhesu [ ?]. 

About a stone alablaster. 

Hie jacet Willelmus Ayscough,* miles, unus Justiciariorum domini 

regis de Banco, qui obiit , cujus anima per misericordiam 

Dei in pace requiescat. 

Hie jacet [Elizabethaf que fuit uxor Willelmi Ayscogh, militis, 
unius Justiciariorum domini regis de Banco, que obiit anno Domini 
M® cccc, cujus anime propitietur Deus. Amen. 

Sis testis, Christe, quod non jacet hie lapis iste, 
Corp[«j ut ornetur sed Sfiritus ut memoretur], 

* Dodsworth only just notices below ^ Son of John Ayscough, of Cowling. 

the fine monument to Brian Fitzalan, He was justice of the Court of Common 

Lord of Bedale, of which the effigy Pleas and master of St. Nicholas Hos- 

remains. It is described in Blore's pital at Richmond, of which he became 

Monumental Remains, He was sum- the second founder. ? Died 1456. 
moned 23 and 33 Edw. I, and was made 

Lieutenant of the whole realm of Scot- ^ Daughter and co-heiress of John 

land. Calthrop. 


On another stone, being marble. 

Hie jacet Willelraus Ayscogh,^ armiger, qui obiit vij die Januarii 

anno Domini Millesimo cccc° xxiiij®, cujus anime propitietur Deus. 


In the said North quyer. 

Thar is the portrature of a man armed cap-£t-pe, having a sheild 
on his arme; theron, a chevron entre 3 roses of 8 leaves. 

About a marble, wheron is engraven a man and his 2 wiefs, very 

Hie jacet Thomas Jackson, quondam mercator de Bedall, qui 

obiit primo die mensis Julii anno Domini mcccccxx nono, cujus 

anime propitietur Deus. 

Over this tombe on the wall on a table, a man kneling, in 
armor; per pale ar. on a chevron sa. 3 cinqfoyles of the feild entre 
3 bird heads erazed az. 

Here lyeth the body of John Jackson, of Colling, esquire, who 
dyed the third of October in the yere of our Lord God 1583, whose 
body Jesus grant a joyfuU resurrection. 

Bryan Fitz Alan in faire proportion, on his sheild [?] barry of 8 
[or and gu,'\ [his] wief by him. 

On the North wall. 
Memoriae Ricardi Lambert, generosi, qui fuit vir probus ac 
mansuetus, primusque magister Hospitii Christo pro pauperibus in villa 
de Firby dicati, ejusdem hospitii fundator inscribi et poni fecit. 
Admissus est in hospitium praedictum 14 Aprilis, die commemora- 
tionis passionis dominicae, anno redemptionis humanae 1609, regnique 
Jacobi regis, qui primus Angliam et Scotiam sub Magnae Brittanniae 
nomine univit, octavo. Obiit ccelebs, provectus aetate, decimo die 
Martii, 16 10. Qui Christi hospitio terreno hie praefuit, idem cum 
Christo aetemum nunc tenet hospitium. 

Unde veneris, et erubesce 
Ubi sis, et ingemisce 
Quo vadis, et contremisce. 

This Hospitall of Firby was founded by one John Clapham, one 

of the six clerkes, for a master and 6 pore old men, who have each 

ys, and the master vjj. 8^. a month, and every 2 yeres gownes and 

capps, sad russett, and every yere 8 quarter of coles. His father was 

borne att Fyrby. 

By the North side. 
A man armed 

^ Said to be second son of the above thorpe. From them descended the 
Sir John Ayscough, and of Cowling, and Ayscoughs of Richmond, 
to have married a daughter of ... . Ful- 

288 dodsworth's church notes. 

fdrtlfngton {Kirmngton\ Cbutcb ©ctobec, 1622. 

Memoriae Christopheri Wandisforde,' militia, qui obiit ii™" die 
Julii anno Domini 1590, xtads suae \i^°. 
Hie jacet ille Deo, patriae qui vixit 
Dum patriae et charis sivit adesse 
Deus ; 
Nunc tumulo corpus, nunc solum 
nomen amicis, 
Et patriae, superest spiritus ipse 
He lyeth in full portraiture, armed, 
in a very statly monument. 

On a plate on a marble. 
Orate pro animabus Johannis w^nuesfobu ah 

Wandisforde,' armigeri, et Alienori;, 
uxoris ejus, qui obiit quarto die Mail anno Domini 1465°. 

XicnsaU [BumsaU] Cburcb, 21 -novembris, 1622. 

Orate pro anima Jacobi Metcalf,' armigeri, qui banc fenestram 

He was lord of Hertlington. 

Tbes verses paynted on the chancetl walls. 
This church of beawty most, repaired thus so bright, 
zoo poundes and more did cost Sir William Craven,' knight ; 
Many other workes of charity, wherof no mention here. 
True tokens of his bounty, in this our parishe did appeare. 
The place of his nativity in Appletrewyke is seene: 
And late of London cytiy lord maior hee hath beene. 

Anno Domini 1612, 
' Son of Francis Wandesford, Esq. , of ^ He would most probably be Sir 

Kirltlington, ty Anne, d«iiehter of John James Metcalfe, of Nappa, knietit, son 
Fulthorpe, Esq., of Hipswell. He was of Thomas Metcalfe, ^., of the same 
Hi^ Sheriff of Yorkshire, 1578, and place, and Eliiabelh de HertlynElon, the 
was buried 12 July, 1590- His wife was heiress of Hartlington. which his son, 
Elizabeth, daughter ol Sir George Bowes, Sir Christopher Metcalfe, knight, sold, 
of Stieatlam. The Wandesfurd family He died zo September, 1539. 

continued in the male line till 1784. . ^. , j u- 1 i f 

, . ^ f i_ i_ C-. ^i_ . . His son was created t-arl of Craven, 

"Ancestor of the abo»e Sir Chnslo- „. .. . ,. ,, "<■"■ ^lo.cii, 

forth. Her will, 2 October, 1472, proved w fiiiw J, h . thrJl- m fZTf" 

., yo,u , s^pi^b,,, ,4,3, iS pn..'« b S ,S*S;. " i£*J''riii'^ 1°, 

tiHUiJ, by the Editor.) '='^ ^- ^ '^'"*' "^"X ^^- 

dodsworth's church notes. 


The care of this work so beautiful! and faire, 

Was put to John Topham, clerk, by the late lord mayor 

Of that most famous cytty of London so bright, 

By Sir William Craven, that bountifuU knight, 

Borne in this parishe in Appl[e]trewyk towne. 

Who r^arded no cost, so the worke were well done. 

The forenamed Sir William Craven did cause all the church and 
chancel to be furnished with stalles and seates of waynscote. He 
made a cawsey from Appletrewike to the church. He builded 4 
bridges in this parish, one over Wherfe att Burnsall, a very faire one, 
one which is engraven with this inscription : 

This bridge was builded att the only coste and chardges of Sir 
William Craven, knight, alderman of the cytty of London, anno 
Domini 1609. 

Another over a brok called Barban, of stone, one at Skirram, 

of wood, one at Holgill, stone, and 
repaired Dibbles Bridge, and gave x/. 
a yere for ever to mayntenance of 
such things as he had made. He like- 
wise new builded the church of Burn- 
sall, as this inscription in stone of [«V] 
the porch testifieth : 

This church was repaired and new 
builded att the only costes and charges 
of Sir WilHam Craven, knight, and 
alderman of the cyttye of London, and 
late lord maior of the same, anno Domini 



He likewise walled the church yard, as this inscription over the 
gate evidenceth : 

This church yard was newly made 
and walled, gaites and all, att the only 
costes and charges of Sir William Craven, 
knight, and alderman of the cytty of 
London, and late lord maior of the same, 
anno Domini 161 2. 

He likewise founded a free schoole 
nere unto the church, over the dore 
wherof are thes wordes : 

William Craven, alderman of the 
cytty of London, founded this schoole 
anno Domini 1602. 

He gave 120/. a yere to the master 
and 10/, to the usher. 

l^wn nj' Sj-\ ny Sj-\ rLT* 



dodsworth's church notes. 

IRildton Cburcb, 22 [or 21 f] of November, 1622. 

In the middle quyer and in the 

South quyer. 
Sa. a saltire ar. — [/^i7s/on,Y 

North quyer. 
Quarterly, i quarter, ar. on a bend 
engrailed sa. an escallop of the second 
[J^adc/ijffe], 2 quarter, sa. a saltire ar. 
The same in Norton Chaple in the 
church of Wath. 

*Ar. 3 chevrons imbrased gu., on a 
cheif or a lyon passant az., face to the 
sinister parte. 


aibbrouflb Cbutcb jujta JBurrowbrifl, n ©ctobrts, 1630. 

In the North quyer. 

Az. a fesse ar. inter 3 crosses botony or. — Aldebrough. 
Gu. a cheif or, over all, a bend gobony ar. and az. 

On a stone. 

The portraiture of a man^ armed, on his brest, a fesse indented 
entre 3 crosses botonye ; att his feet, in great capitall letters : 

On a monument in the wall. 

A man,* kneling betwene his 2 wives. Quarterly of 6 : 

1. Az. a fesse inter 3 crosses botonyes or. — Aldbrough. 

2. Sa. 3 greyhoundes in pale ar. — [MauUverer,^ 

3. Or, a fesse gu. in cheif 2 torteaux. — [Coivile.'] 

4. Ar. a chevron sa. entre 3 cross crosslets gu. — \^Wycliffe,'\ 

5. Ar. on a chevron sa. 3 buckes* heades cabaged or. — [Ellerton,^ 

6. As the first. 

1 There is a pedigree of the Rilstons, 
of Rilston, in Whitaker's Craven, 518. 
The lands came to the Radcliffes by mar- 
riage, and after to the Nortons by the 
marriage of Alice Radcliffe to John 
Norton, father of Richard Norton, im- 
plicated in the Rising of the North. 

2 There is a pedigree of Malham, of 
Elslack, in Glover's Vtsiia/ion, 295. 
William Malham, living 1562, married 
Alice Radcliffe. The colours there in the 
shield are revereed, the ground gu., the 
chevrons arg. 

3 This efiigy, in armour, is still in 
existence, and is fully described in Mill 
Stephenson's "North Riding Brasses," 
Yorkshire Archaological Journal^ xvii, 
263. It is supposed to be circa 1360. 

* Richard Aldeburgh, of Aldeburgh, 
married first Katherine, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Maleverer, of AUerton, secondly 
Jane, daughter and co-heir of James 
Maleverer, of Wothersome, who brought 
in the quarterings. (See Ghver*s Visita- 
tion, 279.) 

dodsworth's church notes. 241 

Underwritten : 

The monument of William Aldebrough^ (son to Richard), esquire, 
deceased, 1612, who marryed Anne, daughter of Arthur Kay, of 
Wodesom, esquire, and by her had yssue, Arthur, William, Dorothy, 
Mary, and Jane. Arthur marryed Elizabeth, daughter of Richard 
Holland, of Denton in Lancashire, esquire, and had yssue Richard, 
Arthur, William, Elizabeth, and Luce. After, marryed Mary, daughter 
of Thomas Burdet, of Birkthwait, who deceased anno Do[mini] 

In the South quyre of the church of Aldbrough belonging 
to Mr. Tankard, of Burroughbrudg. 

Orate pro anima Willelmi Aldbrough,^ armigeri, qui obiit .... die 

Aprilis anno Domini Millesimo cccclxxv, cujus anime propitietur 

Deus. Amen. 

In the window. 

Ar. a fesse inter 3 escallops sa. — [? Arthington.^ 
Az. a cross patonce ar. — [Go/desdoroug/i,] 
Az. 5 fuzells in fesse or. — [Percy.] 

In the parishe of Aldbrough be thes townes 
and hamlettes following. 

Minskip, RoclffFe, Dunsford Superior and Dunsford Inferior, 
Burowbridg ubi capella, Elingthorp, parte of Hunde Burton, another 
parte in the parish of Kirkby on the Hill, parte of Milby, part of 
Conysthorp and Claiton, the other parte in the parish of Goldes- 
brough (they only receive and bury heare), part of Branton juxta 
Usburne, the other part in the parishe of Useburne. 

In a window. 
Per pale Calverlay and Sothill. 

^ Grandson of the above Richard, and ^ He does not appear in the pedigree 

son of Richard Aldeburgh and Eleanor in Gtt)ver*s Visitation. 


'JSracew^ell Cburcb, 9 AattfL 164s 

In the Chancell window. 


Arg. a bend entre 6 martlets sa. — [Te/npes^.] 

Orate pro Domino Ricardo Tempest^ et Domina Margareta 

consorte sua. 

North Quire, North window.' 

Per pale, ar. 2 charcole baskets entre 4 fleurs-de-lis sa., 2 in chief 
and 2 in base. Banister impaled with ar. a fesse entre 6 martlets sa. 
— [; Gt'/Iiof/.] 

Per pale, ar. a bend entre 6 martlets sa. — Tempest,* impaled with 
ar. a chevron entre 3 martlets sa. 

Per pale 6 lyons passant purpure [Taldof,^ of Bashall\ paled 
with Tempest 

Per pale \Metkam'\^ paled with Tempest. 

Per pale \Calverley\J paled with Tempest. 

Per pale [sa.], 3 bears* heads erazed ar.,* impaled with Tempest. 

In the North Quire est window. 

A man* armed, with sword by his side, on his brest ar. a bend 
entre 6 martlets sa. \Tempest\, A woman over against him kneeling, 
on her brest Tempest, paled with ar. a chevron entre 3 martlets sa." 

Ar. on a chevron az., 3 roses of the first. 

Vert, a chevron entre 3 molletts or. — Pudsey. 

iln Dodsworth's MSS. at Oxford, 
vol. 88, fo. 31, there are ** church notes" 
regarding Brace well Church, so it is con- 
sidered useful to add them to this volume. 
Mrs. Tempest, of Broughton Hall, has 
kindly given much information for the 

2 Probably Sir Richard Tempest, of 
Bracewell and Broughton, whose will is 
printed in Test, Ebor., i, 412, 26 August, 

1427, proved at York 30 September, 

1428. His wife was daughter or sister of 
Robert de Staynford, of Giggleswick. 

3 Roger Tempest, of Broughton, buried 
there ; administration 12 January, 146S-9; 
married Katherine, daughter and heiress 
of Pyers Gyllyot, of Broughton. 

* Perhaps Sir Thomas Tempest, of 
Bracewell. Will 4 October, 1506. 

*» Alice, daughter of Sir John Tempest, 
of Bracewell, and Alice Sherburn, of 
Mitton, married Thomas Talbot, of 

^Johanna, her sister, married Sir 
Thomas Metham. 

■^ Agnes, another sister, married 
William Calverley. Marriage contract 
7 January, 1 441. 

® Grace, another sister, married Henry 
Halsall, of Halsall, co. Lancaster ; mar- 
riage contract 1448. These arms are still 
to be seen. They appear to be dragons* 
or lions' heads. 

® Probably Sir Thomas Tempest above. 
(See note 3.) 

^° This is an old bearing of the 

dodsworth's church notes. 243 

In the South syde of the body of the church. 
Ar. a bend entre 6. martletts [sa,], — Tempest. 
Orate pro animabus Nicholai Tempest^ et Margarete uxoris sue. 

2 wyndow. 

A man* in armor kneling, on his brest, ar. a bend entre 6 martletts 
sa., in the next payne 5 children all sonns as ther habit showes, the 
faces towards the knight, on every of ther brest, ar. a bend entre 6 
martletts sa. Over ther heads : 

Orate pro animabus Syr John Tempast. 

3 wyndow. 
Sa. 3 roses ar. seeded and leaned or. 

Per pale Tempest, paled with ar. a chevron entre 3 martletts gu. 
— [ Waddington,'] 

Per pale ar. 3 hammers sa. \Hamerton\y paled with Tempest. 

4 window. 

Vert, a chevron entre 3 mullets or. — Pudesay, the impalement 

Ar. a fesse az. a label gu. — Everingham, paled with Tempest. 

Ar. 3 bars az. in cheif 3 lozenges gu. — Fleming [of Wath\ paled 
with Tempest. 

Ar. a cross or with 4 fleurs-de-lis or. — Banks, paled with Tempest. 

In the North side windows. 

1 window. 
Gu. a saltire or. — Neuill. 

Checque az. and or a fesse gu. — Clifford. 

Ar. 3 lyons rampant purpure. — Talbot. 

2 wyndow. 

Orate pro animabus Domini Johannis Tempest,' militis, et Alicie 
sue consortis. Et pro bono statu Domini Thome Tempest, militis, 

et Johanne sue consortis. 

3 window. 

Sa. 3 roses ar. seeded and leaned or. 

Ar. a chevron entre 3 crosses patee [fitMe] gu. 

1 Nicholas, father of Sir Richard Tem- of Bracewell, Sir Thomas, of Bracewell, 

pest, of Bracewell ; died 1483 ; married Nicholas (see previous note), Robert, 

Margaret, daughter of John Pilkington. William, a priest, and John. 

^ Sir John Tempest, of Bracewell. „«.,, ^ . jai- ou 

Will 29 November. 1463, proved at ^ * Sir John Tempest and Ahce Sher- 

York 8 February, 1463-4 (TVrf- Elior., S."™ (^ee previous note). Their son, Sir 

ii, 260); marri^ Alice, daughter of Thomas Tenipest, of Bracewell, and 

Richard Sherbum. They had Sir Richard, Johanna (?) Harrington. 


dodsworth's church notes. 

An eschochcn* paynted on the wall. 
Per pale quarterly 8 coates. 

1. [Ar. a bend between 6 martlets sa,\ — Tempest. 

2. Ar. a fesse entre 6 martletts sa. — Thorp.' 

3. Er[»i/«^] 5 fuzells in fesse gu. — Hebden.' 

4. Sa. fretty ar. — Harrington. 

5. Gu. a bend tx\mine\ — Rye. 

6. Ar. a chevron entre 3 martletts gu. — Waddington. 

7. Sa. on an escocheon ar. 5 fleurs-de-lis of the [^rst^ betwixt 6 
martletts of the second, 3 in chef and 3 in base. — Boiling.* 

Mr. Tempest saith itt is not right here, but is yet in the gallery 
att Bowling. 

8. Ar. a leopard's head erazed inter 3 bugle horns lyed and sa. — 

All thes paled with quarterly i sa. 3 pykaxes or \Pigott\ 2 ar. 3 
bugle homes sa., 3 as 2, 4 as i. 

Nicolas Tempest duxit in uxorem Bcatriccam filiam Roberti 
Bradford de Heth iuxta Wakefeld qui Robertus obijt H. 8 vt 

patet in libro testamentorum. 

•Jn Ecclla conv^cntuali 6e Selb? com' fiborum, 

jt>f j*^ Sept : a^ /ft^'DC^ JX5^ 

In V** boreali fenestra eiusdm eccMe versus orientem. 

1. Gu., three lions passant guardant or. — [England,^ 

2. Paly of six or and gu. 

3. Quarterly, i and 4 arg., a lion rampant sa., 2 and 3 gu., a 
castle tower or. — [? Leon and Castile^ 

4. Gu., a cross patonce or. — \Latimer^ 

^ This appears to be the escutcheon of 
Robert Tempest, of Bracewell, son of 
Nicholas Tempest and Beatrix, daughter 
of John Bradford, of Heath. He was 
living at the Visitation of 1585, and 
married, about 1563, Anne, daughter of 
Bartholomew Pigott. 

2 There seems some difficulty about the 
quartering. Dodsworth calls it Thorp, 
but the arms are the same as Gilliott 
quartered by Tempest, of Broughton, 
according to Glover. 

3 The quarterings 3 and 5 were brought 
in by the marriage of Sir Piers Tempest 
to Grace Hebden, heiress, of Rye. 

* Sir Richard, of Bracewell, married 
Rosamond, daughter of Tristram Boiling, 
of Boiling. 

^ Nicholas, father of Robert, married 
Beatrix Bradford. She was buried at 
Dewsbury 8 December, 1550. 

^ The account given by Dodsworth of 
the shields in Selby Church is rather 
poor. Mr. Mill Stephenson has pointed 
out that a much fuller list, of which he 
took a copy, is given in a volume by Sir 
W. Dugdale, in the possession of the 
Earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham, 
exhibited at the Society of Antiquaries 
in 1890. It is therefore thought worth 
while to add this account. Mr. Stephen- 
son has greatly assisted the editor in 
endeavouring to identify the various 
arms. Those marked with an asterisk 
seem to be at present in existence. 


5. Arg., a fesse between three popinjays vert, beaked and mem- 
bered gu. — [TAweng,'] 

6. Az., five fusils in fesse or. — [Percy.] 

In vi** boreali fenestra versus orientem. 

1. Gu., a cross patonce or. — [Zafimer,] 

2. Quarterly gu. and arg. a bend or. — [? Walleys,] 

3. Gu., a chief arg., over all a bend compony arg. and az. 

4. Quarterly az. and arg., in the first quarter a fleur-de-lys or. — 

5. Vert, seven bezants, 3, 3, and i. 

6. Az., a cross patonce arg. — [Melton,'] 

In septima boreali fenestra versus orientem. 
I, 2, and 3. Blank. 
* 4. Gu., a cinquefoil arg. — [Faynel or FaganelL] 

5. Or, a lion rampant az., armed and langued gu. — [Percy.] 

6. Quarterly gu. and vair, a bend or. — [Constable.] 

In boreali fenestra capelle beate Marie ex aquilonali 

parte ecclesie. 

1. Az. on a bend arg. between two cotises and six lioncels 
rampant or, three mullets gu. — [William de Bohun^ Earl of North- 

2. Quarterly i and 4 [sa.] a chevron [or] between three crescents 
[erm.] [Babthorpe]^ 2 and 3, barry of 6 arg. and gu. three crescents 
sa. — [ Waterton^ 

3. See of Canterbury impaling gu., three garbs or, within a 
bordure engrailed of the second. — [John Kemp^ Archbishop 14.^2-4.] 

4. Az., a fesse arg., in chief two mullets or. 

In orientali fenestra dicte Capelle beate Marie. 

1. Gu., a chevron erm., between three lions rampant or. — 
[Langton^ of Ferneley^ co. York.] 

2. Quarterly or and gu., on a bend sa. three escallops arg. — 

3. Quarterly i and 4, gu., a saltire arg., a label of three points 
az. [Neville]. 2 and 3, gu., five fusils in fesse or. — [Newmarch.] 

4. Quarterly az. and arg., in the first quarter a fleur-de-lys or. — 

5. Arg., a lion rampant sa., armed and langued gu., charged on 
the shoulder with a mullet of the third. — [Stapleton.] 

In prima fenestra versus orientem ex aquilonali 

parte chori. 

1. Quarterly gu. and arg., a bend or. — [? Walleys.] 

2. Vair, a fesse gu. — [Marmion.] 


3. Or, on a bend sa., three eagles displayed arg. — [^Sir Robert de 
Mauley. '\ 

4. Barry of six or and az. a canton erm. — \Despencer^ co, York.] 

In secunda fenestra a boreali parte chori. 

1. Gu., a cinquefoil within an orle of [12] crosses crosslet or. — 
[ Umfreville^ 

2. Arg., a lion rampant sa., armed and langued gu. — \Stapleton^ 

3. Gu., on a cross patonce or, five torteaux. 

In tertia fenestra a boreali parte chori. 

1. Gu., fretty or, within a bordure arg. — \Audley?^ 

2. Or, a lion rampant az., over all a bend compony arg. and gu. 
— [^SuUon.] 

3. Gu., billety a lion rampant or. — [Bulmer.'] 

In quarta fenestra a boreali parte chori. 
I. Blank. 

* 2. Az., three sixfoils within an orle of crosses crosslet arg. — [Z>arcy.] 
3. Arg., three sixfoils gu. — [Darcy.] 

In V** fenestra a boreali parte chori. 

1. Gu., a fesse between six crosses crosslet or. — [^Beauckamp.] 

2. Barry of ten arg. and az. three chaplets gu. — \Grifnethorp or 
Greys lock.] 

3. Gu., a cross patonce or. — [Lattpier.] 

In sexta fenestra ab eadem parte chori. 
I. Az., a bend or between two cotises arg. and six lioncels 
rampant of the second. — [_£>e Bohun.] 

* 2. Gu., three lucies hauriant arg. — [Lucy.] 
3. Gu., a saltire arg. — [JVevil/e.] 

In orientali fenestra insule aquilonalis. 

1. Chequy or and az. — [Warren.] 

2. Gu., three water-bougets arg. — [Roos.] 

3. Or, two bars gu., in chief three torteaux. — [ Wake.] 

4. Or, a bend gu. 

5. Chequy arg. and gu. — [ Vaux.] 

6. Or, a cross sa. — [Vesci.] 

In orientali fenestra insule australis. 
I. England. 

* 2. England with a label of three points az. — [Edward^ as Prince^ 
son of Edward IL] 

3. England with a bend az. — [Earl of Lancaster.] 

4. Az., a bend or, a label of fivQ points arg. — [Scrope.] 

5. Gu., a lion rampant arg., armed and langued az. — [Moubray.] 

6. Or, a lion rampant az., armed and langued gu. — [Percy.] 


In prima fenestra versus orientem ex australi 

parte chori. 
I. England with a label (3 points) of France. — [I^uke of Lancaster,'] 

* 2. Arg., a saltire engrailed gu. — \^Tiptoft,'\ 

3. Az., five fusils in fesse or, each charged with a gout-de-sang. 
— [Percy or Flumpton,'] 

*4. Arg., a lion rampant az., armed and langued gu. — [Brus or 

5. Quarterly gu. and vair, a bend or. — [Consfadle,] 

6. Or, a maunch gu., a label of three points arg. — [Hastings,] 

7. Arg., a lion rampant az., armed and langued gu., over all a 
bend compony or and gu. — [Fauconderg,] 

In secuhda fenestra ex australi parte chori. 

* I. England with a label of three points arg. — [Thomas de Brother- 
ton^ son of Edw. /.] 

* 2. Chequy or and az., a fesse gu. — [Clifford.] 
*3. Barry of six arg. and az. — [Grey,] 

4. Arg., a maunch sa. — [Hastings,] 

5. Or, on a fesse between four fleur-de-lys 2 and 2, gu., two others 
of the field. — [Deyville,'] 

6. Arg., a cross engrailed sa. — [Fitzhenry,] 

In tertia fenestra ex eadem parte chori. 
I. England within a bordure arg. — [Edmonds first Earl of Kent.] 

* 2. Az., fretty and a chief or. — [Fitzhugh.] 

3. Az., two bars gemelles and a chief or. — [MeinelL] 

4. Arg., a fesse az., a label of three points gu. — [Swillington,] 

5. Sa., fretty or. — [Maltravers.] 

6. Arg., a bend fusilly az. — [? Key gate, of Steeton.] 

Inter duas columnas ex aquilonali parte ecclesie. 

\Drawing of a cross-legged effigy of a knight in mail, with long 


[Arms on shield.-] a bend between 6 martels — 


^Inter dictas columnas ad pedes monumenti 

supra depicti. 

[Full-length effigy of a lady ; small canopy overhead,] 

[Arms on kirtle :] a bend between 6 martels 


[Arms on shield held in dexter hand :] .... on a fesse .... three 

fleur-de-lys . . . . — [Usflet^ 

'^ This is at present in existence. 
* Now in existence. (See Gaucher Book of Selby^ Yorkshire Record Society, ii, xlix.) 

248 dodsworth's chxjrch notes. 

[Arms on dexter side of canopy .*] a bend .... between six 

martlets. — [ TempestP[ 

Ex australi parte chori. 

\Drawing of the UArcy tomb^ showing all the shields^ 

[Arms on the knighfs surcoat:] a sixfoil between crosses 

crosslet .... quartering .... two bars gemelles and a chief. — [Afeinell.] 

[Arms on the dado of the tomb — South side,] 

1. A sixfoil between crosses crosslet. — [Darcy,] 

2. Two bars. — [Grey of Wilton,'] 

3. A lion rampant within a bordure engrailed. — [_Grey^ of Heton.] 

4. A bend [probably Scrope], 

5. A lion rampant within a bordure engrailed. — [Grey,] 

[Arms on the East end of the tomb.] 
A lion rampant within a bordure engrailed. — [Ta3ot.] 
Two bars, a label of 5 points. — [Grey of Wilton,] 

Ex aquilonali parte inferius depicti monumenti 

hec insignia. 

1. A saltire. — [JVevile,] 

2. Quarterly i and 4, a cross engrailed. — [Willoughby.] 

2 and 3, a cross moline. — [Ufford,] 

3. Quarterly i and 4, three water-bougets. — [Roos.] 

2 and 3, two bars gemelles and a chief. — [Meinell.] 

4. Three chevrons braced and a chief. — \^Htzhugh,] 

5. A bend. 

6. A saltire. 

[Drawing of the incised slab of Abbot Sherboume.] 

Propre medium chori. 
Inscription : 

In Selby natus Johan de Schirburn vocitatus 

funere prostratus abbas jacet hie tumulatus 

annos non vixit bene plenis 

qui demptis turmis jungatur amenis. 

In meridionali fenestra capelle sancti Nicholai ex australi 

parte ecctie. 

1. England. 

2. France Ancient and England quarterly. 

3. Or three chevrons gu. — [Clare.] 

4. Arg., a chevron gu., in chief three torteaux. — [Wis tow,] 

5. Barry of 14 arg. and az., an orle of martlets gu. — [£>e Valence.] 

6. Arg., a lion rampant sa., armed and langued gu. — [Stapleton.] 

7. Az. three crescents or. — [Ryther,] 

1 Part in existence. (See Coucher Book of Selby ^ Yorkshire Record Society, ii, 1.) 


In alia australi fenestra dicte capelle sancti Nicholai. 

1. Az., a fesse between three fleur-de-lys or. — [/ Skelton.'] 

2. Gu., three fusils in fesse arg. 

3. Arg., three crosses crosslet fitchy 2 and i sa., on a chief az. 
two mullets or. 

4. Gu., a fesse between three martlets arg. — {^Tyas^ AslakebyJ] 

In prima australi fenestra versus occidentem infra 

nauim ecclesie. 

1. Gu., three mullets 2 and i or, a canton arg. — [IfarengtV/.] 

2. Gu., a bend between six martels arg. — [? FurnivaL^ 

In secunda australi fenestra ibidem versus occidentem. 

1. Gu., a cross arg. — [Paynel or Paganel^ 

2. Arg., a lion rampant sa., armed and langued gu. — \Stapleton!\ 

3. Az., two bars or, on a chief as the first two palets between as 
many based esquires of the second, over all an inescutcheon arg.-^ 

4. Arg., three bars gu. — {Moulton^ 

5. Vair, a fesse gu. — \_Martnion?^ 

6. Arg., fretty az. — [^Bokenham^ 

7. Or, on a fesse between four fleur-de-lys 2 and 2 gu., two others 
of the field. — [Deyville or Davill^ 

In tertia australi fenestra ibidem versus occidentem. 
I, 2, and 3. Blank. 

4. Gu., a fesse between six crosses crosslet or. — [Beauchamp,'] 

5. Quarterly arg. and gu., in the second and third quarters a fret 
or, over all a bendlet sa. — [Despencer,'] 

6. Blank. 

7. Arg., on a chief gu. two mullets or. — \^St, John.'] 

In quarta australi fenestra ibidem versus occidentem. 

1. Gu., a lion rampant or. — [Fitz Alan.'\ 

2, 3, and 4. Blank. 

5. Gu., a chevron arg. between seven crosses crosslet in chief and 
four in base or. — \? Kyme.'] 

6. Blank. 

7. Az., a fesse dancetty between five billets in chief and six in 
base or. — [^DeyncourtJ] 

In quinta fenestra australi ibidem versus occidentem. 

1. England within a bordure arg. 

2. Or, two bars gu., in chief three torteaux. — [IVake.] 

3. Chequy or and az., a fesse gu. — [C/tffbrd.] 

4. Gu., three water-bougets arg. — [Poos,\ 


5. Az., three crescents, 2 and i or. — [J^y/^r,] 

6. Sa., fretty or. — [Ma/fravers,] 

7. Blank. 

In vj^* austali fenestra ibidem. 

I. Quarterly gu. and or, in the first quarter a mullet arg. — [Z>e Fere.] 

In occidentali fenestra ecclesie. 

1. England. 

2. The Confessor impaling France Ancient and England quarterly. 

Fenestre aquilonales. 
In prima fenestra supra chorum versus orientem. 

1. Arg., on a fesse between two bars gemellcs gu., three fleur-de- 
lys of the field. — \^Normanville^ of Killick^ co, York.] 

2. Arg., a fesse gu., between three popinjays vert, beaked and 
membered gu. — [^Thweng.] 

3. Vert, a saltire engrailed or. — [Francke.] 

4. Blank. 

In secunda fenestra ibidem. 

1. Gu., two bars gemelles and a chief arg. — \^Thornhill.] 

2. Quarterly or and gu., a bendlet sa. — \_Eure.] 

3. Arg., on a bend sa., three mullets of the field. 

4. Sa., three escallops 2 and i or. 

In tertia fenestra ibidem. 

1. Gu., two bars nebuly arg. — \^De La See^ 

2. Gu., two bars or. — \Harcourt^ 

3. Or, on a chief dancetty az. three plates. — \Lathom.] 

4. Gu., six bezants 3, 2, and i. — [ZoucA.] 

In quarta fenestra ibidem. 

1. Gu., two bars gemelles surmounted by a bend arg. 

2. Or, three chaplets gu. — [Zasce//es.] 

3. Arg., a chevron between three garbs gu. — [Sheffie/d.] 

4. Or, a cross sa. — [ Fesa'.] 

In quinta fenestra ibidem. 

1. Gu., a cross arg. within a bordure engrailed sa. 

2. Per pale or and vert a cross moline gu. — [IngAam.] 

3. Az., a bend between six martlets or. — [Lu/fere/ or Mounteney.] 

4. Arg., a chevron .between three wolves* heads erased gu. — 

[; Love//.] 

In sexta fenestra ibidem. 

1. Gu., a chevron between three leopards' faces arg. — [? Striven.] 

2. Arg., a bend sa. — [Payne//.] 

3. Arg., three bendlets enhanced gu. — \_Byron.] 

4. Arg., on a fesse az. three fleur-de-lys or. — \^Usfleet.] 

dodsworth's church notes. 251 

In septima fenestra ibidem. 

1. Barry of six arg. and az. a bendlet gu. — [Grey.] 

2. Lozengy arg. and gu. — [Fitzwiliiam.] 

3. Quarterly gu. and arg. a bendlet or. — [Wallis,] 

4. Blank. 

Fenestre australes. 

In prima fenestra super chorum versus occidentem. 

1. Az., six bezants 3, 2, i. 

2. Gu., three escallops 2 and i arg. — [Dacre,] 

3. Quarterly or and gu., on a bend sa. three escallops arg. — [Eure.] 

4. Or, a chevron gu. — [Sfqffbrd.] 

In secunda fenestra ibidem. 

1. Quarterly az. and arg., in the first quarter a fleur-de-lys or. — 

2. Gu., a saltire arg. — [JVevt'//.] 

3. Az., two chevrons or. — [? Chaworth,] 

4. Gu., a bend arg. — [Foiyott'] 

In tertia fenestra ibidem. 

1. Gu., three water-bougets or. — [Ros,] 

2. Az., a maunch ermine. — [Conyers,] 

3. Gu., a fesse vair between three fleurs-de-lys or. — [Cantelupe,] 

4. £rm., a saltire gu. 

In quarta fenestra ibidem. 

1. Arg., on a cross gu., five escallops or. — [? Villiers,'] 

2. Arg., a chief chequy or and az. — [ Warren,'] 

3. Gu., five fusils in fesse or. — [? NewmarcL] 

4. Arg., a bend gu. within a bordure counter compony or and az. 

In v** fenestra ibidem. 

1. Az., two bars or, in chief three bezants. — [Figot,] 

2. Arg., two bars gu., in chief three mullets as the second, pierced 
of the field. — [Wassinglon,] 

3. Or, on a chief indented az., three plates. — [Lathom,] 

4. Arg., two bars between nine martlets 3, 3, and 3 gu. 

In sexta fenestra ibidem. 

1. Arg., a chevron between three martlets gu. — [Waddington.] 

2. Or, six annulets, 3, 2, and i sa. — [Lowther.] 

3. Arg., a chevron between three mullets sa. pierced of the field. 
—[? Pashley,] 

4. Or, a fesse between two chevrons sa. — [De Lisle J\ 

In septima fenestra ibidem. 

1. Gu., three mullets arg., pierced of the ^€iA,— {Hansard, "] 

2. Arg., fretty and a chief da..-'\Ellerker^ 

3. Barry of six gu. and erm. — \Beaumoni?\ 

4. Quarterly arg. and gu. a bend sa. 


The letter "n" indicates that the name is in the notes to the pa^e. 

Aberford, Hen., 148 

Adams, Wm., 129, iign 

Ailesbury, Marquis of, 222m 

Albemarle, Earl of, 159 

Alcock, Kaih., i^n; Rob., 19411 

Aldborough, Aldeburgh, Arth., 241 ; 

Dor., 241 ; Eliz., 241 ; Jane, 241 ; 

Luce, 241 ; Mary, 241 ; Rich., 

240», 241, 24111; Wm., 240 
Aleyn, John, 134; Rich., 133 
Altaripa, Godf., 41 
Amias, Amjras, Agn., 13; Eliz., I3»; 

John, 13; Wm., 130 
Anby, Aunby, Jno., Sm; Mr., 147; 

Rob., 81 
Anderton, Marg., 85, S$n 
Angus, Earl of, I2$n 
Anlaby, Jno., 129; Marg., 129; Ralph, 

Anne, Jno., 48^, 49; Mr., 147 
Anneslay, . . . . , ii» 
Appleton, Jane, 31 
Appleyard, Cath., 213; Jno., 213 
Archik, Johan, 23 

Arminge, Armyne, Hugh, 195, I95» 
Arthington, Isab., 119 
Ashmore, Jno. ,210; Mr. ,116; Rob. , 9 
Aske, Alice, I45«; Chris., I79«; Eliz., 

i6on; Kath., 233/f; Marg., 160; 

Rog-j 233«; Sir R., 160; Wm., 

Aslaby, Ralph, 180 
Assheton, Eliz., 38^; Isab., 47; Marg., 

182; Sir J., 38«, 47, 47« 
Atherton, Jno., 23 1»; Kath., 23 1» 
Aton, Sir W., i68« 
Atton, Gilb., 38; Sir W., 38 
Atwell, Thos., 129, I29« 
Aveison, Marg., 30 

Awston, Jankin, 77; Joan, 77 ; Jno., 77 
Ayscough, Eliz., 237; Jno., 236^; Sir 

J., 237«; Sir W., 236, 237 


Babington, Jno., 20« 
Babthorpe, Isab., 95» 

Baildon, Mr., 41, 42; Rob., I27ff 
Balderstone, Wm.,.153 
Baliol, Marg., 95; Rob., 95 
Banester, Bannister, Alex., 66; Marg., 

66; Rog., 36 
Barber, . . . . , 94; Thos., 94M 
Barbour, Isab., 73, 73«; Ros., 73; 

Wm., 73, 73« 
Barker, Chris., 113, II3«; Rob., 113, 

Barkham, Aid., 118 

Barkston, Pet., 53, 53« 

Barnard, Wm., 194 

Bamby , Agn. , 50 ; Kath. , 50 ; Rob. , 50 ; 

Thos., 79 
Bamston, Jno., 185; Matil., 185, 185/t 
Bartas, Du, 190, 190^ 
Barton, Con., 179, I79«; Johan, 179; 

Jno., lygn; Thos., 159, 179/1, 180 
Bates, Dor., 26»; Wm., 26n 
Batte, Alice, 214; Brian, 214; Johan, 

214; Matt., 214; Ralph, 214 
Baynare, Wm., 230 
Beauchamp, Eliz., 225» 
Beaufort, Edm., 6Sn 
Beaumont, Ad., 93»; Cec, 93; Jane, 

54»; Joan, 93«; Rich., 54^, 93, 

93«; Sir R., 93; Thos., 93^ 
Beavot, Alice, 76, 76» ; Edm., 76« ; 

Edw., 76 
Bedford, Earl, 63^; Duke, 148, 172^ 
Beeston, Anne, 57; Dor., 57; Fran., 

57; Marg., 57; Ralph, 57; Rob., 

Beilby, Mr., 125 

Bek, Ant, io3« 

Belasyse, Bellassis, Ant., 172^ ; Bryan, 

172; Chas., 172; Hen., 172; Jas., 

172; Sir H., 172, I72«, 214; Sir 

W., I72«; Wm., 172 
Beleby, And., 74 ; Fran., 74 
Bellingham, Agn., 214; Alan, 234; 

Grace, 234; Sir Jas., 160,, 214; 

Sir R., 160, 161 ; Thos., 214 
Benson, Wm., i, i» 
Berkeley, Eliz., 220/2; Lord, 171M, 


Berrie, Dr., 3i«; Prud., 3i« 
Bertram, Hel., 162; Rob., 162 



Besacle, Edw. , 76, j6n ; Thorn. , 76, ^6n 

Bethell, Sir H., 164 

Beverley, Anna, Si; Jno., 81, 81 «; 

Mr., 78; Rob., 82; Thos., 81, 

8i«, 82» ; Vine, 77« 
Beton, Bald., 157 
Bewwys, Alice, no; Rob., no 
Bigod, Bigot, Edm., 167, l6^n ; Marg., 

167; Sir F., 90 
Birkhead, Mart., 48 
Bissert, Jno. , 48 
Blyth, Jno., 74, 74^ 
Bolles, Eliz., 76, ^6n', Thos., 76, ^6n 
Boiling, Rob., 244;^; Ros., 35^; Trist., 

35«, 244« 
Bolton, Cath., 34« ; Jno., 34»; Rich., 

Bonvile, Ad., 86 
Bosvile, Alice, 131, 13 1«; Anne, in; 

Eliz., 73, 85«; Hugh, 85; Jane, 

46»; Johan, 85, 85«, 131; Jno, 

132; Mat., I37«, 138//; Mur., 

35«; Nic, 131, I3i« ; Rich., 

131, I3i«; Sir J., in, iii«; Sir 

T., I39«; Thos., 35«, 46^, 85, 

131, I3i« 
Bourchier, Ann, I76«; Sir H., 176^ 
Bowes, Eliz., 238^; Rich., 163; Sir 

G. , 238^ 
Bowet, Hen., 212 
Boynton, Chris., I79«; Hen., 184//; 

Jno., 167; Matil., i84«; Sir F., 

184, i84«; Sir R., 167, i68«; Sir 

T., i67« 
Bradford, Alice, 127; Beat., 87«, 224;/, 

244« ; Jno., 87«, 127, 224^^ ; Wm., 

Brandon, Chas., 74 

Bray ton, Agn. , 30 ; Jno. , 30 ; Rob. , 134 
Bri^^, Eliz., 47«; Fran., 230 
Bright, Tim., 118, Ii8« 
Britton, Wm., 179 
Broke, Dor., 21 ; Jno., 21 
Brokylsbee, Rob., 128 
Browne, Rob., 79 
Bruke, . . . . , 56 
Bulmer, Sir J., i8o«; Sir R., 180, 

Bunny, Bridg., 65, 66 ; Nich., 66 ; 

Rich., 65, 65», 66 
Burdet, Burdett, Fr., 94, 94^; Idon., 

95; Mary, 241; Mr., 15, 95; 

Rob., 24, 25 ; Thos., 94, 241 
Burdon, Eliz., I25«; Gilb., I2$n 
Burgh, Burgo, Elen., 233; Eliz., 232^, 

233» 234; Jno., 98«, 99, 100, 233; 

Joan, ioi«; Kath., 233; Mat., 

233 ; Rich. , ioi« ; Rog. , 234 ; Thos. , 

ioi«, 158, 232«; Wm., 233, 233^, 

Burleigh, Lord, 32 

Burton, Cec., 81 ; Hen., 34, 34^; Jno., 

81 ; Mur., 2«; Sir J., 2;/, 35, 35»; 

Thos., 215 ; Walt., 35 
Bushyll, Marg., 193; Rog., 193 
Butler, Agn., 181; Cass., 10; Gilb., 

10; Hen., 10; Joan, 10 ; Marg., 

181; Thos., 181 
Byll, Rich., 191, i()in 
Bjmham, Thos., 227 
Byrde, Johan, 138 
Byrkes, Rob., 71 

Calthrop, John, 236^ 
Calverley, Agn., 242/2; Alice, 150; 
Sir W., 57«, I49«, 150; Wm., 


Calvert, Sir G., 234 

Cambridge, Countess, I30« 

Camden, Mr., 41 

Carlell, Franc, 214 

Carr, Carre, Chas. , 6 ; Ellen, 6 ; Geo. , 

6; Jas., 6, 61 ; Jno., 189; Kath., 

6 ; Marg. , 6 ; Wm. , 6 
Casson, Dor., 57; Mr., 126; Sam., 57 
Catrik, Jno., 159 
Cave, Jno., 79 
Cavendish, Sir C, 174 
Cecil, Dor., 226n; Sir R., 47«; Thos., 

226« ; Wm. , 32 
Chadwick, Mr., 52;/ 
Chaloner, Jno. , 155; Kath., 49; Thos., 

18, lift, 49 
Chapman, Chris., 195 
Charles worth. Dor., 4 
Chast, Jno., 80 
Chaworth, Eliz., 21, I35«; Sir T., 21, 

2i«, I3S» i35« 
Cheney, Agn., 65, 66; Edw., 65 
Chereborgh, Cheryburgh, Kath., 193, 

I93«; Rob., 193, 193^ 
Cholmley, Barb., 172^; Marm., 180; 

Rog., iSon; Sir H., 172^; Urs., 

Claeson, Jas., 193 
Clapham, Geo., 166; Jno., 165, 237; 

Wm., £66 
Clare, Earl, 199; Rich., I2« 
Clarel, Eliz., loSn; Marg., n, S9«, 

I35«; SirT., I35«; Thos., 51, 58, 

59«, 108, io8«; Wm., 11, iin 
Clarence, Duke of, 14 
Cleburne, Edm., 234^; Elean., 234; 

Rich. 234 
Clerk, Clarck, Isab., 7; Thos., 4, 7 
Clerkson, Alice, 134; Isab., 134; Jno., 

134; Wm., 134 
Cleveland, Wm., 62 



Clifford, Lord, 63, 63^, 160, 160/1; Sir 

J., lOI, lOI/f 

Clifton, Cath., 10711, loStt ; Jno., 107, 
lOJn, 108/1; Sir J., 119/1 

Clough, Mr., 28 

Cok, Wm., 189 

Cokson, Agn., 50; Isab., 50; Rob., 50; 
Thos., 50 

Colwell, Tho6., 44 

Comyn, Alv., 29, 29/1; Jas., 30; 
Kath., 30 

Constable, A^., 219/1; Barb., 53/7, 
204; Ellin., I42>», 17 in; Jane, 
205; Marg., 2iSn\ Rob., 202, 
202ff; Sir J., 42, 219^ ; Sir M., 
53^, I42n, I7i», 182, i82», 204, 
204», 205, 20511; ^^^ ^'* ^7^* 
170H, 202H, 2iin; Sir W., 170 

Conyers, Ad., 222n\ Ann, 217/1; 
Chris., 28/x, 231, 23iff, 233; Eliz., 
21, 2i«, i26/», 135/^, 233; Ellen, 
231; Jane, 28/1; Lord, 205, 231, 
23i«; Marg., 231; Rob., 217/*; 
Sir J., 21, 2i/», I3S«, 213, 2i3», 
231, 231/* 

Copley, Alv., 54/*, 136; Dor., 136; 
Fran., 136; Jno., 55, 55/f, 136, 
I53«; Leon., 55;*, I53«; Mar., 
136; Marg., 136; Mr., 73; Phil., 
136; Sir R., 7i/«; Sir W., 136, 
I36«; Thos., 136; Wm., 136 

Corbet, Marg., 19; Rich., 19; SirR., 19 

Comwallis, Lucy, 226n; Sir W., 226/1 

Cotton, Anne, 31 ; Thos., 6/1, gn 

Counsell, Hugh, 90 

Cowper, Jno., 176; Johan, 176 

Crakball, Wm., 235 

Crathome, Mr., 181, 182 

Craven, Earl, 238//; Eliz., 10; Hen., 
238/*; Jno., 10; Sir W., 238, 239; 
Wm., 238^ 

Cresacre, Alice, 120, I20n, 121; Anne, 
I22n; Edw., 122, I22n; Eliz., 
134; Jno., 77/1, 121/1, 134; Perc, 
120, i20/f, 121, 122 

Cressy, Kath.» II9«; Sir H., iign 

Croser, Jno., 159 

Crowther, Crowder, Brian, 44, 52 ; 
Jane, 44, 44^ 

Crumbwell, Lord, 114 

Cumberland, Earl of, 63, 63/2, 86, 86/1, 
160, i6on 

Cundall, Thos., 214 

Cusworth, Alice, 128; Rich., 128, 128/2 

Cutler, Jno., 3; Thos., 95, 95/1 


Dacre, Edm., ym; Eliz., Jin; Lady, 
187; Lord, 15, 176, 176/*, 224/1, 
227; Mab., 227; Thos., 71/* 

Dalton, Ann, 191; Edw., 191; Eliz., 

191; Jno., 191, 192, 194; Kath., 

194; Maid., 192; Phil., 191; 

Rob., 191, 192; Sus., 191; Thos., 

191, 192; Wm., 191, 191/r, 192 
Danby, Chris., 57, 229/f ; Eliz., 57; 

Magd., 229, 229/f; ^^^^-9 5^* 

Mr., 235; Sir C, 57/f, 58, 229; 

Sir J., 58/*; Thos., 159 
Danvers, Eliz. , 226/f ; Sir J. , 226, 226/1 
Darcy, Conyers, 231/*; Dor., 152; 

Eliz., 216/1, 231; Geo., 90, 152; 

Lord, 2, 2/f, 28, 6in, 132, 132/f, 

152/*, 155, 155/1, 156/1, 2i6n, 231, 

231 /f ; Marg., 23 1 z^; Sir A., 143/f, 

231 ; Thos., 231, 231/f 
Darell, Geo., 127; Isab., 127; Nich., 

127; Thos., 127; Wm., 187 
Darfeld, Alice, iim; Anne, iii//; 

Hugh, III, iii/i 
Damton, Dix, 224 
Dave, Alice, 195; Jno., 195 
Davill, Wm., 56 
Davy, Jno., 45 
Dawson, Geo., 213, 214; Gilb., 213; 

Rob., 213 
Deincourt, ....,11 
De la More, Isab., iSjn; Rob., 187/1 
De la Pole, Blanche, 228// ; Sir W., 

De la See, Brian, 185/f ; Mart., i&p/ 
De la River, Jane, iSon; Thos., iSon 
De risle, Marg., 225; War., 225 
Denton, Jno., 3; Jul., 3; Marg., 3 
Derby, Earl of, 37/1 
Dickson, Rob., iii 
Dodds, Geo., 146/f 
Dodson, Mr., 117 
Dodsworth, Jno., 222; Mr., 132; Win., 

222; Wm., 94/* 
Dolman, Sir R., 164; Thos., 154 
Draycott, Thos., Sin 
Duckmanton, Jno., 109; Thos., 106, 

Dudley, Baron, 96 
Dyer, Edw., 90 
Dyneley, Alice, 27; Arth., 26; Hen., 

59; Rog., 27, 2'jn; Wm., 26, 26// 


Eastwood, Jno., 14 

Eland, Alice, 19; Hugh, 19, 106/*; 

Jas., 19; Jno., 19; Marg., 106//; 

Rof)., 54/1, 55/? 
Eleson, Wm., 85 
Ellerker, Isab., 187; Jno., iSjn 
Ellis, Agn., 204/f; A. S., i68/»; 

Thos., 72 
Eltofts, Edm., 9711; Mary, 97/1 
Elys, Rob., 203 



Emjpsall, Mr., Sjn 

Estfield, Joan, 109; Wm., 109, logn 

Eston, Jno., 218 

Etherington, Sir R., 162 

Etton, Anne, lom 

Eure, Eliz., 2i6«; Rob., 2i6« 

Everin^ham, Adam, 169; Alice, 146; 
Eliz., 62n; Hen., 2, 2h, 4; Jane, 
204n; Marjt,2; Meryall, 4; Rob., 
I46«; Sir .... , 146; Sir J., 62« 

Eyre, Ant. , 2on ; Gerv. , 20, 20n 

Fairfax, Bridg., 31 ; Marg., 172 ; Nich., 
172; Sir H., I72«; Sir N., 32, 
172; Sir T., 117, 172, i72«jSirW., 
3i«; Urs., 172, I72« 

Fallow, T. M., IS« 

Farbam, Thos., 75, 75» 

Fauconberg, Lord, 2i6« 

Favell, Jas., 117 

Fawcet, Wm., 215 

Fawkes, Marg., 158 

Fenay, Jane, 92» ; Mr., 17; Nich., 92, 
92«; Wm., 92 

Ferrans, Keris, Ferret, Thos., 199 

Ferrand, Rich., 188, 188;/; Rob., 188 

Ferrar, Rob., 46 

Ferrers, Earl, 38 

Fiennes, Dor., 176; Sir T., 176^ 

Fitzalan, Brian, 236«, 237 

Fitzherbert, Jno., 66; Kath., 66 

Fitzhugh, Elean. , 224^ ; Joan, 228» ; 
Lord, i6on, iS2n, 224^, 228»; 
Marg., iS2n; Sir H., 22411 

Fitzrandolph, Agn., 229»; Sir R.,229, 

Fitzwaller, Lord, 22Sn 

Fitzwilliam, Amisia, 128; Ann, 54^; 
Ant., 130; Beat, 64, 64^, 123, 
I23«; Dor., I36«; Edm., 5», 20«, 

107, io7«, io8», 130, I30«; Eliz., 
5, 21, 108, 135, I35«, 136^; Gert., 
Ii8«; Jno., 59«, 128, I28«, 135, 
I35«, I36»; Kath., 107, 130; 
Lucy, 130; Marg., 53«, 135, 137^; 
Nich., 127, I27«; Rich., 130, 138; 
Sir Rich., 5, 5^, I2n^ 2on, 107^, 

108, 135, I35«, I37«, 138; SirR., 
54«; SirT., 108, io8«, i^on; Sir 
W., 53», i26«, 135, i3S«; Thos., 
64, 64», iiSn, 123, I23«, 130; 
Wm., 21, 2i«, 135, 135W 

Fleming, Cec, io5«; Rich., 67; Rob., 

Foljambe, Alice, I58«; Geof., isSn; 

Sir F., 20 
Fons, Sir J., 177 

Fowbeiy, Geo., 201, 20i«; Rob., 198, 

Fowler, Kath., 210; Mos., 208, 2o8», 

209, 2iOff, 212 
Foxcroft, Grace, 92 ; Jas., 92 
Frank, Eliz., 2i8;f ; Sir W., 21 8/1 
Frankish, Agn., 85 ; Jno., 85 
Franklin, Jno. , 225 
Frecheville, Sir P., 16 
Freeston, Fryston, Jno. , 64; Rob., 64^ 
French, Geo., 85, o$n 
Fretwell, Jas., 86; Kath., 86 
Frost, Rob., 13, 19, 1911, 68, 68#i, 123, 

141, I4in; Thos., 13, 6Sn 
Fulnetby, Jno., I39«; Marg., 139/1 
Fulthorpe, Anne, 238^; Jane, 170; 

John, 238^; Thos., 170 
Fumival, Maud, 224^1, 225;^; Lord, 

224M, 225 
Fylde, Chris., 48; Eliz., 48 

Galber, Gawber, Agn., 3; John, 3; 

Thos., 3 
Gargrave, Anne, 31 ; Cotton, 31 ; Eliz., 

31 ; Fran., 31 : Jane, 31 ; Jno., 31 ; 

Kath.,3i«; Marg., 31; Prise., 31; 

Prud., 3i«; Rich., 31, 42»; Rob., 

31; SirT., 31; Thos., 31, 3i« 
Gascoigne, Alice, 49«, 6o«; Jno., 54/1, 

59«; Joan, IS4«; Judge, 165, 

165^, 186, iS6n; Marg., 59, i86»; 

Mr., 87; Rich., Son; Rob., 27«, 

2Sn; SirW., 28«, 49», 59/f, I35«, 

I54«; Wm., 49«, 59, loSn 
Gee, Mr., 199; SirW., i89«; Thom., 

189, i89«; Wm., 189, 191 
Gisbum, Jno., 62 
Gloucester, Duke of, 147 
Goldsborough, Elean., 24111; Eva, 103, 

I03»; Sir R., 103, 104 
Goodricke, Sir Hen., 117 
Gourle, Gurll, 53, 53« 
Gower, Alne, 176; SirT., 176^; Thos., 

Grant, Jane, 74 ; Wm., 74 
Grave, Thos., 189 
Green, Greene, Grene, Elean., I35«; 

Isab., 22; Marg., 220; Mart., 28, 

2Sn; Maud, i6on; Rich, 220, 221 ; 

Rob., 221; Sir T., i6ow ; Wm., 

22, 22n 
Gr^ge, Johan, 194; Jno., 194 
Grenhalgh, Rich., 66; Thos., 65 
Grescroft, Marg., 193; Wm., 193, 193W 
Grey, Agn., iign; Sir J., 224, 225^ 
Greystoke, Beat., 202; Eliz., 2i6n; 

Lord, 202, 216, 2i6;2; Ralph, 165, 

165;^, 202 



Griffith, Sir H., i68 

Gunthorp, Thos., 185 

Ouv^e, Jno., 30 

Gylliot, Kath., 242^; Piers, 242^ 


Hadlesay, Rich., 80; Thos., 80 
Haldsworth, Holds worth, Dr., 46 
Hall, Chris., 125; Eliz., 27; Marg., 

85 ; Nich., 27, 8$ ; Rob., 27 
Hally, Jno., 70 

Halsall, Grace, 242; Hen., 242 
Hamerton, Alice, 36, 36^; Eliz., 50, 
50/f, $in, I22n; Isab., 38; Jane, 
99, 100; Laur., 36;*, 38, 38;f, 50, 
50//, 96, 122; Marg., 95», 96; 
Rich., 38, 100; Sir R., 38», 50, 99/1 
Hanley, Eliz., ii2n; Jno., ii2n 
Hanserd, Hen., 33 
Hanson, Gerv., 14 
Harden, Alice, 62 ; Thos. , 62 
Hardnian, Bart., 176; Thorn., 176 
Hardwick, Anne, 58; Brian, 58; Thos., 

58, 58« 
Harebred, Jane, 76»; Wm., y6n 
Haringel, Rob., 119 
Harison, Dor., 76, y6n; Eliz., 76; Jno., 

76, 76«; Mr., 89, I53» 
Harrington, Harington, Eliz., 71, 7 iff, 

93«; Isab., 71, 71W, 72; Jas., 54, 

72, 155; Joan, 49«, 243^; Jno., 

49«, 71, 7i«, 72, 232; Marg., 72; 

Sir J., 93«; Sir R.. 38^; Sir T., 

7i»; Sir W., jm; Thos., 71; 

Wm., 62 
Harte, Sir J., 173, I73» 
Hastings, Dor., 2ign; Fran., 66; Jane, 

66; Mar., 136; Marg., I2i«; Sir 

B., 136, 2ign; Sir H., I2i« 
Hatfield, Ade, 147; Ant., 21 ; Edw., 8; 

Rob., 147, 148 
Hay, Pet., 128; Thos., 128 
Haygh, Edw., 123 
Heaton, Sir J., 17 
Hebden, Grace, 244 
Hely, Mrs., 125 
Hemingway, Jane, 52 
Herbert, Agn., i87« ; Wm., 188 
Herries, Lord, 204^ 
Hertforth, Jno., i$2n ; Wm., 152^ 
Hesletyne, Rob., 81 
Heton, Ad., 53; Eliz., 54^; Johan, 

134; Rob., 134; Sir J., 54« ; 

Wm., 54« 
Heywood, Thos., 76 
Higden, Agn., 76, 76«; Jno., 76, 76« 
Hill, Rich., 90; Rob., 11 
Hilton, Thos., 151 
Hinchlyffe, Agn., 8; Hen., 8 
Hobson, Chris., 50; Jul., 50 

Hodgeson, Jno., 215 

Holbeck, Wm., 159 

Holden, Hen., 37; Rich., 37 

Holgate, Rob., 211 

Holland, Eliz., 241 ; Rich., 241 ; Rob., 

Holme, Alice, 139; Jno., 139; Marg., 

139; Thos., 139 
Holmes, . . . . , 7/2; Rog., 215 
Holy wood, Jno., 46^ 
Hope, W. St. J., I72» 
Hopkinson, Ellen, 44, 44/f 
Hopton, Alice, 69^; Eliz., 91 ; Sir R., 

Sgn; Rob., 91 
Horburi, Jno., 50 
Horrocks, Harrocks, Alex, 148, i^n ; 

Marg., 148 
Horsfield, Mr., 122 
Horslying, Thos., 15 
Hoscliflfe, Agn., 140; Em., 140; Rob., 

Hotham, Maud, 107^; Sir J., 107^ 
Houghton, Sir J., 203 
Howard, Lord W., 163, 164 
Hudson, Sir W., 58; Wm., 58 
Hulgar, Oliv., 50 
Hungate, Sir W., 12 
Hunsdon, Lord, 87 
Huntingdon, Earl of, 168, 174, 177 
Hutchinson, . . . . , 162 ; Rich., i62i> 
Hutton, Huton, Mat., 189^; Rich., 

213; Serj., 29; Sir R., 117; Thos., 

Hylcle, Hyle, Wm., 98, 98^ 

Ingham, Oliv., 169 

Ingleby, El., 142; Jno., 142, 171, 217/1; 
Kath., 142; Marg.,2i7«; SirW., 
141, I4i», 142, 142/f, ijm; Thos., 
141, 142; Wm., 214 

Isaak, Mr., 51 


Jackson, Ellin, 112; Jno., 112, 112/;, 

237; Sir J., ii2«; Thos., 237 
Jenkins, Sir H., 163 
Jenkinson, Anne, 95/1; Jno., 95; Ralph, 

94, 95, 95« 
Johnson, Thos., 194, 214 

Jones, Thos., 90 




Kelde, Nich., 104, 104^ 

Kempe, Anne, 23 1«; Ant., 231 «; Jno., 

Kendale, Rich., 142 
Kent, Earl of, 200», 2i6«; Jno., 50 
Keystr., Eliz., 151 
Killingbeck, . . . . , 117 
Kirkby, Edw., 214; Sir J., 166 
Knarsburgh, Thos., 158 
Knolles, KnoIIis, Jas. , 38; Sir R., 14; 

Thos., 47 
Knyveton, Edw., 106; Nich., 106 
Kyllum, Agn., 23211; Jno., 232/1 
Kyme, Luc, I2$n\ Phil., I2$n; Sim., 

I25», 126; Wm., I2$n 

Lacy, Alice, 48^, 6in; Ellen, 69; 

Hen., 37, 41, 43; Isab., 49«; 

Jno., 48^, 49«, 6i«; Marm., 163; 

Rich., 69 
Lake, Joan, 64 ; Jno., 64 ; Sir T., 33 
Lambert, Jos., 22; Mr., 41; Rich., 

Langdale, Anne, 202 ; Eliz. , 202 ; 

Kath., 201/2; Lord, 202»; Marm., 

202; Pet., 202, 202«; Sir M., 

202n; Thos., 201 « 
Langton, Agn., 57, 57//, 58/*; Euf., 57, 

S7«; Jno., 57; Sir J., 57, 57^; 

Thos., 155 
Lascelles, Mat., 233« ; Sir T., 214 
Latham, . . . . , 198 
Latimer, Eliz., 57«; Geo., 225^; Lord, 

14) 57^) 225, 225^7, 226, 226n 
Laughton, Isab., 20n; Jno., 20, 20n 
Law, Agn., 109; Wm., 109, 109/1 
Lawson, Sir R., 234 
Leake, Jno., 13^; Mur., 13« 
Lee, Jane, 66 ; Rob., 66 
Leedes, Ledis, Rob., 62 
Leiston, Alex., I09«; Hel., 108; 

Johan, 108; Jno., 108, 109; Kath., 

108, 109; Marg., 108 
Lennox, Earl, 2n 
Levitt, Eliz., 136; Nich., 136; Ralph, 

136; kob., 136; Thos., 136; 

Wm., 136 
Levyns, Lewins, 77, 78; Thos., 77, 77// 
Lewis, Jno., 112, iiSn; Rob., 112, ii2n 
Lincoln, Earl of, 37 
Lisle, Lord, 117; Marg., 226; War., 

Lister, Eliz., 48«; Jno., 195; Mr., 67; 

Rich., 47; SirW., 41; Thos., 48/2 
Lockley, Locksley, Rob., 52 ; Nich., 

Lofthouse, Ellen, no; Jno., no 
Loncaster, Isab., 166; Nich., 166 

Longstaff, Isab., 73/1; Mr., 226^; 

Rich., 73» 
Loschey, Pet., 181 
Louth, Nich., 200, 200ff 
Lovel, Visct., 90 
Lovetot, Lord, 114 
Lowde, . . . . , 151 ; Mab., 151 
Lowden, Jno., 51 
Lowther, Ger., 234 
Lungvilers, Sir J., 186 
Lussher, Rich., 102; Thos., 102; Wm., 

Lutterel, Mil., I02n, io$n; Sir A., I02ff 
Lyndale, Chris., 210 


Maddyson, Urs., ioin\ Wm., loin 

Malebrisse, Rich., 178, 179 

Malecocke, Alan, 179 

Malham, Wm., 24OH 

Mallett, Rog., 64/1 ; Wm., 6$n 

Mallory, Anna, 213; Geo., 214 ; Johan, 

I57«; Jno., 213; Thos., 214 
Maltby, Chris., 26; Mary, 26 
Mann, Wm., 230 
Manners, Mr., 32 
Manningham, Kath., 222n 
Mansfeild, Mat., i85«; Rob., 185, i8s« 
Manston, Alice, 27«, 28«; Jno., 173, 

I73« ; Rob., 27^ 
Maples, Geo., 130, I30«, 131 ; Isab., 

130; Thos., 130 
Markenfield, Elean., 213, 213^; Isab., 

I03«; Sir J., I03«; Sir T., 213, 

2 1 311 
Marmion, Avice, 224, 225; Jno., 224/1, 

225; Lord, 224»; Rob., 225/1; 

Sir J., 224 
Marsh, Mary, 6; Rob., 6, 94«; Thos., 

Marshall, Cath., 81 ; Mich., 82 ; Rich., 

75; Rog., 81 
Martiall, Marg., 42 
Mason, Jno., 214 
Mauleverer, Ann, 102; Edm., 217/1; 

Elean., 102, 217/^; Eliz., 48; Gilb., 

102; Jas., 240/1; Joan, 143; Jno., 

102, lo^n ; Kath. , 240// ; Rich., 75 ; 

Rob., 2on, 58, 58/1; Sir H., 102/t, 

103//; Sir J., 102, io2»; Sir T., 

102, 240/f ; Wm., 58/*, 240 
Mawde, Eliz. , 47 ; Jno. , 47, 47/1 
Medley, Bryan, 30 
Melton, Alice, 155; Dor., 155, 156//; 

Sir J., 152, 15s, 156, 156/f 
Metcalfe, Sir C, 238/*; Sir J., 238, 

238/*; Thos., 238/* 
Metham, Cath., 172; Johan, 242/1; Sir 

T., 59, I74» 242/7; Thos., 172 



Meverel, Thot., 69« 

Middleton, Alice, 48, 4911 ; Anna, 96 ; 
Isab., 96; Joan, 96, 97; Nich., 
95», 9611; Pet, 48, 96; Sir P., 
102, 141; SirW., 96, 96m; Thos., 
96, 96/f ; Wm., 3, 9S», 96, 97 

Mirfield, Cec, 93»; Eliz., 5411, 90^; 
Oliver, 47«, 55^; Pet., 56; Rob., 
90»; Sir W., 47, 47^, 5411, 5S« 

Mitton, Cec., 37; Jor., 37; Sir R., 37 

Monceaux, Jno., 185^ 

Montacute, Marquis of, 108, loSn 

Montalt, Eliz., i^m; Sim., 151^ 

Monteagle, Lord, 17 

Montford, Agn., 232; Elean., 238^; 
Sir T., 232«; Thos., 232, 232^, 

More, Jno., I22»; Rich., 146; Rob., 
iiin; Sir T., 122, I22ff 

Moryn, Alice, I79»; Jno., 180; Sir J., 

Mote, Rob., 118 

Mounteney, Alice, 9; Anne, 7; Am., 
8 ; Barb. , 6n, 911 ; Dor. , 6n ; Isab. , 
5, 6 ; Joan, 7 ; Jno., 6, 9, 9« ; Nich. , 
$n, 9; Rob., $n, 6,9; Thos., 120, 

Mowbray, Alex., 59^; Eliz., 59^, I33ff ; 
Jno., 227; Lord, 133^1; Rog., 166 

Musgrave, Agn. , 143^1 ; Joan, 42 ; Sir 
E., 42; Sir R., 143, I43», 223, 


Nautcliffe, Norcliffe, Sir T., 181 

Nelson, Mr., 89 

Nettleton, Mr., 94, 149 

Nevile, Alex., 54»; Alice, 52^; Chas., 
92 ; Dor., 226; Elean., 221, 22in 
Eliz., 93», ii8», I23», 2i6n 
Fran., 73, 74; Geo., 21; Geof. 
1 5211 ; Hercy, 2on ; Joan, 5411 ; Jno. 
108, i33»; Lucy, 108, liaSn, 130W 
Lord, 226n ; Marg., 7i», 152^ 
Mary, 20«; Rob., 93«, Sir A., 17 
Sir H., 225; Sir J., 57, 73, 73» 
74, iiSn, 226; Sir R., 52;!, s6n 
7i«, 225 ; Sir T., 6o«, I23« 
Thos., 57 

Newmarch, Ad., 133^; Eliz., 133^, 134 
Ralph, 134; Rob., I33» 

Newport, Eliz., 167; Marg., 167; Rob. 
167, 167W; Thos., 167, i67» 
Wm., 168 

Nicols, Eliz., 3; Jno., 3; Nich., 3 
Sir A., 160; Thas., 160 

Nicolson, Hugh, 131 ; Johan, 131 
Jno., 173 

Normanvile, Isab., i6jn; Jno., 53« 
Ralph, 137; Sir W., i67« 

Northumberland, Earl, 157, I57», 174, 

221, 22I#f, 223, 226», 227 

Norton, Isab., 222 ; Jno., 222, 223^, 
240ff; Kath., 222; Marg., 223; 
Rich., 222, 223, 22311, M'^'^ '* Sir 
J., 222, 223, 22371; Sir R., 222n 

Notton, Gilb., 106// 

Nowell, Jas., 61 

Nunwyke, Alice, 222^; Sir T., 222» 


Ogle, Rob., 162 

Oglethorp, Bish., 126; EL, 106; Eliz., 

27; Fran., 27; Owen, 62, 62«, 

I26n; Rob., 106, 215 
Osbolston, Jno., 194, 194^ 
Ousthorp, Jno., 80, Son 
Oxspring, Eliz., 132; Wm., i, 132 

Paganus, Adam, iin 

Palmer, Jno., 166 

Palmes, Fran., 89«; Sir G., 117 

Parker, Eliz., 7; Thos., 7, 7» 

Parkinson, Chris., 213; Thos., 213 

Par, Rich., 60 

Parr, Kath., idon, 226n; Sir T., 160; 

Sir W., 159, 160M 
Paslewe, Eliz., 128; Johan, 151; Rob., 

128, ijiw; Walt, 151 
Paston, Eliz., Syn, 68«, 91^; SirW., 

67M, 68», gin 
Peck, Eliz., 48^; Jane, 49; Jno., 49; 

Rich., 48, 49, 49» ; Walt, 194 
Percehay, Mary, 230; Thos., 230 
Percy, Alan, 188; Ann, 188; Elean., 

188, 221; Eliz., 188; Hen., 63f», 

188, i88»; Joe., 188; Kath., 226^; 

Lord, 41, 117; Marg., 63, 63»; 

Matild., 188; Mary, I57»; Rich., 

166; Rob., 178; Sir H., 134; Sir 

T., IS7« ; Sir W., 221 ; Wm., 178, 

Pembroke, Earl of, 160M, i88» 
Pennington, Joan, I43»; Wm., 143^ 
Perker, Parker, Sir J., 181, i8i« 
Perkins, Parkins, Eliz., 76; Hen., 76, 

76«; Jno., 86»; Mr., 86; Thos., 

76; Wm., 76 
Peytevin, Em., 6417; Hugh, 6411 
Phelippe, Marg., 193; Thos., 193 
Phillipson, Chris., 230 
Pickering, Puckering, Hugh, 220; Jno., 

183; Marg., 220; Rich., 220 ; Sir 

J., I44«, 220; Sir W., i65» 
Pictavensis, Wm., 43 
Pigborne, Pikborne, Isab., 73 ; Johan, 

77; Rich., 77, 77« ; Thos., 73 



Pigot, Pigott, Agn., 55«, I53«; Annci 

244n; Bart., 244^/; Eliz., 73, 74; 

Jane, 222n; Jno., 229; Sir G., 

55«» IS3«; Sir R., 222«; Thos., 

73,74; Wm.,79 
Pilkington, Arth., 27«, 28; Jno., 243^1; 

Marg., 6811, 243»; Rob., 48^; 

Ros., 48«; Sir J., 50; SirT., 6Sn 
Pitt, Agn., 140; Alienor, 140; Jno., 

Place, Dor., 184^; Sir C, 184^1 
Plessets, Jno., 23 ; Rich., 23 
Plumpton, Geof., 158^; Joan, 9611; 

Rob., 97«; Sir R., 97^, 158^; Sir 

W., 96«, 97«, 158, 158^; Thos., 

97; Wm.,97, 143, I58» 
Popeley, Anne, 56; Edw., 56; Eliz., 

123; Jno., 123; Rob., 5S«; Thos., 

123, I23» 
Porter, Mich., ioi» 
Poucher, Joan, 53^, 204^; Sir J., 53«, 

Power, Rob., 177 
Poynings, Lord, 221 
Preston, Hen., 113 
Procter, Step., 214 
Pucrell, Arth., 189 
Pudsay, Alice, 34, 34/1; Edw., 34, 34«; 

Emm., 34; Hen., 33, 33^, loi ; 

SirJ.,34«; Sir R., 34, 34^; Sim., 

34« ; Thos., 33^ ; Wm., 34, 34« 
Pullen, Rich., 215 
Pulley, Rob., i, 2 
Pymond, Rich., 48 ; Rob., 48^1 


Radcliffe, Alice, 240^; Anne, 143, 
223^; Chas., 69/f; Isab., 93^; 
Nich., 69; Sir G., 6gn; Wm., 
93», 223« 

Raine, Canon, I3«, 31, I75», 202» 

Rands, Dor., 196 

Raye, Cath., 2ion 

Redmayne, Edw., 155 

Reresby, Am., 137, 137»; Eliz., 139; 
Isab., 138; Ldon., 58^, 112, 139, 
I39«; Marg., 138; Mary, 112; 
Mat., 138, 139; Ralph, 137, 137^, 
138, I38»; Sir T., I37«, 138^, 
I39» I39«; Sir R., 138^; Thos., 
138, 139. 139W; Wm., 137, 138 

Restwold, Bridg. , 6$n ; Edw. , 65, 65^, 66 

Ricard, Eliz., 76, 76^; Thos., 6, 76, 

Richardson, Wm., 198 

Riche, Alice, 106, 106;^; Nich., 106, 

Richmond, Rich., 233^1 

Ripplay, Hugh, 213 

Rockley, Eliz., 94; Isab,, 47, 69; Jno., 

69; Rob., 94; Rog., 47, 47«, 70; 

Sir T., 47», 69, 69^, 70, Jon; 

Wm., 3 
R<^er, Jno., 194; Johan, 194, 195; 

Wm., 195 
Rokeby, Alex., 4, 4« ; Isab., 4«; Jno., 

4, 4«, 45«; Marg., 4«; Mr., 61, 

89; Ralph, 232; Sir R., 45^; 

Thos., 4; Wm.,4, 4»i 45 
Roos, Ros, Cec, 228; Lord, 32; 

Marg., 3i«; Mary, 32; Rob., 31, 

31^} 32 
Roucliffe, Anne, ioi«; Brian, 98^, 99, 

99», 100, loim; Guy, 99/1, loi, 

loin; Jno., loin] Johan, 99, 100, 

loi ; Rob., loiM 
Russell, Alice, 64^; Marg., 63n; Wm., 

Rutland, Earl of, 32, 164 
Rycroft, Jno., 148, 149 
Rydiall, Thos., 30 
Rylston, Hel., 23 1« 
Rymyngton, Edw., 34; Ellen, 34; 

Mary, 34; Rich., 34 
Ryther, Jno., 59 

Sacro Bosco, Jno., 46, 46^ 

St. Quentin, Ant.,2i8n; Herb., i87n; 
Jno., 2i8n; Johan, 219; Lora, 
187, 224n, 22511; Sir J., 187, 
18711; Sir T., 218, 2i9n; Sir W., 
21971; Thos., 218, 2i8n; Wm., 218 

Saltmarsh, Jno., 233 

Saltonstall, Sam., 195 

Salvin, Eliz., 219; Geo., 219, 21971 

Samon, Marg., 199; Rich., 199 

Sanderson, Sir N., 86, no 

Sandford, Jno., loiS 

Sands, Sir E., 173 

Sandys, Geo., 215 

Santon,Wm., 188 

Savage, Thos., I4n 

Savile, Alice, 49, 49», 68, 14971; Bern., 
91, gin; Dor., 56, 5671; Eliz., 5371, 
7471; Geo., 51, 91 ; Hen., 43, 4371, 
6771, 6871; Isab., 5571; Jen., 9071; 
Jno., 7471, 9on, 91; Lord, 5671; 
Rob., 4671; Shcf., 56, 5671; Sib., 
4671; Sir H., 6771; Sir J., 19, 1971, 
43, 4771, 49, 4971, 55?*, 6771, 68, 6871, 
91, 9171, 92, 14971; Sir T., 6871; 
Thos., 51, 68; Wm., 67, 68 

Saxton, Eliz., 130; Thos., 130 

Scalisby, Wm., 166 

Scarburgh, Alice, 148; Wm., 148 

Scargill, Jane, 2871 ; Johan, 28 ; Lord, 
28 ; Marg., 91 ; Rob., 28 ; Sir R., 
28 ; Thos., 91 ; Wm., 2871 



Scot, Pet., 148 

Scropc, Alice, 2i6n; Elie., 229; Isab., 
gyn; Jno., 229, 229U; Lord, 58n, 
9711, 2i6n, 227, 228, 228n, 229, 
229/1; Mab., 227, 22711; Marg., 
57n, 5811, 229, 22911; Rich., 127; 
Sir H., 227 

Selby, Laur., 80 

Selowe, Jno. , 207, 207n 

Scwcll, Mr., 232; Wm., 230 

Sewer, Johan, 72; Kath., 72; Rich., 

71, 71", 72 
Sheffield, Isab., $711; Sir R., 5771 
Sherbroke, Mr., 20 
Sherburne, Alice, 242, 243 ; Hugh, 36, 

36/1; Isab., 36; Maud, 36; Rich., 

36, 243; Sir R., 36 
SherclifTe, Shiercliffe, Agn., 5, 7; Mr., 

14; Nich., 8; Thos., 5, 7; Wm., 
Shireburn, Jno. , 79, 7911 
Shrewsbury, Earl of, 16, 113, Ii3n, 

114, 116 
Simpson, Ralph, 209 
Skirlaw, Walt. , 156 
Slater, Mr., 89 
Slingsby, Fran., 157, 15711; Hen., 157; 

Mary, 157; SirH., 28; Thos., isjn 
Smith, Smyth, Smylhe, Ant., 79, I4in; 

Cath., I4in; Jane, 79; Jno., 189; 

Mr., 79; Rich., 79n; Rob., 116 
Snawsell, Eliz., 56; Seth, 56 
Snayth, Wm., 80 
Snythall,'Thos., 107 
Somerscales, Rich., 46, 4671 
Sothill, Suthill, Alice, 204, 20471; 

Alison, 53n ; Arth., 28 ; Bart., 5371 ; 

Dion., 17 in; Eliz., 5371, 6771; 

Hen., I7in; Jno., 5211, 53, 5371, 

204, 20471; Joan, S3, 5371; Marg., 

53, 53«; Thos., 53, 5371,6771 
Spencer, Sir J., 125 
Spoflford, Thos., 235 
Stacy, Johan, 229 
Stafford, Anna, 225 ; Humf., 225 ; 

Joyce, 18271; Sir H., 18271 
Stainforth, Marg., 6171; Rob., 6in 
Stain ton, Eliz., 12371; Laur., 123, 12371 
Stanley, Alice, 15671; Jno., 93, 155, 

Stannopp, Sir E., 86 
Slapleton, Agn., 13871; Alice, 145; 

Brian, 82, 8271, 145; Elean., 82, 

14371; Johan, 145; Marg., 54n, 

145; Mr., 117; Sir B., 54/1, iiSti, 

12571, 14371, 14471, 145, 14571; Sir 

C, 14571; Sir W., 13871, 14471, 

145; Thos., 1 1871 
Staveley, Adam, 166; Jane, 215; 

Miles, 215 
Staynford, Rob., 24271 
Staynton, Rich., 49 

Stead, Sir C, 48 

Steile, . . . . , 117 

Stephenson, Mill, 131 n, 17671, 18271, 

21671, 22171, 223//, 23171, 23271 
Stillington, Thos., 142/1 
Stone, Sir J., 174 
Strangeways, Eliz., 13271, 217, 23271; 

Joan, 17971; Matil., 180; Rob., 

17971, 180; Sir J., 32, 74, 132, 

13271, 21671, 217, 21771, 23271 
Strey, Thos. , 6971 
Strickland, Mab., 61 « ; Mr., 158, 168, 

169, 218; Rob., 160; SirT., 160; 

Walt., 6i7i, 158, 159, i6o7i, 163; 

Wm., 158 
Stringer, Mr., 20 
Stub^, Fran., 156 
Suckling, Sir J., 16471, 166 
Suffolk, Duke of, 74 
Sussex, F^rl of, 14371 
Sutton, Jane, 96 ; Thos. , 223 
Swaldall, Rich., 234 
Swan, Jno., 193 

Swift, Ann, 10, 13971; Rob., 10, 13971 
Swillington, Eliz., 5971 ; Sir W., 597* 
Sybson, Const., 154, 15471; Rich., 154, 

Sylvester, Jos., 19071 
Sympson, Eliz., 188 

Talbot, Anne, 36JI, 14371; Sir E., 36/1; 

Thos., 24271 
Talboys, Lord, 12571; Sir H., 12571 
Talentyre, Wm., 116 
Tampton, Wm., 179 
Tankard, Hugh, 171, 17171; Mr., 241 
Taylor, Tayllor, Ann, ioti; Ant., 215; 

Isab., 193; Rich., 215; Wm., ion, 

193, I93« 
Tempest, Alice, 242n; Isab., 3671, 3871, 

22271; Jno., 24371; Marg., 243; 

Mrs., 24271; Nich., 8771, 243, 244, 

24471; Rich., 36; Rob., 24471; 

Rog., 24271; Ros., 36; Sir J., 

3671, 3871, 24271, 24371; Sir Piers, 

244 ff ; Sir R., 35»i, 3874, 61, 6171, 

8771, 242/1, 24371 ; Sir T., 24271, 

24371; Sir S., 41; Sir W., 222/1; 

Wm., 24371 

Tenaunte, Hen., 61; Isab., 236; Wm., 

Tench, As., 57, 5771; Ran., 57, 57/1 

Tetlow, Eliz., 65 ; Jno., 65 

Teutoniciis, Sir B., 106, 10671 

Thekill, Thos., 123 

Thirkeld, Jane, 12571; Sir L., 12571 

Thornbrough. Sir B., 117; Sir W., 161 ; 
Tom., 161 

Thorner, Marg., 150; Thos., 150 



Thornhill, Agn., 90; Brian, 68n ; Eliz., 

90; Jno., 90, 90/1; Nich., 90; Sim., 

68n ; Wm., 90, 9011, 106 
Thornton, Rob., 227; Mr., 181 
Threlkeld, Jane, 144W; Sir L., 14^11 
Threske, Rob., 216 
Thurgoland, Joan, 3 ; Rich., 3 
Thwaites, Ann, I4in; Jane, 5511, I53n; 

Thos., 6n, 9», 54W, 14 iw, i53n 
Thweng, Agn., I75n; Joan, 2i9n; 

Marm., 175W; Sir M., 2i9n; Wm., 

Tipper, W., 90 
Tiptoft, Lord, 228n; Marjj., 228/1; Sir 

R., I26n 
Tirwhit, Ann, 191; Sir R., 191 
Tomson, Ralph, 166 
Tonge, Thos., 217 
Topclyfe, Mab., 221 ; Thos., 221 
Topham, Hen., 214; Jno., 232, 239 
Tottington, Laur., 70 
Towneley, Ann, 97%; Hel., 56/1; Jno., 

97w; Laur., 56; Sir J., 5611 
Townend, Rich., 70 
Trigot, Bart., 22 
Tunstall, Marg., 34/1 
Turton, Wm., m 
Twisleton, Anne, 152; Chris., 152; 

Jno., i$2n 
Twyer, Jno., 109; Wm., 10971 
Tyes, Sir F., 10671 
T)rson, Rich., 27; Wm., 27 


Umfraville, Eliz., 125*1; Gilb., 125/1 
Urswick, Chris., 134, 135; Isab., 153*1; 
Kath.,155; Rob., 15371, 155; Sir 
W., 23471; Thos., 15271, 155 
Usflete, Wm., 63 

Vavasour, Vavasor, Eliz. , 62, 62n, 205 ; 

Hen., 62, 6271, 154; Isab., 155; 

Mr., 87, 117; SirH., 15471; Sir J., 

207 ; Sir P., 205, 20571 ; Wm., 152, 

I53«, 154, 154W, 155 
Vernon, Alice, 6771, 68w, 91/1; Wm., 

6771, 6871, 91, 9171 

Vesci, Vessye, Agn. , 38 ; Eliz. , 1 10 ; 
Jno., 38; Lord, 38; Mar., 38; 
Rob., no; Thos., 109, 10971; 
Wm., 38 

Vicars, Emote, 173; Rob., 173 

Vincent, Elean., 8i7i; Marm., 8i7i 


Wadeley, Marg., 13171 

Wadsley, Jno., 2, 2w ; Marg., 2 

Wake, Lord, 20on ; Marg. , 200« 

Wakefield, Johan, 18; Wm., 18, i8« 

Walcar, Wm., no 

Walker, Ann, 191 ; Mr., 67, 124 

Walkingham, Sir J., 29 

Wallare, Marg., 134; Nich., 134 

Wall, Mr., 89 

Walter, Hub., 22 

Wandesford, Chris., 86; Elean., 238; 

Fran., 23871; Jno., 86, 238; Sir 

C, 238 
Wannervile, Ad., 34*1; KHz., 3471 
Ward, Marg., 223; Sir R., 223; Sir 

Wardrop, Rich., 86 
Warren, Earl of, I22n 
Warter, Rich., 159 

Warton, Mich., 20271; Sir M., 202, 20271 
Warwick, Ant., 214; Earl of, 22571; 

Fran., 214; Hen., 214; Jno., 214; 

Rob., 214 
Washington, Jas., 129, 129*1; Marg., 

Wasteneys, Alice, 12171; Rob., 12171; 

Sib., 1 2 171 
Waterhouse, Jno., 46, 69, 130; Phil., 

69; Rob., 4671 
Waterton, Anne, 31; Beat., 65 ; Cec, 

105; Mr., 13; Rob,, 105; .Sir R., 

59*1, 10571, 135; Thos., 3171, 66 
Watkinson, Eliz., 194, 19571; Jas., 194, 

Watson, Beat., no; Chris., 214; Jno., 

no; Thos., 214 
Wat ton, Alice, 140*1 
Welles, Lord, 10571, 21771 
Wentworth, Agn., 170*1; Ann, 55*1; 

Beat., 91; Geo., 4; Isab., 571; 

Jane, 3, 31; Kath., 3171; Lord, 12; 

Matil., 3; Marg., 3571; Matt., 3, 

4, 35^. 91; Sir J., 31; Sir R., 

17071; Sir T., 16, 125; Sir W., 

186, 18671; Thos., 571, 3171, 55*1, 

131, 186*1; Wm., 136 
West, Alice, n; Geo., n, n7i; Isab., 

119; Jno., 72, 119; Lewis, 15271; 

Marg., 72; Rob., 72, 119 
Westmorland, Earl of, 82*1, 13371, 22171, 

225, 22871 
Weston, Leon., 19371 
Weyth, Wert, Agn. , 7 ; Jno., 7 ; Wm. , 7 
Wharton, Agn., 143; Hen., 143; Joan, 

143; Lord, 143, 14371, 144; SirT., 

143, 144; Thos., 144 
Whetley, Isab., 124; Mr., 123; Rich., 

124, 12471 
Whcxley, Wixlay, Rob., 148 



White, Cec, 109; Elen., 109; Rob., 
109; Thos., no; Win., 109 

Whitfield, Jno., 19271 

Whitmore, Cec., 9 

Whytley, Thos., 80 

Wilbore, Thos., 127 

Wilkinson, Agn., 192; Jno., 69, Ii2n; 
Thos., 192 

Williamson, ....,11. 

Willon, Leon., 193 

Winchilsea, Earl of, 2441 

Windsor, Lord, 205 

Wintringham, Alice, 15811; Thos., 

Witham, Agn., 175; Thos., 175, iJSn 
Wodd, Wode, Wodde. Geo. , 93, 93ft ; 

Isab., 76, 7611, 93; Johan, 93; 

Laur., 93, 93n; Rob., 76, 7611; 

Wodnot, Laur., 90 

Wolrich, Wm., 144 

Wolsey, Card., 218 

Wolvedon, Rob., 221 

Wombwell, Hen., 411, 5, $n; Isab., 5; 

Mr., 15; Nich., 5 
Woodhouse, Thos., ion 
Woodrowe, Oliv., 146 
Woodmffe, Woodrove, Eliz., 51, 122; 

Franc, 5 in; Jno., 5on, 51, 64, 6411, 

122, I22n, 123, I23n; Rich., 64; 

Sir R., 5on, 64n, 123 
Wordsworth, Wm., i, in 
Worsley, Johan, 13 in 

Wortley, Elie., I35»; Fran., I9n; Isab., 
Sn; Jane, 5on, 64n, I23n; Marg., 
19; Nich., $n, 35, 88, I2in; Sir 
F., 88; Sir N., 3471, 5on, 64n, 88, 
I23n; Sir T., 35, 35n, 88, 88n, 
I35n ; Thos., 19 ; Wm., 44 

Wrasteler, Hen., 4, 4n 

Wray, Chris., 128; Eliz., 128; Fran., 
128; Leon., 128; Marg., 128: 
Mary, 128; Phil., 128; Rob., 128; 
SirC, I28n; Urs., 128; Wm., I28n 

Wright, Imanie, 217; Jno., 217 

Wudstor, Cec. , 35 ; Sim. , 35 

Wyllcoke, Isab., 154; Thos., 154, I54n 

Wylson, Rich., 149, I49n 

Wyman, Hen., i86n; Jane, i86n 

Wyvill, Wyvell, Wivel, Barb., 229; 
Chris., 229, 229n; Eliz., 229; 
Fran., 229; Humf.,229; Jno., 90, 
229; Marm., 229; Rob., 229; Sir 
M., 175, 229, 229n; Wm., 229 

Yonge, Geo., 115; Marg., 115 
Yongsmith, Jno., 53 ; Thos., 53, 53n 
York, Sir R., I92n 
Young, Ant., i67n 

Zouch, El., I56n; Sir [., I56n 


Note. — Names of Towns that are in Capitals are mentioned as having been visited. 
The modern way of spelling the places is used in this index. 

Aberford, 12 

Acklam, 167, 184 

Adwick, 12, 17, 127, 128, 129 

Agglethorpe, 235 

Agnes Burton, 165, 168 

Aire, 40 

Akebar, 230 

Aldborough, 89, 170, 235, 240, 241 

Alcotes, 86 

Aldwark, 5, 11, 16, 20, 59, 107, 108, 

130, 135, 137, 138 
Allerton, 88, 168, 240 
Allerton Mauleverer, 102 
Almes Cliff, 117 
Almondbury, 17, 54, 92, 149 
Alne, 90 
Alnemouth, 38 
Alnwick, 37, 38 
Altofts, 64 
Alverthorpe, 47 
Amerby, 178 
Angram, 173 
Anston, 20, 86 
Applegarth, 39 

Appleton-in-the-Street, 177, 178 
Appletreewick, 142, 218, 238, 239 
Arden, 162 
Arkendale, 186 
Arksey, 12, 126 
Armley, 59 
Arm3ni, 45 
Amcliffe, 58 
Amforth, 40 
Aryholme, 174 
Aske, 145 
Askrigg, 235 

Aston, 116, 152, 155. 156 
Atherton, 88 
Attercliffe, 16 
Auburn, 165 
Aughton, 164 
Austhorpe, 89 
Austwick, 165 
Aysgarth, 235 
Ay ton, 163 


Badsworth, 152, 153, 154, 15s 

Babthorp, 163 

Bagden, I 

Baildon, 42, 127 

Bainbridge, 235 

Baldersby, 222 

Banbury, 225, 229 

Bank Newton, 41 

Barden, 39, 41 

Bardsey, 87, 126 

Barforth, 34 

Barley, 152 

Barmston, 184, 185 

Barnborough, 17, 77, 119, 122 

Barnbow, 12 

Barnby, 164 

Barnby Don, 16, 73, 74 

Barnoldswick, 41, 43 

Barnsley, 17 

Barrowby, 117 

Barton-in-the-Street, 163, 177 

Barugh, 17 

Barwick, 12 

Bashall, 36, 37, 39 

Batley, 41, 54, 55, 73, 92, 153 

Bawtry, 86, 106 

Bayley, 36 

Baxby, 173 

Beale, 146, 147 

Beamsley, 166 

Bed ALE, 128, 230, 236, 237 

Bee FORD, 217 

Beeston, 59 

Bellerby, 230 

Bempton, 183 

Bentley, 126, 127, 128 

Berwick, 167, 183 

Beverley, 13, 68, 90, 169, 188, 189, 

190, 200, 202, 212 
Bilsdale, 73 
Bilton, 56 

Bingley, 33, 41, 149 
Binnington, 163 
Birch worth, i, 16 
Birdforth, 173 



Birdsall, 164 
BiRKiN, 145, 146 

BiRSTALL, 55, 56, 92. 123 

Birthwaite, 15, 94, 95, 142, 241 

Bishop Burton, 189 

Bishopton, 29 

Blacker, 70 

Blackwood, 39 

Biandsbv, 39 

Biubberhouses, 142 

BIylh, 15, 86 

Boiling, 87 

Bolsterstone, 16 

Bolton, 17, 37, 42, 142, 148, 157, 235 

BY-BOLLAND, 33, 34, 37, 40 

-on-Dcame, 112 

Percy, 62, 126, 144, 207 


Borrow by, 217 
Bossall, 163 
Bowland, 36 
Bowling, 35 
Bowthorpe, 163 
Boyne hill, 14 

BOYNTON, 158, 159, 167, 220 

Boythorpe, 220 

Bracewell, 35, 36, 38, 61, 242, 243, 

Brackenholme, 163 
Brackenthwaite, 117 
Bradfield, 52 
Bradford, 35, 40, 87 
Bradley, 118 
Braithwell, 86 
Bramham, 106 
Bramley, 151 

Grange, 230 

Brampton, 15 
Bramwith, 16 

Brandsburton, 165, 187 

Brandsby, 180 

Brantingham, 141 

Branton, 241 

Brawith, 217 

Brayton, 151, 155, 164, 207 

Brearley, 91 

Breighton, 205 

Bretton, 2, 3, 14, 17, 35, 55, 91, 92, 

Bridlington, 163, 183 
Brierley, 17, 91 
Brij^ham, 89, 164 
Broadoak, i 
Brocket, 125 
Brodsworth, 77 
Bromfleef, 205 
Brompton, 162, 230 
Broughton, 41, 178 
BuBWiTH, 164, 205 

BULMER, 178 

Burgh, loi, 233, 234 
Burholme, 39 

Bum, 152 
Bumby, 205 
Bumham, 205 
BuRNSALL, 238, 239 
Burton, 17, 133, 220, 235 

Constable, 230 

Fleming, 89 

, High, 122 

St. Leonard, 29, 186 

Buttercrambe, 163 
Butter wick, 220 
Byland, 173, 207 
Byreworth, 88 

Caerbrauck, 170 

Cairo, 215 

Calais, 193 

Calton, 22, 41 

Calverley, 42, 149, 151 

Cambridge, 230 

Camps ALL, 134 

Camshead, 173 

Canterbury, 14, 82 

Carethorp, 170 

Carhouse, 85 

Carlaverock, 125 

Carlcotes, 2 

Carlinghow, 54 

Carlton, 15, 19, 60, 82, 117, 118, 133, 

Carlton Miniot, 213 

Carperby, 235 

Carre, 20 

Cartworth, 122 

Castleford, 105 

Castleton, 20 

Catterick, ioi, 233, 234 

Catterton, 144 

Catton, 164 

Cawood, 14, 207 

Cawthorn, 3, 17, 91 

Cay ton, 163 

Chadgley, 36, 37, 39 

Chapelthorpe, 14 

Chellow, 87 

Chester, 214 

Chesterfield, 16, 114 

Chevet, 73, 92, 132, 133, 138 

Clapdale, 165, 166 

Clapham, 165, 166 

Clayton, 17, 88 

Cleckheaton, 56 

Cliffe, 203, 205 

Clifton, 52, 107, 119, 235 

Clint, 142 

Clitherhoe, 26, 39, 40 

Clotherham, 29, 55, 153 

Cold Heindley, 91 

Collingham, 87, 125 




Colne Midge, 17 
Colton, 27 

Compton Grange, 125 
Coneythorpe, 241 

CONISBOROUGH, l6, I7, 46, 64, 112, 
122, 129, 130, 131 

Constable Burton, 175 
Cookridge, 43 
Copgrove, 29 
Cornborough, 175 


Cottingley, 84, 149 
Cottingwith, 163, 164 
Coventry, 6, 8 
Coverdale, 39 
Coverham, 235 
Cowley, 6, 9, 14 
Cowling, 236, 237 
CowTHORPE, 33, 98, 1 01 

COXWOLD, 172, 173 

Crakehall, 230 
Crambe, 163 
Crigglestone, 14 
Crofton, 66, 67, 89, 124 
Cromwelbothom, 48, 69 
Crowland, 116 
Cud worth, 133 
CuUingworth, 88 
Cusworth, 128 


Dalby, 180 

Dalton, 180, 217 

Danby, 39, 164, 235 

Darfield, 15, 17, III 

Darton, 6, 94, 95 

Dawgreen, 14 

Deighton, North, 28, 33, 95 

Dkighton, South, 31, 32 

Denaby, 131 

Denby, i, 87, 88, 95 

Denholme, 41, 88 

Denton, 89, 117, 172, 241 

Derby, 116 

Dereham, West, 22 

Dewsbury, 52, 53, 54, 92 

Dinnington, 20, 86 

Dirtcarr, 14 

Dod worth, 3, 15 

DONCASTER, 4, 16, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73> 

89, 112 
Draiton, 65 
Drax, 149, 203 
Driffield, 164 
Drighlington, 56 
Dry pool, 168 
Duffield, 163 
Diiggleby, 220 
Dunsforth, 241 


Eastfield, no 

Eastwood, 9 

Eccles, 16 

EccLESFiELD, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 16 

Eccleshill, 88 

Eckington, i6 

Edderthorp, 112 

Edesforth, 40 

Edstone, 14 

Egbrough, 147 

Elland, 68, 90, 91, 106 

Ellerburn, 162 

Ellerton, 164 

Ellington, 235 

Elmsall, 12, 17, 31, 131 

Elslack, 41 

Eltofts, 41 

Elvington, 163 

Emlay, 17, 21 

Epworth, 66 

Escrick, loi 

Esholt, 42, 89 

Eske, 77 

EVERINGHAM, 53, 203, 204, 205 

Fairweather Green, 88 

Farnham, 29, 186 

Famhill, 41, 97 

Farnley, 58, 59, 157 

Farnley Tyas, 106 

Farsley, 151 

Faxfleet, 205 

Faxton, 160 

Featherstone, 68 

Felkirk, 124, 139 

Fenay, 17, 92 

Fenwick, 66, 77, 121 

Ferrensby, 186 

Ferriby, 169 

Fewston, 142 

Feyser, 165, 166 

Filey, 163 

Fipping, 17 

Firbeck, 20, 89 

Firby, 164, 227 

Fishlake, 16, 74 

Fixby, 90 

Flamborough, 142, 170, 171, 182, 

183, 202, 204, 218 
Flasby, 223 
Flixton, 163 
Flockton, 17 
Flodden, 225 
Flotmanby, 163 
Foggathorpe, 205 
Folkton, 163 



Follyfoot, 33 
Fontenelle, 6 
Forcett, 34 
Foston, 163, 165 
Foulston, 122 
Fountains, 29, 87, 235 
Foxholes, 220 
Fraisthorpe, 165 
Fricklcy, 49, 147 
Frizinghall, 88 
Frodingham, 165 
Fryton, 174, 180 

Galtres, 39 

Gargrave, 41, 125 

Gawber, 94, 95 

Gawthorp, 28, 49, 59, 135, 154 

Gateforth, 152 

GiGGLBSWiCK, 40, 61, 62 

GilUng, 32, 163, 172 

GiSBURN, 39, 40, 151 

Givendale, 42, 212, 223 
Glasgow, 48 
Glusbonii 41 

GOLDSBOROUGH, IO3, I04» II7> 24 1 

Gomersall, 56 
Goodmanham, 205 
Greasbrough, 16 
Greenhammerton, 14 
Grewelthorpe, 235 
Greystock, 202, 205 
Gribthorpe, 205 
Grimsby, 219 
Grimston, 164 
Grindleton, 40 
Gristhorpe, 163 
Gristhwaite, 217 
Guiseley, 42 
Gunby, 164, 205 
Gunthwaite, i 


Hackforth, 232 

Hackness, 162, 163, 226 

Iladdlesay, 207 

Hagthorpe, 163 

Halifax, 4, 39, 44, 45, 46, 47, 52, 69, 

130. 195 
Halmanthorp, 64 

Halsham, 187, 219 

Halton, 40 

Hamelton, 152 

Hamerton, Green, 14 

Hampole, 12, 119 

Handsworth, 16, 20, 116 

Harcla, 143 

Harewood, 59 

Harlsey, 32, 216 
Harpham, 165, 187, 218 
Harswell, 205 
Hartford, 163 

Spittle, 163 

Hartlington, 238 

Harton, 163 

Harworth, 10 

Hatfield, 39, 64, 76 

Hathershead, 52 

Hauxwell, 191, 230 

Havercroft, 91 

Hawksworth, 10, 42 

Haworth, 88 

Haysthorpe, 165 

Hayton, 205 

Hazlewood, 12, 62, 117, 154 

Headingley, 43, 59 

Headon, 90, 121 

Hbalaugh, 143, 144 

Heath, 87 

Heaton, 87, 93 

Heckmondwike, 56 

Heleby, 85, 86 

Hellifield, 40 

Helperthorpe, 220 

Helsington, 234 

Hemingborough, 163 

Hemingfield, 15 

Hbmsworth, 34, 35, 88 

Hensall, 147 

Hepworth, 122 

Heslerton, 163 

Hetton, 223 

Hewick, 235 

Hexham, 161 

Hickleton, 112 

Highton, 36 

Hildenley, 178 

Hinderskelf, 163 

Hipswell, 238 

Hodroyd, 15, 31 

Hodsock, 119 

HoUym, 185 

Holme-in-Spaldingi^orb, 165, 205 

Holmfirth, 17, 122 

Hooton Levett, 86 

Horbury, 13 

Hornby, 33, 71, 72, 93, 213, 230, 231, 

Hornsea, 156 

Horsforth, 43 

Horton, 40, 87 

Hotham, 61 

Houghton, 17, 38, 203 

HoviNGHAM, 174, 182 

Howden, 41 

Howley, 47, 54, 92 

Howsham, 164 

Hoyland, 2, 3, 70, 95 

Huddersfibld, 17, 118 

Huddleston, 91 



Hudswell, 231 
Hull, 152, 164, 191-199 
Hullinedge, 91 
Hulne, 38 
Hunmanby, 163 
Hunshelf, i, 2 
Hunslet, 59, 60 
Hunsworth, 12, 56 
Hunton, 230 
Hutton, 163 
Hutton Bushell, 162 

Idle, 42, 151 
Ingbirchworth, i 
Iiigerlhorpe, 29, 215 
Ingham, 169 

Ingleborough, 39, 40, 166 
Ingmanthorpe, 31, 32 
Islebeck, 217 
Ivybridge, 86 


Jervaulx, 227, 235 


Kallerdby (Killerby), 163 
Keighley, 41, 151 
Keirby, 117 
Kelk, 165 

Kellington, 146, 147 
Kendal, 51, 159, 160 
Kenilworth, 133 
Kettleby, 191 
Kettlethorpe, 14 
Kettlewell, 235 
Kexby, 163, 218 
Kiddal, 12, 147 
Kilburn, 173 
KiLDWiCK, 41, 148, 149 
Killinghall, 142 

KiLLOME (KiLHAM), 165, 219 

Kilvington, 32, 217 
Kimberworth, 14, 16 
Kinsley, 2, 31, 34 
KiPPAX, 104 

KiRKBURTON, 4, 17, 122 
Kirkby, 241 

Grindalytb, 220 

Malham, 22, 41 

Malzeard, 39, 213, 230, 23s 

Misperton, 162 

Overblow, 96, 116, 117 

, South, 12, 22, 48, 76 

Wold, 169 

KiRKHEATON, 1 7, 93 

Kirkleatham, 168 

Kirk lees, 9 

KiRKLINGTON, 59, 86, lOI, 235, 238 

Kirkstall, 59, 87, 125 

Kirkthorp, 64 

Knapton, 163 

Knaresborough, 33, 39, 142, 157, 158, 

Kyme, 125 

Kirkham, 164 

Lambthwaite, 85 

Langside, i 

Langtoft, 220 

Langton, 164 

Lasingcroft, 12, 54 

Lastebury, 38 

Lastingham, 199 

Lathes, West, 26 

I.AUGHTON, 20, 86 

Laverton, 29 

Lawkland, 165, 166 

Laxton, 76, 169 

Lead, 12, 28 

Leathley, 142 

Lebberston, 163 

Lede, 106 

Leeds, 27, 48, 56, 57, 61 

Leeming, 230 

Leighton, 235 

Letwell, 20 

Leventhorp, 87, 88 

Lewes, 45, 129 

Lichfield, 116 

Lincoln, 124, 229 

Lincroft, 178, 179 

Lindley, 89, 118, 142 

Linton, 223 

Liversedge, 27, 51, 52, 55, 56, 60, 74, 

92, 93, 118, 123 
Lofthouse, 55 
Loftsome, 164 
Loftus, 186 
Londesborough, 205 
Longley, 17, 93 
Long Preston, 38, 40 
Losko, 13, 89 
Lx)uth, 200 

LOWTHORPE, 165, 168, 219 

Lund, 173 
Lutton, 220 
Lynn, 65, 66 


Mablelhorpe, 64, 123 
Malham, Kirkby, 22 
Mallingsc^e, 165 



Malmftnthorp, 123 

Malsis, 41 

Maltby, 85, 86 

Malton, 37, 90, 163, 169, 174, 230 

Manningham, 87 

Mansion, 27, 28 

Marishes, 162 

Markenfield, 29, 213 

Market Bosworth, 216 

Markington, 29 

Marr, 112, 118 

Marsdcn, 118 

Marske, 28 

Marston, 9, 14, 141 

Mash AM, 216, 229, 230, 235 

Matarea, 215 

Meaux, 156, 157 

Melbourne, 205 

Melling. 93 

Melmerby, 235 

Mblton, 17, 112, 118, 119 

Menny thorp, 164 

Menthorp, 163 

Methley, 29, 105, 118, 135 

Mcwith, 39 

Mexborough, 16, 131, 132 

Micklethwaite Grange, 125 

Mickley, 235 

Middlbham, 227, 235 

Midhope, 16 

Midleton, 60 

Millington, 205 

Milnhouse, i, 17 

Mimms, North, 122 

Minskip, 241 

MiRFiELD, 17, 54, 90 

MiTTON, 35, 36, 40 

Monckton, 212 

Monckton, Bishop, 29 

Monk Bretton, 14, 89, 95, 123, 133 

Moorgrange, 43 

Moretown, 187 

Morker, 29 

Morley, 59 

Mortomley, 16 

Mowthorpe, 220 

Mulgrave, 90, 219 

Muston, 163 

Nafiferton, 164 
Nappa, 40, 235 
Ness, East, 181 
Netherby, 117 
Newbald, 201 
Newbiggin, 219 
Newburgh, 172, 173 
Newby, 165, 220, 221 
Newell, 86 
Newgrange, 43 

Newhall, 15, 35, 74, 85, 90, m 

Newland, 65, 66 

New Lathes, 133 

Newsholme, 164 

Newsome, 93 

Newton, 9, i6, 58, 65, 66, 158, 164 

Newton Kymb, 62, 125, 126 

Newstead, 185, 186 

Nidd, 33 

Nidderdale, 39 

Norm ANTON, 13, 63, 64, 65, 89 

Northal, 17 

Northampton, 21 

North Owram, 88 

Norton, 164 

Norton Conyers, 223, 235 

Nostell, 13, 29, 31, 89 

Nottingham, 199 

Notton, 132, 133 

Nun Appleton, 14 

Nunburnholm, 169 

Nun Monkton, 14 

Nunnington, 181 

Nun wick, 212 

Nutwith-cote, 235 


Oakwell, 56 
Offley, 125 
Oldcotes, 151 
Orleans, 65 
Onnsby, 217 
Osbcrton, 76 
Osgodby, 163 
Osmotherley, 217 
oswaldkirk, i44, 220 
Otley, 89 
Oulton, 60 
Ousburn, 241 
Overthorpe, 69 
Owston, 147 
Oxenhope, 88 
Oxford, 67 
Oxspring, i, 132 

Padley, 66 
Painthorpe, 14 
Pallithorpe, 144 
Pannal, 33 
Partington, 12 
Patrick Brompton, 230 
Pendle, 40 
Peningsale, i 
Penistone, I, 2, 16, 132 
Pennigent, 40 
Pickburn, 77 



Pickering, 162, 183 
Pipe, 156 
Pledwick, 14 
Pocklington, 89, 168, 205 
PONTEFRACT, 1 4, 1 8, 49, 1 27 

Pool, 142 
Popeley, 56 
Poppleton, 169 
Potter Newton, 58 
Potter Brompton, 163 
Presthorp, 151 
Preston, 235 
Priestley, 56 
Pudsey, 151 

Quarenden, 66 
Quarmby, 118 


Radholme, 39 

Rampton, 21 

Rathmell, 40 

Ravenspur, 168 

Ravensworth, 166 

Rawden, 42 

Rawmarsh, II 

Red more, 235 

Ribstan, 29, 33 

Riddlesden 33, 151 

Rigton, 117, 126 

Rillington, 164 

RiLSTON, 223, 240 

Ripley, 141, 142, 171 

RiPON, 29, 74, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 

212, 235 
Risby, 187 
Riveling, 4 
Rivhagh, 88 
Roche, 85, 86 
Rockley, 15 
Roecliffe, 29, 241 
Rodley, 151 
Rookwith, 235 
Rother, 13 

> —J 

Rotherfield, 224 

I, 9, 10 II, 13, 16. 116, 



137, 139 
ixv^i'HWELL, 59, 60 

Rough Birchworth, I 
Rowle (Rughale), 147 
Rowley, 126 
RoYSTON, 122, 132, 133 

RUDSTON, 169, 170, 220 

Ruswick, 230 
Ryhill, 13 

Sr. Marti n's-in-the-Fields, 43 

Saltmarsh, 223 

Sanbeach, 210 

Sancton, 201, 202, 203 

Sandal, 4, 9, 13, 14, 19, 45, 91 

Sandbeck, 86 

Sawley, 29, 34, 40 

Saxton, 12, 15, 88 

Scagglethorpe, 164, 167 

Scammonden, 118 

Scampston, 164 

Scarborough, 175 

Scarcroft, 59 

Scawsby, 128 

Scoreby, 163 

Scotton, 186 

Scrafton, 235 

Scriven, 28, 157 

Scrooby, 86 

Seamer, 90, 163 

Sedbergh, 166 

Sedbury, 179 

Selby, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 151, 164, 

207, 244 
Serlby, 86 
Settle, 40 

Settrington, 164, 166, 167 
Shafton, 67, 91, 124 
Sharow, 212, 235 

Sheffield, 9, 10, 14, 113, 114, 116 
Sheliey, 122 
Shepley, 122 
Sherburn, 88, 163 
Sheriff Hutton, 175, 176 
Sherwood, 81, 147 
Shibden, 46, 92 
Shiercliffe, 5, 9 
Shipley, 88 
Shipton, 205 
Sicklinghall, 117 
Sigglesthome, 90 
Silkstone, 2, 3, 95 
Silsden, 41 
Silton, 173 
Sinnington, 14 
Sizergh, 61, 160 
Skelton, 39, 179, 231 
Skewsby, 180 
Skiers, 4, 15 

Skipton, 37, 41, 63, 188, 223 
Skirlaugh, 156 
Skirpenbeck, 164 
Skredingham, 164 
Slade Hooton, 20 
Slaidburn, 36, 39 
Slaithwaite, 118 
Sleaford, 67, 124 
Sleights, 179 
Slenningford, 235 



Slingsby, 90, 168, 174, 177 

Smallshaw, i 

SmeatoD, 81 

Smethley, 15 

Snainton, 163 

Snaith, 90, 147 

Sneton, 217 

Snodhill, i 

Snydale, 64 

Sockburn, 163 

Soothill, 53, 92 

Southey, 6 

South Kirkby, 48 

Sowerby, 92, 217 

Spaldington, 205 

Spaunton, 39 

Spennithorne, 229, 235 

Spofforth, 33, 95 

Sprotborough, 16, 21, 59, 126, 127, 

128, i35» 136, 137 
Stainborough, 2 

Stainburn, 117 

Stainforth, 16, 61 

Stainley, 29, 235 

Stainton, 85 

Staley, 86 

Stamford Bridge, 163, 164 

Stanbury, 88 

Stanfeld, 151 

Stanley, 48 

Stanningley, 151 

Stan wick, 212 

Staveley, 16, 171 

Staxton, 163 

Steeton, 31, 41 

Steresby, 180 

Stittenham, 163, 180 

Stockheld, 3, 33, 48, 95, 96, 97 

Stonyhurst, 36, 40, 42 

Storrs, 17, 122 

Storthwaite, 164 

Studley, 29, 212, 222 

Summerscales, 142 

Sunderland wick, 164 

Sutton, 13, 41, 89, 191 

, Full, 164 

-on-Derwent, 164 


Swinden, 40, 117 
Swinton, 19, 178 
Synocliffe, 5 

Tadcastbr, 12, 62, 144 
Tanfield, 223, 235 
TAnkersley, 15, 18, 19, 68, 71 
Teversholt, 65, 66 
Thinoaks, 165 
Thirkleby, 217, 220 
Thirn, 235 

Thirsk, 216, 217 

Thorganby, 163 


Thornhill, 13, 19, 49, 67, 69, 91, 149 

Lees, 92 

Thornholm, 165 
Thomthorpe, 164 

Thornton, 29, 41, 87, 165, 173, 205, 218 
le- Street, 217 

Steward, 235 

Thorpe, 16, 152, 212 

Audlin, 153 

Bassett, 164 

-on-the-Hill, 59, 60 

Salvin, 20 

Threlkeld, 145 
Thresfield, 223 

Thribergh, 16,58, 112, 137, 138 

Throwleigh, 69 

Thundercliffe, 4, 5, 16 

Thurcroft, 20 

Thurgoland, 3, 15 

Thurnhall, 146 

Thurstonland, 122 

Thurlstone, i, 2 

TiCKHiLL, 5, 12, 58, 86, 107, 108, 109, 

no, 127, 130 
Todmorden, 69, 93 
Topcliffe, 56, 217, 220 
Tothill Fields, 187 
Towneley, 97 
Towthorpe, 205 
Towton, 12, 15, 88, 105 
Treeton, 116 
Tunstall, 90, 170 
Turnbridge, 16, 17, 90 
TuxFORD, 185 


Upsal, 32, 58 


Ulston (Oulston), 173 

Vache, 65 


Waddington, 35, 37 

Wadsley, 2, 16 

Wadsworth, 107 

Wad worth, 5, 130 

Wakefield, 13, 31, 48, 51, 53, 54, 64, 

65, 7i» 92 
Waldingfen, 205 

Wales, 20, 86 

Walkingham, 29 

Wallingwells, 15 



Walton, 14, 31, 66, 91, 144 

Head, 117 

Wandragesilius, 6, 8 

Wandrille, 64 

Wandsford, 164 

Warmfield, 87, 140 

Warter, 205 

Washburn, 144 

Wath, 9, 119, 174, 222, 235, 240 

Watton, 164 

Weaverthorpe, 220 

Weighton, 205 

Welham, 164 

Well, 225 

Wensley, 227, 235 

Wentbridge, 154 

Wentworlh, 5, 12, 16, 31, 186 

Westminster, 12, 187 

Westow, 164 

West wick, 29 

Wetherby, 98, 144 

Whamchflfe, 16, 39, 88 

Wharram, 164, 220 

Wheatley, 16 

Wheldrake, 163 

Whenby, 179, 180 

Whiston, 20 

Whitby, 217 

Whitkirk, 27, 89 

Whitley, 17, 54, 93, 147 

Whitwell, 39, 163 

Wibsey, 88 

Wigglesworth, 40, 50 

WiGHiLL, 55, 125, 144 

Wilberfosse, 164 

Wildon Grange, 173 

Willerby, 163 

Willitoft, 205 

Wilsden, 88 

Wilton, 162, 178 

Winckley, 39, 40 

Wincobank, 16 

Windend, i 

Windhill, 151 

Windleden, 2 

Wingfield, 114 

Winksley, 29 

Wintringham, 163, 164 

Wisket Hill, 88 

Witton, 235 

Wold Newton, 220 

Wombwell, 15 

Womerslby, 133 

Woodhall, 15, 117, 119, 151 

Woodhead, 2 

Woodkirk, 13, 56, 92 

Woodlands, 151 

Woodsome, 17, 53, 92, 93, 106 

Woodthorp, 14 

Wooldale, 122 

Woolley, 51, 64, 92, 122, 123, 124, 

Worksop, 14, 114 
Worsborough, 69 

WORTLEY, 2, 15, 16, 39, 88 

Wothersome, 58, 217, 240 
Wragby, 29, 31 
Wressell, 164 
Wros, 151 
Wyke, 56, 126 
Wykeham, 162, 163 

Yaresthorp-, 163 
Yearsley, 173 
Yeddingham, 162, 163 
Yokeflect, 76 


Acklam, 32 

Albemarle, 125 

Aldbrough, AJd borough, 23, 84, 99, 

103, 145, 240 
Amyas, 13, 140 
Andrews, 30 
Angus, Earl of, 201 
Anlaby, 129 
Anneslty, 11 
Arderne, 134 

Arondale (Arundel), Earl of, 200 
Arthington, 131, 241 
Ascough, Ayscough, Ask with, 216, 217, 

Ash ton, 47, 100 
Aske, 14s, 179, 205, 206 
Atherlon, 24 
Atwell, 129 
Audley, 226, 246 
Ay ton, Atton, 168, 184 
Awston, 77 


Babthorpe, 95, 206, 245 

Badlesmere, 87 

Balderston, 50, 152, 153 

Banks, 243 

Barker, 113 

Barnby, 3, 4 

Barnston, 184 

Barton, 179, 182, 234 

Bates, 26 

Beauchamp, 200, 246, 249 

Beaufort, 187 

Beaumont, 93, 1 18, 251 

Bekard, 186 

Beke, 84 

Belasyse, 172 

Bella aqua, ii 

Bellingham, 160, 161 

Bertram, 155, 161 

Besacle, 75 

Bigod, 12, 84, 150, 219 

Bingham, 137 

Birkin, 77, 145, 146 

Biron, Byron, 118, 250 

Bissett, 131 

Bohun, 139, 245, 246 

Bokenham, 249 

Boiling, 35, 87, 244 

Bosvile, 69, III, 131, 132, 138 

Boynton, 167, 168, 179, 184 

Rracton, 12 

Bradford, 87, 140, 214 

Brandon, 3 

Breiton Abbey, 94 

Brotherton, 247 

Broughton, 161 

Brus, 228, 247 

Bulmer, 178, 246 

Bunny, 65 

Burdet, 94 

Burgh, 13, 25, 98, 99, 100, loi, 152, 

158, 232, 233, 23s 
Burneshead, 160, 161 
Burton, 2, 34 
Busli, 14 

Calverley, 69, 149, 150 

Cantelow, Cantelupe, 83, 251 

Castile, 104, 244 

Chambers, 125 

Chawmont, 141 

Cha worth, 21, 251 

Clare, 104, 134, 248 

Clarell, 2, 5, 11, 12, 107 

Clayton, 118 

Clifford, 23, 86, loi, 102, 112, 120, 

243, 247, 249 
Clifton, 107, 119 
Clinton, 137 
Clyderhow, 93 
Cokefeild, 8 
Colvile, 240 
Comyn, 30 

ConsUble, 83, 204, 218, 245, 247 
Conyers, 21, 126, 136, 217, 222, 233, 

Copeland, 161 

Copley, 55, 71, 127, 136, 153 
Cornwall, 18 
Courtenay, 201, 225 
Cranebull, I2{ 



Craven, 239 
Cresacre, 77, 120, 121 
Cxessy, 119, 228 
Cumber worth, 204 
Curcy, 12 


Dacre, 71, 251 

Danby, 206, 230 . 

Darcy, 2, 25, 83, 246, 248 

Darel, 77 

Darfield, iii 

Davenport, 151 

Daw trey, 206 

Dayville, 83, 173, 247, 249 

Deincourt, 5, 83, no, in, 135, 136, 

153- 249 
De la Hay, 205, 206, 207 

De la Pole, 23, 201, 227, 228 

De la River, 179, 180 

De la See, 184, 250 

Denmark, King of, 24 

Despencer, 52, 83, 134, 139, 201, 225, 

246, 249 

Doylcy, 83 

Dransfield, 124 

Dronsfield, 2 

Dyneley, 26, 59, 65 


Eastlield, 109 

Eland, 19, 54, 55, 87, 149 

Ell^rker, 83,, 25 1 

Ellerton, 240 

Ellis, Elys, 27, 72, 204 

Etton, loi .. 

Eure, 104, 245, 250, 251 

Everingham, 2, 3, 77, 126, 145, 146, 

Eyre, 20 

Fauconberg, 83, 228, 247 

Fawkes, 158 

Fickesby, 90 

Finchenden, 53, 93 

Fitzalan, 25, 104, 105, 152, 236, 237, 

Fitzhenry, 83, 247 
Fitzhugh, 102, 171, 187, 219, 224, 227, 

247, 248 
Fitz Jernegan, 224 
Fitzrandolf, 228, 229 
Fitzwalter, 228 

Fitzwilliam, 4, 12, 21, 54, 64, 84, 103, 
107, III, 119, 120, 123, 126, 127, 
128, 129, 130, 135, 251 

Fleming, 51, 67, 105, 124, 243 

Foliot, 77, 83, 121, 251 

Foljambe, 25, 158 

Fowbery, 201 

Francke, 250 

Frost, 13, 19, 68, 123, 140, 141 

Fryston, 64 

Fulthorpe, 170 

Furnival, 5, 6, 8, 26, 126, 224, 249 

Gargrave, 31 

Gascoigne, 59, 136, 147 

Gee, 199 

Gilliott, 242. . .^ 

Gloucester, Duke of, 147 

Golcar, 67 

Goldsborough, 23, 103, 104, 150, 172, 

Gospatric, 149, 150 
Gotham, 138 
Green, 28, 160, 222 
Grey, 84, 119, 136, i77, 178, 224, 232, 

247, 248, 251 
Greystock, 25, 177, 178, 181, 246 
Grimthorp, 246 


Haliday, 140 

Hall, 74 

Hamerton, 39, 95, 100, 122, 243, 247 

Hansard, 206, 251 

Harcourt, 84, 250 

Haringell, 119, 151, 249 

Harison, 76 

Harrington, 49, 50, 71, 93, 127, 153, 

154, 224, 244 
Hastings, 24, 50, 70, 77, 83, 121, 126, 

177, 178, 219, 223, 247 
Hawksworth, 150 
Hebden, 244 
Herbert, 50, 188 
Hertford, 153 
Heton, 53, 54, 93 
Hilton, 155, 219 
Holway, 12 
Hopton, 60, 69 
Hussey, 206 

Ingham, 84, 250 
Ingleby, 141, 142, 171 




Jackson, l8, II2 


Kay, 24, 93 

Kenipe, 20, 82, 131, 245 

Kent, Farl of, 147 

Keresforlh, 3, 70 

Kighley, 149 

Kiilome, Kylloni, 156. 232 

Kirkby, 24 

Knowles, 24 

Kyme, 83, 125, 141, 249 

Lacy, 24, 49, 93, 104, 105, 134, 152, 

Lake, 64 
Lancaster, Earl of, 18, 60, 87, 120, 

Langdale, 201, 202 

Langley, 182 

Langton, 24, 60, 150, 245 

Lascelles, 5, 9, 156, 206, 216, 250 

Lathom, 52, 84, 250, 251 

Latimer, 83, 120, 178, 201, 244, 245, 


Laton, Layton, 33, 93, 123, 151 

Leake, 13 

Leeds, 25, 69 

Leon, 104, 244 

Leven thorp, 104 

Levett, 119, 136, 140 

Lewis, 112 

Lisle, 117, 251 

Lister, 195 

Lizars, 24 

Louth, 200 

Lovel, 154, 250 

Lovetot, 5 

Lowde, 151 

Lowther, 251 

Lucy, 155, 246 

Lungvilers, 186 

Lussher, 102 

Lutterel, 102, 250 

Lyndelay, 89 


Malham, 22 
Mallet, 64, 65, 92 
Malolacu, 83 
Maltravers, 247, 250 
Manfield, 185 

Mansion, 27, 173 

Maplethorpe, 160 

Markenfield, 213 

Marmion, 25, 126, 223, 224, 225, 245, 

Martheley, 149 
Maulevcrer, 58, 74, 75, 99, 102, 140, 

145, 146, 186, 240 
Mauley, 26, 152, 245 
Meinell, 155, 247, 248 
Melton, 23, 24, 145, 155, 245 
Metham, 83, 103, 137, 201, 245, 251 
Midleton, 95, 96, 97, 99 
Mirfield, 23, 28, 47, 54, 55, 93» 123 
Monbocher, 24 
Monceaux, 184, 185 
Montacute, 25, 107, 133, 176 
Montalt, 151 
Monthermcr, 107, 176 
Morgan, 179, 180 
Morker, 92 
Mortimer, 249 
Moryn, 179, 180, 234 
Moulton, 249 

Mounteney, 5, 47, 70, 73. 84, 250 
Mounlford, 232 

Mowbray, 23, 59, 120, 133, 141. 246 
Musgrave, 123 


Nevile, i, 23, 27, 51, 52, 55, 56, 60, 
74, 83, 93, 98, 107, 116, 118, 133, 
139, 146, 147, 171, 176, 224, 226, 
227, 243, 245, 246, 251 

Newburgh Priory, 173 

Newburgh, 176 

Newmarch, 25, 74, 83, 133, 134, 137, 
245, 251 

Newport, 167, 168 

Normanvile, 53, 150, 230, 250 

Norton, 222 

Notion, 124 

Nunwyke, 222 


Ogle, 161 
Oglethorp, 126 
Orrell, 217 
Oxspring, I, 88, 132 

Paitavint, 64, 92 
Parr, 159, 160 
Paslewe, 33, 128, 151 
Paston, 68, 91 



Paynel, 26, 84, 245, 249, 250 

Peck, 49 

Pennington, 143 

Percy, 23, 85, 93, 97, 98, 116, 120, 150, 

171, 221, 241, 245, 246, 247 
Perkins, 75, 76 
Peverell, 64, 92 
Pickering, 144, 183, 220 
Pierpoint, ii, 25 
Pigot, 55, 83, 153, 229, 244, 251 
Pilkington, 50 

Plumpton, 26, 95, 99, 150, 158, 247 
Popeley, 55, 123 
Poucher, 53, 85 
Preston, 119 

Pudsey, 33, 93, 123, 242, 243 
Pykeburn, 73, 77 


Rachdale, 18, 84 

Ratcliffe, 206, 223 

Rawson, 77 

Reresby, 137, 138 

Restwold, 65 

Reygate, 247 

Ricard, 75 

Richmond, loi, 2CO, 233 

Rilston, 223, 240 

Rither, Ryther, 84, 152, 248, 250 

Rockley, 47, 69 

Rocliffe, 99, 100, loi, 141 

Rokeby, 41 

Ros, 23, 25, 32, 84, 99, 159, 206, 225, 

227, 246, 248, 249, 251 
Russell, 64, 92, 184 
Rycroft, 148 
Rye, 244 

St. George, 104 

St. John, 151, 249 

St. Quintin, 152, 167, 187, 218, 219, 

223, 225 
Saltmarshe, 233 
Salvain, 206 
Sand ford, 20 
Savage, 14, 77 
Savile, 26, 43, 44, 53, 84, 91 
Scargill, 27, 28, 52, 60, 83, 87, 91, 140 
Scott, III 
Scriven, 158, 250 
Scrope, 12, 18, 23, 25, 58, 63, 105, 126, 

127, 227, 229, 230, 234, 246 
Segrave, 201 
Selow, 207 
Sewer, 49, 71, 72, 73 
Sheffield, 236, 250 

Sherburne, 36 

Shiercliffe, 7, 14 

Skelton, 249 

Skipwith, 206 

Slingsby, 84 

Sothill, Suthyll, 52, 53, 95, 171, 204 

Stafford, 225, 251 

Stafford, Earl of, 201 

Stand ish, 100 

Stansfeld, 90 

Stapleton, 23, 24, 25, 27, 60, 118, 125, 

136, 144, 150, 245, 246, 248, 249 
Steton, 149 
Strange, 18 
Strange ways, 216 
Stratton, 30 
Strickland, 61 
Strongbow, 12 
Sutton, 246 
Swillington, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 60, 74, 

150, 153 
Swyne, 156, 247 


Talbot, 59, 118, 134, 242, 243, 248 

Tankard, 171 

Tankersley, 19 

Tayleboys, 125, 141 

Tempest, 35, 61, 74, 132, 146, 155, 242, 

243, 244, 248 
Thirkeld, Threlkeld, 125, 144 
Thornborough, 161 
Thornhill, 52, 90, 137, 150, 236, 250 
Thorp, 244 

Thwaites, 55, loi, 153 
Thweng, 171, 175, 176, 245, 250 
Tiptoft, Tibetot, no, 126, 127, 228, 

Topcliffe, 221 
I'othill, 85, 90 
Townley, 56 
Tyas, 106, 249 


Ulford, 248 
Ughtred, 206 
Umfraville, 125, 141, 246 
Urswick, 153, 234 
Usflete, 84, 247, 250 

Valence, 248 
Vaux, 246 
Vavasour, 206, 207 
Vere, 201, 250 



Vernon, 68, 162 
Vesci, 152, 246, 250 
Villers. 83 
Villiers, 251 


Waddington, 243, 244, 251 

Wftdsley, 2 

Wake, 120, 246, 249 

Waleys, 83, 84, 148, 245, 251 

Wandesford, 238 

Wannervile, 34, 35 

Ward, 24, 145, 149, 150, ^S^ 

Warren, 13, 52, 75, 83, 104, 105, 120, 

122, 127, 129, 134, 236, 246, 251 
Wsirton, 202 

Washington, Wassington, 83, 129, 251 
Wasteneys, 20, 121 
Watcrton, 13, 51, 105, in, 245 
Walton, 175 

Welles, 84 

Wentworth, 11, 55 

Wharton, 143 

Wheatley, 124 

Wilkinson, 112 

Willoughby, 11, 84, 248 

Wistow, 248 

Witham, 175, 176, 179 

WolvedoR, 221 

Wombwell, 5, in, 121 

Woodrove> 2, 50, 64, 122, 123, 146 

Wortley, 9, 19, 50, 121 

Wray, 128 

Wycliffe, 240 

Wjmdsor, Lord,- 30 

Wyvil, 174, 229 

Zouch, 84, 120, 250 

J. Whitehead A Son, Printers, Alfred Street, Boar I^ne, Leeds. 

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